Joseph Prince’s love for his critics is only for show & is a despicable hypocritical act – By Rev George Ong (Dated 3 Apr 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a sermon on 18 Feb 2024, Joseph Prince said;


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“Even the one that criticise you.


You know the people that criticise me and all that,


you know how I see them,


precious in the heart of my Lord Jesus. 


I see them precious.


If they are precious to God,


they are precious to me.


The Lord loves them.


I love them.


I have no unforgiveness towards them.


I have no bitterness. Amen.”


Wow, so sentimental, so touching.


True or not?


But, hold it;


before you are fooled by Joseph Prince,


you need to view 2 other videos


of what he said about his critics:


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube,


31 Mar 2024, 3 days ago on Easter Sunday, Joseph Prince said;


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“By the way, just let you know,


this message right will be recorded down.


And it’ll all be recorded, kept here on the earth.


I’m not bringing them with me,


all of us when Jesus comes again.


So, if you find yourself watching this


and you are left behind,


you better listen to all the sermons, okay,


as to what to do


since you are left behind. Amen.”


If you wish to learn how to be sarcastic


and how to hit back at your critics


without appearing to be so,


look no further,


Joseph Prince, the so-called preacher of grace,


is a perfect model to learn from.


You could also learn


how he was able to whip up the audience’s response


so that they could participate with him


in their scornful and gleeful laughter


and their cheering and clapping


in response to his sarcasm


at his critics. 


A person, such as Joseph Prince,


who claims to love his critics


will not at the same time


act in that hostile way to them.


What about a more upfront sarcastic attack


by Joseph Prince on his critics.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said;


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“And, we will be watching down.


Say, ‘I don’t believe in the Pre-trib rapture.’


You can stay.


We’ll be watching you from above. Amen.”


A person, such as Joseph Prince, who says he loves his critics,


will never speak in such unfriendly


and even hostile tones to them.


So, I hope I have proven to you


that Joseph Prince is indeed a despicable hypocrite,


who says one thing at one time,


and another at another time.


Rev George Ong