Joseph Prince’s love for the Jews is sheer hypocrisy & he spites the Jews whom he teaches will not be raptured – By Rev George Ong (Dated 3 Apr 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube,


31 Mar 2024, 3 days ago on Easter Sunday, Joseph Prince said;


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“By the way, just let you know,


this message right will be recorded down.


And it’ll all be recorded, kept here on the earth.


I’m not bringing them with me,


all of us when Jesus comes again.


So, if you find yourself watching this


and you are left behind,


you better listen to all the sermons, okay,


as to what to do


since you are left behind. Amen.


Thank God, it’s all left behind.


The Bible talks about what happen on earth.


It will be the worst time ever (Great Tribulation).


Worse, terrible.”


It is a well-known fact that


Joseph Prince has been speaking so well of Israel and the Jews


in many of his sermons.


He often said we must support Israel and love them.


He even organised


and personally led trips to Israel many times.


Yet, at the same time,


he teaches that while the Church is raptured (Pre-trib rapture)


to heaven to safety and security,


the Jews will be left behind


to suffer during the Great Tribulation.


Joseph Prince said:


The Bible talks about what happen on earth.


It will be the worst time ever (Great Tribulation).


Worse, terrible.”


In other words, what Joseph Prince is saying (unspoken)


is that


“Hey, my buddy Jews,


I love you and I really do.


But when the Great Tribulation comes,


I’m sorry, I cannot help you.


But you will be left on earth to suffer alone,


while we, the Church, are enjoying ourselves in heaven.


So, you had better take care of yourselves


– Lei Chee Kei Po Chon (Cantonese).


What sheer hypocrisy


– for Joseph Prince to tell the Jews that he loves them


but when difficulty arises,


he won’t be there to even lift a finger to help them.


I’ll let David Pawson


expressed such sheer hypocrisy of Joseph Prince.


In a teaching session, David Pawson said;


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(Note the separation of Jews and Christians


at the Great Tribulation


is Joseph Prince’s Pre-trib view;


it is not my view, nor is it David Pawson’s view):


“Is the division of Christians and Jews.


Of course, at the rapture,


Christians and Jews would be separated.


Since Christians will be taken off to heaven


and Jews will be left on earth.


You know, I could never comfort Israel


and say,


‘I’ll stand with you, we Christians are with you.


If I had the reservation that any day now,


we Christians will leave you to the big trouble


and you can face it without us.’


That would seem to me personally,


sheer hypocrisy.


How can I say to the Jews I will stand with you,


if I expect to be leaving them


in all kinds of huge trouble?”


In a teaching session, David Pawson said;


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“I couldn’t possibly have the courage to go to Israel


and say,


‘I am an evangelical Christian,


I stand with you Israel.


I will stay with you even if the world leaves you.


But any day now


I’m going to leave you (Pre-trib rapture).


And I’m going to leave you in the big trouble


to look after yourself.’


I couldn’t say that.


It’s hypocrisy.”


So, as described by David Pawson,


Joseph Prince, is indeed, a hypocrite,


who tells Israel and the Jews that he loves them,


but he won’t be there with them and for them


at the time of their greatest suffering.


Well, so much for love.


Rev George Ong