Joseph Prince’s healings, like Benny Hinn, are mainly bogus & guesswork, not a gift of knowledge – By Rev George Ong (Dated 22 Apr 2024)


Special Testimony by Kristen Jane Lin, Ex New Creation Church member


regarding the previous articles I featured 2 days ago, on 20 Apr 2024,


when she wrote to me on WhatsApp the same day:


“Hi Rev George Ong,


Thank you, these 5 articles are very good, especially on:


Article 1: Joseph Prince’s painless childbirth is senseless garbage & every woman should decry him


Article 2: Joseph Prince is so vain that he doesn’t want to be old & look old


Indeed, Joseph Prince has gone too far in so many of his heresies.


By the way, you remember the last time you saw me and my husband,


we had one 9-month-old baby girl.


Today, we have two children.


We just welcomed our son last month (March 2024).


Thanks be to God.


God is the witness that I am an ardent believer of Jesus Christ


even during the years that I was in New Creation Church.


But if you remember my testimony,


I came out from New Creation Church in Dec 2022,


yet our first baby was born in July 2022.


I came to the hospital to deliver her


with all the wrong beliefs


that were taught by Joseph Prince about childbirth.


I ended up having a trauma,


as it was extremely painful and difficult.


I had 15 hours of extremely painful labour


and the postpartum pain lasted about two months.


The entire experience


should not have necessarily been that bad,


had I listened to the doctor


or stopped listening to Joseph Prince earlier,


but it was too bad


because I was very adamant about painless childbirth.


I refused to get epidural, and I refused even to push.


I only gave up and finally listened to my doctor


only after I experienced the pain


that only mothers with severe natural birth pain


can understand.


It was really a life-or-death kind of pain,


as if all of your bones were crushed


and all kinds of steel and poisonous thorns


pierced your body.


In fact, these words are not enough


to describe my first childbirth experience.


But by the grace of God,


I still had time to deliver my first child safely and naturally


without any emergency caesarean.


I came to deliver my second child with all the faith


that it would be a much easier and better one


only because it’s a subsequent one,


but this time, I didn’t come


with those heresies of Joseph Prince anymore.


Praise be to God, who in the first place


granted us this honour of being parents


to a daughter and then a son.


It was indeed a much easier childbirth.


I had only about an hour of painful active labour


and only 7 minutes of pushing before my son was born.


On the second day, I had no more pain,


and I didn’t even take painkillers on that day,


compared to two months of pain for the first childbirth


while believing in Joseph Prince’s rubbish.”


George Ong’s comments:


Can you now see that for such testimonies,


Joseph Prince would take pains


to hide them from the public.


I’m sure there are many more Kristen Jane Lins


who went through unnecessary and terrible childbirth pains,


only because they listened


to Joseph Prince’s senseless garbage


of painless childbirth.


Also, I’m sure there are many more,


who could have lived longer and better,


had they not listened to Joseph Prince’s


corrupted healing teachings.  


If you have missed Ex New Creation Church member, Kristen Jane Lin’s Testimony,


Kristen Jane Lin’s Testimony about her 6-Year Journey (2016-2022) with New Creation Church and under Joseph Prince’s teachings


Please click on the link below,


Announcement No 1:


Because Mike Winger, a good man,


has done such a marvellous job


of exposing Benny Hinn’s bogus healings and false prophecies,


the evil man, Benny Hinn


is now shaking with fear


and has taken steps to appeal to YouTube


to get Mike Winger to take down the posts about him.


As Mike Winger said, it may turn into a lawsuit.


But Mike is not backing down.


You can refer to this 20-minute video


“Benny Hinn is trying to silence me. I won’t back down.”


 Joseph Prince may have taken steps


or plan to take similar steps


taken by his ‘mentor’, the evil man Benny Hinn,


do you think I will back down?

Joseph Prince can dream on!


Announcement No 2:


Yesterday, Joseph Prince didn’t preach.


Note there are 4 videos by Mike Winger


& 4 videos on Joseph Prince.


Featured YouTube comments are in the Appendix.


Excerpt taken from the Article:


I happen to be aware


that one of Joseph Prince’s close and key ministry associates


has Parkinson’s disease.


But till today, he has not been healed.


Please check with Joseph Prince


whether what I said is true.  


If Joseph Prince cannot even ensure


that his healing gift works


on his own close and key ministry associate,


who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease


in his own backyard,


it is no point trying to bluff people


that his healing works.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Please click here


to view the entire video.


In a sermon on 14 Apr 2024, 2 Sundays ago, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“Check your bodies.


Okay, if you know you are healed;


the pain that you came in here with,


or that headache is no longer there,


or the knee condition is no longer there,


I want you to do a big wave right now, all across this place.


Do a big wave.


Go ahead, do a big wave.


Praise the Lord.


Do a big wave all across this place.


Do a big wave to the glory of God.


Alright, way back there,


there is a whole group that God healed.


Go ahead.


Share your testimony and give glory to God.


This young man got healed of a neck condition.


You want to share.


I put my neck, or like playing like bowling, ya.


And when Pastor (Joseph Prince) was praying,


I felt this and I know the chill, the feeling.


I felt like a warm chill feeling like come across my body.


And right now, my shoulders feel a bit better.


Your shoulder feels better?




You have problem with your shoulder?




Move it.


So, when you move it, you have pain in the past?




How is it now?


It’s better.


Better or healed?


It’s healed.


Okay. Haha.


Healed means no pain.


Okay, praise God.”


First, Joseph Prince had announced himself


that there was a whole group,


which presumably included the young man,


who was healed.


Then, it was announced by Joseph Prince’s pastoral staff


that the young man was healed.


But after some interactions with Joseph Prince,


the truth is finally out – that he wasn’t healed


because he didn’t give the unqualified answer


that the pain is completely gone.


And when he was pressured by Joseph Prince,


he unconvincingly claimed that he was healed.


So, this is just one example of Joseph Prince’s bogus healing.


I’m sure you can now see the pressure


that his people are faced with


when they are asked by Joseph Prince


whether they are healed.


Poor young man.


And even if they are not healed,


they would declare that they are.


This is because they are merely following Joseph Prince’s teaching


that they are to declare by faith


that they are healed even though they aren’t;


of course, hoping that they will be eventually healed


because of their faith.


So, when the people of Joseph Prince say they are healed,


they may not be healed.


They are just following the teachings of Joseph Prince


to say by faith that they are healed


even though they aren’t.


In a sermon on 14 Apr 2024, 2 Sundays ago, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here


to view the 20-second video:


“Yes, the Lord is also healing,


you know anyone who has Parkinson’s.


Or, even right now,


there’s someone here with Parkinson’s


in the name of Jesus, be restored.


And, like I said just now about an autistic child and all that,


speak, speak that life and restoration every day


to the brain in the name of Jesus,


or Parkinson.”


If you watch Joseph Prince’s sermons,


he would frequently, at the beginning of his sermons,


pray for healing


and gives so-called words of knowledge


that a person, say, with pain in the shoulder,


or this and that, etc, etc, is healed.


And then one week or sometime later,


Joseph Prince would arrange for a testimony to be read in the worship service.


And the testimony would go something like this


– what Joseph Prince said about this person with pain in the shoulder one week earlier,


referred to the person who wrote the testimony was healed. 


And Joseph Prince, through the Pastor, who was reading the testimony,


would get the audience to celebrate the healing


and Joseph Prince’s so-called gift of knowledge.


But this is bogus.


Let me explain.


All of us know that there are thousands or even millions


who watch Joseph Prince’s sermons.


So, there are plenty of people


out of thousands or millions


with the same pain in the shoulder


that Joseph Prince was referring to.


All that Joseph Prince needed


to prove that he has the gift of knowledge and healing


is just one of the plenty with pain in his or her shoulders,


to acknowledge that he was healed. 


But that person who was healed (assuming it is true)


is often out of the true grace of God


and not because of Joseph Prince’s gift of knowledge. 


But what about the many others with pain in the shoulders


who aren’t healed?


Is God not referring to them, too?


What is worse is


they may even think that God is referring to them


through Joseph Prince’s gift of knowledge,


and if they eventually discovered that they aren’t healed,


they may get angry with God


and may even leave the Christian Faith.


To prevent that terrible thing from happening,


Joseph Prince is responsible to,


and if Joseph Prince really claimed


to have the gift of knowledge and healing,


he must be more specific about his gift of knowledge or prophecy.


He must say there is someone with pain in his shoulder,


and God will heal him, and his name is Larry Lim.


So, all others with the same affliction of shoulder pain,


who isn’t named Larry Lim,


would know God isn’t referring to them


through Joseph Prince’s so-called gift of knowledge.


If Larry Lim is indeed, healed,


this would remove all doubt


that Joseph Prince is not making mere guesses,


but he is exercising the gift of knowledge and healing.


I have been watching


Joseph Prince exercising his so-called gift of knowledge


in plenty of his sermons for many years,


but I have never heard him a single time,


mentioning a specific name


that that person would be healed.


Naming names would remove all doubt


that Joseph Prince is not making mere guesses


– that what he said about someone with pain in his shoulders


is referring to a specific individual


out of the many with the same problem.


Do you know why Joseph Prince wouldn’t dare to name names?


He knows he would get it wrong


and that would straightaway expose him


for his fraudulent claim.


Do you know that almost every Sunday, for years,


Joseph Prince has been making many of these so-called gifts of knowledge claims


liberally and flippantly,


such as God told me that this person with pain in his knee is healed,


or that person with cancer on his stomach is healed,


and this and the other.


And many of them are not accounted for


because no reports of many of these claims by Joseph Prince


were made or followed up by New Creation Church.


So, when someone out of the many gifts of knowledge claims


that Joseph Prince makes were to ‘come true’,


he would make sure they are highly publicised for his own glory.


But what about the many other of such claims through the years


that go unaccounted for?


When they go unaccounted for,


this simply means Joseph Prince is a false prophet


giving false prophecies. 


In this instance, in his 14 Apr 2024 sermon,


Joseph Prince is giving words of knowledge


that someone with Parkinson’s disease is healed: 


“Yes, Lord is also healing,


you know anyone who has Parkinson’s.


Or, even right now,


there’s someone here with Parkinson’s


in the name of Jesus, be restored.


And, like I said just now about an autistic child and all that,


speak, speak that life and restoration every day


to the brain in the name of Jesus,


or Parkinson.”


Again, names are not mentioned.


So, as I have explained,


there are many of the thousands or millions


who have listened to this sermon,


who has Parkinson’s disease.


Without naming names,


who is Joseph Prince referring to?


Of the many


– and so long as Joseph Prince hits one of them,


he would then fraudulently claim


to be giving the right words of knowledge.


I happen to be aware


that one of Joseph Prince’s close and key ministry associates


has Parkinson’s disease.


But till today, he has not been healed.


Please check with Joseph Prince


whether what I said is true.  


So, is Joseph Prince’s gift of knowledge


also be referring to his close and key ministry associate,


who has not been healed of Parkinson’s disease till today


that he would be healed?


If Joseph Prince cannot even ensure


that his healing gift works on his own close and key ministry associate,


who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease


in his own backyard,


it is no point trying to bluff people


that his healing works.


What about Benny Hinn?


Benny Hinn is Joseph Prince’s ‘mentor’, especially on healing.


Joseph Prince must have learned much from the way Benny Hinn operates.


From this video, you can see the similarities


between the way Benny Hinn and Joseph Prince


does their healing ministries.


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


Now check your bodies.


Do what you cannot do before.


Do what you cannot do before.


Don’t wait for me to always call your healing


and then you know you are healed.


Start doing what you cannot do before.


Start doing what you cannot do before.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


Start doing what you cannot do before.


Start doing what you cannot do.


You cannot move your knee, move your knee.


You cannot move tour arm, move your arm.


You cannot move your neck, move your neck.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


You are healed.


Stomp your foot, see what the Lord has done.


Start doing what you cannot do before.


All across this place,


start doing what you cannot do before.


Don’t wait for me to call out the healing.”


Mike Winger has uncovered


that many of Benny Hinn’s healing are bogus.


Here’s the first example.


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“They (healings) are demonstrably false.


Here’s one of them.


This little boy said his damaged vision was cured.


And as soon as God healed me, I could see better.


He is legally blind.


He (Benny Hinn) told me that everything was going to be fine.


My vision would be 20/20, if not better, it’s just like, I’m cured.


And then, like I said, a couple of hours later,


it’s like now, I can’t see the TV.


What’s wrong?


He abused people’s states. 


You catch what’s happening; this is super important.


The little boy thought he was healed.




According to the same child, as he got older,


he got interviewed about it.


He says the reason is because Benny Hinn told him,


you’ll going to be healed.


Your vision is going to be 20/20, if not better.


And the boy just believed it.


So, he’s emotional and he’s so excited and he’s so happy.


And then Benny Hinn parade him on stage.


He was crying.


Placed footage on TBN.


Asked people for money.


And then the boy goes home.


He says, ‘I’m still blind.’


Legally blind.


Doesn’t mean he can’t see like any objects of any kind.


He’s legally blind,


still has the same eye condition he had before.”


Since Benny Hinn’s healings are bogus,


Joseph Prince, by associating with Benny Hinn,


and learning from the way Benny healed,


may also indicate that his own healings are phony. 


Mike Winger uncovered


the second of Benny Hinn’s bogus healing.


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“Here’s another one.


I command you spirit of deafness, in Jesus’ name, come out.


These 2 brothers were profoundly deaf were declared healed.


A third brother, also deaf, was supposedly healed,


even though he wasn’t there.


And I break the curse of deafness on her son.


That’s pretty exciting,


but there’s one problem; the boys are still deaf.


At our request, the school’s audiologist tested them.


The boys continue to hear,


the same hearing loss


that we have been measuring for years.


But this also shows us something profound.


Not only is he using false miracles and lying to people,


misleading people and causing them great harm,


making them victims of Benny Hinn,


it also proves Benny Hinn


doesn’t even know these people are not healed.


Or that he lies, knowing they’re not healed.


This is the only 2 options available, right,


cause they’re not healed.


So, either he knows about it, and he’s lying.


Or, he doesn’t know about it


but he’s proclaiming in God’s name


that they are healed


which makes these false prophecies.”


Since Mike Winger has shown that Benny Hinn is a liar


as he has engaged in false prophecies,


is it any coincidence that I too,


have proven Joseph Prince to be a serial liar.


When birds of the same feather flock together,


one could easily rub off one’s characteristics on the other.


This is the third of Benny Hinn’s bogus healing


that Mike Winger exposed;


Please click here


to view the 3-minute video:


“Here’s another example.


We met Lady’s name at a crusade and was at Massachusetts.


She and her son had both been diagnosed with cancer.


She and her son were on stage in front of 14,000 people,


right next to Pastor Ben.


What did Pastor say?


Oh, he hugged us, and he put his arms around me.


And he couldn’t believe it that all the cancer in one family.


And he (Benny Hinn) said we’ll going to get that cancer out of this house.


I want you to know that as we watch this interview,


lady’s name still thinks that at this stage in her life


that Benny healed her.


She thinks he’s a wonderful man of God.


She loves the man.


She’s thinking, she’s been interviewed,


most likely, her opinion


is like she’s going to help support his ministry


by sharing her wonderful testimony.


But the reality is that he (Benny Hinn) has so deceived her


through his lies.


He has so manipulated her;


So, turned Lady’ name into a real victim of Benny Hinn’s ministry,


a victim of Benny Hinn that she is here dying


while lifting up and praising the man,


who has deceived her into thinking that nothing’s wrong anymore,


while she’s on oxygen at her house.


You got to just hear the report; it’s the worst.


Right now, he (Benny Hinn) said it will bother you no more.


And we came, oh we were happy.


I was healed. I know I was.


A few weeks after that crusade at Massachusetts,


Lady name’s son died of cancer.


Apparently, Lady’s name still believed,


until Len, a month after our visit, she died.


The cause, her doctor told us, was cancer.


Now, you may be wondering


how Benny Hinn gets people to think that they’re healed,


when they are sitting there on oxygen


and their son had just died of the thing


that was supposedly healed of.


And they are clearly dying.


But believing the whole time,


I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed.


They’re not listening to anybody


who tells them different, even a doctor.


How does that happen?


Is Lady’s name just a delusional person?


Or, rather, was she taught to be delusional by things like this?


My friend, hear this well.


The reason people lose their healing


is because they begin questioning if God really did it?


This is how he does this.


This is how he propagates the delusions of those


who, even when he hasn’t healed them,


they may walk away thinking he’s a hero.


They may even, if you call them on the phone


and said did Benny Hinn heal you?


They may be like, he totally healed me;


and they’re still suffering.


Because they think positive confession


and not giving in to the beliefs that they’re still ill.


that that’s part of the healing process.


That’s not biblical.


Denial of reality is not biblical.


Faith in what God says is biblical.


But Denial of reality is not biblical.”


What Mike Winger has shared


about the lady who so trusted Benny Hinn to heal her


even though she was dying and eventually died,


is rather similar to what Jeremy Chew shared


about her mother, who so trusted what Joseph Prince said


that God will heal her (posted in a previous article).




“My mother was a Joseph Prince believer.


When she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer,


she did a number of things:


(1) told no one, perhaps because as Joseph Prince said,


‘You’re sick because you’re of little faith.’


(2) didn’t seek standard medical treatment,


perhaps, to try and hide her illness,


Perhaps, she believed like Joseph Prince said,


‘Just believe and God WILL heal.’


(3) only thing she took 3 times of Holy Communion a day


as per Joseph Prince’s teachings.


Family, including myself, relatives and her close friends


were told of her real condition only when it was too late.


I flew home from overseas straight away


and got a couple of hours before she passed on.


It’s a mystery to many who know my mother


how she became to be during the last years of her life.


Everything became clear when one listens to the bullshit


that comes out from Joseph Prince’s mouth.


My one advice to anyone, stay away from Joseph Prince


and you will live much better and wiser in God’s hands.”




“Yes, indeed there are more such stories.


My wife friend’s mother was also a Joseph Prince believer.


She had breast cancer, and did nothing until one day,


family members remarked


that the house seemed to smell of rotting flesh,


and eventually, her condition was discovered.


By then, doctors gave her less than 6 months


and she was gone within 3.


Many times, people become ‘dumb’


because they are desperate,


And people like Joseph Prince


sells them fake happy endings


and they fall for it.


Therefore, in whatever capacity,


we do what we can to lead people in the right direction


away from Joseph Prince and his friends.”


Last, for those who watch Joseph Prince’s sermons


(the healing part before the sermon proper), 


what Mike Winger has described


how Benny Hinn operates in his healing ministry,


is almost exactly what happens


in Joseph Prince’s healings in his worship services.


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“I wonder how many of the healings at Benny Hinn’s event


can be explained by adrenalin or a placebo effect?


How many can be explained by that?


Right, like how many,


because that kind of matters.


If you sense the anointing on your body,


begin to do what you are not able to do before.


That’s key that he says


Do the thing you couldn’t do before.


And doing the thing you couldn’t do before.


You know I hurt my neck in an accident.


Well, can you move it now?


Ya, ya, my adrenalin is rushing right now.


I’m super excited.


I feel like God is touching me.


So, I am like, super,


and I am like, ya, I can, I can do it.


People leave a Benny Hinn event,


believing they are healed


because they felt some warmth.


They still feel their symptoms afterwards,


but they are also told you have to keep your healing


by believing that you’re healed.


And so, they just believe it. 


But the people have been taught they have to believe it


even when they haven’t seen it.”


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“Pain is a sign that we need to recognise.


If we never suffer pain, then we are in trouble.


Pain in the body tells us we need to do something or to rest.”




“The curse of the law is death.


Christ died for us and so redeemed us from this curse.


What greater blessing


than to be saved from eternal torment.


It has nothing to do with birth pangs.


So is Joseph Prince really anointed?”




“Joseph Prince didn’t grow up in a happy family. 


You notice he never talks about his father. 


For someone with a troubled past,


the experience will produce a distorted personality.”




“Does Singapore and this charlatan, Joseph Prince,


deserve each other?”




“Clearly Joseph Prince


is inspired by the spirit of the Antichrist


pushing the real Jesus aside and the Bible,


and emphasing listening to his sermons


every day and night.


Antichrist means in place of the real Christ.”




“Evidently Joseph Prince doesn’t know the word of God;


Instead, he tries to create his own doctrines.


He is a sensationalist.


If childbirth pain was a curse dispensed with,


then we are also freed from work and disease. 


Ask the obstetricians and gynaecologists


if Christian women are exempt from childbirth pain.


Joseph Prince gives a false sense of life without pain. 


He knows that when he gets into Hokkien mode,


he can draw laughter from his audience:


Lau Kong, Lau Ma and Tien Ah in another sermon.


Matthew 24: All these are beginning of birth pains.  


There are other pains like toothache, slipped disc pain, migraine,


yet God places childbirth as a big dread


and it will be old Joe who will quarrel with the Word.


No other pastor worth his salt dares to contradict God.


Ask Christian biological mothers


if what Joseph Prince spews is true.” 




“One needs to read the Bible,


be exposed to this channel and other channels,


to various biblical resources, including bible commentaries,


to various thinkers and preachers.


Use the brain God has given to think critically


and ask the Lord about it.


Then you will see with great clarity


the spiritual garbage in Joseph Prince’s teachings.


Yet, almost every Sunday,


Joseph Prince or his lieutenants


would egg people on to listen exclusively


to his sermons often, even day and night.


That’s spiritual theft, stealing the Word from you.


It’s the Bible that one should read.


You see Christ.


In Joseph Prince’s sermons,


you see Joseph Prince’s face and the false appearance.


There is absolutely no emphasis on reading the Bible


but only in his sermons.


Yet he always says he preaches Christ,


putting Christ at the centre.


Any hypocrite or false shepherd can say that.”




“Joseph Prince’s preaching


is getting more and more ridiculous.


We are the spirit and not the flesh


but he is more obsessed with the flesh than the spirit.


His teachings are utter rubbish.”




“Of course, I am not against healing or believing in healing.


However, I will not quote Gal 3:13


and says that there will not be any pain (in this life).


It is because Gal 3:13 can never be preached as a promise


from all kinds of pains or sicknesses.


There are many people


(for e.g. the sultans, kings, princes, royalties, and those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth)


who never feel any ‘pain’, ‘difficulty’, or ‘poverty’ in their life.


Can we conclude that they have been redeemed from the curse of the law?




Similarly, there might be many (non-believers)


who live up to 120 years and never got sick too,


can we say that they have been redeemed from the curse of the law?




Please think, if the non-believers can achieve the same thing


(like the healing or long life that we have been trying so hard to preach or achieve),


do you think that they would be interested in what we preach?




So, Joseph Prince is actually downgrading the power of the gospel.


He is not preaching the gospel;


he is preaching lies


(carnal life or ‘a type of healing and long life’


that is never promised by God in Gal 3:13).


When he preaches ‘something’


that is not a promise of God,


he is preaching a false gospel or a ‘lying’ gospel.


Please read Gal 3:13 again.


Did God tell us to preach the redemption as the promise


of no more pain or sicknesses on earth in this life?


If you read Galatians 3:13-29 KJV, 


it is clearly about the promise of God,


but it is not the promise of no more pain, sickness,


or death on earth in this life.


There is only the promise of FAITH in Christ


(with no more curse of the law in our conscience or spirit).


However, does it mean that we can never die and never got sick?


No, I don’t think so;


it is hard to convince us when God’s words never say so.


So, when Joseph Prince keeps preaching that you can never be sick (by quoting Gal 3:13-29),


he does not know the Bible context.


If he just wants to keep arguing and refuses to humble himself,


he would end up preaching a false gospel!”




“Joseph Prince’s teachings about God


is like a transactional relationship,


which focuses on what we can get,


not what we can give.”




“He really has a sickening and arrogant face.


Maybe, he was dropped as a kid, full of nonsense.”




“Does Joseph Prince know the difference


between “greatly increase” (curse) your pain


and the “pain (natural) in childbearing”?


‘To the woman He said,


“I will surely multiply (greatly increase) your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.


Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you” (ESV: Gen. 3:16).


A woman giving birth to a child has to experience pain


because her time has come.


Pain is a part of the labor process.


It must occur because of the things (contractions)


a woman’s body must do to give birth to a baby.


The cervix softens and opens and the uterus contracts


to push the baby out.


It’s common knowledge.”




“I can’t stand the sight of him! 


Listening to him makes me puke.”