Main Title: Joseph Prince’s prophecy about hair growth is false – that makes him a false prophet


Sub Title: Joseph Prince’s ‘Tikam Tikam’ & ‘Try Your Luck’ approach to prophecies


By Rev George Ong (Dated 1 May 2024)




There is 1 video by Mike Winger


& 2 videos on Joseph Prince.


This is the last Article for this week.


Just imagine, from just 2 sermons on 7 and 14 Apr 2024,


there are so much rubbish of Joseph Prince’s teachings


that I have to clear and contend with.


See Appendix 1 for Featured YouTube comments.


See Appendix 2 for verbatim notes of Mike Winger’s 3-minute video.


In a previous article I wrote:


“There was more than once I heard him (Joseph Prince) say


that ominous things have happened to those


who criticised those (himself too) who are anointed.


Though names were not mentioned,


I am quite sure Joseph Prince was referring to Kong Hee,


who was jailed not too long ago.


You can call it discernment or knowledge


– this is the conclusion I came to.


If Joseph Prince would dare to state publicly


that he has never mentioned


what I had said in those terms about Kong Hee


to his family, or his Pastors, or his close associates,


and that Kong Hee was never in his mind even once


when he said that publicly,


I will and I must apologise to Joseph Prince publicly.


To all beloved critics of Joseph Prince,


never let such empty and baseless threats of Joseph Prince


scare you.


If Joseph Prince thinks he can scare a person


like his chief critic, George Ong,


he’s picking on the wrong guy.


Kong Hee’s imprisonment has nothing to do with Joseph Prince.


It is Kong Hee’s own mistakes that he has owned up.


I was overjoyed that Kong Hee who had been jailed,


had repented,


while Joseph Prince who preaches heresies


is still recalcitrantly unrepentant.


I thank God for using Kong Hee


to preach the true grace of God


bringing in souls into God’s kingdom


as opposed to the false grace and gospel


that Joseph Prince preaches


that not only has no saving faith,


but it would also bring people to their destruction.”


With regards to what I had written in the above,


Glenn Fong, an Ex New Creation Church member for 15 years


wrote to me,


“Yes, Rev George Ong,


what you said about what Joseph Prince said


that those who preach or go against him


would be cursed


is correct.


Since I left New Creation Church,


I had written and spoken against Joseph Prince’s heresies.


Because of that,


my New Creation Church friends would warn me,


‘Glenn, are you not afraid you would be cursed


for going against Pastor Prince?’


This is because New Creation Church has been taught


that if one goes against Joseph Prince’s teachings,


the anointed one,


he or she would be cursed.


I thought that was pure nonsense.


All of us know Joseph Prince


preaches against repentance and obedience. 


And repentance and obedience were preached


by the Reformation Fathers


and every preacher of the True Church.


Going by what my Ex New Creation Church friends are saying,


this means the Reformation Fathers


and all those preachers who preached against Joseph Prince


because they preached on repentance and obedience


are under a curse?


This is ridiculous!” 


George Ong’s comments:


Joseph Prince’s teaching


that anyone who dares to go against him and his teachings


because he is the anointed one,


would come under a curse,


has put fear into many New Creation Church members.


That is why many in the church


dare not speak against him and his teachings


even though they don’t agree with him.


And also, many are afraid to leave the church


because Joseph Prince has threatened them


that if they leave his church for the ‘law churches’,


(which, practically refer to all Singapore churches


as no Singapore church teaches the way he teaches grace)


– they would come under a double curse (Gal 1:8-9). 


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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to view the entire video.


In a sermon on 7 Apr 2024, Joseph Prince said;


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to view the 25-second video:


“Hey listen, don’t laugh.


Someone’s hair is restored.


Praise God.


There are bald patches.


You just realised that.


Now, you can’t look into a mirror right now.


Maybe, you can feel it.


But God has restored hair.


And it’s black, alright.


It’s not white hair.


Praise the Lord.


Thank You, Jesus.


So, with renewal of youth.”


This prophecy about hair growth


was given by Joseph Prince in his 7 Apr 2024 sermon.


First, this prophecy refers to a person


who attended the worship service on 7 Apr 2024


when Joseph Prince said:


“There are bald patches.


You just realised that.


Now, you can’t look into a mirror right now.


Maybe, you can feel it.


But God has restored hair.”


Second, this prophecy that Joseph Prince gave


about hair growth


had already taken place on 7 Apr 2024,


and not about to take place


or gradually taking place,


when Joseph Prince said:


“Hey listen, don’t laugh.


Someone’s hair is restored…


Now, you can’t look into a mirror right now.


Maybe, you can feel it.


But God has restored hair.


And it’s black, alright.


It’s not white hair.”


Today is 1 May 2024


and 3 Sundays have passed and gone


since 7 Apr 2024,


but there is still no news


of anyone who attended the worship service on 7 Apr 2024


who have come forward to testify


that his or her hair grew over those bald patches


on 7 Apr 2024.


About 30 years ago, I said to my wife:


“Did you notice that we have people


who are gifted in the healing of this area and that area.


But so far, I have not come across anyone


who has the consistent gifting of making hair grow.”


This is true even today.


And I further told my wife then


that if anyone who has this gift of making hair grow,


that person would become an instant billionaire.


It would not be long


before he is corrupted by his newfound riches,


which God forbids.


And anyone whose hair grew out of his or her bald patches


would out of joy and gratitude to God


rush forward to testify.


But so far, no one who attended the 7 Apr 2024 worship service


has come forward to notify the church.


Joseph Prince may play games on this matter,


and, perhaps, a few weeks later, 


highlight the testimony of one, perhaps from overseas,


who had his or her hair grown.


But since the prophecy of Joseph Prince


was directed at those


who attended the worship service on 7 Apr 2024,


any testimony


that confirms the prophecy of Joseph Prince


must come from someone who attended the 7 Apr 2024 service


and not any Tom, Dick, or Harry.


Even if the person Joseph Prince was referring to


when he prophesied


was beyond those who attended the 7 Apr 2024 service,


that person must still prove that his or her hair  


was restored or grew on 7 Apr 2024


and not later or over a period of time.


But up till today, more than 3 weeks later,


no one has come forward to testify


that his or her hair grew over the bald patches


on 7 Apr 2024.


That is why I am of the view


that Joseph Prince’s prophecy about someone’s hair growth


on 7 Apr 2024 is false,


unless, at a later time,


someone comes forward to testify,


which I doubt will ever happen.


Before I move on to his so-called next prophecy of healing,


I want you to note that Joseph Prince


used the name of God to prophesy,


when he said:


“But God


has restored hair.”  


Still on the subject of making hair grow,


Kenneth Copeland is another Prosperity Gospel preacher,


who is a false prophet.


Ex New Creation Church members have told me


that Joseph Prince mentioned Kenneth Copeland


in his sermons in favourable terms.


One Ex NCC member told me when she was in NCC,


Rock Bookstore in New Creation Church


carries Kenneth Copeland books.


Both are teaching the same nonsense


that your hair can grow.


Both belong to the same gang.


In one of his teaching sessions, Mike Winger said;


Please click here


to view the 3-minute video:


Verbatim notes are featured in Appendix 2.


Just as Mike Winger has advised you


to run from Kenneth Copeland,


with the same urgency,


I warn you to run from Joseph Prince,


as both Kenneth Copeland and Joseph Prince are false prophets


leading people to their destruction. 


Let me feature another of his so-called prophecy of healing


that Joseph Prince gave on the same Sunday on 7 Apr 2024;


Please click here


to view the 50-second video:


“I see someone recently, just recently.


In fact, you came today


and you ask the Lord to call out your healing.


You have a heart condition.


I see like the doctors have diagnosed that.


They just told you that recently.


And it is bad. It’s not good.


It’s not a good report.


And it’s got to do with your heart.


I see like the word valve also comes to my mind right now.


The Holy Spirit is saying


that you are healed completely of that condition.


In fact, your relative, grandfather, or father passed away


because of that condition.


And that’s fresh on your mind.


Right now, it’s been bothering you


and you’ve been fearful.


The Lord, don’t be fearful anymore.


The Lord loves you


and the Lord has healed you.”


Has anybody come forward to testify


about what Joseph Prince had prophesied


regarding the healing of this person?




Please note that any testimony


must fulfil the conditions


that Joseph Prince himself had laid down:


First, he or she must be someone


who attended the service on 7 Apr 2024,


when Joseph Prince said:


“In fact, you came today


and you ask the Lord to call out your healing.”


Second, the heart condition of this person


must be a recent occurrence,


round about the date of 7 Apr 2024,


when Joseph Prince said:


“I see someone recently, just recently.


… I see like the doctors have diagnosed that.


They just told you that recently.”


Third, this same heart condition


must have also happened to the person’s father or grandfather


who passed away because of it,


when Joseph Prince said:


“In fact, your relative, grandfather, or father passed away


because of that condition.”


Fourth and most importantly,


this person’s heart condition


had already been completely healed on 7 Apr 2024,


when Joseph Prince said:  


“The Holy Spirit is saying


that you are healed completely of that condition.


… and the Lord has healed you.”


These conditions I have listed


does not come from me


but Joseph Prince himself.  


So, did anyone who meet those 4 conditions


come forward to testify about his or her healing?




In fact, any person


who is completely healed of his or her heart condition,


out of his or her thanksgiving to God,


would be so joyful


that he or she wants to notify the church almost immediately


on 7 Apr 2024 or some days later.


But as far as I know,


no such testimony was highlighted by New Creation Church.


Before I move on,


I want you to note that Joseph Prince


used the name of the Lord Jesus


and the name of the Holy Spirit


to prophesy the healing,


when he said:


“The Holy Spirit is saying


that you are healed completely of that condition.


… and the Lord has healed you.”


These 2 occasions


– hair growth and heart condition on 7 Apr 2024


are not the only times


that Joseph Prince had given so-called prophecies of healing,


liberally and flippantly during worship services.


On many Sundays


throughout the years of his preaching,


Joseph Prince has done the same thing.


And when a few or a very minority


of those hundreds of prophecies that he gave


over the years


were so-called responded to by people,  


Joseph Prince will make a big thing out of it


by featuring them as testimonies


during worship services.


(When I said Joseph Prince’s prophecies


were responded to by people,


I don’t mean they are necessarily true).


But what about those hundreds of other prophecies 


that went unaccounted for – that were not fulfilled?


This simply means they were false prophecies


given by Joseph Prince.


They were what I called the ‘Tikam-Tikam’


or the ‘Try-Your-Luck’ approach by Joseph Prince


– that if he could hit a few out of the very many


with ‘correct’ prophecies, he would be vindicated


for his prophesying gift, or gift of knowledge and healing giftings.


But what about the very many so-called prophecies on healings


that went unaccounted for?


Well, Joseph Prince knows that not many would be bothered,


or even take notice of it,


except George Ong. 


For the few who are watching his weekly sermons,


please take note of every so-called prophecy of healing


that Joseph Prince would be giving from now on,


and see if we can catch him again


for giving false prophecies.  


One, such as Joseph Prince,


who gave false prophecies,


and who used God’s name


and spoke by God’s, the Lord Jesus’ and the Holy Spirit’s authority


that something would happen


but didn’t occur. 


is a false prophet.


What would happen to false prophets?


In the Old Testament,


God treats the issue of false teachers utterly seriously.


A false prophet who turns the people away from God


must be put to death (Deut 13:5; 18:20).


Can you sense the gravity of how God wants His people


to deal with false prophets?


You may protest,


“George, are you telling us we are to do the same


to the false teachers of today, such as Joseph Prince?


Kill them? You gotta be kidding!”


Yes, I would be mad if I were to teach that,


but honestly, is that all you can say?


Don’t you know that the way


God treats the false prophets in the Old Testament


is a picture of how we ought to deal with them today?


Of course, we mustn’t kill them,


but do we work hard at ‘killing’ their false teachings?


(That’s what I have been doing to Joseph Prince’s heresies


day in day out for the last 7 years).


Do we sweat our guts out


by refuting their false teachings aggressively


and rebuking them sharply?


Do we warn our sheep ardently


from ever falling under their influence?


Are we prepared to cut off our fellowship with them


if they remain recalcitrantly unrepentant?


Unbelievably, there are Singapore Pastors


who are still meeting Joseph Prince.


Or do we pretend as many do,


that the problem doesn’t exist at all


because we don’t want our respectable image marred


and the trouble of getting our hands dirty


with controversies?


Putting the Old Covenant false prophets to death


seems extreme and unthinkable to us.


But God Himself knows about the toxic harm and irreparable damage


that false teachers could do to the community of His people.


He knows the only way to deal with the cancer of heresy


is to cut it at its root


before it destroys the entire community.


When God treated false prophets with utter severity,


the church has no right to shrug it off


as a small issue to be overlooked.


When God is greatly intolerant about false teachers,


we cannot become carelessly tolerant of them.


Is there a more serious offense for false prophets such as Joseph Prince


to falsify the truth of the scriptures?


Is there anything more reprehensible for heretics such as Joseph Prince


to lie about the truth of God’s word?


Is there anything more damning for a false teacher,


such as Joseph Prince,


to claim that he is preaching the gospel that leads to heaven


when in reality, he is preaching heresy that leads to hell?


Many believers of today think the decree of death by God


on false prophets in the Old Testament and their followers (Deut 13:1-11),


only applies to the Old Testament, but not the New.


But this isn’t true as Jesus in the New Testament


had pronounced the sentence of hell (spiritual death), twice,


on the Pharisees and the Scribes


who were the false teachers of His day (Matt 7:15,19; 23:33).


Furthermore, followers who embraced their teachings


would suffer the same fate too (Rev 2:20-23):


Revelation 2:20-23 NIV

20 “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 21 I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. 22 So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. 23 I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.”


“I will strike her children dead,” (Rev 2:23)


– referring to the spiritual children of the false prophetess, Jezebel,


which would include members of the Church of Thyatira


who have embraced her false teachings.


Jesus takes the threat of false teachings so seriously


that unless these followers of heretics repent,


He was prepared to cause intense suffering on His own children


and even strike them dead.


Be warned that such severe judgements


are not only reserved for false teachers


but also their followers.


This is true both in the Old Testament (Deut 13:6-10; Jer 14:14-16)


as well as the New (Rev 2:20-23).


My loving advice to the followers of Joseph Prince is this,


“You had better flee from him before it is too late.”


If anyone accuses me for using ‘scare tactics’,


then he or she is also accusing God and the Lord Jesus


for committing the same act,


as I am unveiling no more than what they have revealed.


Since God was utterly tough on false prophets


that He would even put them to death in the Old Testament,


the church of today has no right to be any lenient to heretics,


such as Joseph Prince,


and be complacent about dealing with him and his heresies.


Since the Lord Jesus warned false teachers


and especially people who collude with them


with such severe judgement in Revelation


that could even result in death (Rev 2:20-23),


the contemporary church


has no right to go soft on Joseph Prince,


and take the issue of guarding their flock


against being poisoned by his heresies


any more lightly.


The reason why such occurrences are rare


is because of the true grace of God.


But never take the grace of God for granted


because there may come a day


when His patience may run out on you.


Rev George Ong


Appendix 1


Featured YouTube comments:




“Joseph Prince always says


‘You need to preach everything in its context’


for many many years.


Apparently, it is to tell the listener,


I am preaching in context so you can trust me.


This is very deceptive indeed.




‘I have the mind of Christ’


became one of my prayers over the years.


Now I have to unlearn all the rubbish.”




“Rev George Ong, thank you for your courage.


You are certainly not alone.


God is with you in this calling.


If God is with and for you,


nobody can be against you.


And no weapon that is formed against you shall prevail.


Jesus shall rule and reign


in all that He has commissioned you to do.


His will shall be done in and through you. Amen!”




“This guy is full of rubbish.


Still spewing so much nonsense after so many years.


This conman literally thinks he’s God.


No change until now.”




“Do you see the problem here?


Joseph Prince was so sarcastic to his followers


when he smiled and told them sarcastically


that they can get a new brain


(which he knows fully well


that it is not possible and not scriptural),


and yet his followers taught he really (literally) saw


the ‘brains’, the ‘organs’, the ‘livers’, the ‘hearts’,


and the ‘tongues’ prepared for them in heaven?


Well, this is the proof


that they are already deep in HYPNOTISM


(not able to think independently anymore).


Yes, I believe that this is a spiritual battle


and Satan knows the kind of person


who is qualified to assist him


to preach against the doctrine of Christ;


however, it is also a physical or mental battle in the mind


of the people too


because it involves the use of hypnotism and occultism


to control the minds of the people.


I realized it only recently, after Covid-19,


when Joseph Prince disclosed his early involvement with occultism


and when I started to talk to more NCC people.


It becomes much clearer now


after he confesses that he would pray


and speak to your hair, your trees, your pimples,


your mosquitoes, your organs, or even your ‘brain’.


Do you know that the people


who want to speak to your ‘brain’ (or hypnotize your brain)


are not only the magicians, illusionists, psychologists,


hypnotists, or con-artist;


but also the sorcerers, occultists,


and new age satanists too?


They love to tell your ‘brain’ what to think


and what you should not think with their hypnotic skill.


Do you know that Joseph Prince


loves to tell you what you should not think too?


Do you realize that he is constantly telling you


not to watch social media


(especially any media that exposes his lies or deception),


not to judge, not to criticize, not to speak evil of anyone,


not to be bothered by your critics


(including those who correct you),


not to worry, not to watch bad news,


not to believe in any doctor’s report,


and not to think negatively too?


Yes, when this is preached constantly, radically,


and repeatedly in almost all his sermons,


over and over, again and again,


and hundreds or thousands of times,


people’s minds will no longer be able to think independently,


but subconsciously forced to think positively of everything


and positively of him too.


So, now if you come along


and do not speak positively of their very ‘positive’ pastor,


you would be subconsciously thought of


as a very ‘negative’ person


who only likes to judge, criticize, gossip, speak negatively,


or speak evil of others.


Joseph Prince has really taught them well to think:


1. that we are his critics


who are jealous of him and dislike him, and


2. that just because of our dislike of him,


dislike of his hair,


or dislike of his ways of speaking (positive things),


we would just ‘dig into’ all his sermons with fault-finding


on whatever he has to say


Yes, I believe that 99% of those who still remain in NCC


would think so


(because of their constant exposure to the messages


of not to judge, not to speak evil,


and not to think negatively


which is preached under heavy HYPNOTISM).


It is so hypnotic that before you can even start to reason with them,


they have already closed their ears with both hands


and stormed out of the room or building immediately


(I am not exaggerating).


So, if you want to talk to any NCC people,


the first thing you must do is NOT to criticize Joseph Prince,


which I find it very hard.


However, I believe that, as the years go by,


it should become easier and easier,


as compared with the time before Covid-19


when I found it almost impossible


to talk to anyone of them.”




“Because this type of preaching by Joseph Prince feeds their flesh;


and that’s what they want for themselves as well.


And to find out that Jesus is our servant


and will do everything for us


and we don’t need to do anything


sounds great.”




“Very easy to dye hair,


use botox, or go for facial


and say my youth is renewed.


It’s a no brainer.”




“Joseph Prince is the greatest twister of the Word of God.”




“Joseph Prince says he loves to preach in context


because he was trying to give the false impression


that he has faithfully been doing so.


But those who read the Bible


know he has been doing the very opposite.


How did he ask God for a new brain


to lie through his teeth habitually


without even a blink?”




“These ‘grace’ messages are nothing more than


self-gratification towards the flesh.


They are constantly promoting


what God will do for the believer


from a worldly perspective


but never the other way round.” (1 Jn 2:15-16; Jn 15:5-6)




“For me, my biggest blunder


was to fall into Joseph Prince’s teachings


because I didn’t know The Word.


I listened to his sermons


but didn’t bother to read and study The Word.


That’s why I believed everything he said.


I looked up to him as the anointed of God,


thinking I am so blessed


to have such wise and caring pastor,


teaching The Word so differently from other pastors.


I thought to myself


that I have never heard anyone preach like Joseph Prince,


therefore, he must be God-sent!


To New Creation Churchgoers,


I was just like you all; so loved Joseph Prince.


Looking up to him!


As long the word is preached by Joseph Prince,


surely, I will claim it and stand for it.


I will argue with anyone who comes against him.


I will not associate with those


who come against Joseph Prince’s ministry!


Until I opened up The Word


and read it from Genesis to Revelation


and still repeating and repeating…


because if I stop,


I will forget His Word through other deceptions.


Rev George Ong will not be the last man


to call out the false teachers.


The Bible clearly informs us that


because of God’s grace and love for His people,


He will keep raising people


to sound the alarm


and warning the people


to repent of our sins (following other gods).


Today’s God has set ‘blessings’ & ‘cursing’ before us


and He told us to choose ‘blessings’


Read Deuteronomy 11.”




“The first person to twist God’s word is the Devil.


Anyone can interpret the Bible the way he/she likes,


especially without the Holy Spirit.”




“Amen! Derek Prince is a man after the heart of GOD!”




“2 Corinthians 2:16 is taken totally out of context.


It’s talking about having spiritual understanding


to evaluate all things.


Having the mind of Christ is to have wisdom from above


to understand spiritual truths.


He’s not even preaching half-truths here


but a total new gospel of his own.”




“He is showing that you can take any verse,


put it in your own context (eg asking for new brains)


and make up your own doctrine.


Either he is doing it deliberately,


or he is ignorant of the Word.


On both counts, he is not a credible teacher


who cares about his followers’ spiritual well-being.


He is ridiculing himself. 


A preacher who professes to put Christ at the centre


does not have the mind of Christ


to understand the deep spiritual truths about God; 


for that’s what the mind of Christ is for


given that human reason is limited.”




“He could get a Olympic gold medal


for being a heretic teacher.”




“Ask for a new brain and be brainwashed.


Jokes aside, didn’t Jesus say


we will be just like the Angels before the lord?


We should be spirit


and I don’t see how he sees limbs and brains


all over in heavens?


But it is better not to add on to the words to the Bible


and stick to the fulfilment in spirit


instead of physical and materialistic needs


which is keeping Christians away from the spirit


and focusing too much


on the desires and temptations of the flesh.”




“Tell your kids to just study hard and smart Lah.


Joseph Prince just conned the people out of context.”




“The whole Psalm 139 is worth re-reading.


It will put into context


what Joseph Prince has taken out of his context.”


Appendix 2


Verbatim Notes of Mike Winger’s


3-minute teaching video:


“Kenneth Copeland has got to be one of the best examples


of all time of one of the worst examples


of someone pretending to be a Christian Pastor.


I am appalled and shocked,


not only by his behaviour but by his following.

People are giving him money,


large amounts of money and it blows me away.


What he’s done now,


is now he’s saying he can grow your hair.


Now, Kenneth Copeland can grow your hair.


Listen to the latest on this and yeah


we’re going to talk about it today


because I think we can learn from this.


I think that we can change things


if we have a little bit of an analysis


of what kind of wackiness is going on.


Put your hand on your head like that.


Bald spots, I call you go!


Hair grow!


Hair grow!


We’re going to talk about that.


And ya, listen, if you’re a follower of Kenneth Copeland,


this is your chance to get out right now, right here, today.


This is your chance to get out of this.


The man, I think is insane.


I don’t know what else is going on with him


and I do not say any of those things lightly,


Not remotely.


I am accountable for my words.


I say, I think he’s insane


because I want you to be warned


against the insanity of this man


and his false teaching and his false prophecy.


We need solid Christians online to call out this stuff


because it can’t just be the world that notices these things.


The man will be stand condemned before God for all eternity


when he goes into judgment. It’s going to be.


I mean he’ll be, suddenly the delusion will come off


and he will realise that he was wrong.


And that he led many others into error as well.


He’s absolutely a false prophet.


So, let me look again at this hair grow video though


because my favorite person ever is in this video.


Put your hand on your head like that.


Okay, I’m muting the audio,


I just want you to watch for a second.


Look at this gentleman,


the black gentleman here.


He’s the smartest guy in the room.


You’ll see him in just a second.


And he is like okay, hair grow.


My hair is supposed to grow.


I feel like an idiot.


Look at him, there he is.


Oh, gosh!


What is going on?


What are we doing?


Where did my wife bring me today?


Oh, man, what is this?


And listen, if there is more people


who are like this gentleman here.


You’re listening to Kenneth Copeland,


you’re like, I’m trying to follow on, I just.


You know something is weird about it.


You know he says things about Jesus.


He says things about the Bible


and many of the things he says are true


because he’s actually just quoting Scripture


or repeating things that actual Christians say.


Okay, and then, he says crazy stuff like this,


put your hand on your head, hair grow now,


and the guy is looking around


like I don’t feel like right about this.


And that gentleman right there,


I’d love to have a chat with you, brother.


Um, time for you to leave.”