Joseph Prince’s No-Discipleship & No-Repentance False Gospel Vs Billy Graham’s True Gospel, Part 2 – By Rev George Ong (Dated 26 July 2023)


The “Drag” Show


Comment from a New Creation Church Goer:


“As a New Creation Church goer,


I am saddened by the decision


of The Star management team to allow this.


I am sure there is no need to get revenues


from these shows. 


And it saddens me that the same stage


where God’s Word is being preached every week,


is shared with the Devil’s promotion


of the sexually deviant lifestyle.”


Joseph Prince’s continued defiance


to hold the “Drag” shows


in the same premise


as the New Creation Church meets to worship every Sunday,


only goes to show that


he is a tool of the devil,


whose aim is to invade the Church


with corrosive and immoral values.


Guess who is laughing?


Satan himself as he has succeeded in using Joseph Prince,


who has become the devil’s servant


to launch his deadly attack against the Church.


This also goes to show that Joseph Prince is a heretic


as any true Bible-believing preacher will never do that.


I wonder what the Singapore Methodist Bishop


and the Singapore Presbyterian Pastor


who said that Joseph Prince is not a heretic


have to say about this.


Furthermore, don’t you think


that the Singapore Church Pastors


and the Singapore Church Leadership,


being the Guardians and Protectors of Christian values


ought to say something about this?


There cannot be silence anymore


especially when the name of Christ


is openly and publicly shamed.


May the Godly Christian leaders in Singapore


rise to speak against such a despicable act


of allowing Satan himself to invade the Church


with destructive and immoral values.  


“For issues which cannot be compromised,


to stay neutral is to be complicit,


to keep silent is to acquiesce.” (George Ong)


“Neutrality and silence in the face of a moral crisis


is a refuge of the weak.” (George Ong)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Joseph Prince’s No-Discipleship & No-Repentance False Gospel Vs Billy Graham’s True Gospel, Part 2 – By Rev George Ong


Please see the Appendix at the end of the article


why I call Joseph Prince, the Lone Ranger Heretic.


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This is Part 2 of the Article.


If you have missed Part 1, titled,


Joseph Prince, a preacher of Health & Wealth False Gospel Vs Billy Graham, a preacher of True Gospel, Part 1


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In a weekly Sunday sermon aired on YouTube


3 days ago, on 23 July 2023, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 25-second video:


“Forgot to pray for the lost.


I’m sure they want to pray.


If you want Jesus to be your Saviour and Lord,


pray this prayer.


Say ‘Jesus, I confess you


as my Lord and Saviour.


You died for my sins and rose from the dead


without my sins.


Jesus Christ is my Lord.


Amen, Praise the Lord.


God blessed you.”


George Ong’s comments:


In the video, Joseph Prince led unbelievers


to say the sinner’s prayer at the end of the service.


But as you would have noticed,


repentance was missing from the prayer.


This is typical of every sinner’s prayer


that Prince leads sinners to say.


In an evangelistic sermon, Billy Graham said;


Please click here to view the 25-second video:


“And this is certainly true


in some parts of our country,


where people go to church in great numbers,


but during the week,


they’re not living a daily life with Christ.


But, you know, Jesus never compromised.


He doesn’t offer a cheap grace or a cheap salvation.


When you come to Christ,


you must be willing to repent of sin


and receive Him in your heart.”


George Ong’s comments:


Billy Graham is strongly implying that


one who offers a no-repentance gospel


is the same person


who offers a cheap grace or a cheap salvation.


Friends, this is what Joseph Prince is offering


– cheap grace


because there is no need for anyone


who come to Christ to repent.


In a teaching sermon, Derek Prince said:


Please click here to view the 45-second video:


“Faith that is not associated with


or proceed out of repentance,


is a counterfeit faith.


It is not the faith of the New Testament.


But there is no true believing the gospel


apart from repentance.


It’s a counterfeit.


It’s not real faith.


And it produces counterfeit fruit.


You know why?


Because they don’t have real faith.


They have a counterfeit,


a substitute faith,


which has bypassed repentance.


You cannot find anywhere in the New Testament,


starting from Matthew


and ending up in Revelation,


where faith is offered apart from repentance.


It’s a false gospel.”


George Ong’s comments:


From what Derek Prince has said,


Joseph Prince, who is preaching


the no-repentance gospel


is preaching the false gospel.


The faith (without repentance)


that Joseph Prince preaches


is a counterfeit faith.


And a counterfeit faith


will only produce counterfeit fruit.


This means that


the majority of Joseph Prince’s fruit or converts


are counterfeit fruit or false converts.


In another evangelistic sermon, Billy Graham said;


Please click here to view the 1-minute video:


“Jesus said, as I’ve already quoted,


‘Enter in at the narrow gate,


for wide is the gate and broad is the way


that leadeth to destruction,


and many there be that go in thereat.


Because narrow is the gate and hard is the way


which leadeth unto life,


and few there be that find it.’


Notice He (Jesus) says it’s hard.


It’s not easy to follow Christ.


You pay a price.


He said,


‘If you’re not willing to deny self


and take up the cross,


you cannot be my follower.’


You see we would like


something cheap and something easy.


His demands were so high


that many people


refused to go with Him any further.


They’d go so far


and then they’d turn away


because He turned to a crowd one day and said,


‘Count the cost. Count the cost.’


If you follow me


that means that I become Lord of your life.


If you follow me


that means you become my learner, my disciple


and you must do my commands.


If you follow me,


you’ve got to be willing to take up the cross.


I’m going to die on the cross.


I’m going to be executed.” 


George Ong’s comments:


You must bear in mind


that Billy Graham


was not preaching this sermon


to believers in a church setting,


but he was preaching to unbelievers


in an evangelistic meeting.


What Billy Graham said is that


if you want to be a Christian,


you must be a disciple


as a Christian and a disciple are the same person.


Billy Graham further added that


we must count the cost and pay the price


to become the disciples of Christ;


and that Christianity is not cheap and easy


because it involves denying yourself


and taking up the cross,


failing which, no one can be a Christian


or a follower or a disciple of Christ.


Indeed, Billy Graham has prophetically exposed 


the false no-discipleship gospel,


and cheap grace and easy Christianity


that Joseph Prince constantly preaches.  


Friends, this is not all that Billy Graham has to say


about the discipleship requirements


to be a Christian


and the repentance requirement


for true faith.


In his writings, Billy Graham has tons of things to say


on both issues.


Let me start with discipleship


and then, later, moving on to repentance.


First, discipleship.


In ‘Answers to Life’s Problems by Billy Graham,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Great Commission


The church of Jesus Christ has been given


a distinctive and unique task in our world by God,


and that is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.


When we fail to do that,


we are not doing what God wants us to do.


We are under orders:


“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,


baptizing them in the name of the Father


and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,


and teaching them to obey everything


I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).


Those orders have never been changed.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


The most obvious proof


that Joseph Prince is against


the costly discipleship of Jesus


is when he disobeyed the orders of Christ


to preach the gospel by making disciples.


In his 30-odd years of ministry,


Joseph Prince has never preached a single sermon


on the Great Commission to make disciples.


This is unbelievable!


No true preacher of the gospel


would dare to disobey


Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples.


This fact alone


is enough to hang Joseph Prince as a heretic.)


In ‘Enduring Classics of Billy Graham,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“The Cost of Discipleship


To be a disciple of Jesus means


to learn from Him, to follow Him.


The cost may be high.


In the earlier part of His ministry,


great crowds followed Jesus.


However, the moment He started telling His followers


that they must take up their crosses,


“many … no longer followed him” (John 6:66).”


“Too many Christian television and radio programs


have been geared to please, entertain,


and gain the favor of this world.


The temptation is to compromise,


to make the Gospel more appealing and attractive.


(George Ong’s interjection:


Joseph Prince’s feel-good, no-repentance


and no-discipleship gospel


is a perfect example


of such an appealing and attractive gospel


that was highlighted by Billy Graham.


No wonder Joseph Prince


is able to attract the carnal millions,


as it is part of the carnality of human nature


to want something cheap and easy.) 


At times in the Crusades we have conducted,


I have looked into the cameras


and realized that several million people were watching.


I know that many of the things


I have said from the Scriptures have offended some,


but I cannot afford to tone down the message.


As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:17,


“I have a stewardship entrusted to me” (NASB),


and that is to preach the pure and simple Gospel


in whatever culture I am in.


The Bible says,


“Don’t let the world around you


squeeze you into its own mold,


but let God remold your minds from within”


(Romans 12:2 PHILLIPS).”


“Our job in life is not to be successful,


but to be faithful.”


“Dietrich Bonhoeffer


was a brilliant young German pastor


from an aristocratic family of wealth and education.


At the age of thirty-seven,


he was imprisoned by the Nazi government


for his alleged involvement


in an attempt to assassinate Hitler.


He was never tried,


but two years later, near the end of the war,


Bonhoeffer was executed.


Fellow prisoners who survived


reported a message he sent to a friend,


“Tell him that for me


this is the end, but also the beginning.”


Bonhoeffer knew the cost of discipleship.


Many Christians want the benefits of their belief,


but they hesitate at the cost of discipleship.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Joseph Prince is even worse.


He not only does not believe in discipleship,


he preaches against the costly discipleship of Jesus.)


“Salvation is free,


but there is a price to pay in following Jesus.


(George Ong’s interjection:


What Billy Graham is clearly implying is that


one who is truly saved


is one who has paid the costly price of discipleship.


In other words, one who isn’t a disciple


isn’t saved to begin with.


Mind you, this comes from


one of the greatest evangelists of all time


– Billy Graham.


So, how can Joseph Prince,


who preaches against discipleship,


and who isn’t a disciple himself,


be saved?


How can Joseph Prince,


who preaches against the costly discipleship of Jesus


be preaching the true gospel?)


It is never said in Scripture


that we can have “Christ and …”;


(George Ong’s interjection:


That’s exactly what Joseph Prince preaches.


You can have Christ plus


wealth, health, success,


long life, youthful looks, etc.) 


it is always “Christ or …”


Christ or Caesar,


Christ or the world,


Christ or Antichrist.


What is your “or”?”


“Following Christ has been made too easy.


It is easy to follow Him


when our world is safe and comfortable,


when we have good health,


(George Ong’s interjection:


Joseph Prince is the key culprit


who has made Christianity so easy


that every Christian has the covenantal right


to enjoy good health


and that God is obligated to protect believers


from all harm and diseases all the time.)


a contented family, and three meals


(plus snacks) a day.


But when that world shatters,


only a secure faith will sustain us.


In a country where Christians


were looked upon with suspicion and disfavor,


a government leader said to me


with a twinkle in his eye,


“Christians seem to thrive under persecution.


Perhaps, we should prosper them,


and then they would disappear.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


That is why the Prosperity Gospel


or Health and Wealth Theology,


together with the absence


of suffering and persecution teaching


of Joseph Prince is so dangerous,


Such cosy and heretical teachings


will do irreparable damage and harm


to the Church of Jesus Christ.)  


In ‘The Journey, How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“However, the most comprehensive word


in the Bible for Christians are disciples.


The twelve men who traveled with Jesus


and were closest to Him were called “the disciples,”


but many others who followed Jesus


were called disciples also,


including a number of women (Luke 8:2-3).


In fact, anyone who wanted to follow Jesus’ teaching


was called a disciple.”


“The Bible also records that


several years after Jesus’ ministry,


“The disciples were called Christians


first at Antioch” (Acts 11:26).


To be a Christian


is to be a disciple.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


As far as the teachings of scriptures


and that of Billy Graham are concerned,


Christians and disciples are synonymous.


If you are a Christian, then you are a disciple,


and vice versa.


But Joseph Prince,


who rejected and preached against


the costly discipleship teachings of Jesus,


is obviously not a disciple.


If Joseph Prince isn’t a disciple,


how can he be a Christian?


If Prince isn’t a Christian,


how can he be saved?)


In ‘Hope for Each Day, Morning & Evening Devotions,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“The Scriptures teach that a Christian


is one who trusts Christ as Savior


and obeys Him as Lord.


That is the essence of Christian discipleship:


believing and following.


The New Testament makes no separation


between belief and obedience.


They are linked together as one,


because if you truly believe,


you will truly follow.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Discipleship and salvation


are both sides of the same coin.


One cannot do without the other.


Since Joseph Prince has removed


discipleship from the equation,


he isn’t saved to begin with,


as one, who is not a disciple,


can never be a Christian.) 


In ‘Hope for Each Day, Morning & Evening Devotions,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Another disciple said to him,


“Lord, first let me go and bury my father.”


But Jesus told him,


“Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead!”




At first, Jesus’ words here sound harsh.


If this man’s father has died,


wouldn’t it be compassionate to let him go


and arrange for his burial?


But in all likelihood this man’s father was still alive,


and what the man was saying


was that someday in the future


– maybe months or even years later


– he would be willing to follow Jesus.


(In those days, burial was usually carried out


within hours of a person’s death,


so if the father had already died,


his son probably wouldn’t be away from home


listening to Jesus.)


But Jesus told him that nothing


– absolutely nothing


– must stand in the way


of being His disciple.


Many people are willing to have Jesus


be part of their lives


– as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.


But Jesus calls us to follow Him every day.


What keeps you from being His disciple?”


(George Ong’s interjection:


The question:


“What keeps you from being His disciple?”


posed by Billy Graham is a crucial one


because if one, (like Joseph Prince) isn’t a disciple,


one isn’t a Christian to begin with.)


In ‘Hope for Each Day, Morning & Evening Devotions,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“During the early years of the twentieth century,


Bill Borden turned his back


on one of America’s great family fortunes


to become a missionary to China.


He only got as far as Egypt, where, still in his twenties,


he died of typhoid fever.


Before his death he wrote,

“No reserves, no retreats, no regrets!”


Discipleship is always costly.


No, it may not cost us our lives.


But it will cost us.


It will cost us our plans, our wills, our selfish desires.


Jesus’ standard has not changed:


“If anyone desires to come after Me,


let him deny himself, and take up his cross,


and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24).


Instead of controlling our lives,


we turn them over to Christ as Lord.


Someone has said,


“Salvation is free but not cheap.”


It cost Jesus His life,


and it will cost us as well.


But could anything be greater?


Could anything be more fulfilling?


Follow Christ, and at life’s end


you will be able to say,


“No regrets!”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Billy Graham’s description of a disciple


– that it would cost a disciple dearly to follow Jesus


is actually also the description of a Christian.


Have you ever heard Joseph Prince


describe a Christian in that way?


No way!


On the contrary, Joseph Prince describes a Christian


as one who has the covenantal right


to be very rich as Abraham was


and he can enjoy the perfect health of the Lord Jesus,


plus, long life, youthful and good looks.)


We have gone through a mouthful


about what Billy Graham


has written about discipleship.


Now, let’s dive in


and see what Billy Graham


has to say about repentance.


In ‘How To Be Born Again,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Thus, repentance is first,


and absolutely necessary,


if we are to be born again.


It involves simple recognition


of what we are before God


– sinners who fall short of His glory;


second, it involves genuine sorrow for sin;


third, it means our willingness to turn from sin.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Billy Graham categorically said,


‘repentance is first,


and absolutely necessary,


if we are to be born again.’


In other words,


repentance is a non-negotiable


for true saving faith.


This is precisely what


Joseph Prince has transgressed.


He preaches a no-repentance gospel.


And no one who hasn’t repented


can be born again.


This means most of the souls


who are so-called saved,


under his ministry,


which Joseph Prince often boasted


are false believers.)


In ‘Hear My Heart, What I Would Say To You,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“To all who will repent of sin


and turn to Christ in trusting faith and obedience,


the risen Christ in his grace


promises forgiveness and life,


both now and eternally.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


In Billy Graham’s doctrine of salvation,


which is entirely scriptural,


divine forgiveness is contingent on


not just faith and obedience,


but also on whether one has repented of his sins.


Hence, Joseph Prince’s salvation doctrine


of a just-believe and a no-repentance gospel,


is false, and hence, possesses no saving faith.)  


In ‘Hear My Heart, What I Would Say To You,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“I have also been concerned


because too often we have tended toward superficiality


– an overemphasis on easy-believism or experience


rather than on true discipleship.


We have sometimes offered


cheap grace and cheap conversions


without genuine repentance.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


What Billy Graham wrote aptly describes


the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince.)


In ‘Peace with God,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“If repentance could be described in two words,


I would use the words “turning around.”


Turn around from what? you ask.


The answer can be given in one word


– “sin.””


(George Ong’s interjection:


Don’t let Joseph Prince fool you


that repentance is only a change of mind


As Billy Graham rightly said,


repentance has to do with


turning around from sin;


and not just a change mind.)


In ‘Peace with God,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Jesus’ Definition of Repentance


What did Jesus mean by the word repent?


Why does it appear over and over throughout the Bible?


If you look in a modern dictionary


you will find that repent means


“to feel sorry for, or to regret.”


But the original words that Jesus spoke


meant a great deal more than that.


They meant a great deal


more than just regretting


and feeling sorry about sin.


The biblical word repent means


“to change, or to turn.”


It is a word of power and action.


It is a word that signifies a complete turnabout


in the individual.


When the Bible calls upon us to repent of sin,


it means that we should turn away from sin,


that we should do an about-face


and walk in the opposite direction from sin


and all that it implies.”


“True repentance means


“to change, to turn away from,


to go in a new direction.”


To be sorry is not enough in repentance.


Judas was sorry enough to hang himself.


It was an admission of guilt


without true repentance.”


In ‘The Holy Spirit, Activating God’s Power in Your Life,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Every person who has repented of his sin


and received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord


is a member of this body called, the Church.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


In other words,


those who respond to Joseph Prince’s


only-believe and no-repentance gospel,


and merely believed without repenting,


isn’t a member of Christ’s body


as they do not possess saving faith in the first place.)


In ‘Peace with God,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Therefore, repentance and faith


go hand in hand.


You cannot have genuine repentance


without saving faith,


and you cannot have saving faith


without genuine repentance.”


“The first sermon Jesus ever preached was


“Repent: for the kingdom of heaven


is at hand” (Matthew 4:17).


This was God speaking through His Son.


Jesus had come with a heart


filled with love and compassion,


but He immediately began to press home man’s guilt


and to turn from their ungodliness.

He said repentance


must come before He could pour out


His love, grace, and mercy upon men.


Jesus refused to gloss over iniquity.


He insisted upon self-judgment,


upon a complete right about-face.


He insisted upon a new attitude


before He would reveal the love of God.


The people came to Jesus one day


and told Him of certain Galileans


whose blood Pilate had mingled with sacrifices


as his Roman legions quelled the Jewish uprising.


They reported, too,


how the falling of a tower in Siloam


had killed many.


In answer Jesus declared,


“Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners


than all the other Galileans


because they suffered this way?


I tell you, no!


But unless you repent,


you too will all perish” (Luke 13:2-3).


In other words, Jesus said


whether men are taken away by violence,


by accident, or by natural death,


their doom is the same


unless they have turned to God in repentance.


Until this is done,


faith is absolutely impossible.


This does not limit the grace to God,


but repentance makes way for the grace of God.


Repentance and the Grace of God


We know that salvation


is based entirely upon the grace of God.


The Bible says that no man is justified by the law


in the sight of God, and it also says,


“The righteous man shall live by faith” (Romans 1:17).


Salvation, forgiveness, and justification


are based entirely upon the atoning work of Christ.


However, if the sacrifice of Christ on the cross


is to be made effectual for any individual of any age,


that individual must repent of sin


and accept Christ by faith.”


“Repentance is mentioned seventy times


in the New Testament.


Jesus said,


“Unless you repent,


you will all likewise perish.”


The sermon that Peter preached


on the Day of Pentecost was,


“Repent, and be baptized every one of you


in the name of Jesus Christ


for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38).


Paul preached it when he said that


he “testified both to the Jews,


and also to the Greeks,


repentance toward God,


and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21).


The Bible says God commands repentance,


“And the times of this ignorance God overlooked;


but now he commands


all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30).


It is a command.


It is an imperative.


God says, “Repent! Or perish!”


Have you repented?


Are you sure of it?”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Billy Graham reiterated the truth


– that it is God’s command for us to repent. 


Yet, Joseph Prince would dare


to disobey God’s command


by overtly refusing to preach on repentance.


And when Joseph Prince mentions repentance,


he said it is switching


from thinking negatively to thinking positively.


This is a laughable statement


that is nowhere found in the Bible,


but it is entirely fitting for the Comedy’s Club.


If repentance is about thinking positively,


we don’t have to go to church to learn this.


Just go to the Optimist’s Club,


and you can learn all you want


about being an optimist.


Billy Graham also brought up the importance


of what Jesus said:


“Unless you repent,


you will all likewise perish.” (Lk 13:2-3)


In the light of Jesus’ statement in Luke 13:2-3,


Joseph Prince, by snubbing the preaching of repentance


is, in a real sense, helping to make people perish.


Last, Billy Graham taught that


true saving faith is impossible


without repentance,


as repentance and faith must go together;


one cannot do without the other.


This means Joseph Prince’s preaching


of an only-believe and a no-repentance gospel,


is a false gospel that cannot save.


And all the so-called converts


that he frequently boasted


that were won through his no-repentance gospel


are false converts,


and their destiny is the same


as those who rejected the gospel – hell.)   


In ‘Enduring Classics of Billy Graham,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“But can you know – really know


– that you will go to heaven when you die?


Yes, you can know,


and I invite you to make that discovery today.


What must you do?


First, you must acknowledge that you are a sinner


and repent of your sins.”


“We need to repent – to turn from our sins.


Second, you must trust Christ alone for your salvation.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Joseph Prince’s converts of a no-repentance gospel


would have no heaven to claim


but only a hell to inherit.)


In ‘The Holy Spirit, Activating God’s Power in Your Life,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“Third, repent of your sins.


Repentance comes from a Greek word


meaning “a change of mind.”


It means that I admit I am a sinner,


and that I feel sorry for the fact I have sinned.


But repentance also means


I actually turn my back on my sins


– I reject them


and determined by God’s grace to live


as He wants me to live.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


Joseph Prince’s definition


that repentance is only a change of mind


is a half-truth;


and a half-truth is nothing but a lie.)


In ‘Just As I Am, the Autobiography of Billy Graham,’


Billy Graham wrote:


“During most of the hearings


and other Watergate matters in 1973,


we were in Korea, South Africa,


England, and Switzerland.


One journalist suggested that I had fled America


because of Water-gate and gone into hiding in Europe!


That was not true at all;


those events had been planned years in advance.


While in Lausanne,


I received a letter from Pat Nixon


asking if I would bring the 1973 Christmas message


at the White House service in December.


I accepted.


Most of the President’s inner circle


were present at that service.


I preached on repentance


and made my message as strong as I possibly could,


although I mentioned no names.”


(George Ong’s interjection:


As for the older ones, you may remember


that Pat Nixon was the wife of President Richard Nixon,


who was forced to resign in 1974


amid the Watergate scandal.


Billy Graham’s godly character was evident


when he uncompromisingly


preached strongly on repentance


even though he was preaching to people


in the high places.


This shows that Billy Graham


is not only one of the greatest evangelists,


but he is also a truly godly man.


No wonder Wikipedia states:


‘Graham’s estimated lifetime audience,


including radio and television broadcasts,


topped billions of people.


As a result of his crusades,


Graham preached the gospel to more people in person


than anyone in the history of Christianity.


Graham was on Gallup’s list


of most admired men and women


a record 61 times.’


In conclusion,


Billy Graham was not only an anointed evangelist,


but he was also truly an uncompromising evangelist.


He didn’t cheapen the gospel.


He didn’t preach cheap grace


and easy Christianity


in order to please the crowds


and get them on his side.


He preached the hard truths


about the costly discipleship demands


of the Lord Jesus.


Billy Graham stated in no uncertain terms


that to be a Christian is to be a disciple,


who must be prepared to deny himself,


take up the cross and,


if necessary, to give up everything


for the sake of Christ.


Friends, that’s the gospel that Billy Graham preaches.


If you still can’t see the difference


between the true and tough gospel


that Billy Graham preaches,


and the false and easy gospel


that Joseph Prince preaches,


then no one can help you.


I have given you proof after proof


of what Billy Graham had written and said,


that are diametrically opposed


to the views held by Joseph Prince


regarding the Health and Wealth Gospel (Part 1 of the article)


and discipleship and repentance (Part 2 of the article)


Who do you trust?


Billy Graham,


one of the world’s greatest evangelists,


who was responsible for winning


the hundreds of thousands of souls,


(my own brother-in-law was saved


during the Billy Graham Crusade in Singapore, in 1978)


or Joseph Prince,


the master deceiver?


If all the massive proof


that I have mastered before your eyes


cannot convince you


that Joseph Prince is a heretic,


(with due respect to God)


even God can’t.


Rev George Ong




Why I call Joseph Prince, the Lone Ranger Heretic


This article and the previous article chiefly contain


the writings and sayings of Billy Graham


regarding his rejection and rebuttal


of the Health and Wealth Gospel


and the No-Discipleship and No-Repentance Gospel


which Joseph Prince preaches.


I have heard Joseph Prince


said more than once in his sermons


that he respected Billy Graham


or said something good about him.


Joseph Prince would have to tell us


whether he still respects Billy Graham,


given Billy’s massive criticisms and rebuttal


of his Health and Wealth Gospel

(Part 1 of the Article, featured 2 days ago)


and his No-Discipleship and No-Repentance Gospel

(Part 2 of the Article, featured today).


I have also heard Joseph Prince


mentioned more than once in his sermons


about the good work that George Muller had done,


and the lessons of faith that we could learn from him.


But after I have put up George Muller’s criticisms


of Joseph Prince’s Pre-tribulation rapture some time ago


(and most recently, in a previous article),


I have never heard Joseph Prince


mentioned George Muller ever since. 


The same goes for Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Charles Spurgeon.


Joseph Prince mentioned in a video


that Martin Lloyd-Jones is a well-respected preacher


and also Charles Spurgeon in his book and sermons.


But ever since I featured what both of them wrote


that went against his teaching,


Prince has kept absolutely silent regarding these 2 men.


And the same goes for Martin Luther.


Soon, Joseph Prince would find himself


to be a longer ranger.


In fact, he is already one.


If you are not convinced


that Joseph Prince is a Lone Ranger Heretic,


just call up the Singapore Pastors,


and ask them whether anyone of them


would vouch for Joseph Prince’s grace teachings, publicly.


I can guarantee that none (or very few)


of the Singapore Pastors would dare.


One needs to note that


none (or very few) of the Singapore Pastors


are in regular fellowship with him.


Also, none of the Singapore Pastors


and churches (or very few)


would dare to recommend any believer


to attend New Creation Church,


or publicly state that


they support or endorse Joseph Prince’s grace teachings.


Friends, Lone Rangers,


such as Joseph Prince,


who claims to have a personal hotline to God,


and not accountable to anyone,


(He cannot be accountable to his Pastors


as they are so beholden to him


that they keep lavishing praise on him and his preaching;


it’s like a competition is going on


as to whether which of his Pastors


could lavish the highest accolades on him.)


are not to be listened to,


but to be fiercely avoided.


So, you had better flee


from this guy, called Joseph Prince,


the Lone Ranger Heretic.