Joseph Prince’s Buddy, Brian Houston, Pastor of Hillsong Church, who has ‘Fallen from Grace’ is a Clear Warning to Prince to Repent – by Rev George Ong (Dated 29 Mar 2022)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Many of you must have read the news that Brian Houston, Pastor of Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia, had resigned on 23 March 2022 (6 days ago) over inappropriate behaviour towards two of his women members.


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Quite a number of you must have also known that Brian Houston and Joseph Prince are good friends. Joseph Prince has spoken in the Hillsong conference many times. Both Brian and Prince always spoke very well of each other in public.


Please click to view the one-and-a-half-minute video clip (Joseph Prince spoke at Brian Houston’s 2019 Hillsong conference):


Transcript of the above video clip (Brian Houston himself publicly said in the video in the 2019 Hillsong conference that Joseph Prince and New Creation Church donated 200,000 dollars to his Hillsong Church):


“I’m gonna give as much time as we can tonight to a special guest. Does anyone in the house love Pastor Joseph Prince? Pastor Prince, of course, is very well loved in our church. Pastor, New Creation Church in Singapore. One of the great churches in the world; one of our favourites; one of my absolute favourites, proud to be able to call Pastor Joseph, his wife Wendy and their family, friends. And what a friend he has proven to be. He doesn’t like me, and probably won’t like me saying this but you know their church just, just out of their heart, and totally unexpected by us, sent our church a gift in the last couple of weeks, 200,000 dollars – just to bless our church. And that’s pretty special, pretty special. And by the way, that was over and above the house offerings. And so, just fantastic. We’re blessed to have you, we’re blessed to have you in the conference. I want you to give a huge welcome to Pastor Prince as he comes to share the word of God.

Joseph Prince: Hillsong Church, give Jesus the praise, come on. You guys are amazing crazy generous.” 


Food for thought: With reference to the above video clip, who and how much Joseph Prince and his church wish to give is their prerogative. But from the practical and logical viewpoints and Christian stewardship, any believer is entitled to ask the question: why would an extremely rich church, such as Joseph Prince’s church give that much money to another extremely rich 150,000-strong Hillsong Church (internationally)?


Shouldn’t the humongous amount of 200,000 dollars be given to churches and causes that really need them, for example, those in the third world? And assuming financial need was not what motivated Joseph Prince to give to Hillsong Church, what could be the real reason?


Since Brian Houston is a good friend of Joseph Prince, we would expect Prince to make a statement this Sunday in his sermon – why a preacher such as Brian Houston who preaches grace like Prince does, has ‘fallen from grace’.


This is because Joseph Prince, has in his sermons, spoken many times that leaders and shepherds who fall from grace are often those who preach the law (Prince’s own warped understanding of the law) and reject and criticise His grace (false grace) doctrine. And Prince often adds that what keeps people from sinning and falling is when they embrace and practise his grace doctrine.


So Joseph Prince is obligated to give an explanation as to why Brian Houston, his good friend, and one who preaches and practices roughly the same grace doctrine and the same health and wealth doctrine as he does, has ‘fallen from grace’.


If Joseph Prince chooses to remain silent, it only proves my point that he only highlights the so-called positive testimonies about people who are so-called healed or delivered by his grace doctrine but for those who have fallen because of his grace doctrine, he would ensure it is kept as a closely guarded secret (by keeping absolutely quiet about them even though they may have become public).


The Founder of Hyflux is one clear example.


If you have not read about the Hyflux Fiasco episode please click to view the following 2 links:


How many of such people like the Founder of Hyflux who have been destroyed by Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace doctrine that Prince has kept from the public is really up to one’s imagination.


My loving appeal and strong warning to Joseph Prince has always been to stop preaching his Pseudo-grace doctrine while there is still time.


Let me share what I’ve already written about the need for Joseph Prince to repent. This is contained in 2 articles that were featured on my website. The first:  


Finally, Rev Dr Ngoei, as we pray for one another, let us also not forget to pray for Joseph Prince. As I have said many times before, I do pray for him intermittently. But there is only one thing I pray for him – that he truly repents. I’m not saying this for the first time but I have already stated many times publicly in my emails, website and videos over the last several years.


Joseph Prince has been self-deceived and deceived by the devil (because he chooses to be deceived) that if he repents, his entire ministry will be destroyed and crash to pieces. Yes, it will but that’s only half the story. I sincerely believe that if he truly repents, God will rebuild his ministry from ashes to glory. He will be used in a more powerful and mightier way than before, preaching the true gospel and ushering sheep instead of goats into God’s Kingdom! I’ll be the first to embrace him with loving arms and forgive him for all the evil he had done against God’s people. We would welcome him back to the Christian community with love and rejoicing. (As I’m writing this now, at this juncture, tears began to stream down my eyes, uncontrollably! And I had to stop for quite a while to compose myself and wipe those tears off my eyes.)


I am not playing to the gallery. Neither am I using emotions to win people over. I mean every word that I say. God be my witness! I know that if Joseph Prince refuses to repent, he will be doomed to eternal destruction! Pride is his main problem as he is too proud to admit that he was wrong all the while.


Would you pray with me that Joseph Prince would be delivered from the wiles of the devil and his own pride. Pray that he would be convinced that God will not desert him but will pick him up again and use him for His glory but only if he truly repents! If God can forgive the worst mass murderer, he certainly can forgive Joseph Prince.


However, if he chooses to persist in his wayward ways, the battle against his heresies must also continue.


I’ve observed that over the last one and a half to two months, he has been preaching safer sermons and making safer statements, and trying not to dwell on controversies. (I’m not saying that he won’t kick up any controversy again in his future sermons.)


Don’t be deceived. Don’t judge him based on his recent sermons or even his sermons in the coming months and years. You must judge him based on all that he has written in his many books and all that he has preached in his many sermons over the last 20 over years. It may be his ploy to keep a low profile and deceive you that he has somewhat mellowed or changed. But if he chooses not to recant all the heresies that he had written in his many books and preached in the many sermons, it is utterly clear that he has continued to remain defiantly unrepentant.


If this is the case, Rev Dr Ngoei, NCCS must expedite the case with urgency so as to prevent more souls from being lost to the kingdom of darkness through the heresies of Joseph Prince. May I plead with NCCS to treat this matter with a good measure of urgency.


The above can be found in this article. Please click to read if you haven’t:


Now, the second,


Let me (George Ong) speak prophetically to Joseph Prince,


The time has come for you to repent. This is your last opportunity to avoid being eternally doomed. You have led the multitudes to their destruction. Do not continue on this wayward path anymore. Do not let pride, which is your number one problem, stand in the way of true repentance. If you truly repent from all your heresies, God can still use you. I, for one, will covenant to pray for you that God will grant you true success. That you will preach the true gospel, and sheep, instead of goats, will fill your church. Yes, everything in your life and ministry will crash. But fear not, after a period of restoration by the Body of Christ, the Lord will rebuild your ministry and you can truly shine for our Lord Jesus. Come back home, Joseph, I plead with you, (now with tears flowing down my eyes uncontrollably, and I’m even weeping for you now as I write, God be my witness) come back to God. I pray that you will not spurn this last chance that God has given you. The Lord loves you enough to warn you the last time. This is the last time as after this, your heart will be so hardened as the heart of Pharaoh that you will never return to God. I’m angry with you for leading the multitudes of souls to their destruction but I love you enough to warn you that you need to repent. Don’t be afraid, your days are not over if you would humbly repent. And when you truly repent, I will partner with you, I will support you all the way, not to compete with you, but by praying for you, that you will be used mightily to win the multitudes of souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.”


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In conclusion, the fall of Brian Houston, Joseph Prince’s buddy, is a clear warning to Prince that he had better repent from his heretical grace doctrine that has been deceiving the millions to their damnation. If Joseph Prince continues to preach his Pseudo-grace doctrine, he may be the next to fall.


Could the grace of God run out on us? Well, it did to Brian Houston and it would to Joseph Prince if he continues to remain unrepentant in his wayward ways.


Rev George Ong

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