Joseph Prince’s hypocrisy is exposed as he uses fear to get his people back to New Creation Church – By Rev George Ong (Dated 11 Nov 2022)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Joseph Prince has been trying very hard and on many occasions in his Sunday sermons to get his people back to attend the Sunday services at New Creation Church.


You have to believe me as I view Joseph Prince’s sermons every Sunday.


But the most disturbing thing of all is that Joseph Prince, probably out of desperation, has resorted to fear in order to get his people to come back to Church.


What is repulsive is that Joseph Prince, who accuses his critics of using fear to frighten people (which is untrue), is now using this same tactic of fear to frighten his people into coming back to New Creation Church.


This shows that the attendance at New Creation Church has probably dwindled; and by how much, only Prince knows, but he is keeping absolutely quiet about the current attendance, as his pride and ego is at stake.


Here is how Joseph Prince, under the guise of scripture and the convenient use of the devil as a roaring lion, uses fear to frighten his people to come back to his church: 


In a weekly Sunday sermon aired on YouTube on 6 Nov 2022, 5 days ago, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 2-minute video:

“That people can come together. Amen. To worship the Lord in a place where they can be not forsaking the assembling.


So it wasn’t meant for you to watch from home actually. It’s meant for you to come here. It’s meant for you to come here. Be together.


You know the Bible talks about, and they came together in one place. So the idea of not forsaking, actually, is a physical gathering, coming together, all the more, the Bible says, as you see the day approaching.


You know, the Bible says the devil comes like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. You know what the roaring lion does?


The Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion… you will find that the way, from what I notice, the lions, they go really slow and they are very patient. And when they see a group of gazelles or zebras and all that, they mark someone that is weak, and then they take their time. They follow the herd. They don’t attack. They never attack when the herd are really strong and together. They attack when the herd is confused or they leave behind a straggler who is injured or whatever. They wait, they wait until you are out of fellowship. You are isolated. When you are alone.


So when you think about it, the analogy that the Holy Spirit use, Satan, like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, there’s safety in being together, physically. There’s something I cannot explain it; something spiritual, something there’s a divine protection.


Have you noticed the Gadarenes demoniac, the most demonised man in the Bible? The Bible used this phrase of him. He was alone. He was alone. I can’t begin to tell you that there are forces is beyond the physical.


When people are alone, they think crazy thoughts. When they are alone, they have a lot of depression. That’s when depression reigns in their minds.”


The crux of Joseph Prince’s argument is that when you attend New Creation Church on Sunday, you are not alone because you are together with other believers.


It is this togetherness with others on Sunday that would put you under divine protection.


But if you don’t attend his church on Sunday, you are alone.


And when you are alone, you will not only be beset by depression, but you are also opening yourself to be attacked by the devil, the roaring lion, because lions attack those who are alone.


Why does Joseph Prince have to assume that just because his members are not attending his church, they are alone?


They may perhaps have seen through the heresies of Joseph Prince, and are now attending another church that teaches the true grace of God.


They may have their Christian friends around them to fellowship and to encourage them.


Joseph Prince has nonsensically concluded that just because his members have stopped coming to New Creation Church, they are necessarily alone.


Furthermore, Joseph Prince is preaching out of context.


When Hebrews 10:24-25 talks about don’t forsake the assembling of yourselves, it is in the context of small and house churches, not in Prince’s humongous physical church building that is filled with multitudes of people.


It would have been a bit more convincing if Joseph Prince were to pitch his call, to get them back to attend the cell groups in his church.


It is only in a small group of believers that meaningful ministry can take place.


What’s the use of coming back to a humongous and impersonal crowd of thousands of people in a big church building for Sunday services.


In fact, it is in the midst of such a big mass of people that the person may feel even more alone.


And Joseph Prince is more interested in getting them back to attend the Sunday services just to boost and beef up his ego – that he has more people to preach to, and probably to address the problem of dwindling attendance at New Creation Church.


But what is repulsive is that this grace teacher, Joseph Prince, who frequently and falsely attacks his critics of using fear to control people, is using the same tactic on his people just to get them to come for Sunday services.


Joseph Prince said;


“Have you noticed the Gadarenes demoniac, the most demonised man in the Bible? The Bible used this phrase of him. He was alone. He was alone.”


Did you know that Joseph Prince used the same example of this Gadarenes demoniac in his sermon on 18 Sep 2022, to frighten his people, that if they are alone by not attending New Creation Church, they may end up in the same pathetic situation as this Gadarenes demoniac?


Now Prince is repeating this ‘threat’ again in his sermon on 6 Nov 2022, 5 days ago. 


When a preacher has to resort to fear to frighten you, you can be sure he is not acting out of love, but out of his own insecurity and ego because of a less than ideal-size-crowd to preach to every Sunday.


Finally, the use of fear to frighten his people is not new.


Joseph Prince has been using Galatians 1:8-9, every now and then, to scare his people never to return to the ‘law churches’ but to always stay faithful to New Creation Church, which teaches grace (but false grace), failing which, they will come under a double curse.


And it is because many in New Creation Church are fearful of coming under a double curse that they are compelled to stay in New Creation Church.


Rev George Ong