Joseph Prince Was Caught Lying Publicly – By Rev George Ong (Dated 1 Dec 2021)


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Don’t miss my message to the National Council of Churches of Singapore, NCCS, at the end of this article.)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, NCCS office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


In a weekly sermon aired on 28 November 2021 last Sunday, 3 days ago, Joseph Prince said the following; please click to view excerpts in the 10-second video,   


“No, I’ve never preached that. I have never preached that God will make us multi-millionaires, very wealthy; I’ve never said that.”


For you to be convinced by me that Joseph Prince is lying, it is necessary for you listen to Prince’s 2 audios:


First, please listen to what Joseph Prince said in the 4-minute audio clip by clicking here (not every statement in this audio is transcribed in written form below):


“And let’s look at the answer of the scripture; what is this promise in Romans 4:13-15.


Romans 4:13-14 NKJV

13 “For the promise that he would be the heir of the world was not to Abraham or to his seed through the law, but through the righteousness of faith. 14 For if those who are of the law are heirs, faith is made void and the promise made of no effect.”


“… The promise is that he would be the heir of the world (Gal 4:13). …Hallelujah, you are an heir of these earth’s goods, riches and advantages. Amen. So, you ought to have your portion, right …But because we are in Him, we read just now, we are Abraham’s seed, right? So, it is given to both Abraham and to us.”


“… Now, if God is going to make you an heir of the world, at least you should inherit Clementi or Bedok (for non-Singaporeans, these are huge housing estates in Singapore). At least, you should have some property. At least, in order for you to be the heir of the world, at least, you inherit some parts of the world to begin with.”


“… Would you say also that in order for God to make you the heir of the world, God will have to make you rich? Did God make Abraham rich? …So, the Bible says of Abraham in Genesis, chapter 13:2 NKJV “Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold.” Very clear statement that; we don’t read that he was an heir of the world in Genesis. We read that he was very rich.”


“But we read in Romans 4:13-14 just now, earlier, that this was the fulfilment of being the heir of the world – which is not just to Abraham but to his seed. Hello, seed of Abraham, this is your promise. God did not just make Abraham rich; He made Abraham very rich. Very rich is your portion.”


Second, please listen to what Joseph Prince said in the 3-minute audio clip by clicking here (not every statement in this audio is transcribed in written form below):


“… The Bible says Abraham was very rich in silver and gold. So, God kept the covenant with Abraham. Can you see that? Don’t you forget for one moment that you are the seed of Abraham.”


“… Look at Isaac, Abraham’s seed. By the way, you know that Abraham was very rich in cattle, in silver and gold. And not only that, Isaac was very rich.”


“… Then we look at Jacob. Jacob, the grandson of Abraham had the power of prosperity because he was in covenant relationship.”


“…Then we fast forward the generations of Abraham; right down to Solomon, the son of David. Solomon was so rich. He was so disgustingly rich. The Bible says, he drank from vessels of gold. He made silver so common as the stones of Jerusalem. He built God a house, a temple that cost; I made a study of this once, over 200 billion US dollars. Not millions, billions. Over 200 billion US dollars. You know his daily expenses, his daily food, just one day, came to over 17,000 US dollars. What did he eat? Do you know the clothings, just the clothings of his priests were over 10 million? That’s amazing! What did they wear? That’s amazing, isn’t it? That he (Solomon) had so much wealth.”


“…Let me tell you this: God promised His people because of the covenant, when your herds multiply; when your silver and gold multiply. Notice, He didn’t say, if. If, means, it may or it may not happen. God says, ‘When’. You know what when means? It’s a matter of time. It’s going to happen; it’s a matter of time… That means what? The prosperity is going to happen. Church listen, ‘When your silver and gold is multiplied.’ It’s not, if. You are going to be wealthy…”


The message of Joseph Prince in the 2 above audio clips is crystal clear – that since New Covenant believers are the seed of Abraham, they can be very rich as Abraham, (as Isaac and Jacob too) was, (and even as disgustingly rich as Solomon was.)


By today’s standard in America or Singapore, Abraham could be considered a multi-millionaire and Solomon, a billionaire. (A millionaire nowadays is rather ‘common’, and Joseph Prince also mentioned the word, ‘millionaire’ in his sermon on 28 November 2021 – not shown in the 10-second video.)


To Joseph Prince, just having our basic needs met and having a good and comfortable income isn’t enough and fitting for being the heir of the world. That’s why he teaches in these 2 audios that since we are the heir of the world and the seed of Abraham, it is the covenantal right for every New Covenantal Christian not just to be rich but very rich as Abraham was.


What is shocking was that Joseph Prince had dared to tell a lie in public and to the world (his videos are shown around the world) when he claimed in his video that,


“No, I’ve never preached that. I have never preached that God will make us multi-millionaires, very wealthy; I’ve never said that.”


Although Prince mentioned the above statements right after he spoke on 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 in the video, it is no mitigating factor at all. This is because Prince has clearly stated that he has never said or preached that God will make us very wealthy, even though he clearly did in the 2 audios.


This is not the first time I have caught Joseph Prince lying. Tell me honestly, can a preacher who lies publicly, not once, but many times, be a true teacher of God’s word? He would be more akin to a heretic.


But why is he lying? Is he trying to make some changes to his Prosperity Gospel? Possibly. Why? One probable reason is due to Covid-19. What threatens to throw Joseph Prince’s Prosperity Gospel doctrine into disarray for the last 2 years is the advent of Covid-19.


Instead of experiencing increased wealth, believers (including unbelievers) across the world, have, on the whole, suffered financially. Instead of becoming very rich, as Joseph Prince teaches, many in the various nations have become poorer. Many businesses were closed. The restaurant and travel businesses were particularly affected. Now with the recent Omicron variant that threatens to make its rounds around the world; and if it does, nations may go through, yet, another round of medical crisis and economic downturn.


Joseph Prince used to brag about his Prosperity Gospel doctrine in his sermons in a loud and brazen way prior to Covid-19. But with the arrival of Covid-19 that affected the finances of both believers and unbelievers across the world, Prince knows it would be politically suicidal and that he may suffer a backlash if he continues to say, as he had, that God wants to make believers very rich or very wealthy.


But at the same time, he is too proud (didn’t I say before more than once that his key weakness is his pride) to admit that his Prosperity Gospel has floundered in the current Covid-19 scenario, which seems to have no end in sight.


Instead of publicly acknowledging the failure and falsity of his Prosperity Gospel doctrine, to save his own skin, he is prepared to lie, publicly, to deceive people that he has never taught that as part of his Prosperity Gospel, believers ought to be very rich.


Prince thought his lie would escape the notice of many. And indeed, many, including his own supporters, have been fooled, as they themselves, aren’t even familiar with Prince’s Grace Doctrine; but Prince cannot fool me.


(As I have said before, I have viewed and listened to plenty of his sermon videos and audios, not because I enjoyed it but because of my calling. Frankly, listening to his sermons every Sunday and Wednesday is a pain in the neck, as, amongst many of his other nonsensical teachings, I have to bear with his constant repetition of the same points and passages in his sermons over and over again.)


(In this particular sermon on 28 November 2021, he repeated Isaiah 53 again, which I’ve heard umpteen number of times. Isaiah 53 is a beautiful passage. But why must he keep repeating this same passage so many times in so many of his sermons, when there are plenty of other lovely passages in the Bible to preach from? This is a result of the constant preaching of one’s pet doctrines or passages at the expense of the whole counsel of God.)


Prince’s Prosperity Gospel theology is only workable when the financial weather is fine, but when financial uncertainty and economic downturn kicks in with Covid-19, Prince has ‘nowhere to hide his face’ (well, he still has to put up a brave front) as his Prosperity Gospel hobbyhorse is now proven to be a scam.


(Prince will continue to deceptively throw in testimonies in his Sunday sermons about the few believers who may seem to have benefitted financially despite Covid-19, in order to distract and blind us to the fact that the vast majority have suffered financially under it.)


Another reason why I have to surface the lie of Joseph Prince is to clarify that it wasn’t me who lied when I wrote the article, New Testament Scriptures Prove that Joseph Prince’s Prosperity Gospel is a Scam” (please click here to read) that is featured in the last update, dated 28 November 2021, the following 3 separate paragraphs:


“But Prince stretches this further by teaching that it is the covenantal right of every New Covenant believer to be very rich as Abraham was, even though under the Old Covenant, no such blanket promise was made to every Old Covenant believer.” 


“And here comes Joseph Prince, who says that God wants every believer to be very wealthy. Here comes Joseph Prince, who teaches that riches are a sign of God’s blessing and favour, and poverty, a curse, and every New Covenant Christian has the covenantal right to be very rich as Abraham was.”


“If every New Covenant Christian and church ought to be very rich as Abraham was as Joseph Prince teaches, why were there poor and needy believers that needed to be helped by the more well-to-do brethren in the book of Acts (Acts 2:44-45; 4:34-37)? The early church didn’t, as Joseph Prince would, to foolishly insist that every believer ought to be very rich as Abraham was.”


If I don’t clarify this particular issue, people, who had listened to Joseph Prince’s sermon on YouTube last Sunday on 28 November 2021, and read my said article, may think I was lying (and at least one has come to my attention) when I claimed that Joseph Prince teaches that New Covenant believers ought to be very rich or wealthy as Abraham was.


But as I have proven, it is Joseph Prince himself who was lying when he claimed he didn’t say or preach that believers ought to be very wealthy or rich even though he did in his 2 audios. 


Despite such clear evidence I have unveiled to prove that Joseph Prince lied (and this is not the first time I have surfaced that he lied in public), I guarantee there will be those die-hard supporters and fans of Joseph Prince who will never fail to come to his aid and explain for him. To such supporters, who have chosen to harden their hearts as Prince does, there is no hope for them, in the same way that because Pharaoh had chosen to harden his heart, eternal doom will be his portion.


Finally, my message to the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS): Joseph Prince is not just a heretic but what is worse is that he is a lying heretic. What more evidence do you want before you decide to act against Prince?


If you still choose to remain nonchalantly silent, you are sending the message to the Christian world, that you are condoning such a so-called preacher/pastor, who is not only a heretic, but one who also lies publicly (not once, but many times) to be part of ‘your organisation’ in NCCS. Is lying part of the values and ethos that NCCS holds to?


Recently, a Singapore Member of Parliament (MP) was caught lying, and the Singapore Parliament and her own Political Party took it seriously. Because she must have known that disciplinary action would be taken against her by both her Political Party and Parliament, she has tendered her resignation as an MP and a member of her Political Party.


NCCS, by not taking any action against the heretic, Joseph Prince, who was caught for the same misdeed of lying on the pulpit, is signalling to the world that the standard of the world is even higher than that of the Church, when it ought to be the other way round. This is both a shame and an indictment against the Singapore Church.


Will New Creation Church discipline Joseph Prince for lying frequently, and will Prince resign? Well, you can wait till the cows come home; and even if they do, nothing will be done!


Rev George Ong