Joseph Prince Vs Ps Jason Lim, Rev Kong Hee, Dr Roland Chia & George; courage needed to contain Joseph Prince – By Rev George Ong (Dated 12 June 2024)


Announcement No 1


Joseph Prince has not preached for the last 3 Sundays.


My guess is that he will again not preach this Sunday.


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Note there are 2 videos on Ps Jason Lim


and 1 video each


on Rev Kong Hee, Dr Roland Chia, George Ong


and Joseph Prince.


Don’t miss the excellent write-ups


of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Michael Brown


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Excerpt from the Article:


In ‘Romans, An Exposition of Chapter 10 Saving Faith,’


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“In the past, heretics


were condemned by the church and excommunicated.


And it is because the church does not do the same thing today,


that she is in such a parlous, helpless and useless condition.”


George Ong’s comments:


In the light of what Martyn Lloyd-Jones had said,


why is the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS)


still not acting against Joseph Prince,


allowing a heretic to remain under her membership,


and letting him to continue to deceive and devour the sheep?


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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to view the entire video.


It was timely that Glenn Fong


an Ex New Creation Church member


from Gospel Light Christian Church,


alerted me to a sermon preached by his Pastor,


Pastor Jason Lim on 9 June 2024, last Sunday, 3 days ago.


I have featured Pastor Jason Lim


on my website several times previously.


He has spoken against Joseph Prince for preaching heresies.


In another sermon,


Pastor Jason Lim stated that the Prosperity Gospel of Joseph Prince


“… is so far removed from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ;


it is a damnable heresy.”


This time, Pastor Jason Lim has again highlighted


the false Prosperity Gospel that Joseph Prince preaches.


But because of ‘time and space’,


this issue of the Prosperity Gospel


raised by Pastor Jason Lim


would not be dealt with in this article,


but it may be covered in a future article.


In the same sermon on 9 June 2024, 3 days ago,


Pastor Jason Lim also spoke against


the false teaching of Joseph Prince


of treating the Holy Communion


as a superstitious voodoo act for healing.  


What is more significant is that Pastor Jason Lim


also stressed that we must have the courage


to expose these false teachings


and false teachers, such as Joseph Prince.


That just as Paul had the courage to confront Peter


(not that Peter was into false teachings


but his cowardly behaviour in Galatians 2:14,


had lent credence to the false teachings of the circumcision party),


so must the Church follow the example of Paul.


In the sermon on 9 June 2024, 3 days ago,


Pastor Jason Lim said;


Please click here


to view the 2-minute-30-second video:


“But Peter when he stepped out of line,


was rebuked by Paul


because Paul himself was committed to the gospel.


That was his loyalty, the gospel of Jesus Christ.


It was Vince Havner who said,


“The devil is not fighting religion.


He’s too smart for that.


But he’s producing a counterfeit Christianity,


so much like the real one that good Christians


are afraid to speak out against it.”    


To defend the gospel, we also need courage.


Now, you must understand the context here.


Peter is the most famous Christian on planet earth then, I think.


Because he was the one who walk on water.


He was the one whom Jesus said specifically,


‘Feed my sheep,’ 3 times.


He was the one who preached at Pentecost


and 3,000 souls got saved.


He was the one who went to Cornelius’ house,


open the door of the gospel to the Gentiles.


He is the top dog in Christianity.


And who is Paul?


Paul is a great Apostle.


Yes, he is, eventually.


But maybe at this stage,


we are not sure exactly


when Acts 11 time or Acts 15 time, regardless,


Paul is not as famous or influential as we know him today.


So, it’s almost like a lower-rank guy,


if I may put it that way,


not so famous guy,


standing up to this famous Peter,


and saying,


“You are wrong.


You are condemned.


You are to be rebuked.”


Wow, but that’s what is needed to defend the gospel.


The church is in trouble if the church,


the people of the church,


the brothers and sisters in Christ,


are afraid to speak out against false teachings.


It doesn’t matter who that preacher is.


Can be myself. Can be someone else.


But we should never cower in fear, saying,


“O, because he’s a pastor,


even though I know it’s clearly out of line with the gospel,


I dare not say.”


But if gospel realities are misrepresented,


then we need that courage


because we all are responsible for the defence of the gospel.”


(End of video.)


I fully agree with Pastor Jason Lim


that the Church needs courage


to confront and contend against false teachings,


particularly that of Joseph Prince.


In a teaching session, George Ong said;


Please click here


to view the 5-minute video:


“We did not give in to them for a moment,


so that the truth of the gospel might be preserved for you.


Now, this is just as an aside.


Paul said we did not give in to them.


Who are the them?


The false teacher who pushes in the circumcision issue,


for a moment.


Another version states we did not give in to them for an inch.


That’s what I am doing.


We cannot give an inch to Joseph Prince.


He’s a false teacher.


You must fight it all the way.


So, when I am following the example of Paul,


people get agitated, how come I am so.


Of course, they do not know the scriptures.


They do not know the Old Testament


treats false prophets very seriously.


They were sentenced to death.


Even those people who follow them.


And you know, I don’t have the time to show you,


you go back and read.


Jesus, Paul, Peter all treat false teachers very seriously.


That’s why Paul pronounced a double curse,


you’ve read right just now,


on those who preach false teaching.


And Paul here again,


(said) we did not give in to them for a moment.


That’s what I am doing.


And yet people will say,


how come he does that,


when they haven’t even do what the scriptures tell them


to contend for the faith and against heresies.      


Another, Galatians 2:11-16, still Galatians;


When Cephas, this is Peter, when Cephas came to Antioch,


I opposed him to his face because he stood condemned.


Now, here is what’s happening is that Paul,


a junior was confronting his senior, Peter.


And who is Peter?


An Apostle.


This is serious, you know.


Paul had to confront an Apostle, who’s a senior, publicly.


It was a public rebuke


because Peter, he was scared of the circumcision group.


He was afraid of the circumcision group,


who (was) trying to push circumcision


as a requirement for salvation.


Paul cannot take it,


so, he had to publicly rebuke another Apostle.


We have to admit that Paul was right,


Peter was wrong in this matter.


Now, think with me;


if Paul had the guts and courage


to publicly rebuke, reprimand a senior apostle,


why is the church so scared


about rebuking Joseph Prince by name?


Something is wrong.


When I do the right thing, they say;


I say, I’m just following Paul, Mah.


He rebuked a senior Apostle for he (Peter) nearly strayed;


Joseph Prince is a heretic,


what’s happening?


Why is it nobody dare to even utter his name?


Something is wrong.    


So, if Paul had the courage to confront Peter publicly


because the gospel is at stake,


Joseph Prince is clearly a false teacher.


You know why because people don’t want to say anything


for years, years, he built up his influence.


Years, he built up his influence,


10,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15, 20, 30, 34,000,


the biggest church in Singapore.


And bigger than all the denominations


except the Methodists.


The Methodists, 40 over thousand. 34.


What is worse is that


because the National Leadership in Singapore


and all the Pastors, including myself,


we don’t take corporate responsibility;


he (Joseph Prince) is our own backyard,


allowed it to be worse


and influenced the world, everywhere, I can tell you.


You can check the number of clicks,


hundreds of thousands, millions of clicks.


And yet still, Pastors don’t want to say anything.


I have to do something.


I can tell you there are many;


I met many spiritual leaders who are godly,


who are biblical,


who are expository experts preaching everywhere,


but that’s one thing is missing – guts.


Let me put it in a nicer way – courage.


They lack the courage to do what is necessary.


So that is why Joseph Prince has been allowed to flourish (unhindered)


until it’s very difficult, you know.


Those who have been influenced, brainwashed already.


No matter what you say,


I’m sure you have the experience,


no matter what you say, they will protect him.


They have been brainwashed.


So, we just have to do our part.


I don’t say the Singapore leadership don’t do anything;


I don’t do anything.




I try to do something.


And I hope each one of you will do a bit more


because we know his false teaching.     


How I wish if the National Leadership of Singapore


would have stepped in earlier,


it would have clipped his wings, you see,


and then his influence would not have (been so massive);


now, I tell you, he (Joseph Prince) doesn’t care.


But that doesn’t mean we don’t care, you see.


We must do something.


We cannot do everything


but we have to do whatever we can.   


They don’t do anything


but does it mean I don’t do anything?




I try to do something


because I am ultimately responsible to God.”


(End of video.)


Based on the severe reprimand of Paul against Peter,


supporters of Joseph Prince


and naïve believers and even unenlightened Pastors


would walk up to the Apostle Paul and say:


“Paul, would you cool it.


Why are you quarrelling with Peter just over doctrine?


Where is your love for Peter?


Why did you use social media to attack Peter, publicly?


Paul, please stop quarrelling with Peter.


The world is not interested in debates over doctrine


but they want to see your love for Peter. 


So, Paul would you stop quarrelling,


and by that,


the world will see that you really love Peter,


and they may come to know Christ


through your love for a fellow brother.”


You all know the story.


Paul himself had to courageously rebuke Peter by name publicly


(because he loves him),


when he began acting like a hypocrite


– as by Peter’s hypocritical action,


the gospel was in danger of being compromised (Gal 2:11-14).

Paul’s action in Galatians 2:11-14


demonstrated that the truth of the gospel


is even more important than the reputation of an apostle.


If Paul had the guts to rebuke Apostle Peter,


who is senior to him by name publicly


because the gospel was being threatened, 


how much more should we be uncompromising and courageous


to do the same with false teachers such as Joseph Prince,


who is not only corrupting the gospel,


but also leading the multitudes to hell?


And thank God for Martyn Lloyd-Jones,


in ‘An Exposition of Ephesians 5:18-6:9, Life in the Spirit,’


who said;


“A heretic was not allowed to remain in the church;


he was to be put out,


they were not to have fellowship with him…


Then you will remember


what we read in the second chapter of Galatians


about what Paul did to Peter.


Peter was not quite as clear in his mind,


and in his understanding, as Paul


over the question of eating with those


who had not been circumcised.


The Peter who had been so prominent


was wrong in his teaching at this point.


What did the Apostle Paul do?


Did he submit himself to Peter,


in the fear of Christ, and say,


‘Well, who am I to argue with Peter?


After all, he was one of the innermost three


in the circle that were with Christ.


I was never with Christ in the flesh;


I was then a blasphemer and a Pharisee.


Who am I to stand up against a great man like Peter?


I must just say nothing,


I must listen in silence and pray;


and then we must work together


in a spirit of amity and cooperation?’


How monstrous!


On the contrary, Paul says,


‘I withstood him to the face’.


He corrected Peter in public


because Peter was wrong,


and the whole future of the Church was in jeopardy…


‘Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of Christ’


does not mean that you accommodate yourself


to wrong teaching and doctrine,


that you say nothing


when falsehood is being propagated.




For that is a denial of all the New Testament.”


In ‘Romans, An Exposition of Chapter 10 Saving Faith,’


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“In the past, heretics


were condemned by the church and excommunicated.


And it is because the church does not do the same thing today,


that she is in such a parlous, helpless and useless condition.”


George Ong’s comments:


In the light of what Martyn Lloyd-Jones had said,


why is the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS)


still not acting against Joseph Prince,


allowing a heretic to remain under her membership,


and letting him to continue to deceive and devour the sheep?


Let me quote what Michael Brown wrote in his book, ‘Jezebel’s War with America’:




It was one thing to be silenced during the days of Jezebel.


She was literally killing the prophets,


and I don’t imagine her henchmen cared about how


they went about their bloody business.


This was brutal work, and the suffering was acute.


If you did stand up and speak out,


you could be dead within the hour,


if not on the spot.


That’s why godly Obadiah worked behind the scenes


to take two groups of fifty prophets


and hide them in caves, where he provided for them.


To venture out of those caves meant a very probable death.


To venture out and speak meant a certain death (See 1 Kings 18:1-14).


Again, this does not excuse the silence of the prophets,


and not all were silent.


Elijah took his stand at the risk of his own life.


But at least it’s understandable why they were on the run.


To speak was to be killed.




This will certainly shut some mouths.


But today in America


who is putting a gun to our heads


or a knife to our throats? (I mean this literally.)


Who is threatening us with death if we speak?


And yet so many of us are silent.


So many have retreated.


So many have given way to a spirit of fear.


So many have made a bargain with the devil,


basically saying,


“I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me.


I’ll stay in my nice, safe, popular lane,


and you stay away from my family.”


I’m talking about preachers.


About pastors.


About prophets.


I’m talking about local leaders and national leaders.


Thank God for those with holy backbone.


Thank God for those


who are willing to pay the price to take a stand.


Thank God for those…


who walk in courage, who don’t back down.


From the heart, I thank God for each of you,


and I applaud you in the Lord.


Stay strong, my friends!


We need you on the front lines.


But all too many are in self-imposed spiritual exile.


All too many have made a calculated decision


to stay out of the fray.


All too many have put outward success


before inward obedience.


All too many have taken the path of least resistance.


This cannot continue!


… It’s time we arise and speak!


It’s time we overcome the fear of rejection,


the fear of conflict, and the fear of loss…


… And to all my colleagues with national platforms:


America needs your voice now more than ever.


Take up the cross and follow Jesus afresh.


Don’t let ratings and reviews dictate your choices.


Get a fresh message from heaven,


raise your voice, and speak.


The prophets must no longer be silenced!


… One lesson,


which is particularly important for Christian leaders,


is this:


don’t avoid confrontation.


We often try so hard to be nice.


At all costs, we do not want to offend.


But sometimes confrontation is necessary,


and there are scores of biblical examples for this.


Nathan the prophet confronted King David (2 Sam. 12).


Paul confronted Peter (Gal. 2).


… A second lesson is this:


don’t be a slave of public opinion.


… But all too often, as Christian leaders,


we are more concerned with human opinion than divine opinion,


more wanting to please other people than to please the Lord.


And all too often, we tell people what they want to hear


rather than what they need to hear.


This not only hurts the flock; it hurts us as well.


Let us take heed to these words of Dr. Martin Luther King,


“The ultimate measure of a man


is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience


but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”


George Ong’s comments:


Michael Brown’s words have indeed searched us to the depths of our being.


So, let us not be weary about speaking against and warning others


about this crafty man called Joseph Prince,


who hails from our own backyard in Singapore,


who is not only a serial liar, a serial double-talker, a serial hypocrite,


but worst of all, he is also an unrepentant heretic,


whose heresies are leading droves of people to the lake of fire.


In a video, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here


to view the 10-second video:


“And if you have partaken,


believe that you’re getting stronger, healthier


and even younger.


I believe the Lord’s supper


is the fountain of youth that men are looking for.”


In a sermon preached on 9 June 2024, 3 days ago,


Pastor Jason Lim said:


Please click here


to view the 2-minute-30-second video:


“For centuries, Christians, Evangelical Christians


have understood that Lord’s supper is the meal


that Christians have together to celebrate Christ


and what He’s done for us on the cross.


And how that meal is a remembrance


of how the sacrifice of Jesus inaugurates the New Covenant.


But recently, there’s someone who teaches


that Lord’s supper is for your medical health.


Lord’s supper is for you to get well, physical, bodily.


I’ll show you a book that is available today.


In this book, he (Joseph Prince) writes:   


“As long as we are here on earth,


our bodies are subject to the ageing process,


which is part of the divine sentence.


All our bodies are decaying every day.


Our brain cells are dying daily.


The Holy Communion is God’s solution


for us to offset the decay.


And even your friends will see the results.


They will begin to ask you,


“Hey, why do you seem to look younger and younger?


You never seem to age!”


I get that quite a bit.


But that’s not because


I keep the Lord’s supper thing, alright.


That’s totally not the point.


“… the Lord’s Supper is how God helps us


offset this process of aging and walk in divine health.


Every time you partake,


you are reversing the effects


of the curse or divine judgment.”


I know someone who actually says when he has nose bleed,


he just takes the Lord’s supper until the bleeding stops.


I say, ‘Please, Lah, press your nose first.’


But that’s how they have been taught


and they buy Lord’s supper to take at home.


But the Lord’s supper is actually a communion with brethren,


it’s not taken at home.


And it is certainly not a superstitious act


to get your bodily health right.


It’s about remembering Jesus and what He did for us


at the cross to save us from our sins.


The Lord’s supper that is meant to be a celebration of the gospel


is now turned into a superstitious voodoo act.”


In a teaching session, Kong Hee said;


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion,


is now used as a means to receive healing and blessing


for the individual.


Many Charismatic Christians in Asia,


many in Singapore, in Malaysia, in Indonesia,


and I understand also in the US.


They are teaching that one must take the Lord’s supper,


many times a day, by himself, by herself,


to ensure healing and health,


protection from evil spirits and curses.


I even hear that they are taking it


as an elixir for youth and longevity.


There are some who are teaching


that the more you partake of the Lord’s supper,


the younger you will look.


So, it’s now common these days to see Christians


carrying little pegs of wafer and little plastic cups of wine


or grape juice in their bags, in their handbags


everywhere they go,


to ensure that many times a day, at least 3 times a day;


they can partake of it by themselves


and live under constant blessing and grace.”


In a sermon, Dr Roland Chia said;


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“A representative of this group


has also presented an erroneous understanding


of the Holy Communion.


According to him (Joseph Prince),


eating the bread and drinking the wine


will guarantee good health and a long life.


In fact, he even recommends


that those who are sick


to partake the Holy Communion 3 times a day,


like taking medicine.


Needless to say,


this is a distortion of the sacrament of Holy Communion,


which is meant to point us


to what Christ has done for our eternal salvation.


At the hands of this preacher (Joseph Prince),


Holy Communion, has become an antibiotic or an elixir.


Those who peddle such doctrine


are offering strange fire (Lev 10:1-7).”


Although Dr Roland Chia


didn’t mention the name of the preacher in his sermon,


but if you ask him,


he will not hesitate to tell you


that the person he is referring to


is Joseph Prince.


If you happen to know Dr Roland Chia,


please call him and see


if what I told you is true.


George Ong’s comments:


Joseph Prince has said many times over the pulpit


that the reason his critics are taking issue with his teachings


is that they are jealous of him and his ministry.


This is Joseph Prince’s ploy


to send the same message to his supporters


to repeat the same tune


in their criticisms of his critics.


And plenty of his supporters didn’t disappoint.


How so many kept singing the same chorus


that Joseph Prince’s critics are jealous of him.


But would you believe the following Singapore Ministers


who have spoken out against Joseph Prince over his heresies


and publicly declared that he is a heretic


were acting out of jealousy?


Pastor Jason Lim, Dr Roland Chia,

Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng,

Rev Derek Hong, Rev Beh Soo Yeong,

Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev David Liew,

Rev Lawrence Yam, and many others…


Joseph Prince and his critics, please give us a break!


The discerning ones would know


Joseph Prince and his critics are merely using jealousy


as a convenient excuse to deflect from the real issue


and avoid answering all the true accusations


his critics have levelled against him


and his false teachings.

Joseph Prince and his critics


have deceptively framed the whole issue


as jealousy as a distraction, 


so he can get out of answering


all those specific accusations against him, 


that are based on the Bible 


and the hard facts 


of what he specifically said


and taught in his videos and books.


Let’s just assume (ONLY ASSUME) that ministers such as,


Pastor Jason Lim, Dr Roland Chia, Bishop Ho Chee Sin, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, Rev Derek Hong, Rev Beh Soo Yeong, Rev David Liew, Rev Tan Cheng Huat, Rev Lawrence Yam, myself, and many others,


who criticised Joseph Prince’s teachings


are really jealous of Joseph Prince’s success,


does it change the fact


that Joseph Prince has falsely preached


that the Holy Communion


is to be used to bring about good health


and make one younger,


which no true preacher


throughout the centuries of the Christian Church


has ever preached?


Does it change the fact


that Joseph Prince is guilty of preaching so many false doctrines


that have been proven on this website?


Finally, a word for the courageous critics of Joseph Prince


and the misguided supporters of Joseph Prince.


In ‘Swindoll’s Living Insights, New Testament Commentary, Luke,’


Charles Swindoll wrote:


“Truth divides.


The fact is, truth does not unite people;


it divides people.


Truth unites people who desire truth,


but it stirs violence in the hearts of those who don’t.”


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“I just stumbled on your videos.


Thank God.


I learn so much from you.


I always feel that Joseph Prince is so arrogant in his preaching.


I attended his services a few times


and wasn’t comfortable with his preaching.


Always left feeling so confused,


as I have been in Bible studies for many years.


Always more questions than answers,


but always giving him the benefit of doubt


as he seems to have brought many people to Christ. 


But you make me realize what Joseph Prince really is!


He is exactly like Joel Osteen, whom I really despise.


Please keep exposing Joseph Prince!


Hopefully, one day, he will repent, and be saved from hell.


God’s grace is abounding.


If you, Rev George Ong, were to go to jail because of him, Amen!


As more people will tune into your videos


and this heretic false teacher will be exposed,


and less people will go to hell because of him.”




“Sickening to see Joseph Prince cries out ‘Tien ah’


in his mockery against the Lord’s prayer,


and to hear his followers laughing.”




Rev George, you might have lost many friends


because of your calling to expose Joseph Prince,


but you are never lost in Christ.”




“Joseph Prince is a false preacher.


Influenced by his teachings, many become numb to sin.


They are self-entitled and think they are never wrong.”




“2 Peter 3:16:


There are some things in them (Paul’s writings)


that are hard to understand,


which the ignorant and unstable


twist to their own destruction,


as they do the other Scriptures.


Joseph Prince is such a one, given his track record


proven by Rev George Ong


in his 4,800 pages of analysis write-up


of Joseph Prince’s teachings and revelations,


and the more than 500 videos


and the many testimonies of Ex New Creation Church members.”




“I really hope God will remove this false preacher


who calls himself “Joseph Prince”


from further desecrating His truth.


Each time, he spews heresies,


he is being caught and exposed by Rev George Ong.


Yet, the multitudes who hear the false teacher


distorting the truth of God’s word


have no ability to see nor understand


the spiritual aberration caused and to flee.


May God have mercy on the deceived


and to provide a way out for them soon,


and to show them the true path toward salvation


as we are indeed living at the tail end of the end time


before Christ returns.


Time is running out!”




“That Singh really knows how to twist.


He sounds very convincing.


That’s how people get deceived.


May the truth be known.


The National Church Leadership should do something.


Hope she is aware of the false doctrines


that have been propagated.”




“I’m in agreement with Rev George Ong here. 


John 15:10 (KJV)


~ If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love;


even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his.


This verse speaks for itself


so that we shouldn’t be confused.


There is our obedience to the Lord


just as He had been (perfectly) obedient to the Father


right up to the very last of His breath in His time on Earth. 


Even so, Jesus taught simply (ie nothing academically profound)


that “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15).




“1 Cor 5: 12-13 AMP


There is a place for legitimate and righteous judgment in the Bible.


So, break the spell if you are under the impression


that Joseph Prince is anointed and untouchable.


“For what business is it of mine to judge outsiders (non-believers)?


Do you not judge those who are within the church


(to protect the church as the situation requires)?


God alone sits in judgment on those who are outside (the faith).




(expel him from your church).”




“Yes, we can’t.


And that is the very reason


why the Holy Spirit was given to us by Jesus Himself.


To transform and empower us.


Joseph Prince is perpetually stuck at the Justification stage.


There’s a second part to Grace


and that’s sanctification


which requires effort and commitment on our part.”






I bet the majority in New Creation Church


have not even heard of the word sanctification.


They have been indoctrinated with the teaching


that everything is paid for you at the cross.


You need only to rest.


Under law, as Joseph Prince says, its demand and demand;


under grace its supply and supply.”




“This is a very good, should I say, sermon. 


Have to save it to remind myself, too,


to obey the Lord my God. 


It’s very obvious here


that there is a twisting in Joseph Prince’s teaching. 


If his church members are not aware,


they will just swallow his teaching


without realizing the errors. 


They will think that there is no need for themselves to obey God’s Word


since Christ is the one who has stood in their place to obey. 


Sad and dangerous for any of us to be deceived.” 




“It is impossible to love God perfectly


but there must be sincere progression.”




“Hi Pastor George, have you written in to Salt and Light


(a respectable Singapore Christian think tank) about Joseph Prince?


Salt and Light has been very vocal in various issues


affecting the local Christian, eg 377A issue.


But they have not made any comments


about New Creation Church or Pastor Prince,


can you explain why?”




“1 John 2:5-6,


how do we know that we are in Christ?


If we keep His Word and walked in the same way


in which He walked


confirming Paul’s writing of 2 Corinthians 10:4-5


to bring every thought to obey Christ,


and NOT Christ’s obedience (which is another truth)


and there are many such similar verses


and recorded real life Bible examples


to illustrate God’s core truths.


Paul even said imitate me as I imitate Christ.


John’s epistles is one good place to know if one is truly saved.


There is a place for Christ’s obedience as in Romans


which will be certainly reflected in our growing obedience to Christ


as we grow spiritually if one is truly saved.


Charles Spurgeon said that God justifies no one


whom He does not sanctify.


This is absolute truth.


Luther: we are saved by faith alone


but the faith that saves is not alone,


Absolute truth said in another way,


all supported by many scriptures.”




“Yes, Rev Ong is teaching the truth.


I have checked several Bible commentaries on 2 Cor 10:5.


I can verify that Rev Ong is right in his interpretation.


Joseph Prince has, I can say adamantly,


distorted its meaning.”




“Thank you so much for this content.


Beginning to study Hebrew and Greek really dissuaded me


from a lot of these charismatic pastors.


I began to realize that a lot of them


did not know or care to understand the Bible


as it was written,


just to show off their own righteousness.


I didn’t remember this specific point from Joseph Prince,


but almost ten years after my last Hebrew class,


he came on my mom’s TV—she loves him.


He started to read some Hebrew,


and even though I’m not a Christian anymore


I still love to read the Bible, especially in Hebrew.


He read the passage and when he got to the Aleph-Tav,


he said that it was an untranslatable symbol for Christ.


My mouth fell open.


I had to leave the room.


I couldn’t tell if I thought it was funny or I was enraged.


He was lying.


And that kind of lying is one part


of why I cannot be a Christian anymore


(it is not the only thing, and I don’t want to argue here).


It does real harm to tell people lies,


especially when it is born out of your own ego.


I love and support my Christian mom,


but it makes me furious to know


that she is trusting liars.


Anyone who takes Joseph Prince up on studying Hebrew


will put him as a fraud.”




“Absolutely! He is not a prophet!


He’s a false prophet.


Always proclaims that God spoke to him this and that,


God reveals to him this and that …blah blah blah!


Thinks he is God’s special VIP to reach out to his church?


God reveals Himself to His people thru the Bible,


thru our Lord Jesus.


But Joseph Prince thinks it’s not enough,


that God needs to speak to him every now and then


to update His people?”




“I sent one of such articles to my friend in New Creation Church.


She did not even bother reply to me.


Most likely, Joseph Prince will tell his members


not to believe or talk to outsiders.”




“A deceitful person such as Joseph Prince


can hardly keep up remembering all his lies.”




“Dude, for starters,


I attended New Creation Church when they were in Suntec


and he has a history of flipflopping in his messages


without publicly stating his change in opinion and stance.


He has never admitted that.


He is not theologically trained


and I am not sure if I can agree


when he said he is led by the Spirit to teach.


I also remember he said he prophesied Covid


but clearly that sermon was on Ebola,


which was again twisted by him.


He has a number of erroneous teachings


if you listened long enough.


This one is another classic


Why do you think the voices in Christendom


against his teachings are getting louder and louder


and why do you think the church attendance is dropping?


Obviously, he won’t announce that.


What he will tell you is selectively pick examples against his teachings


that he can argue against and play victim,


but what he won’t tell you


are the theological sound arguments against him,


and also the difficult ones which he cannot answer.


He escapes by saying things like


if God has given weight to his words,


why should he give it to you by answering your critics.


And why do you think he is preaching lesser and lesser


the past 1 year plus or so.


The writings are all over the wall


if you are discerning enough.


Go figure it.”




“Please listen to David Wilkerson’s sermon.


He talks about sin, the wrath of God and repentance.


Joseph Prince will not enter by the narrow gate.”




“Many years ago, one of the churches in our city


invited Joseph Prince to preach in one of the conventions.


After the session, we went for supper


as everyone was hungry,


and I said I’m sure you guys must be very hungry now


for you must been fasting and praying.


Their leaders laugh at me and said they don’t have to fast


and they said that all has been done at the cross.


I was utterly surprised by their response.


That was about 20 plus years ago.


Joseph Prince was not that popular then.”




“Yes, Joseph Prince and his leaders liked (and I believe still)


like to poke fun of Christians


who practice fasting as part of spiritual discipline.


Joseph Prince’s heretical teaching on Christ done it all,


so, no need to fast and pray.


His teaching destroys all intimacy with Christ.


Do you all see that New Creation Church


doesn’t have deliverance ministry?


How can Satan drive out Satan?


It goes to show who is God in New Creation Church.”




“Actually, I am not really bothered


if Joseph Prince will repent or not.


Ultimately, God is the one who judge him.


After all, I won’t know if he will really repent or not


after he has been preaching


so many different versions of false repentance


and carnal obedience over the years


as a double talker, as a heretic,


or as an antinomian for more than 20 years.


I have come to the point where I am not interested


to know whether I should judge him or not


or whether God will judge him or not;


however, WHETHER I SHOULD WARN the people


so that they will not fall into his trap, his scam, his lies,


or his heresies is still of utmost importance to me.


If you ask me,


“Why should I waste my time warning the people


who will never listen to me?”,


I will ask in return, why do you waste your time


preaching the gospel to the sinners in those countries


which will never listen to you too?


It is the same question which you can answer yourselves


if you are honest about your question.


If you ask me,


“Why should I keep criticizing or preaching harshly against Joseph Prince?”,


I will answer with AN ANALOGY.


Have you warned the people


of a dangerous shark, crocodile, or snake in the water?


When you started to yell and call out the people


to flee from the water,


do you care if you were shouting out too loudly,


or would you think whether your voice


might scare the shark or snake?


No, of course not.


If you know that the false prophet is a wolf, a shark,


a double talker, a heretic snake, or an antinomian,


would you care how your words


would affect his feeling and might condemn him?


No, you won’t need to be a prophet to know


what and how to say to a ‘wolf’ or a ‘snake’


when you meet one.”




“If one doctrine is being ignored in this generation


is the teaching of making disciples.


This takes denying self


– taking up our cross


and following (obeying) Christ.


He, who is not a disciple, will not make disciples.


These are those that are heaping up teachers


that will satisfy their itching ears.


Following Christ is losing your life to be a vessel of honor.


The moment we received Christ, we died, so he could live.


Rev George, God bless you for speaking the truth


that is so desperately needed in this generation.”




“Think you are being sarcastic;


you are throwing out a lot of verses


but you can’t make sense out of them and know the truth,


if you have been following many videos and comments


made on this platform,


it will clear up your cluttered mind,


please do the necessary homework,


and if you really and sincerely wish to seek and know the truth,


please go read the 4,800 pages of hard and sacrificial work


done by Rev George Ong.


Ask yourself this question,


how do I know if I am saved or not? @dennislee4479”




“Thanks for exposing a false teaching.


We pray more people will turn away from falsehood


and back into the light of Christ.”


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“Doesn’t the word say to preach the gospel?


So why preach against others you consider incorrect?


Did Jesus do this?




These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“I think you are very superficial


and don’t know what you are talking…


Go read the 4 gospels and the epistles over and over again


until you see the light….


the Word of God is not for casual reading


and that explains why you became a casualty of Joseph Prince.”




“Are you advocating that false and insidious teachings


be loosed among good-hearted Christians?


Are you saying let those who are deceived


continue to be deceived, who cares?


Are you implying that exposing evil


is worse than doing evil?


Didn’t Jesus warn of false teachers


and wolves in sheep’s clothing?


Did Jesus say let them be, let them be?


Didn’t Jesus respond to religious hypocrites and false teachers


with remarkable firmness and righteous anger?


Spare a thought for the deceived and their families.  


False teachers “must be silenced,


because they are upsetting whole families


by teaching things, they should not teach


for the purpose of dishonest financial gain.” Titus 1:11




“Obviously, you don’t read or know the Bible well.


We are to rebuke and correct (even expose)


every work of darkness if necessary.”


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“Are you jealous of their success?


We are warned against judging others,


especially fellow servants of our Lord.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:






Satan can also give success. 


Read the account of Satan’s temptation of Jesus in the wilderness.


Satan promised success and fame to anyone


who bowed down to worship him.


Worship of Satan can include promoting heresies.


Read the verses


Matthew 4:7-10 ESV

[7] Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’” [8] Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. [9] And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” [10] Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”


Obviously, Jesus passed the test by rejecting Satan’s temptation. 


Whereas Joseph Prince has failed the test


and became an enemy of Christ


by spreading heresies using Christ’s name.


Be aware that Bible talks about false Christ and false teachings.


Joseph Prince and New Creation Church are not Christians.


No true Christian dares to add or take away from God’s Words.”




“Don’t judge” is a weapon used by false prophets


and his deluded followers


to stem the tide of spiritual discernment


sweeping across thoughtful, discerning,


enlightened Bible-reading Christians.


It’s the subtle use of the power of suggestion


– if you judge me,


you will be judged harshly by the Almighty


– to silence people into total unquestioning mindless acceptance


of their crooked teaching.


There are other intimidatory weapons in their arsenal,


eg, “Don’t touch God’s anointed”,


“God told me this”,


“the Holy Spirit is leading me” etc


Do you think Jesus is teaching us


to be undiscerning Christians?


Do you think Jesus is asking us


to throw away our critical faculty and perception?


Do you think Jesus is telling us


to accept any and every preacher’s teaching?


The NT has many examples of biblically justifiable judgement.


Just one example:


“My dear friends, don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you.


Not everyone who talks about God comes from God. (aha!). There are a lot of lying preachers loose in the world” 


1 John 4:1 The Message


A flakey understanding of “Do not judge”


will be to play into the hands of false prophets.


Don’t surrender your mind, personality and will


– and bank account – to a false preacher.”




“Nothing to be jealous of.


Build a big church by preaching false Gospel.


Joseph Prince is not a fellow servant of Lord


but a mammon.


His so-called earthly success is nothing but Hell after death.


So, are his followers unless there is repentance.


It’s written in the Bible.”




“This is not judging here.


This is not criticising.


It’s curiosity, asking questions.


Why do New Creation Church frequently talk


of supernatural cancellation of debt of its preacher? 


What about the water company Hyflux


that could not settle its massive debt


and was ordered by the High Court to wind up?


Was there a supernatural cancellation of debt here? 


Why not especially when its founder


was so highly praised by Joseph Prince before the congregation?


Worse, do you know the extent of the financial losses


that hit the thousands of shareholders?


Did Joseph Prince and the others give any


“I see in the spirit advice”


so the company could have been saved,


and, better still, the thousands of investors


spared the pain of losses?


How many investors were or are New Creation Church goers?


Just curiosity asking questions, not judging here.


Hope no one will say, you cannot ask questions.”




“Good observation and question.


Someone should ask the false teacher,


how come the debts of Olivia Lum


not supernaturally cancelled?”




“Fren, Rev Ong is discussing the interpretation of 2 Cor 10:5


to show Joseph Prince is not correct.


It’s not about judging.


Sure, you would want to be guided by the right interpretation.


So, is Joseph Prince correct or Rev Ong?


What do you think?


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“It is sad… Christians fighting among Christians.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Sadder still that large numbers deceived


and false preachers getting instant cash


and earning interest at the expense of the misled.”






It’s Christians fighting against deceiver.


Joseph Prince is not a true Christian


by the innumerable falsehoods


he has made on the Bible.”




“Saddest when you can’t recognise the sheep,


the goat and the wolf.”


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“Why is everyone so angry.


Be kind.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:






Next time, when you are scammed by a scammer


and lost the entire life saving in your bank account,


remember what you have said today;


you should be kind to the scammer


and don’t be angry.


Words of God must be respected and strictly followed.


No preacher should twist or distort it


to give it a different meaning


because the consequences is Hell.


When you are in Hell after you passed on,


remember what you have said today;


please be kind to the false preaching of Joseph Prince


and don’t be angry.


Thank him if you can for ending up in Hell.”






Hope you are not deceived.


You may be deceived without ever realising


you have been deceived your whole life.”




@randomdove007 you should be angry…


Jesus was angry when he drove out the merchants,


who turned the temple into a market place.


So, it is right to be angry when you see heresy.


The problem comes when you do not feel angry.”


Note this comment is a critique of my website:




“James 4:11


Do not criticize one another, my friends.


If you criticize or judge another Christian,


you criticize and judge the Law.


If you judge the Law,


then you are no longer one who obeys the Law,


but one who judges it.


12 God is the only lawgiver and judge.


Enough said.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Then your final destination is Hell


because you support and follow the false teaching


of the Gospel by a false preacher.


It’s written in the Bible.


Enough said.”




“Are you saying don’t exercise spiritual discernment


and imbibe everything?


Are you saying let lies and half-truths and distortions spread,


and let the false prophets prosper


at the expense of the people?


Are you saying pursue unity at the expense of truth?


Are you saying let the deceived


and their families continue to be deceived,


none of my business?


Are you saying forget about the warnings of false prophets


from Jesus and Paul?


How do you reconcile your exhortation


to keep silent about harmful teaching


with Eph 5:11 ( … rebuke and expose evil)


and Tit 1:11 (“They must be silenced, because they are upsetting whole families by teaching things they should not teach for the purpose of dishonest financial gain”)




“Only the spiritually dead with no discernment


will not judge. 


God expects us to judge biblically.”




“James 4:11, Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister[a] or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it.


It is obvious that Rev Ong isn’t slandering Joseph Prince


but is moved by the spirit of truth


to expose Joseph Prince’s untruths.


But as a Christian,


you can even take out a verse


and twist it to your own imagination.


It is already quite unbelievable.


Also, by your logic,


Paul who is constantly criticizing his fellow Christians,


is also wrong then?


Don’t forget that Joseph Prince loves to quote Paul out of context.


By your own logic,


anyone that is a Christian


is also given a free license to twist the Bible to his/her own benefits.”