Joseph Prince to sue me? & suppose an ardent fan of his threatens my life? – By Rev George Ong (Dated 24 Jan 2024)


Announcement No 1:


There are 8 videos and an audio on Joseph Prince.


Note the audio is not featured in the YouTube video


but only in this article.


An interesting fact you must know


is that the 45-second audio


has been censored from the original video/audio


by Joseph Prince and New Creation Church.


Why? Find out in this article.


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See the Appendix


for an interesting piece of information.


Announcement No 3:


Don’t miss the inspiring quote by Martyn Lloyd-Jones


on Martin Luther, who is featured in this article.


Announcement No 4:


Joseph Prince is pretty desperate to get his people


back to physically attend the worship services


that he has resorted to using the threat of death


to con them back.


This is not surprising as the latest information


about the second 11.30 am service at Star Vista,


is that it has plenty of empty seats. 


For example, the third level


is approximately about 10 percent filled.


This information, which is the most current,


is obtained during the 21 Jan 2024 worship service only 3 days ago,


Don’t ask me how I obtain the information,


but it is 100% reliable.


So, now you can understand why Joseph Prince


is so desperate to get more people to come back.


As one of my friends told me recently,


which makes good sense


– that the reason Joseph Prince is so anxious


to get more people back,


has to do with the financial side of things.


More people mean more giving


and fewer people mean less money, lah!


And you know something,


Joseph Prince wasn’t even preaching live at the 11.30 am service last Sunday.


Those who attended the 11.30 am service were watching


the video of Joseph Prince preaching


(recorded at the 8.30 am service).


It’s like watching online at the Star Vista.


Isn’t it strange that Joseph Prince


had pleaded with his people


to come for the worship service at Star Vista


and not to watch online at home.


But those who came for the 11.30 am service


were also, in every sense, watching online.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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to view the entire video:


A. Being Sued By Joseph Prince Is The Least Of My Concern


Throughout my years of contending against Joseph Prince


since 2017,


many people, both friends and ‘foes’,


have warned me that Joseph Prince may sue me


for what I have written against him.


Many Pastors and Ex New Creation Church members


have refrained from writing against Joseph Prince


for the same fears.


In fact, some Ex New Creation Church members


(among many others)


said that knowing Joseph Prince,


he probably would sue me.


In my heart, I totally disagree


as I believe I know Joseph Prince more than they do,


even though they have been attending New Creation Church


for many years.


Call it spiritual discernment or gut feeling if you want.


If I had listened to them,


my ministry against Joseph Prince would not have even started,


and this website would not see the beginning of its day.


Recently, an ardent supporter of Joseph Prince wrote to me,


threatening me that Joseph Prince would sue me.


This is the last straw, prompting me


that I should once and for all address this issue publicly.


Please note I didn’t say


Joseph Prince instructed him to write to me.


I said that he himself had,


out of his own misguided zeal


and misplaced support for his idol, Joseph Prince,


wrote this letter to me.


This is not the first time


that someone has written such letters to me to frighten me,


so I would quit writing and contending against Joseph Prince.


So, let’s say (let’s say only) Joseph Prince really sues me.


So what!


Bring it on, ‘men’.


Let’s say Joseph Prince wins the court case


and I am made a bankrupt.


So what!


Bring it on, ‘men’.


Let’s say, for some reason, I have to go to jail.


So what!


Bring it on, ‘men’.


Let’s say an ardent supporter of Joseph Prince,


on his own accord,


writes to threaten to end my life,


so as to stop me from writing and contending against Joseph Prince. 


So what!


Bring it on, ‘men’.


Friends, I am not joking.


I mean everything I said in the above.


If you are so fearful of bankruptcy or jail


or someone ending your life,


then you would need to get out of this ministry.


Get out of the ministry


and do something else,


something safer and more comfortable for you.


This ministry is not for the fearful


but the fearless.


Friends, you need to have the fearlessness of the Lord


to handle this kind of ministry;


to confront the demonic forces behind


Joseph Prince and his heretical ministry.


Some of you may think


what I’m saying is something out of this world.


It is not!


You must remember that that’s the kind of situation


the Apostles and the early Christians


and many Christians throughout the centuries of Christianity


were faced with.


Many of them were persecuted,


many went to jail,


and many were slaughtered.


Friends, this is not supernormal Christianity.


This is normal Christianity.


As you read the many articles on this website,


you will discover I have accused Joseph Prince of many things.


I have called him a liar and hypocrite many times.


Many people are concerned


– what if Joseph Prince sues you


– aren’t you afraid of going to jail?


If you are so jittery and are already shaking with fear,


this battle is certainly not for you.


If I am prepared to give up my life


and had already conducted my own funeral


in my heart to fight against


Joseph Prince, the heretic and his heresies,


what’s going to jail – PITTANCE!


If they want to give me the privilege


of being persecuted for righteousness’ sake


by sending me to jail,


be my guest!


If you don’t like the way I have put it,


or what I have written, especially in the last 10 articles,


let me remind you


that I am only following in the tradition


of Christ Jesus, Prophet Elijah and Apostle Paul,


who used Holy Sarcasm against the false teachers.


But I do not think that I will go to jail for several reasons,


but even if I do, I will gladly go.


Let me give you 3 reasons


why Joseph Prince dares not sue me.


First, Joseph Prince treats me as a Christian,


and if he does so, how can he sue me?


If he did, he would have gone against scriptures.


Unless he treats me as a heretic and a wolf,


as I have done to him.


Second, how can Joseph Prince


sabotage and undo all that he is trying to teach about grace?


If he sues me, it would be totally ungraceful


for a grace teacher like him to do that.


Don’t you think it would be undignified for Joseph Prince,


a world-renowned teacher of grace,


to sue a small fry like George Ong?


If he sues me,


he would only be sabotaging


and undoing his own reputation as a Super-grace teacher.


All his efforts at trying to teach


about the abundant grace of God to us


and about believers,


who ought to be extra gracious to others,


will take a severe beating.


After all, isn’t he the Chief Guru on Super-grace?


How can the Chief Guru on Super-grace


act in such an ungracious manner by suing me?


It would be totally out of place for one who breathes grace,


dreams grace, teaches grace and champions grace


to act in such an ungracious manner


by suing another person.


And no one will ever believe he is a Super-grace teacher anymore


if he cannot even handle the criticisms


of a small fry called George Ong and had to sue him


– which is a sure-die alternative


for the so-called Super-grace teacher like him.


Third, do you think Joseph Prince would dare to sue me?


On what basis can he sue me?


Can he sue me because my allegations


are based on mere fiction and pure imagination?


Or is my ‘speaking bad’ about him


based on hard facts


of what he actually wrote in his books


and said in the videos and audios?


How can Joseph Prince and gang


succeed in proving that what I have written are lies


– when the substance of what I have surfaced


are all that he has been teaching,


both in his books and videos/audios.


It would be preposterous for him to sue me


– as all his frequent double-speakings,


the many internal contradictions of his teachings


and the stark falsity of his doctrines


would be unveiled in the court of public opinion


to be scrutinized and judged.


The resultant damaging publicity and bad press generated


would be the last thing Joseph Prince is looking for.


After one high-profile court case


of a Singapore mega-church pastor not too long ago,


do you think he, being another mega-church pastor,


would dare to put himself in the limelight


and the glare and scrutiny of the public eye by suing me?


He certainly knows that


it would be silly and ‘suicidal’ for him to do so.


On the other hand,


I do not teach Hyper-grace or Pseudo-grace or Super-grace.


I teach True Grace.


I teach that while we must show grace to fellow believers,


the way we handle heresies and heretics,


and especially unrepentant heretics like Joseph Prince,


is discernibly different.


I teach that we must do


what the Apostle Paul, Apostle John, Jude and Jesus


had done to heretics:


to contend against them


and be absolutely tough with them.


I follow the example of Paul,


who teaches that heretics


need to be sharply rebuked and silenced.


Paul and Jesus are even prepared


to curse and condemn them to hell.


John said to associate and fellowship with them


is to participate in their evil.


And yet, there are Pastors I know


who meet up with Joseph Prince.


What I have written in all my articles,


is consistent with my theology of exercising true grace to believers


but to fiercely contend against heretics and heresies,


which are harming and destroying the Church


and leading the multitudes of souls to hell.


And Holy Sarcasm against the False Prophets,


which is practised by Prophet Elijah, Apostle Paul,


the Lord Jesus and even God Himself,


is what I have employed against Joseph Prince.


So, coming back…


Frankly, I don’t think I will ever go to jail.


But let’s say,


Joseph Prince manages to get


his Church or one of his gang,


to do the ‘dirty’ job for him to sue me,


and I do go to jail.


If Joseph Prince and his gang


were to give me the privilege of going to jail,


praise God!


I will have the honour of being another Apostle Paul.


Paul said in Ephesians 3:1,


1 “For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus


for the sake of you Gentiles—”


In the tradition of Paul, I, too, can say,


“I, George, the prisoner of Christ Jesus…”




What an honour?


What a glorious privilege!


If you think I am mad,


you have probably forgotten the scriptures


in Matthew 5:10-12,


which states that we can rejoice


if one is persecuted for righteousness’ sake.


Don’t you think I’m joking,


even though I can be a great joker?


For those who know me,


I can be crazily joking,


but I, too, can be utterly serious.


So even if I go to jail,


it is an extremely small price for me to pay


– as long as the Wolf, Joseph Prince


and his Pseudo-grace theology is exposed


– as long as the true gospel, not a false gospel, is being preached


– as long as you are liberated from falsity to truth


– as long as it will pluck people who are being deceived


by Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace teachings from going to hell.


So, the price that I may have to pay


by going to jail is pittance,


as compared to what Christ can do through me


for the welfare of the Church


and for the sake of preserving the true gospel.


If Joseph Prince


or he uses the Church


or one of his supporters to sue me


– it will certainly go public.


And even if it does not go public,


I will make doubly and triply sure that it goes public


so that Joseph Prince and his false teachings


can be exposed to the world


– His reputation as a Super-grace teacher


will take a severe beating.


Joseph Prince, if you, or through the Church or someone,


ever decide to sue me,


may I advise that you sue me


for the 100 percent of the allegations


I made against you


– that you are a serial liar, serial double-talker, serial hypocrite, etc,


in the 4,800 pages of notes in my book. 


If you choose to sue me, for example,


only on the 10 percent of my allegations against you


because there is a legal basis,


I will expose to the world


on the 90 percent of my allegations against you


that you dared not sue me on.


And the world will know that 90 percent of the allegations


I made against you


that you are a serial liar, serial double-talker and serial hypocrite, etc,


is the truth.


You may be legally right


to refute the 10 percent of my allegations against you,


but it is my turn to show to the world


that you are morally and spiritually wrong,


not just for the 90 percent


but for the 100 percent of the allegations


I made against you. 


You ought to know that being legally right


does not mean you are morally and spiritually right.


People of God,


this has nothing to do with revengeful talk


but everything to do with prophetic courage.


You need the lion courage of the prophetic


to deal with the deceptive and grossly unrepentant Joseph Prince,


who is empowered by the devil.


If you are still wondering why I am so fierce with Joseph Prince,


you are probably quite ignorant about the prophetic.


And no wonder when one starts to move in the prophetic,


many believers think he is an alien from outer space.


Diplomatic silence and fearful inaction by the Church


will only embolden him further.


The time for ‘sweet talk’ with Joseph Prince is over.


The time has come to deal with him prophetically.


We need the pure guts of Prophet Nathan


to confront King David, “You are the man!” (2 Sam 12:7).


We need the politically incorrect Prophet John the Baptist


to castigate the Pharisees, “You brood of vipers!


Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?” (Matt 3:7 NIV)


We need the eccentricity of Prophet Elijah


to mock and defy the 850 false prophets


and ‘slaughter’ them all (1 Kgs 18:27, 40; 1 Kgs 19:1).


We need the Holy boldness of Prophet Jesus,


who pronounced seven woes on the Pharisees,


the false teachers of His day,


and denounced them as children of the devil (Matt 23; Jn 8:44).


Fellow believers,


this is not vindictive talk;


this is prophetic talk.


I have the moral and spiritual responsibility of a watchman


to warn the people


so that they would not be deceived


by Joseph Prince’s false gospel


and be led to their eternal destruction.


If need be,


I am prepared to empty the last cent in my bank account


– even be declared a bankrupt


– in contending against Joseph Prince.


Just remember, I do not have any hidden agenda


or personal battle to fight against Joseph Prince.


I do not know him personally.


Neither have I talked to him even once.


Whether you believe me or not,


I am only doing this


purely because of God’s call


and for the sake of the Church,


to warn her of the false and destructive teachings of Joseph Prince.


And I am ready to die for the sake of the Church, if necessary.


Church, if you still do not appreciate what I am doing


and the extent to which I am willing to sacrifice for your sake,


there is nothing that I can do to convince you.


Just think


– of the humongous time and effort


to produce the 4,800 pages eBook without remuneration


and at my own expense over years


– the grind of writing of articles against Joseph Prince,


day and night, many nights with barely a few hours of sleep


that has taken my blood, sweat and tears


– I am prepared to go to jail,


empty my last cent in my bank account,


be declared a bankrupt


– and the worst is to be rejected


by a large portion of the Church,


whom I am ‘dying’ for


– and even to give my life for her sake


– would I do all this for my sake?


My word to Joseph Prince,


the unrepentant heretic,


the son of the devil,


is that the battle against you,


will continue as long as you are unrepentant


and as long as God didn’t call it a day for me. 


is encapsulated in my 3 original quotes:


“A man of true conviction will have the spiritual dare


 to stare into the eye of his strongest heretical opponent


and resolutely refusing to be the first to blink.”


“You can never win fighting a man who has died to self,


as there is no more weapon in your arsenal


that can ever threaten him.”


“If to ‘contend for the faith’


means to oppose and do battle with heresies


– does one do it politely or robustly


– does he come with a friendly handshake to placate


or with the sword of the word to decimate?”


People of God, I wish you would understand


that my purpose is not to destroy Joseph Prince.


I do hope one day, he truly repents.


If he truly repents,


I am quite sure that God will use him again


to rebuild his ministry from ashes to glory.


If he truly repents


(not in the false way of repentance that he currently teaches,


that repentance is only a change of mind),


I will be the happiest man,


as his soul, which is headed for destruction,


would be saved for eternity.


Then I will commit to praying for him regularly


that God will grant him success after success


in his ministry and for His glory.


Joseph Prince, you have mocked what I said in the above before.


If you ever mocked again what I said from my heart,


then let’s bring the battle to a higher intensity.


Be sure that I will be there to take you on.


Bring it on, ‘men’.


B. Who Should Fear Being Sued?


People have always posed this question to me,


“George, are you not concerned


that Joseph Prince may sue you


for writing so much against him?”


What a question to ask.


It is the wrong question to begin with. 


The right question to ask is


– is Joseph Prince concerned


that I and/or the Church


may ‘sue’ (don’t mean to sue, literally) him?


Joseph Prince should be shaking in fear


that I and/or the Church may ‘sue’ him


and not the other way round.


Let me repeat


– the one who ought to be shaking in fear about being ‘sued’


is not me, but Joseph Prince.


Joseph Prince should be thankful


that I and/or the Church have/has so far not ‘sued’ him for:


– Misrepresenting the Holy word of God on plenty of occasions.


– Twisting many texts of the Bible to suit his theology.


– Blatantly reading and adding words and ideas into the scriptures.


– Interpreting passages out of contexts on many occasions to deceive the flock.


– Distorting and ‘deleting’ the teachings of Jesus.


– Lying that his grace theology is based on Pauline theology.


– Teaching against the Apostolic Fathers, the Reformation Fathers, the Puritan Fathers, etc.


– Openly lying that he is teaching according to the tradition of Martin Luther and the Reformation Fathers – that only justification, without the need for sanctification, is needed for salvation.


Etc, etc, etc.


What I have written against him and his teachings


are not based on imaginary facts or flimsy argumentation


but hard evidence and thorough analyses


based on his books, videos and audios.


So Church – wake up!


What has gone wrong with the Church?


You don’t even know that the Church is on solid ground


and Joseph Prince is on shifting sands.


It’s time to make a stout and robust defence of the word of God.


It is time to courageously contend for the faith


and against false shepherds like Joseph Prince,


who dares to malign it.


C. Joseph Prince Won’t Sue Me As He Has Said On Audio He Appreciates People Like Me Speaking Bad About Him


I somewhat do not understand why many supporters of Joseph Prince


are so worked up when I contend against him.


This is reflected in the plenty of hate mails that I received.


Let me tell you that Joseph Prince


would have me to thank for speaking ‘bad’ about him


because I am only doing him a great favour.


Joseph Prince would love to express his tremendous thanks to me


for speaking so much ‘bad’ about him.


I am not telling a lie.


I am serious about what I just said.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to listen to the 45-second audio:


“I never knew persecution


until I preach the gospel of grace.


And then I became famous.


I want to go on record saying


I want to thank everyone who spoke bad about me


because many people didn’t even hear about me,


but because of you now, they know.


And honestly, many people never heard about New Creation Church.


But thanks to you, speaking things against our Church.


People come and try to check us out,


many of them never check out.


They became permanent residents.


So, I have to say thank you very much.


Appreciate the free advertisement.”


After listening to the 45-second audio,


ask yourself


how can Joseph Prince sue me


– if I am one of those,


who by speaking against his teachings,


had helped him to become famous?


Since he had already said on audio


that he would thank those who speak ‘bad’ about him


– and if he were to sue me,


he would be insincere


and one who has honed the skill of double-talk to perfection.


Worse, if he were to sue me, he would be called a liar.


Since Joseph Prince had already said on audio


that every ‘bad speaking’ about him


would help him and New Creation Church


to be known on a wider scale,


may those who are his supporters


– please don’t get so worked up each time


when something negative is spoken against him.


I am sure Joseph Prince


would love you to respond in the same way as he did.


You now have the blessing of Joseph Prince to rejoice each time


when I speak bad about him,


instead of wasting all your energies


getting all upset with me and trying to defend him.


The more ‘bad’ I speak against him,


the more famous he will become,


and the more he will thank me for it.


According to Joseph Prince


– each time I say anything ‘bad’ about him and his teaching,


I am not sabotaging or damaging his ministry,


but I am providing free advertisement for him


to become more popular and well-known.


I am helping to bring more people to New Creation Church


to check him out and then found themselves


not being able to check out


– that his teaching is so powerful and magnetic


that critiques can be brainwashed to become his fans.


And so, for the supporters of Joseph Prince


– the next time when you hear of me speaking ‘bad’ against Joseph Prince,


just play this audio to your fellow supporters and tell them to rejoice


instead of getting mad over the matter


because the Joseph Prince whom you adore


will become even more well-known and famous.


I am not lying or putting words into his mouth.


This is what Joseph Prince actually said on audio


– and what he said


was rousingly applauded and ardently supported


by his congregation.


So how could Joseph Prince


go back on his word and sue me?


Note that I have to present what Joseph Prince said in the above found in the original audio


because it was censored from the video version that is put for sale.


I have also discovered that it was also censored in the audio version that is put on sale.


But I am in possession of the original audio when it was first produced.


I have to make this clear, in case people who got hold of the video or audio form of this sermon, 


may think it was I, who had, dishonestly, inserted something foreign (the above 45-second audio) into the sermon.


I hope you do appreciate my role.


Not only must I be knowledgeable about God’s word


to take Joseph Prince on,


I need to be a competent and busy detective as well.


That’s how I uncovered that the 45-second audio


was censored by Joseph Prince.  


But the more crucial question to ask is


– why did Joseph Prince and New Creation Church censor it?


Before I tell you the reasons why Joseph Prince had censored it,


let me make a few brief points for those who have listened to the 45-second audio.


If you want to learn how to be a biting sarcastic preacher, and acquire the skill of using sarcasm with finesse against your critics,


look no further – Joseph Prince, who is unequalled, is the one you ought to learn from.


Those who wish to learn about the creative art of making fun of people in style without appearing overly offensive,


Joseph Prince is also the Guru that you should look up to.


Come to think of it


– how can Joseph Prince, who is the world’s best-known Grace Teacher,


and who is supposed to be gracious even to his critics,


act in that sarcastic way to them?


Try to reconcile that!


It looks like his own grace teaching


has not even affected his own life – the Super Grace Teacher


– so how then can it affect others?


Yes, I didn’t forget that I am supposed to offer my brief take on why Joseph Prince and New Creation Church


had to censor that part of the sermon that I had shown you in the original audio at the beginning of this article.


It is to cover up the fact


by removing the evidence


that the world’s best-known Grace teacher, Joseph Prince,


is also a sarcastic preacher,


who likes to make fun of his critics


– and by the way, that’s his real character.


Try and reconcile between a Master-teacher of grace


and someone who is sarcastic and likes to poke fun at people


– tough isn’t it?


Finally, I have 2 more issues to deal with.


First, I do hope that more Pastors


and Ex New Creation Church members, 


would come forward to write against


and share about the heresies of Joseph Prince,


so as to warn others


to come out of Joseph Prince’s demonic fold.


Don’t worry, I can assure you that you won’t be sued


unless you make foolish statements like


Joseph Prince has been sleeping with 10 different ladies,


or Joseph Prince has cheated 10 people of $1 million each,


based on no facts but only your unsanctified imagination.


Joseph Prince would never sue you as he has no grounds to.


If fact, if he really wants to sue,


it is not you but me that he will sue


because I do the most damage to his ministry.


So, may I appeal to more Pastors and Ex New Creation Church members


to come forward to write and share


for the benefit of the larger body of Christ.


Second, suppose one day,


if any of Joseph Prince’s ardent fans


dares to threaten me with my life,


then be brave enough to put your name there.


I can assure that the next day,


I will feature what you wrote


about your threat to my life on my website.


But, be assured out of true grace and love,


(not the false grace that Joseph Prince


is deceiving the world with.)


I would not report you to the police.


Neither will I volunteer to testify against you in court.


And hopefully, you will repent


from being a fan of Joseph Prince,


the son of the devil.


My purpose is to send the message to you and others


that if you think that by threatening my life,


you can stop me from writing


and contending against Joseph Prince,


then you have picked on the wrong guy;


you have wasted your time.


So, try harder the next time.


I can glorify God


both through my living and in my dying.


The length of my life is not in man’s hands,


but it is totally in God’s hands.


If I live, I live for the glory of God.


If I die in whatever way,


be it in pleasant or unpleasant circumstances,


I die for the glory of God.


Not like Joseph Prince,


who wants to take the place of God,


as he teaches that he can determine


how long he wishes to live.


D. Excellent Article by Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Martin Luther


For those who are called to this tough ministry,


to confront the demonically empowered Joseph Prince ministry


may the following article encourage you


as it had encouraged me.


In ‘An exposition of Ephesians 6:10-13, The Christian Warfare,’


Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:


“Why are many today


denying the glory of the Protestant Reformation?


Martin Luther


– one man, standing against the whole Church


– would be dismissed today


as ‘just an individualist who never co-operates’.


But he stood up and said in effect,


‘I am right, you are all wrong!


Without realizing it


the moderns are dismissing Luther as a fool,


and as an arrogant fool,


because he stood alone.


But why did he stand alone?


There is only one answer.


He stood alone because he had seen the truth of God,


and had known and experienced the blessed liberation it brings.


He had seen the light


and had also been awakened


to ‘the wiles of the devil’.


When a man sees this truth,


he has no choice.


He does not force himself


to stand alone.


He does not even want to do so;


but he can do no other.


As Luther said,


‘Here I stand, I can do no other,


so help me God!’


And God did help him.


Of course, He did!


God will always honour His truth


and the man who stands for it.


Of course, such a man will meet criticism


and sarcasm and derision;


much mud will be thrown upon him.


But that does not matter.


The man who continues to stand,


and who is ready to die for the truth of God,


will have ‘the peace of God


that passeth all understanding’


in his heart and mind.”


E. More Proofs That Joseph Prince Is An Unrepentant Double-Talker


1. Proof on Videos that Joseph Prince is a Serial Double-Talker


Among my many accusations of Joseph Prince


is that he is a serial double-talker;


that is, he says one thing at one time,


and then swings to the other extreme,


and says another thing at another time,


Joseph Prince committed the same sin again


in his latest sermon 3 days ago on 21 Jan 2024.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said:


Please click here to view the 20-second video:


“When I hear people speaking against me


or writing against me or whatever,


one of the things that I do is that I go to God and say


‘Father, I thank you that that person


is the righteousness of God in Christ.


And I pray that you give the person a spirit of wisdom


and revelation in the knowledge of you.


And I bless that person in Jesus’ name.’”


Joseph Prince seems to be rather charitable to his critics.


But you would think twice once you view the next video.


In a sermon on 7 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said:


Please click here to view the 20-second video:


“The Bible promises you one suffering.


What is that?


You will be persecuted.


People will persecute you.


See the person with a pen getting ready


to write something against me, you see.


I even welcome the persecution. Amen, right.


I even prepare them for it.”


How can Joseph Prince


who seem to be loving to his critics


suddenly portray them so uncharitably


as people who are out to get and persecute him, publicly.


In a sermon on 21 Jan 2024, 3 days ago Joseph Prince said:


Please click here to view the 10-second video:


“The one that speaks against you and all that,


he’s a precious jewel on the breast plate of Jesus.


I will not see him otherwise.”


Surprise, the same Joseph Prince


from his hostile view of his critics as his persecutors,


reverts to his charitable posture regarding his critics


by seeing them as precious jewels.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said:


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“There will be people who will be jealous of you.” 


That’s the mentality, or a church must be small and poor.


As the saying says, ‘as poor as a (church mouse).’


How can you say that?


Why is the church mouse different from other mouse?


Oh, there is a difference.


Compare church mouse with Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse is prosperous.


No one says that Mickey Mouse 


believes in the health and wealth doctrine.


Nobody says that.


But I tell you, I tell you,


you need to cancel someone,


you must cancel Mickey Mouse.


No, of course not.


Don’t blame Mickey,


don’t blame Minnie.


Don’t blame Donald (Duck).”


These precious jewels which are so close to Jesus’ heart


as Joseph Prince claims to perceive his critics,


are now seen by Joseph Prince


as people who are jealous of him,


and people to be made fun of,


by getting his congregation to participate


in the mocking and fun-making exercise


– through their scornful and gleeful laughter.


Can you see how terrible Joseph Prince is


in the way he double-talks?


Some may argue that some of the videos


are taken from the past.


So what!


The point is not what Joseph Prince has said in the past.


The real point is for those hostile attitudes


that he portrayed against his critics in the past,


has he publicly repented, recanted and apologise


– that he no longer holds


to such unwholesome attitudes towards them?  


The real truth is Joseph Prince


has never publicly apologised or repented or recanted


for many of those arrogant attitudes towards his critics.


So, this simply means that


he continues to hold on to these negative attitudes


towards his critics.


That being the case, it is now confirmed that


for those so-called positive attitudes


that he portrays towards his critics in some of the videos,


do not represent his real character,


and is only done for show.


This is the real Joseph Prince I am unveiling for you.


2. Proof on Videos that Joseph Prince is a Serial Double-Talker


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 2 Sundays ago,


on 14 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 10-second video:


“Why? He’s (Jesus) talking to natural people


even though they are disciples (12 disciples),


they are not yet born again


because the Holy Spirit has not yet come.


They were disciples following Jesus


but they were not born again, sons of God.”


So, in the sermon on 14 Jan 2024,


Joseph Prince categorically said


that the disciples of Jesus weren’t born again or saved


because it was before the cross (he teaches this also)


and the Holy Spirit has not come.


But in another sermon, Joseph Prince said the opposite


that they were born again.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said:


Please click here to view the 40-second video:


“And then Peter said to Him,


“You shall never wash my feet!” (Jesus answered him),


“If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.”


Now some people say,


“Well, that shows salvation.


He says ‘You have no part with me.’”


No, salvation is, He would have said, “You have no part in Me.”


It is not the Greek word ‘en’, ‘in’.


‘En’ is the Greek for ‘in’ in English.


It is the word ‘Meta’ in Greek for “with Me.”


In other words, you cannot walk with Me.


You (Peter) are saved.


You (Peter) are born again.”


Then Peter said after He says,


“What I’m doing you do not know now.”


Peter (said), “You shall never wash my feet!”


“If I don’t wash you, you have no part with Me.”


Okay, not no part in me.


That’s salvation.


But Peter is saved.


Alright, they (Jesus’ disciples) are all saved.”


What is worse is Joseph Prince


in his latest sermon, 3 days ago, on 21 Jan 2024,


reverted his stand and said the disciples were not saved.


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 3 days ago,


on 21 Jan 2024, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 10-second video:


“You can see them, Israel, as disciples.


They were disciples but they are not saved.


He (Jesus) has not yet died.”


What is even worse is that in another sermon,


Joseph Prince said that Zacchaeus


who lives before the cross as the disciples


was saved during the earthly ministry of Jesus.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here to view the 40-second video:


“And here, we see a story of Zacchaeus.


This man had a hunger to see Jesus


And Jesus says,


‘Today salvation has come to this (Zacchaeus) house,’


and what’s the reason given, because he also is a son of Abraham.’


Jesus is saying I am also a son of Abraham.


He (Zacchaeus) also is a son of Abraham.


We are of the same family of faith. Hallelujah!


And so are you, child of God.


You are of the family of faith


because you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Today, salvation has come to his (Zacchaeus) house.”


One moment, Joseph Prince stated


that the disciples of Jesus were not born again or saved.


The next moment, Joseph Prince declared them as already saved.


One moment, Joseph Prince said in the latest sermon


on 21 Jan 2024, 3 days ago,


that the disciples weren’t saved.


The next moment, Joseph Prince said Zaccheus


who lived at the same time as the disciples were


before the cross was saved.


This goes against Joseph Prince’s teachings


when he clearly stated that no one was saved before the cross


because Jesus had not yet died.


So, if Joseph Prince now declared that Zaccheus was saved,


this must mean that Jesus’ disciples must also be saved.


Are you dumbfounded by Joseph Prince’s disgusting


and perennial double-talk and self-contradictions?


Have I given you proof after proof


that Joseph Prince is a serial double-talker?


Rev George Ong




See below for an example of someone


who wrote to me that I am going to be sued.


(This is not the one I have mentioned


at the beginning of the article.)


The mobile is given too.


For those who are thinking along the same lines,


you may wish to contact him to do a combined effort


at suing me.


As I have not called him,


I am not sure whether the mobile is his actual number,


but no harm trying.


John Williams


Hi I have listened to you about Jo’s messages.

Yet you have mis quoted him on a few messages.

You will be sued shortly


for gaining money & popularity by deceptive means