Joseph Prince uses threats of death to frighten & con members back to church – By Rev George Ong (Dated 9 Jan 2024)


Special Announcement:


My special appreciation to Joseph Prince


for giving me so much materials to work on


in his latest sermon 2 days ago, on 7 Jan 2024.


Prince obviously knows that I thrive on work


(worthy work, but much rest also lah,


in case he starts to preach to me about rest).


There are at least 4 more articles to come,


one or two may be released before the end of this week.


(Note there are 8 videos on Joseph Prince)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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Joseph Prince has been trying very hard and on many occasions in his Sunday sermons


to get his people back to attend the Sunday services at New Creation Church.


You have to believe me as I view Joseph Prince’s sermons every Sunday.


But the most disturbing thing of all is that


Joseph Prince, obviously out of desperation,


has resorted to the threat of death (both physical and spiritual)


in order to get his people to come back to church.


What is repulsive is that Joseph Prince,


who frequently accuses his critics


of using fear to frighten people (which is untrue), 


is now using this same tactic of the fear of death


to frighten his people into coming back to New Creation Church.


This shows that the attendance at New Creation Church


has dwindled by a lot;


and by how much, only Prince knows,


but he is keeping absolutely quiet about the current attendance,


as his pride and ego is at stake.


Here is how Joseph Prince,


under the guise of scripture


and his sermon (suka suka interpretation),


uses the fear of death


to frighten his people to come back to his church.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 1-minute video:


“Now here’s a pattern again of what He wants to do


every Sunday, every Sunday.


So, this year, listen carefully,


He’s going to appear in our midst, right,


like what He did even just now and perform miracles.


Those miracles cannot happen.


Those healings cannot happen without His presence.


So, He tells us every time we are gathered on Sunday, He’s there.


One of the healings, one of the gifts rather I should say


is that the healings you have experienced just now is actually yours.


You inherited it, by seeing Jesus.


So, go back to John and you see, here’s a pattern.


In the midst of our sin, in the midst of our fear, in the midst of being fearing,


Jesus came and stood in the midst.


But where did He appear?


Where they were assembled together.


Not online.


Where they were assembled together in one room.”


Joseph Prince, as he has frequently done,


spent quite some time to pray for healing


before the sermon proper last Sunday on 7 Jan 2024.


As usual, he made sure those who are so-called healed


testify of their healing in the service proper


so as to prove he is preaching the right doctrine


and boost his ego.


The message of Joseph Prince is that


if they want to experience healings and miracles,


as they have seen just a while ago (before the sermon 2 days ago),


they need to come back to attend church physically on Sunday.


This is because Jesus will specially appear


in their physical gathering in one place on Sunday.


If the people were to watch online,


they are probably going to miss out


on these healings and miracles for themselves.


So, as I have said, Joseph Prince


started to pray for the healing of people before his sermon proper,


and he made sure that those who are so-called healed, testify.


He also gave many so-called words of knowledge and prophesied


that this person or that person will be healed of this or that disease.   


Then Joseph Prince said something


which exposed himself as a phony faith healer.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 30-second video:


“We’re not going to ask for testimonies for COVID or whatever, okay,


because people get scared.


If you start waving and then they start clearing.


So, there’s one thing that we will not want to.


Anyway, if you have COVID, don’t come, okay, at this present moment


until the day the Lord tells me


bring them over, I am gonna to release a healing for COVID,


I will do that.”


Come on, Joseph Prince,


don’t try to bluff your way around.


If you don’t need the Lord to specially lead you


to pray for this healing or that healing,


why do you need God to speak to you, particularly, on COVID?


If people need to be healed of COVID,


it is now.


What happened to your sermon on Psalm 91?


You have said before publicly that no disease can come near you, period.


So, I guess you ought to be now saying


that no disease can come near you, except COVID.


Or Joseph Prince, you will have to say that


God told you that no disease will come near you,


except COVID because COVID is beyond God’s power to heal.


Joseph Prince would have to answer the question:


if God can use him to heal other diseases, why not COVID?


If God didn’t need to tell him specifically to pray for other diseases,


why make COVID the exception?


And when Joseph Prince knows that his gameplan may be exposed


he has the cheek and the unholy daringness


to say God spoke to him


that he is not to pray for people to be healed of COVID.


He is misusing and abusing the name of God in vain


to cover for his scam.


This is what is nauseating and ‘unforgivable’.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 15-second video:


“So, peace and joy will happen


when you come together on a Sunday remembering the Lord.


Now, this goes against everything


you hear about Oh those people down there,


they are only Sunday Christians.


Aren’t you glad they are still coming on Sunday?”


The message of Joseph Prince 


is that if you want to enjoy peace and joy,


you need to come back to church on Sunday


and not to attend online.


Joseph Prince is so anxious to get anybody back,


even Sunday Christians.


What’s the use of getting so-called Christians who come to church


only to get from God – to enjoy the peace and joy.


Even though they may come back,


what kind of Christians are they?


They may not even be Christians in the first place.


They are likely to be those who buy Toto (lottery) and 4-D (lottery)


and, worse, pray to God that He will help them win those lotteries


– and hope they can win the 2.8 million Toto prize.


This is why Joseph Prince’s New Creation Church


have many members who buy Toto.


I do hope that Joseph Prince’s Pastors don’t do the same,


or it would be an abomination.


The reason Joseph Prince is pleading for the Sunday Christians to come back


is that he is merely looking for crowds – quantity.


Joseph Prince isn’t interested in quality as much as he is about quantity.


That is why Prince preaches against the costly discipleship teachings of Jesus.


Joseph Prince claims to be like Jesus


but he is so opposite from Jesus.


Jesus is looking for quality disciples


and Sunday Christians will have no place in His agenda.


But Joseph Prince loves to have these Sunday Christians


as he thrives on popularity


and loves speaking to big crowds to boost his ego.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 1-minute video:


“What happen when you don’t attend church one Sunday?


That very Sunday, the same Sunday,


Jesus appeared to them in the Upper Room,


someone was missing.


His name is Thomas


And Thomas could be a picture of somebody watching online as well, ah.


Why do I say that?


Because you can see Jesus on the screen


but you cannot touch the print of His nails or touch the side.


Only if you are there, can you have, that, right.


So okay, never mind.


Back then, they don’t have online, okay.


So, he was absent.


He was absent, we call him doubting Thomas.


But church, here we see that Sunday is important


because Thomas wasn’t there


and Thomas became an unbelieving believer.


It’s a misnomer.


Unbelieving believer.


You know of unbelieving believers.


Just one Sunday, don’t attend church


become unbelieving believer.”


What kind of Bible exegesis is that?


Any preacher worth his salt


would not accept such a strange and bizarre way


of interpreting the Bible on the said text.


The application of the text is also sorely wrong.


It is more of Bible manipulation than Bible interpretation.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 1-and-half-minute video:


“How did Mr Fortunate (Eutychus) fell off from his high place?


He was sitting at the window.


One thing. Let me tell this.


Don’t sit at the window.


You forget anything I preach today,


just remember, don’t sit at the window.


What does that mean?


Okay, when you sit at the window,


in a way, right, you are actually,


you’re sitting at the window.


What we called, sitting on the fence.


And by the way, yes, I cannot let go, lah, this one.


Sitting on the window, right;


window is usually square, right. Square, right.


You are watching everything that is happening, all the lights alright.


You’re not involved. You’re not in it.


You’re sitting on the fence.


And you are here and there.


Something’s very exciting.


I thought I heard a owl crow.


You look outside.


You’re looking at the darkness.


You’re looking at the light.


You cannot say that you’re not in church.


I meet people sometimes,


‘Are you still in church?’


He says,


‘I watch online.’


Online means distraction.


You are juggling. You’re juggling.


‘Ah, Pastor, small matter lah.’


He died lah.


He fell dead (Eutychus, Acts 20:6-12).”


It is abominable for Joseph Prince,


the so-called preacher of grace,


to resort to the threats of death


to scare his people back to church.


Now we are all getting confused!


Is Joseph Prince a grace preacher or a law preacher?


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 45-second video:


“This young man (Eutychus) fell (dead) at Paul’s preaching.


You would have thought it’s so exciting to hear all this revelation.


Why? He was looking at 2 worlds.


And Paul was preaching. He can hardly hear.


And it happens online,


I don’t know. You’re all find that.


Even for me if I watch online, right,


I get very easily,


I see something I want to do, something to remove.


I don’t know. I get a lot of distractions.


Do you?


Thank God, no one died.


So, it is spiritual meaning of death.


You know there can be death to your mind,


which means what?


You cannot remember things anymore.


Death can be depression in your mind.


Death in your relationship means what?


You lose someone you loved.


You’re no more together.”


Trying to use scare tactics to frighten people


of mental and spiritual death,


such as the Alzheimer’s disease, depression


and marital separation,


is as bad and painful as physical death.


But that’s what Joseph Prince is prepared to do


just to boost up the attendance at his church.


This is the kind of person you are dealing with.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 days ago,


on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 40-second video:


“You can’t afford to be sitting on the fence.


I come to church once a while.


Because death will come into your life.


And I don’t mean physical death,


I’m talking about death.


In some cases, there are physical deaths.


I know about cases like that as well.


People lose their lives because they left church,


and then no more in the teaching.


Got into all kinds of bad habits or whatever.


And then, they died.


Because of drugs or whatever, died.


I can trace it back, all the time


to where the parents might just say,


don’t have to church,


okay, never mind lah.


It’s okay, oh you’re too tired today, never mind.


Every Sunday is important.


Thomas became an unbelieving believer.”


So, Joseph Prince has spoken many times


about both physical and spiritual deaths 


that can happen to those who watch online.


And yet, he doesn’t even realise that he has contradicted himself.


I have proven ‘countless’ times that Joseph Prince is a serial double-talker.


Here is another proof.


In a Sunday sermon, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 20-second video:


“Watch what you say. 


The devil is after your words.


He wants you to use your words against yourself.


Oh, die lah, die lah, die lah.


No one say, live lah, live lah, live lah.


Die lah, die lah.


I’m dying for this. I’m dying for that.


He has programmed death into your language.


Old, lao liao, lao liao. Old, old, I’m getting old.


He has programmed that.


He knows that he has no power.


The power of life and death is in your tongue.”


Joseph Prince frequently teaches that


we shouldn’t use words such as ‘death’ or ‘sickness’ or ‘aging’ (lao liao)


because we have the power to speak them into existence.


We have the power to shape our reality through the use of our tongues or words.


For example, if you have a headache


and you keep saying it,


you are giving the headache the power to exist and cause you pain.


But if you turn around and say that your headache is gone


because you are healed (even though you aren’t and still have the headache)


then the headache must leave your body (but the headache is still there)


because your words have the power to change reality.


Similarly, if a believer keeps mentioning the word ‘death’ in his conversations,


he may soon encounter it one day because,


according to Joseph Prince,


there is power over life and death in our tongue or words.


The main idea is that our spoken words


can affect reality and change our situation for better or worse.


If you speak positive words and confess positively that you are young,


then there will be positive results


– that you can really become young or look young at least.


That’s why this is called the ‘Positive-Confession’ doctrine.


Conversely, if you speak negative words such as ‘death’ or ‘aging’ (lao liao),


then you will encounter negative results


– you will actually become old,


and perhaps, looking half-dead


or even be spiritually and physically dead.


This is definitely not what I believe


but this is what Joseph Prince teaches frequently.


Yet, Joseph Prince broke his own rule


by speaking about death many times


in his latest sermon 2 days ago on 7 Jan 2024.


What is worse is that Joseph Prince


is speaking death into those


who have stopped attending his New Creation Church


and watching the worship services online.




There is nothing wrong with Pastors


encouraging their members to come back to church.


But what is unacceptable and atrocious is that


Joseph Prince has bent himself so low


and resort to using the threat of death to get them back.


When a preacher such as Joseph Prince


has to resort to the threat of death


to frighten his congregation,


you can be sure he is not acting out of love, 


but out of his own insecurity and ego


because of a less than ideal-size-crowd to preach to every Sunday.


My parting shot to Joseph Prince:


“Hey, Joseph Prince,


what do you think of my first reply to you?


Did I live up to your expectations?


Thanks again for giving me so much materials to work on.


Be sure to reply to this article


in your coming sermon on 14 Jan 2024, this Sunday.


Please don’t forget to especially explain


why did you break your own rule


about not speaking on the negative, such as death,


which you did plenty of times


in your last sermon on 7 Jan 2024, 2 days ago.


Rev George Ong