Joseph Prince teaches his 12-year-old son false doctrines


– By Rev George Ong (Dated 13 May 2024)


See the Appendix for the YouTube comments.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a sermon yesterday on 12 May 2024,


Joseph Prince said;


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“My son, you know, until now, he’s 12-years-old.


And the other day, you know,


he experienced something that warrants for a correction.


But then he was correcting himself.


And I saw that even at 12-years-old,


the conviction of sin comes easily


in a house, where there’s no condemnation.


And he wasn’t feeling well just recently,


was down with fever.


Then he turned to me, said,


he says that he was playing football in the house.


I think he underestimate his strength


and he kicked too hard and he broke the lamp.


So, everything was on the ground.


And he was looking at the whole thing. That’s okay.


But next few days, he fell sick.


Came down with fever.


One of the first things he asked me was this,


‘Abba, do you think this happened


because I broke the lamp, and I am sick.’


No, we never taught him this.


He’s pretty well taught in our house Amen.


We don’t use guilt


or manipulation or condemnation on him


when he does wrong.


We do correct


but we don’t use that (sickness can be chastisement).


But where did he get this from?”


First, why didn’t Joseph Prince share that because he prayed,


his son recovered instantly or quickly,


as, after all,


he has postured himself as the expert and guru in healing,


(and he spited other Pastors or Shepherds


for not physically healing their flock


in his other sermons.)


It would have been a teachable moment


for Joseph Prince to show his congregation


that his gifting healing really works


even in his own family.


But why the uneventful and routine recount


by Joseph Prince that his son fell sick?


Has his son been healed, or is he still sick?


Second, what is horrendous


is that Joseph Prince teaches


false doctrines to his own son.


Joseph Prince said he doesn’t use guilt or condemnation


on his child.


But no condemnation


doesn’t mean there is no place


for the conviction of sins by the Holy Spirit. 


No use of false guilt


gives him no right to silence the voice of true guilt.


Indeed, Joseph Prince is an expert


at silencing the true voice of guilt to convict


under the guise that it condemns.


Joseph Prince’s ‘no-more-sins-to-confess’ teaching


which appears to free you temporarily from guilt


will finally condemn you eternally.


What is abhorrent to me is that true guilt


has been falsely and deliberately diagnosed


by Joseph Prince as false guilt


to set it up as a convenient excuse


for promoting a no guilt Christianity.


A no guilt ‘Christianity’


is the ultimate feel-good religion for goats.


No wonder droves of goats


are thronging New Creation Church.


True guilt is from God,


False-guilt is from Self


and no guilt is from Satan


and executed through his key promoters


– Joseph Prince and the Pseudo-grace gang.


Joseph Prince teaches his son


the false doctrine


that there is no place for God


to chastise believers with sickness.


While not all sickness


is due to chastisement by the Lord,


some are.


In a sermon, Derek Prince said (1 Cor 11);


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“Are many among us weak and sick?


The answer is yes.


And Paul goes on to say


that some have died prematurely.


Have some of us died prematurely?


The answer is yes.


That sickness could be chastening.


But this is very clear.


Paul is speaking about people who get sick


and he says they are being chastened by the Lord.”


If there is any genuine guru on healing,


it must have been Derek Prince.


Derek Prince’s healing ministry is world-renowned.


Yet, Derek Prince teaches that believers


can be chastised by God with sickness.


Let me unveil a long list (only a sample) of our church fathers


who shares the same view as Derek Prince


– that sickness could be a chastisement from the Lord:


Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon, George Muller, JC Ryle, Arthur Pink, AW Tozer, Billy Graham, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Gordon Fee, JI Packer, Oswald Chambers, DA Carson, RC Sproul, John Piper, John MacArthur & David Pawson.


Joseph Prince said:


“We do correct


but we don’t use that (sickness can be chastisement).


But where did he get this from?”


Well, Joseph Prince’s son


could have gotten from the Holy Spirit;


not so much to chastise his son, 


but probably as a warning to Joseph Prince


not to teach the false doctrine


regarding the chastisement from the Lord.


to his own flesh and blood.


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“Wow. So many aggrieved precious people on this channel.  


Apparently, quite a number must have felt


they have been grievously deceived or misled.


They must have realised it


at some considerable cost to themselves,


either in time, or money, or effort. 


This man, Prince, is quite a flamboyant guy.  


From his sermons,


he appears to be preaching


some dream-like gospel of Irrational Exuberance


– you are always victorious,


you can have what you say, 


you have it all settled in life,


the road to heaven is broad, etc. 


Understandably, that kind of teaching


will only lead to disillusionment


among its members as a matter of course.”




“Joseph Prince sees himself as a performer.


Reality is he neither preaches


(he spews whatever he wants)


nor performs


(we are not entertained).”




“A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats”


– Charles H. Spurgeon


Joseph Prince is the modern-day clown


and New Creation Church is made up of mainly goats.


Only the rare few who have been awakened


and left New Creation Church,


as well as a few more who will be awakened in the future


and leave the church.


are considered sheep.”




“The Church today


do not emphasize the sanctification aspect of salvation.


Today people want an instant 3-in-1 version of their faith


by adding water and get immediate results.


It is not as your teaching (Rev George Ong) shows.


It’s a lifelong journey with the Lord,


a continuous process and effort.


We know the analogy of the race


that Paul and others uses to instruct us.


1 Corinthians 9:24-27; Hebrews 12:1-2;


Matthew 24:13 ;2 Timothy 4:7; Galatians 5:7.


This is why one of my Bible teachers


used to always ask us,


is your salvation assured?


How do we know? Amen.”




“Satan is his god.


Joseph Prince won’t repent


because of his pride…. and vanity…”




Joseph Prince should build a proper church for the Lord God.


If the stage is used for LGBTQ


and then used to worship the lord,


it really sounds wrong, very wrong,


as it is detestable in the eyes of the Lord God.”




“My! Apparently quite a number, men and women,


seem to have their hearts captured


by this flamboyant guy, the prince (Joseph Prince).


This is a deep psychological problem.


It is known that people who have been beguiled


do not know – or refuse to recognise


– that they have been beguiled.


This reminds us of the case of a Japanese woman


who continually gave so much to a cult


as to deny her son a decent education.


It’s concerning to wonder


whether the same thing will ever happen to anyone


whose heart is so devotedly bound to Joseph Prince.


Let’s not forget what Paul says:


“But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” 1 Tim 5:8 ESV


Strong words…”worse than an unbeliever”




“After watching how Joseph Prince did the stunt again,


sometimes I wonder,


Is he really an ‘anointed’ pastor or actor?


Obviously, he has entered the wrong ‘career’


when he so passionately ‘packaged’ himself


as a Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson.


If he just wants to package himself as a ‘superstar’


with his hair, clothing, shoes, or dances,


he should never come to the church


and ‘play around’ with God’s words.


Sometimes, I wonder if he really knows the Bible.


Does he know that both Paul and Peter were not ‘superstars’?


They were both Apostles who wrote the Bible,


and were the disciples of the same Lord?


However, Joseph Prince preached and talked about them


as if they were enemies teaching different doctrine:


as if Paul was a grace preacher


whilst Peter was a law preacher or Pharisee.


However, actually Paul was a justification preacher


and Peter was a sanctification preacher,


and the doctrine of Christ would not be complete


without teaching from both of them.


Yes, Peter seemed to be ‘work’ oriented.


However, the Bible never says that ‘work’


is always evil or self-effort FOR SALVATION;


no, on the contrary,


the Bible says that ‘work’ can be good effort after salvation






“Yes, this is what I detest


when I attended New Creation Church;


why he had to do that?


This is not cute. Stick to the Bible, Lah.”




“Thank you, Rev Ong, for teaching The Word accordingly


and we ourselves also read and study what you’ve taught,


following the example of the Bereans of the Bible.


Joseph Prince showed us 1 John 2:19,


teaching as loud as he could, with his dramatic moves,


thinking that way will cause all to believe his explanations.


I wonder why didn’t he dare to show/explain more


from this verse in Greek


to prove he is teaching according to The Word.


I finally saw it through of Joseph Prince’s tactics and deceptions


in the area where he would


or would not explain in Greek or Hebrew in his preaching.


Those scriptures about wealth and health,


he for sure, would explain it very clearly


by using Greek/Hebrew


in order to prove God’s Word is true.


But when it comes to sanctification and commandments,


he will never dare to show us in Greek or Hebrew.


Even the wealth and health part,


Joseph Prince would only show part of the verses


and never dare to show the whole passage.


After we are saved by grace through faith,


it is clearly written in the Bible


that we need to work out our Salvation.


Did Joseph Prince dare to explain it in Greek


in order to give clear understanding?




As long as when it comes to “works”, “fruit bearing”,


“make every efforts” … kind of teachings,


Joseph Prince would throw it out the window


by telling us these are not applicable to us


because we are no longer under the law but grace!


We just believe and rest.


Even Joseph Prince’s teaching


on what does it mean by under the law is also wrong!


Please do go and find out in Galatians 5


(read the entire chapter 5


and you will understand


what does it mean to be under the law).


Believing doesn’t mean that no physical actions are to follow


with the help of Holy Spirit in us.


Of course, the doing part will be a dreadful chore


if we have become carnal believers due to deceptions.


No wonder God wants us to love and follow Him


with all our hearts, souls and minds.


God wants all of us and not just part of us!


Either we worship God Him alone,


or we worship Baa (other gods) completely.


Therefore, we all have to choose


and there’s no middle ground.”




“Yes, I really understand.


Actually, when he does this,


he has lost control of himself and he knows it.


It’s because of his past involvement with spiritism or occultism.


It is clearly not a manifestation of the Holy Spirit


on the pulpit of God; but a false spirit, familiar spirit,


or evil spirit which is ‘planted’ to mock at God.


Sometimes, you can literally see he sings or dances


like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson or Bee Gees


who were deceased.


Sometimes, you wonder


why the spirits can just fall on him so easily


and make him do the most incredible ‘stunts’


of singing and dancing on the stage?


It is surely something that is ‘supernatural’,


but we know that it is not from God.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




”Acts of the Apostles 5:39 NLT

[39] But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them.


You may even find yourselves fighting against God!”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“My dear friends,


don’t believe everything you hear.


Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you.


Not everyone who talks about God (or Christ)


comes from God.


There are a lot of lying preachers loose in the world” 


1 John 4:1 The Message.”




“This is said by Gamaliel in Acts 5:39, not God.


He disappeared from Acts after saying it


while today many false preachers and teachers are still alive


and spewing out more and more


outlandish false teachings and prophecies


going from bad to worse,


and have great and growing following;


and there are more people on the Broadway


than narrow way.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“Rev George Ong,


if you are a true preacher/messenger of GOD,


why don’t you use your time to preach the Gospel Of God


instead of attacking another preacher.


Eph 5:16

New Heart English Bible

“redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”


A lot of people need to hear the words of God for them


to have a true transformation.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“My friend, you are mistaken.


Joseph Prince isn’t a preacher


but he is a satanic teacher.


Rev George Ong is trying to save Christians


from the pits of fire.


Joseph Prince is plainly teaching another type of gospel.


While Jesus and his apostles are preaching


“Repent! Repent! For the Kingdom of God is near”,


Joseph Prince is teaching New Creation Church


how to be like Lucifer before his fall; the Pride,


the need to exalt himself above God,


to place self above God, no repentance, no submissive,


no tribulation to strengthen the spirits,


treating God more like a steward or servant


than to be humbled before God.


This is Satanic Teachings, period!”






Yes, Joseph Prince is not a child of God.


He belongs to his Master ($atan)


and is carrying out his bidding.”




“How can Joseph Prince be a believer


when he has the audacity


to add and subtract from God’s Words?


Deuteronomy 4:2 ESV

[2] You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you.


Revelation 22:18-19 ESV

[18] I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, [19] and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.




“Beloved, you said it rightly


where you encourage Rev Ong to use his time


to preach the gospel of God


which he is doing now.


Not only Rev Ong uses his time to preach The Word


but also to warn those who has been deceived.


We thank God for Rev Ong’s boldness


to tell the truths even though only a remnant would listen.


Now, whenever a teacher is preaching The Truth Gospel,


those who are also preaching The Truth Gospel


shouldn’t be offended UNLESS they weren’t!


How do we know who is teaching The Truth?


The Bible told us to be like The Bereans in Act 17.


Therefore, let’s do our homework.


If Rev Ong said about Joseph Prince is not true


then Joseph Prince should have nothing to be concerned about


and also to those who followed Joseph Prince’s ministry wholeheartedly.


Time will eventually prove


who is telling the truth and who is lying.


Who can attack and put down God’s anointed if Joseph Prince


was indeed been chosen by God to preach The Gospel?


None of us can!


Therefore, New Creation Church goers


should have 100% confidence in Joseph Prince and his pastors


since you all believe they are presenting a True Gospel.


Now let’s go and check Rev Ong out what he taught is it Biblical? 


(as in we ourselves should read and study Bible)


Then please also do the same to your teacher, Joseph Prince and so on.


It is not mature or sensible


if any of us rebuke a preacher


without we ourselves first studying what he/she preaches.


We are not interested


in playing any sensationalism or favouritism here.


There are precious souls


that need to be awakened from spiritual death.”




“Wake up!!!


Don’t be so naive and be deceived by Joseph Prince.”




“Save yourself, Gabriel, from lies and untruths.


Have you done your Berean work diligently?


Have you read and studied the 4,800 pages


of excellent research analysis study


done on Joseph Prince’s teachings


in books, videos, CDs?


Joseph Prince is proven liar and deceiver


who took on the characteristics of his master the devil


who is a liar from the beginning.


It is almost impossible to come out


of Joseph Prince’s hypnotic and demonic dominance


over one’s life,


if not for God’s merciful and His great deliverance power.


Rev George Ong’s good works


is one of the positive contributing factors.


New Creation Church is a cult and Joseph Prince, her leader.


I know it is very difficult to be delivered out of a cult.


But Rev George Ong’s ministry


has helped many people


under Joseph Prince’s demonic hypnotism to come out,


and every soul helped;


it is a great victory to the glory of God,


I know there are still saved people in New Creation Church.


I shudder to think it is a place


where there are wheats among the tares.


Father, sanctify them by Thy truth, Thy word is truth.


New Creation Church is a place


where many many untruths are preached and taught


and goats are attracted there,


whereas Rev George Ong


preaches and teaches truths from God’s word,


Those who love truth and walk in truth and who love the light


will be attracted to Rev George Ong’s ministry.


Brother George, keep up the unthankful good work.


Your reward is great in heaven.


one either serves God or Mammon,


binary system, no grey in between,


our conscience bears witness


unless one has trained to sear it over time


and repentance becomes far remote.”




“Hello, only those with sub-standard minds


would think that Joseph Prince is preaching the truths.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“Pastor Ong can argue so well against Joseph Prince;


he should have become a Lawyer instead.


Could it be he has missed out on his real gift and calling as a Lawyer???


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Rev George Ong is a lawyer


– Lawyer for our Saviour Jesus!!!”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“The Bible says God finds those that causes divisions


among brethren an abomination.


Be careful.


His ministry has seen people getting healed,


lives transformed, people with bondages being set free.


I don’t think you are in a position to judge others.


God will remove him if he’s not called to do His work.


You should be ashamed of your title.


But again, these are the last days.


Many will try to stir and cause divisions in the church


instead of uniting as one body.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“Greetings to you,


My family and I have been with New Creation Church since 2005,


and I can totally understand your statements


because I was just like you


strongly coming to those who rebuked Joseph Prince.


I even mocked them


by saying it will be their lost


for not listening to Joseph Prince’s teachings.


Therefore, today, no matter how others


would not agree with The Bible,


our stands still the same.


We will continue to do the right thing


by warning others to read The Bible for themselves.


Have you honestly read and study The Bible?


We knew Joseph Prince’s ministry


has touched multitudes and with many testimonies.


In fact, that’s how the miracles of many testimonies


got me and family


even more grounded in New Creation Church.


because we want to be the next ones


to get the miracles, promotions in wealth


and be in positions of recognition, etc.


Well, sadly it didn’t happen to us,


Instead, more troubles and hardships


happened to us


until we came to the end of ourselves


and that’s where our eyes opened.


Well, maybe you will think


we were the sore losers and sour grapes


because we didn’t get what Joseph Prince has taught


which I also understand


because I did say that too


to those who didn’t get their promises.


I wouldn’t deny what I’ve said.


I will have to admit it.


We decided to read The Bible from front to the end


for ourselves and test everyone who preach The Word.


I would like to share The Word taken from:


Revelation 13:2-4 AMP

[2] And the beast that I saw resembled a leopard, but his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth was like that of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority.

[3] I saw one of his heads which seemed to have a fatal wound, but his fatal wound was healed; and the entire earth followed after the beast in amazement.

[4] They fell down and worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; they also worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like (as great as) the beast, and who is able to wage war against him?”


God told us in Revelation that the dragon/beast (Satan)


could perform miracles and wonders,


to be able to cause the fatal wound to be healed!


Wow!!! No wonder the whole world marvelled


at the miracle and gave allegiance to the beast.


They worship the dragon for giving the beast such power


and they also worship the beast.


I know New Creation Churchgoers


would not need to be concerned about this verse


as they believe they won’t be here on earth


when these things happen.


You all believe the church will be raptured by then.




That’s where the beast has deceived multitudes of churches


thinking they will be raptured away


and therefore, they need not to fear


and need not to read


and understand Book of Revelation.”




“If you see white swans


and conclude all swans are white,


one sighting of a black swan is enough


to disprove that conclusion. 


So, if you think a ministry is all-white,


its dogma beyond doubt and question, unchallengeable, 


to be completely trusted and obeyed,


it’s enough to disprove that thought


if you can just show an instance


of deliberate out-of-context preaching,


staged healing,


not to mention the intelligent questioning


of Joseph Prince’s teaching


on international channels including books.”