Joseph Prince’s flipflop on fasting is to cover up – no integrity & too proud to admit mistakes – By Rev George Ong (Dated 19 May 2024)


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Come end May and the whole month of June,


I will have my other heavy commitments to attend to.


So, you are likely to hear less from me


during this period. 


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Just imagine, I am still clearing the rubbish


of Joseph Prince’s sermon 7 days ago on 12 May 2024,


and there are still more to come


just from this sermon alone!


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This is probably my shortest Article


for a long time.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a sermon on 12 May 2024, 7 days ago,


Joseph Prince said;


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“Just like sometimes,


you want to fast certain things


and all that and even food


to draw closer to God.”


In a weekly Sunday sermon aired on 13 August 2023,


Joseph Prince said;


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“But I’m telling you God’s way;


I always like to follow the word of God.


The word of God is safe.


Alright, it doesn’t tell me, New Testament,


it doesn’t say spend days and days in fasting


in the New Testament,


written directly to you, to the church.”


One moment,


Joseph Prince said that fasting draws you closer to God.


The next moment,


he said the New Testament


has nothing written to the church


about days and days of fasting.


Do you believe what’s happening?


That’s not all.


In ‘Destined To Reign,’ Joseph Prince wrote:


“The question we should be asking is,


‘Did Jesus tell us to fast?’


“But do you know that in the original Greek text,


the word ‘fasting’ does not appear in that verse (Mk 9:29)


It was added by the translators!”


Joseph Prince also wrote in ‘Destined To Reign’:


“Paul hardly spoke about fasting.


Yet, the body of Christ has somehow managed


to make man’s own works (like fasting)


the main emphasis.


Paul’s emphasis was the new covenant of grace,


but instead of focusing on understanding the new covenant,


people are obsessed with doing!”


Do you sense the incoherence and self-contradiction


in what Joseph Prince wrote and said?


If you put the pieces together,


what’s happening is that Joseph Prince


began by teaching against fasting.


Then recently,


he realised that what he taught was erroneous


because fasting indeed has a place in the New Testament.


Instead of being honest about his mistake


and publicly apologise for his previous stand on fasting


and state his current position,


he dishonestly tries to cover up


by merely stating his present stand on fasting,


thinking that no one will find out


about his previous stand.


Joseph Prince thought by quietly covering up,


no one would know.


But Joseph Prince has forgotten


who he is up against – George Ong


Joseph Prince may fool others


but he cannot fool me.


Joseph Prince is too proud to admit his mistakes.


He is too proud to admit


that much of what he taught, not just fasting,


are erroneous.


He is too proud to repent from his heretical teachings


and turn from his wicked ways.


And pride would be his downfall.


Rev George Ong