Joseph Prince’s Heresy not preached by any Singapore Pastor or Church Father in Christian History – By Rev George Ong (Dated 7 Jul 2024)




Because I am undertaking a personal project,


my time to contend against Joseph Prince’s heresies


may be limited, especially for Jul, Aug & early Sep.


See the Appendix for the Featured YouTube comments.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In the sermon on 7 July 2024, this morning,


Joseph Prince said;


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“Hope of salvation.


If people don’t even have the assurance


that their sins (past, present & future) are forgiven.


Because I have received salvation


because all (past, present & future) my sins are forgiven.


Starts with the assurance,


you know your sins (past, present & future) are forgiven.” 


In another sermon, Joseph Prince said;


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“So, actually your future sins are all forgiven,


which a lot of people have problem.”

7 Bible teachers preached against Joseph Prince’s


‘all-our-future-sins-are-forgiven’ grace doctrine.


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The central error of the hyper-grace message


is that the moment you’re saved,


God not only forgives your past and present sins,


He not only forgives who you are


and what you’ve done,


but at that moment,


He forgives every sin


that you will ever commit in the future.


All your past sins are forgiven when you’re first saved,


but your future sins are not pre-forgiven.


In other words, you start with a clean slate,


but you can muddy that slate again.


We know that we’re forgiven our past sins,


not our future sins,


Because in 2 Peter chapter 1,


it warns about those who forget


that they were cleansed from their past sins.


That’s why we read in James chapter 5, verse 19 and 20,


when the brother who’s brought back


after he falls away from the Lord


it says, you save a soul from a multitude of sins.


That’s why we were told that we are to confess our sins,


and then He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.


If people say their future sins are also forgiven,


like some people do preach,


then 1 John 1:9 is meaningless.


If we confess our sins,


He’s faithful and just to forgive us.


I’ll say, Lord, I have to confess nothing.


They’re already forgiven.


There are too many scriptures


that are over throughout the New Testament.


It’s what the early church taught as well,


you must continue to confess your sins.


Now, if we die and there’s one sin unconfessed,


well, guess what?


We’re branches in the vine.


Falling short of the Lord’s glory


doesn’t sever us from the vine.


It’s apostasy that severs us from the vine.


That’s a continual rebellion against God.


So, the idea that your future sins are forgiven


would imply that your sins are forgiven


apart from repentance.


Now, if you sin in the future,


there is forgiveness for those sins if you repent.


And what sin in the life of the Christian can do


without repentance


is get in the way of receiving the ongoing forgiveness


that Christ has already provided.


That’s the way to look at it.


So, He died for all of our sins


before we ever committed a single sin,


However, forgiveness is transacted for what we have done.


Our sins are taken care of at the cross by Jesus Christ.


Our subjective experience


of forgiveness and reconciliation with God


is an ongoing relationship with God


that we conduct in confession, admission,


repentance and restitution.”


My Parting Shot to Joseph Prince:


“Hey Joe,


if your ‘all-our-future-sins-are-forgiven’ grace doctrine is true,


why is it not preached by any Singapore Pastor or Church?




Hey, don’t act blur, Leh.


Why so quiet?


This question I asked you before already,


but you just refused to talk as if you were dumb.


Some more ah,


7 more Bible teachers teach against you, you know.


Also, ah, your doctrine


has never been taught by any church father,


be it the Early Church Fathers or the Reformation Fathers.


Up till today,


you can’t even name me one church father


who teaches this doctrine.


So, confirmed Liao Lah


– You are a double-confirmed Lone Ranger Heretic!”


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“It must be emphatically stated


that Rev George Ong’s channel


has brought to light the dark teachings of Joseph Prince.


It is obvious that without this channel,


many more will be led up the garden path,


and the already deceived


will sink deeper into the abyss of deception.


In that eventuality, only the Holy Spirit,


not even the best wolf-hunter,


can winch them out. 


Thanks, Rev George Ong.”




“Joseph Prince still didn’t learn his lesson.


He said that GOD allowed it when his child died


but when other’s child died or became sick,


he would still ‘minister’ (lie)


that the DEVIL was the one who ‘killed’ their child


or stole their healing


(because they do not have enough faith,


like his faith or wisdom)


So, when his child died, God allowed it;


but when other’s child died, it’s the devil who did it.


What do you think?




“I think he is delusional.


That is the reason why even though


many say that his preaching is good,


or things that he preaches mature believers will get it,


I refuse to read or listen to his preaching.


Obviously, I’m not from New Creation Church.


Why will a person who is of Indian descent


change his family name?


Strange guy.”






the fact that he had to deny his roots


shows that he’s not proud of his roots/parents.


Most probably, he has esteem issues.


People with esteem issues would make themselves special


by changing names or keep telling others


that God has special words/revelation only for them.”




“Why must God let Joseph Prince’s child to die


to prepare him to minister to others,


but could have not let his child to die and prepare him


to minister to others with a better testimony, right?”




“Joseph Prince has to justify himself 


that God was using his child’s death


for the benefit of his ministry


as this is a negative testimony that happened to himself.


For all the other negative testimonies


that ever happened to his followers,


whether early deaths, no breakthrough in healings


and finances, all the divorces & adulteries


that happened under his ministry, etc, 


he would conveniently hide them under the carpets


or worse still, alluding that such folks lack faith


and have to continue to listen to his sermons


until they see results.


Essentially, he’s a double-faced snake


– pretending to teach God’s Words


but in actuality, teaching satanic heresies to his followers.”




“Once again, thank you Rev George Ong


for not giving up in exposing Joseph Prince’s half-truths, lies


and blasphemous teachings of the word of God.


Joseph Prince definitely has to REPENT first


and rebuild his house. 


New Creation Church is definitely a non-Christian church,


a church without the presence and the anointing of God.”




“If one truly believes in Jesus Christ,


he will surely repent of his sins.


If anyone who says I believe in Jesus


but never repent is a liar.


When we behold the Holiness of Christ,


we know how sinful we are,


we want to repent and receive His forgiveness.”




“Joseph Prince is a FAKE, a heretic.


It is scary to watch what he always preaches in his church.,


mocking God, spewing half-truths


and nonsensical heresies. etc.


“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of the darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.” Ephesians 5:11-12




“Vanity is thy greatest SIN.


Prince is one such false prophet


as his ego and greed has no limits.”




“To all Joseph Prince’s followers:


He has already “boxed” you in “special” teachings


that are different from the Christian world.


If you will, step out and spend some time


to hear what normal Christian churches teach.


You will soon realise the vast differences.


Apostle Paul has warned about such false teachers


and he urged you to TURN AWAY from them.


Romans 16:17-18

I urge you, brothers and sisters, to keep your eyes on those who cause dissensions and create obstacles or introduce temptations [for others] to commit sin, [acting in ways] contrary to the doctrine which you have learned.


Turn away from them.


For such people do not serve our Lord Christ,


but their own appetites and base desires.


By smooth and flattering speech


they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting


[the innocent and the naive].”




“You are right.


Sadly, some could be so brainwashed


that they will never want to leave Joseph Prison.”




It’s the power of witchcraft at work in New Creation Church.


Refusal to repent is as good as rebellion. 


And what does rebellion lead to?


I Samuel 15:23 NKJV

[23] For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king.”




“This teaching of free grace leads people to hell.


If you believe in the wrong teaching of Joseph Prince,


you are amongst those who love to have your ears tickled


and not willing to know what’s in the Word.”




“It was obvious that the purpose of the sermon on 30 Jun 2024, last Sunday


was to justify himself before the congregation.


He knows his credibility is slipping


because Rev George Ong’s admirable effort 


is exposing increasing numbers to his nonsense.


Very likely for that reason, his collections are dipping.


Thats why he quoted Jim Elliot:


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”


But he is no fool to give to manipulative false teachers


and greedy false prophets.


The Bible never teaches to give to rogues.


In 2 Corinthians, Paul was preaching


in the context of helping the poor brothers in Jerusalem,


not in the context of giving to unconscionable deceivers.”




“‘The faker you are, the bigger your circle.


The realer you are, the smaller your circle’


Sweetened poison attracts hordes and multitudes of ants.”




“Joseph Prince = Jesus of Prosperity.


If you believe Joseph Prince, you believe a false Jesus.


Always asking for money under various guises.


How did the real Jesus (spiritual)


receive the man-made printed notes?


The false Jesus receives them.”




“I too followed him on GOD TV, YouTube


& FaceBook for more than a decade.


So foolish of me.


But I always noticed there were contradictions in his sermons.


I also started reading The Bible.


I quit hearing him.


Better late than never.”




“Exactly, never a fool for life.


Don’t be fooled.


Each of us.


Know the Word and dwell; study it


and we won’t be tricked and deceived


and worse still defend half-truths against truths!”




“Doesn’t our fear of God increase from hearing this?


The gospel stated: Christ must increase, but I must decrease.


Yet, man increases himself, exalting himself above Christ.


Woe to man, curse be upon us if we do so.”




“Word of Faith preachers


tend not to worry about issues like these. 


Bill Johnson’s wife died of cancer


and they still go on preaching


that it is always God’s will to heal.”




“Don’t blame God for He hardened the heart of men.


We are to blame for we choose to harden our hearts so much


that we can no longer be healed.”




“Exactly. If this isn’t heretical and delusional,


I don’t know what is.”




“A Narcissist Cult Church


Joseph Prince’s sermon notes of May 2019 state, 


“When you honour and submit to the authority


that God has put over a man,


God will release favour upon you”.


Is that preaching Jesus?


Jesus says He came to serve, not to be served (Matt 20:27-28). 


But Joseph Prince wants to control the minds of his followers,


shades of a religious cult.”




“That’s a good one what New Creation Church stands for.”




“I personally know lesbian and hypocritical “Christians”


who happily worship at New Creation Church


as if everything is okay and repentance is redundant.”




“Joseph Prince’s subtle operative and manipulative word


is favour=money


and so people are lured into his web of lies


to give him honour=money hoping for favours


(but don’t know from where


because his audience is already high on his drug).”




“The fear of the Lord is the reverential awe of God


that one lives by His word and lifestyle.


The fear of the Lord is still relevant in the New Testament.


Very relevant.


It is not what Joseph Prince talks about


having Old Testament mentality on New Testament grounds.


What utter nonsense.


Ecclesiastes 12:13

Fear God (revere and worship Him, knowing that He is) and keep His commandments for this is the whole of man and the whole duty of every man.


If you preach, preach accurately and responsibly,


having the fear of God starting from yourself


before you minister to the crowd.”




“A couple of weeks ago,


a friend from university did invite me


to attend the New Creation Church Varsity service.


During the service,


I was shocked to see that the main youth pastor,


Pastor Daniel Chong,


who was preaching at the service


would wild up the university students with bold claims that


“God will allow you to get married young in your 20s”


and “God will allow women to give birth


without enduring pain during childbirth”.


While Rev George has explained


about Joseph Prince’s claim of God


that He allows women to have a childbirth without pain in his videos,


I would like to express my concerns


about New Creation Church boldly claiming


that God allows young couples to get married young in their 20s


as the church does not strongly preach about a person


having a strong relationship with God


before committing to a marriage


and also to ensure that the couple must be equally yoked


and fully understand the role of the husband and wife


in a godly family that is mentioned in the Bible.


Young couples have to take marriage very seriously.


If young couples commit to marriage too early


without understanding the biblical responsibilities


of husband and wife


and also, do not place God first in the marriage,


it may lead to adulterous affairs


committed by either spouse


and eventually end up in divorce.


I pray that more young people


will not be deceived by New Creation Church


and have the fear of the Lord


in order to preach the gospel and to love and honor God


in everything they do.”




“I don’t think the pastors in New Creation Church


ever went to Bible School except for Pastor Henry Yeo.


The sad truth is that all became pastors


simply because they are Yes men


and good at parroting what Joseph Prince teaches.


So don’t be surprised at the carnality and superficiality


of the pastors in New Creation Church.”




“Instead of examining himself and his teachings,


Joseph Prince is shifting all blame to Rev George Ong and his critics. 


The typical tactic of a narcissist to blame others!


This goes to show Joseph Prince is not teachable,


humble and he’s not repentant.”




“If your pastor is deceiving you,


then you have a problem with yourself.


You not following Christ.”




“Joseph Prince waters down the Word of God


when our God exhorts us to love Him


with all our strength, our soul, our might and life.


By saying we cannot do it


is a subtle form of saying we have no need to do that.


And if we would like to grow towards that,


we are liars and he said we cannot


and need to be prayed for.


The truth is his congregation ought to be encouraged


to love our God with all of our strength and life


by His word, prayer, worship and lifestyle etc.


Hence, his preaching is lowering God’s standard


of loving Him with all of our strength and life!”




“Joseph Prince forgot about the Holy Spirit


that the Father has promised all Christians.


It’s the Holy Spirit in us who helped us


to follow, obey and love Christ;


and most importantly live a victorious Christian life.”




“@2:58 Joseph Prince is a double talker.


He believes those parts that fit his preference.


Romans 16:18 For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“Sorry. I don’t believe you.


You can tell it by its fruit.


Your church is a minuscule church vs New Creation Church.


How on earth do you think


the majority will believe in everything


you have just said and posted?


Use your head!!!


Please, don’t screw yourself.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Bro, read your Bible and seek the Holy Spirit


to appreciate what Rev George Ong is talking about.


If you are too lazy to read the Word,


then go read some books


on critical thinking and psychology.


That may free you from the effects of manipulation


and help you unmask the real Joseph Prince.”




“Tell by the fruits?


How do you know if it is good fruits or bad fruits?


Just because it is a prosperity gospel


and you feel that you got your prosperity through it?


You are wrong.


The good fruits of the Church


are by following the discipleship of Christ


and this isn’t done by twisting the words of Christ


and the words of God in the Bible


as Joseph Prince has frequently done.


Please use your head first before you screw yourself


because tons of evidence on video


against Joseph Prince’s heresies


have already been presented.


If you agree with Joseph Prince,


then you are also agreeing


that it is alright to twist the verses of the Bible


as Joseph Prince often does,


and only a twisted mind like yours


would think the same way as Joseph Prince does.”




“If you think size is an indicator that you can trust


and be guided by all that Joseph Prince says,


research on a Singapore company


that collapsed under a massive debt.


This company was highly praised,


by Joseph Prince in the pulpit. 


shortly before it met its fate.


The praise was intended, in a subtle and oblique way,


to send the message to the congregants


that the company had flourished under his teaching.  


So, you go ahead and trust and believe


with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul


Joseph Prince’s teaching and prosper. 


Alternatively, you can join a foreign cult church


which is much bigger than New Creation


if size matters to you.”




“Just read what the Bible says:


Matthew 7:13-14 ESV

[13] “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. [14] For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.


This verse is straightforward. 


Narrow is the road to salvation


and broad is the way to destruction. 


Joseph Prince is under the Broadway


that leads to destruction.


Also read these verses taken from Temptation of Jesus by Satan…


Matthew 4:7-10 ESV

[7] Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” [8] Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. [9] And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” [10] Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”


From the above, it clearly shows


Satan can give one fame, glory and riches


when anyone worships him.


Joseph Prince is a good example who compromised


and teach anti-Christ teaching. 


Bigness of a church or ministry


doesn’t mean it’s endorsed by God.”


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“@vijayrem-mn6id, you are not reading the word.


It says in the Gospel, by their fruits you shall know them.


You may have to diligently ponder on that.


So why would I believe in a minuscule church with a pastor


who has a minority community?


You see, Pastor Prince does not judge these pastors


who go against him


and yet the gospel is moving,


transforming and changing lives.


Not like this Rev. with a self-acclaimed title to his name;


all he knows is judging


and looking at the faults of his fellow pastors.


Isn’t that in the Bible, in the gospels,


very much alike with the Pharisees and the Sadducees


back in the day?


Good thing that today those modern-day Pharisees


like the one you’re supporting


don’t have any teeth at all.


If he does, I’m sure it’s brittle.


It’s better for you and for him to drink milk for bedtime.


Well, if you’re going to be too critical of Joseph Prince


then allow me to also give critiques to you


and the quote and quote great man of God you’re supporting.


We can’t just let you have your cake and eat it too.


God Bless.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:






you look like you really dunno


what is truly going on in New Creation Church.


All the negative testimony. 


Olivia Lum is an example of greed gone wrong!


When good things happen, 


it’s because of God’s mercies and kindness. 


Something is wrong


when the members praise only the pastor (Joseph Prince)


when good things happen. 


When any men do this, it’s is a good as idolatry.


God hates idolatry of any kind.”






Just call out her name. Olivia Lum.”






what fruits do you know or understand from Bible


to identify false teachers and false prophets?”




“Be virtuous of the words you used here.


You seem filled with hatred


and ill-will towards your brothers and sisters in Christ.”






What fruit are you talking about?


The fruit of scripture twisting so abundantly rampant


in Joseph Prince’s sermons?


For years, he never failed to say, “God told me this or that”.


Then, not too long ago he said,


“Don’t believe those who told you


God told them this or that”.


Father of contradictions!


And that was the mother of all revelations


about his inner character.


There are plenty of contradictions


in Joseph Prince’s sermons.


Didn’t you know not too long ago,


he said God warned him about crypto.


When he said that, crypto was at its lowest.


A few months later, the crypto market roared at him,


proving him embarrassingly wrong.


Of course, he conveniently avoided mention of crypto from thereon,


hoping others would forget about his lie. Huh!


He once said tithing is a weapon from God


to kill your love of money.


He knows the real motive for twisting this scripture.


So, I suppose you believe that it’s a weapon.


Read your Deuteronomy.


My impression is that, like Joseph Prince,


you love to make sweeping statements


that put you or Joseph Prince in a good light vis-a-vis others;


that you are easily impressed by outward appearance of size.


That’s paucity of critical thinking.


If you think this channel is biased,


go tune in to other foreign wolf-hunter channels on JP


and tell them about how great your church is.


” That very church which the world likes best is sure to be that which God abhors” – Charles Spurgeon


Note this comment is a critique of my website:






who cares about the negative testimony huh?


Look at their praise reports;


there are thousands of thanksgiving there.


So, what do I care about those people leaving New Creation Church?


What I’m concerned about is the multitude coming in.


Simple as that – Few Out, Multitude coming in.


So, where’s the gospel?


On the few members coming out


or the multitude of people coming in?


You too, must use your head.


I would like you to challenge me with a verse,


so I can cripple you and your twisted belief.”






Can’t sugarcoat.


Have to be radical with you all


and be straightforward. Sorry.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:






you still have not replied


by what fruits does the Bible teach


to know false teachers and false prophets.


Joseph Prince never taught a single time


how to identify false teachers and false prophets


by their fruits according to the Bible…


have you ever wondered why?


Yet, Jesus taught beware of false teachers and false prophets


as the first few signs preceding His coming again.”






Simple. You and your loved ones;


health issue, be it serious or not,


don’t ever go to doc or hospital. 


Just be faithful to your master’s teaching


– confess and take Holy Communion only.”






multitudes come in??


The blind leading the blind to hell??


You better read the whole Bible yourself


to see for yourself, you are blinded by a Satanist,


who preaches another Christ in New Creation Church.


New Creation Church belongs to the itchy ears


as described by the Bible.”


2 Timothy 4:3-4 ESV

[3] For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, [4] and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.






Thanks bro. Appreciated. God bless.”




“A true Christian will verify


if the words of the pastor that are being said


are according to the Words of the Lord in the Bible.


A false Christian will base it on how rich


and numerous a Church is,


forgetting that Satan controls the riches of the world.


“@christopherjohnv.carino6052 is saying


he is choosing the good fruits


based on how rich and numerous a Church looks.”




“@christopherjohnv.carino6052 is saying,


go by numbers?


Hitler had millions following him. 


Does it make what he did right??”




“Yes, there are examples of many Christians


that post that they would rather follow Joseph Prince’s teaching


then the words of God in the Bible,


and they based their beliefs on the size of his Church


instead of God’s Words.”