Joseph Prince’s grace results are predominantly hype – By Rev George Ong (Dated 23 May 2024)




The issue of whether our future sins are forgiven


is likely to be dealt with in detail sometime next week.


You are likely to hear less from me


come end May and the whole month of June,


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Excerpt from the Article:


Joseph Prince,


by claiming that your grace theology


can have much better results


than the Apostle Paul (‘Apostle of grace’)


and Apostle John (‘Apostle of love’),


not only shows that you are placing yourself above them,


but it also exposes your arrogant pride.


Given the fact that New Testament churches


didn’t experience the kind of overwhelming transformation


which you claimed would,


even though the true message of grace and love was preached


by Paul, John and the other apostles,


the claim that your grace message (false grace)


is now revolutionising the world


is clearly overly exaggerated,


overblown and even feigned.


If true grace didn’t work wonders


to remove sin and strongholds


for the grace-saved churches in Paul’s day,


the claim by Joseph Prince


that his version of grace (false grace)


is now working wonders


and making waves around the world


is predominantly hype.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In the sermon preached on 19 May 2024, 4 days ago,


Joseph Prince said;


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“So actually, your future sins are all forgiven,


which a lot of people have problem.


You are teaching them licentiousness.


No, no, no.


Once they know they are forgiven much,


you love Him much.


When you love Him much,


you don’t want to sin.


How warped are you to think that,


you know, your wife tells you,


no matter what happen,


you go for a trip somewhere,


no matter what,


I will always love you.


Yepee, I can commit adultery.


You’re sick.”


Hey Joe, why are you so worked up by your critics?


By the choice of your words,


the tone of your delivery,


facial expressions on your face,


and your body language,


I can see that you are really angry and even mad at them.


Hey Joe, you forgot


you are supposed to be the super-grace teacher.


Not so gracious, Leh?


If you don’t model for us how one can still be gracious


even though people criticise you,


who would?


So, Joe, you need to cool down


and not get so uptight.


You must live up to your name


as the Super-grace preacher.


But, actually, by your outburst,


you have unwittingly exposed your real character.


Wow, another thing – Joseph Prince seems


to have discovered a fantastic formula


for the wives to ensure


that their husbands do not commit adultery


– just by saying to their husbands


‘I will always love you,’


before they embark on an overseas trip.


What a waste!


What a pure waste of talent!


Joseph Prince should have lived during King David’s time.


He would have prevented King David from committing adultery


just by asking David’s wife to say to him,


‘I will always love you.’


Come on, Joseph Prince


why do you have such a simplistic (rather deceptive) mind?


All of us are aware


that most wives do tell their husbands they love them.


But why are there still so many adultery cases.


Even well-known Pastors and Preachers commit adultery.


In ‘Destined to Reign’, Joseph Prince wrote:


“People are afraid…


… you will give people a license to sin.


The answer to sin is found in grace.


It is grace that will stop sin.


… My friend, knowing


that you are made God’s beloved by His grace


will give you dominion in life


to overcome sinful habits and temptations.


Temptations cannot succeed


when you have a revelation


that you are God’s beloved.


When you know how precious


and valuable you are to God,


and the depths of your Abba’s love for you,


why would you want to waste your life


engaging in sins that only bring destruction and death?”


From what Joseph Prince said in his sermon


on 19 May 2024, 4 days ago,


and what he wrote in ‘Destined To Reign’,


it is clear that he harboured


an overly romantic idea about grace and love,


and a dismissive idea about the strength of sin.


Hence, Joseph Prince


has deceptively oversold the power of grace and love


and deliberately underestimated the power of sin.


Let me explain…


There are many reasons why people fall into sin


and a varied number of factors


that give the eventual victory to believers


over their sinful habits and temptations.


There isn’t one rigid formula or one fixed cure


for the whole host of varied problems


that beset the people


with different personalities and backgrounds.


For some, it is prayer;


for others, it is the empowerment of the Holy Spirit;


and yet others, it is the sacrificial love that fellow believers


have extended to the brother who is in dire need of help.


Or, it could also be a combination of all the above factors,


plus, many others that are not mentioned


that were responsible for helping the particular brother


overcome his sinful habits.


But Joseph Prince has always been pushing the agenda


– that his grace teaching is the one rigid formula


that is solely responsible for helping people


overcome their sinful habits and temptations.


(That’s why Joseph Prince


will ensure that testimonies


are read during worship services


about the many who are helped by his grace teaching


with the proviso that his big name


must always appear and read


in almost every one of these testimonies.)


Such a view is not only self-aggrandising,


it is also simplistic and reductionistic.


Joseph Prince is simply saying he doesn’t care


– How much prayer the church has put in


interceding for the eventual victory of a brother


over his sinful habits.


– How much fasting his wife has devoted


to praying for her husband.


– How much effort the brother had put in,


with the help of the Holy Spirit,


to stay away from temptations.


– How much time the brother had spent


in seeking God for strength


to overcome his sinful indulgences.


– How much energy his pastor, who had counselled him


has helped him see the folly of his sinful actions. 


All Joseph Prince cares about


is that his Pseudo-grace doctrine


gets the sole recognition


as the one and only factor


that results in the brother’s deliverance


from his sinful habits. 


All Joseph Prince is fixated about


is that his Pseudo-grace theology


gets trumpeted to the whole world


as the one and only cure to every problem.


This is so that who gets glory in the end?


Not the Lord Jesus, but Joseph Prince!


Joseph Prince,


you are misleading believers


that all they need


is just a magical dose of God’s grace


and a mesmerising touch of God’s love,


and everything will fall into their rightful place.


You are no different from a quack doctor


who has oversold your grace medicine


and overpromised on its results.


If the grace-medicine is so powerful


that it can solve every problem,


why isn’t it working


for the grace-saved churches of Paul’s day?


If grace is truly so effective


in keeping people from sin,


why is it not working for the Corinthians,


a grace-saved church


who were committing grotesque sins


that were outrageous even to the ungodly?


If one were to believe that once grace is received,


everything will fall into place,


then why does Paul


have to deal with so many problems,


including sexual sins and doctrinal errors


in the Grace-saved churches of the New Testament?


Wasn’t Paul the best and true grace preacher


who brought the message of grace


to all the churches that he had been to?


Didn’t all the churches in New Testament scriptures


receive the grace teaching from Paul in its pure form,


unlike Joseph Prince’s brand of grace,


which is a massive corruption of it?


Yet, Paul had to deal with the horrible sexual sins of immorality


in the Corinthian Church


that even pagans do not tolerate.


He had to come down hard on the Galatian church


that was delving into the false doctrine


of adding circumcision to the pure gospel of grace.


Wasn’t John the apostle of love,


the one whom Jesus loved?


After having experienced the intimate love of the Father,


he must have exuded God’s love to the people


he was ministering to.


Yet, why does John have to deal with issues


such as hatred (opposite of love)


which is ‘equivalent’ to murder


which would disqualify a believer from heaven,


not only once but three times in the epistle of 1 John


in 1 John 2:9-11; 1 John 3:15 and 1 John 4:20?


If God’s love was so powerful


that it was working for everybody,


why does John have to warn believers


not to love the world


but to love God in 1 John 2:15-17?


If an experience of the revelation of God’s Abba love


can succeed in keeping a man from giving in to temptations


as postured by Joseph Prince,


why does John have to warn believers


about the reality and stronghold of sin


in 1 John 1:8-9; 1 John 2:1-2; 1 John 3:4-10


and 1 John 5:16-17.


No one will deny the power of God’s love and His grace


to deliver man from sin and bondage


(the first half of the truth which Joseph Prince did tell us).


But man is still finally responsible


for how he would respond to God


– and God will never violate his free will


even if it is exercised to his own detriment and damnation


(the second half of the truth which Joseph Prince has kept hidden from us).


There would be those


who would respond in devotion


to God’s wonderful grace


and unsurpassed love,


and we praise God for that.


But there would also be those


who would stubbornly choose to go their own way.


If what Joseph Prince said


that all the world and the church need


is an experience of God’s grace and love


(to be accurate,


his false grace theology of grace and love)


is true,


the whole world would be won twice over by now,


and great revivals that would transform lives


would be the order of the day in the church.


Despite the fact that God has shown His matchless grace


and His incomparable love through His very own Son


through His inhumane sufferings


and horrible death on the cross,


for the last 2,000 years,


much of the world is still hardening their hearts


by rejecting His love and grace.


Joseph Prince,


by claiming that your grace theology


can have much better results


than the Apostle Paul (‘Apostle of grace’)


and Apostle John (‘Apostle of love’),


not only shows that you are placing yourself above them,


but it also exposes your arrogant pride.


Given the fact that New Testament churches


didn’t experience the kind of overwhelming transformation


which you claimed would,


even though the true message of grace and love was preached


by Paul, John and the other apostles,


the claim that your grace message (false grace)


is now revolutionising the world


is clearly overly exaggerated,


overblown and even feigned.


If true grace didn’t work wonders


to remove sin and strongholds


for the grace-saved churches in Paul’s day,


the claim by Joseph Prince


that his version of grace (false grace)


is now working wonders


and making waves around the world


is predominantly hype.


“Grace is not an all-cure pill for every sickness of every man but just one in a compendium of medicines to deal with the range of illnesses of all mankind.” (George Ong)


“While all of us should be Pro-grace and none of us Anti-grace, Joseph Prince is Super-grace – over-selling a grace-pill that can remove all sicknesses and over-promoting a grace-formula which can solve all problems.” (George Ong)


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“Years ago – more than 10 years ago


when I was attending New Creation Church,


Joseph Prince said new covenant believers


do not need to fast;


along with many of his personal doctrines


which always do not conform


to the whole counsel of God’s word.


Why are people so drawn to hear his crap?


And why does the church council choose to remain silent?


Errors must be corrected.”




“For those who are still listening to Joseph Prince preach,


l pray that God will open your spiritual eyes and ears.


This man’s words are binding your spirit


and you have not been set free from sin.


These damages are not immediately seen in real life.


But l pray that God will reveal them to you in time to come.


And you will be able to flee away from this man.”




“It is clear that Joseph Prince is a heretic double talker


who will not stop preaching lies and heresies.


So, reserve our energy,


but never give up the fight against heresies.


It will be a long battle


(between truth and heresies, humility and pride,


and passion for truth and hypocrisy for self-glory).


However, this website will also be a rare platform (like a ‘gem’)


that is raised by God to shine, mirror, and reveal


what is truly in our hearts


when we’ve learnt what is the truth and lie,


so that we know that God is just to judge


(regardless of whether we are the liars, like Joseph Prince,


or the disciples of Jesus Christ):


2 Thess 2:9-17 KJV 


I believe that this Bible passage in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-17


is written for the ‘battle’ and for us.


If there are no heretics like Joseph Prince,


we will not need this.


However, if there are heretics like Joseph Prince,


we will have God’s people like Rev George.


If there are delusive channels like Joseph Prince Ministries,


we will have Rev George’s channel for the truth.


In a such time like this,


God will send STRONG DELUSION to those who love lies;


but to those who resist and fight against heresies


because of their love for the truth,


God will send CONSOLATION and GOOD HOPE,


especially in the end time or difficult time.”




“I pray that those in New Creation Church


whether in the position of leadership, servers, or congregation


(some of my dear brothers and sisters are still there)


to open up their ears and eyes to hear and see


what this IMPOSTOR is mouthing week in and week out.


The only preaching that Joseph Prince


is consistent about


is being CONsistently InCONsistent!”




“We won’t have this problem


if we can recognize that the Old Covenant saints


are all saved by faith too.


And in the Old Covenant, believers obey God’s Laws,


which is actually the same as New Covenant believers!


All are saved by faith,


and faith causes us to walk in God’s Laws!”




“Can see that the New Creation Church preaching


is anti-Christ?


Denying the Lord.


Does Joseph Prince not know?


Prince just loves to be in the high places,


honoured by men.”




“You got it right.


New Creation Church is promoting Antichrist teachings


via Joseph Prince.


That’s why it’s best to get out of New Creation Church


as soon as possible before it’s too late.”




“When a preacher is a double talker,


he will bring you around his ‘wilderness’.


He will bring you round and round


and round and round and round and ..


.. until you are exhausted.


And when you are exhausted,


he will come up with even more heresies.


So, be wise when dealing with crafty character


who does not have integrity with words.


His ‘principle’ is to use any words


that come to his mind to win arguments


and make people think that


he is still the very ‘anointed’ one.


So, he won’t feel any guilt


even if he needs to twist God’s words


or make use of God’s words


to levitate himself over others.


So, I foresee it is not going to be an easy task


to expose his endless heresies and arrogant philosophies.


However, I can tell from his recent preaching of heresies


that he no longer enjoys the same confidence or pride


over his heresies like before.


He begins to ‘look’ worried


that he might not be able to attract


as many people to himself as before.


Rev George Ong, keep it up.”




“Jesus didn’t say, God in heaven.


He said, Father or Daddy in heaven.


That speaks of intimacy, not distance.


Joseph Prince likes to twist and turn the scriptures.”




“In the church,


as long as you preached grace, super grace,


you can preach whatever nonsense


to make the believers feel good.”




“Theatrical and an entertaining preacher


but misrepresents the Bible.”




“Joseph Prince is misrepresenting the Jesus of the Bible. 


Instead, he is manifesting anti-Christ teachings


in New Creation Church.”




“The moment Joseph Prince says,


‘there’s nothing wrong


with praying the Lord’s prayer’,


seems to be posturing that it is a bad thing.”




“I am dumbfounded


when I hear of the negativism


that Joseph Prince said about the Lord’s prayer


cos’ I need to say my Lord’s prayer almost daily.”




“Is that all Joseph Prince can say about the Lord’s prayer?


It belies his hypocrisy.


He didn’t believe what he was saying actually


…you can see it, you can hear it, you can perceive it.”


Note these 2 comments are a critique of my website:




“Can’t believe a reverend cannot understand simple things


that Joseph Prince is trying to relate in both scenarios.


To all readers, remember the word of God that says


God will blind those whose hearts are not right.


Those who are vile let them continue to be vile.


All who follow this channel and are in agreement,


my advice is to repent before you see wrath of God.”




“I agree with you, Rev Ong is wasting his time


sharing worthless accusations.


It seems like he’s very obsessed with Joseph Prince.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above 2 critics:




“If you think this channel is prejudiced,


you can always watch other world channels


poking holes in Joseph Prince’s teaching.


Personally, I have checked Joseph Prince’s teachings


against the Bible and other biblical resources.


Joseph Prince’s teachings make you feel good,


comfortable and easy with God.


It does not inculcate a sense of awe


and reverence towards God.


That kind of easy, fluffy preaching


explains why many are drawn to him.


Its chock-a-block with poor logic, contradictions,


half-truths, twisted verses and omissions.”




“@huios974 from your username,


I can tell you have learned some Greek words from Joseph Prince


as he has taught about ‘huios’


in some of his ‘eloquent’ sermons before.


May I request for you to show me kindly


what simple things that Joseph Prince


are trying to relate in these sermons?


The simplest of things here are (and it’s so obviously clear)


that Joseph Prince


is teaching one thing at one time


and then teaching completely the opposite thing


at another time.


Are you able to relate to the hypocrisies and heresies?


Or you’re just not willing?”




“I had once attended New Creation Church


for a short while


and I can tell you that Joseph Prince’s preaching


creates a sense of spiritual pride in me.


I asked the Holy Spirit for discernment


and the clear message I got


was to leave the church


and unlearn what Joseph Prince had taught.


I obeyed, and over the years,


I knew exactly what was wrong.


Also, Pastor George Ong’s videos were very helpful.


To all New Creation Church die-hard fans,


start looking to the Holy Spirit


for discernment and guidance


and not depend on Joseph Prince to be fed.”




“If, your eternal destiny (Heaven or Hell)


will be determined by what you believe,


{not just the “Who” you believe – 2 Cor.11:4


– you could be believing in ‘another Jesus,


another gospel, and another spirit’}


and, what you do;


wouldn’t you be concerned about yourself


and for other fellow believers?”






Listen to other world channels on him.


Don’t just listen to him.


Free your mind. 


Otherwise, you will be indoctrinated.


It’s your choice to believe him completely,


to love him through and through,


to let your dollar flow copiously in his direction.”




“Can you relate and give an example?


And, also give an example


how do you ignore the Lord’s Prayer


to get very personal with God the Father?


You ought to give some examples


instead of saying God will blind those


whose hearts are not right


if you feel that Joseph Prince is right in his teaching.


Or you are unable to?”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“No one is perfect


The way he preached so lovely and cute.


George Ong, if you are so right,


you should go and preach in a big Church


like Joseph Prince.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“… The way he preached so lovely and cute.”


Oh dear….is this what you’re looking for


from a pastor in a church?”




JESUS teaches people how to get TRUE LIFE:


Matthew 7:13-14

[13] ‘Go in through the narrow gate to get true life with God.


There is a wide gate that is easy to go through.


The wide path is easy to travel on.


Many people find that wide gate,


but it is the way to hell.


[14] It is difficult to go through the small gate.


And it is difficult to walk on the narrow road.


But when you do go that way, you will get true life.


Not many people find that narrow gate.’”




“Oh fren, don’t mislead yourself


by saying no one is perfect.


Dig a little deeper.


Thats why it’s said a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


You can’t see the wolf; you see only the sheep.


Obviously, you have been seduced


and have not really checked the Bible and other resources.


Don’t be seduced by the sight of a large crowd.


Bear in mind what Charles Spurgeon says,


‘That very church which the world likes best


is sure to be that which God abhors.’”






None is perfect, you’re correct.


The way Joseph Prince preaches


may be lovely and cute.


However, the question is,


do you listen to Joseph Prince’s lovely and cute sermons


to save you or entertain you?


Friend, it’s does not matter


if George Ong or Joseph Prince is right;


it’s who is sharing the Biblical Truth.”




“You should be asking


if the teachings have helped you


to know Christ and serve Christ biblically. 


God will be looking for fruits in your life.”




“George Ong if you are so right,


you should go and preach in a big Church


like Joseph Prince.”


Xiang kexin @xiangkexin4086


– don’t you know it only took a shepherd boy


to kill Goliath?”




“It’s so sad reading comments


such as this.”