Joseph Prince teaches hell is under Old Covenant, but now he says the opposite – By Rev George Ong (Dated 20 Apr 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a sermon on 7 Apr 2024, 2 Sundays ago, Joseph Prince said;


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“Jesus talk about hell more than anyone else.


The most loving person that ever walk on earth


spoke about hell more than anybody else.


And if someone ever comes to you;


there’s a branch of teaching in Christianity


that says hell is spiritual.


Let me tell you this, hell is not spiritual.


It’s is a real place.


Jesus purposely said this when He talked about hell.


The fire is not quenched and the worm does not die.


That means what? It’s literal.

Gets very quiet when you talked about hell.


But somewhere in church we must preach hell.


Hell, no. Hell, yes. It exists.”


Before I proceed any further,


you must remember what Joseph Prince


taught regarding the gospels that Jesus was operating under.


Joseph Prince’s teaching


is that what Jesus taught in the gospels,


which also includes what He taught about hell,


is under the Old Covenant,


and therefore, not relevant to New Covenant believers.


In a sermon, Joseph Prince said;


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“So, in a way,


you can say that Jesus was still operating,


based on the law.”


One moment, Joseph Prince teaches that hell is under law


and therefore, not relevant to New Covenant believers.


The next moment, Joseph Prince teaches that hell is real


and therefore, applicable to the New Covenant.


If Joseph Prince wants to maintain that hell is real


and therefore, relevant to the New Covenant,


he has to retract and recant what he said that the gospels


that Jesus was operating was under law,


as it was during that time


that he also taught about hell.


If Joseph Prince refuses to recant,


this indicates that I have once again proven


that Joseph Prince is a serial-double talker.


If Joseph Prince’s grace theology is so messed up,


and clearly self-contradictory,


anyone who chooses to go along with his grace doctrine


will have no excuse on the Day of Judgement.


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




(Ex New Creation Church member for 14 years)


“When we first listened to Joseph Prince, we felt so awed


as we have never heard anyone preach such good gospel


that has set us free from self-righteousness,


and live to expect good things will happen to us


when we know how much Jesus loves us!


 …such an amazing gospel!


Of course, we want it!


We have embraced it for so many years!


We were so proud sitting under Joseph Prince


and feel so sorry for those who are not!


We looked up to Joseph Prince


just like many pastors and leaders.


We commented on how anointed Joseph Prince was; 


how he has given us many unheard revelations!


Every Sunday, we long to see and hear from Joseph Prince.


It is like a hook on our flesh


to yearn more and more for Joseph Prince.


As long it is spoken by Joseph Prince,


we believe and say AMEN!


We give glory to Jesus


for preaching through Joseph Prince’s mouthpiece!


When the pandemic hit


and New Creation Church was closed for gathering,


I read the Bible and listened to them front to back


and then repeat again, and again and again…


I then only realised we had been fooled,


scammed by Joseph Prince and his entire ministry!


There was so many things in the Bible


Joseph Prince didn’t teach


and so many things Joseph Prince teaches


that were not in the Bible!


I was so shocked and full of fear!


Knowing that I had sinned against God,


yet still being so proud


thinking that’s the right way to live as a child of God!


I feared and cried out for forgiveness!


It was so difficult for me and family


to walk out from this deep, dark tunnel.


Today, we no longer just listen to any preacher


without ourselves also study and check The Bible


(follow the Bereans’ way of studying the Word, and Paul actually commended them.)


Now, looking back and hear Joseph Prince’s teachings,


we immediately can hear the lies and deceptions


(these happened because we have read The Bible already)


After knowing the truth,


Joseph Prince isn’t wise or full of revelation at all,


but a very wicked false teacher in sheepskin.


Joseph Prince can still preach and sounds so charismatic


because it was all about his outward packaging!


His hairdresser and makeup artist


makes his looks young and appealing.


His branded wardrobe


makes him feel confident and secure


before his congregation and television.


But one day, God will take away all these false packaging (outward appearances)


that has deceived so many!”




“Yes, those of us who used to queue to hear Joseph Prince, especially at Suntec.


But after some time,


those who seriously seek the whole counsel of God


and the whole truth


will realize that Joseph Prince is just a dishonest salesman


with very shallow teaching,


producing shallow carnal followers


who just look for blessings, prosperity


and an easy, effortless life of success.”




“Yes, you are right.


I think a lot of people who came out of New Creation Church


must have had the same experience.


Now, many of those still in NCC have still not woken up.


Lies travel faster and further.


Truth is slow to catch up.”




“As usual, Joseph Prince and all his fans


would ‘emphatically’ argue that he has preached sanctification.


However, if you do a search on the titles


of all these YouTubes on Rev George website,


you will easily find all the ‘sanctification’ teaching of Joseph Prince


is totally ‘rubbish’.


Thanks to Rev George’s hard work and dedication


that has made it available for us to ‘nail down’


a double-talker’s lie and made him ‘eat’ his own words.


I don’t have to list down all of the YouTubes that I have found;


just the first one will make you sick:


Joseph teaches that you have already been sanctified,


and therefore, you can just look ‘beautiful’ in His eyes


without the need of doing anything.


Do you think that Paul would tell the church that?


However, if you continue to listen to him in the same video,


you will ‘vomit’


when he said that the sanctification is not only spiritual


because the sanctification (by the washing of the water)


can also keep you physically young and without wrinkle.


That is a disgusting lie.




“Some days, Joseph Prince adds to the word;


some days, he takes away from the words;


some days, he mixes and matches the word


to present a completely different doctrine, meaning and picture.


Some days, he distorts the words;


some days, he reinterprets the word


to mean different meanings or even opposite meanings.


Joseph Prince is an evil word master


at misusing, abusing and corrupting the pure word of God.


Psalm 12:6: the word of the Lord are pure words purified 7 times.




“Yes, Joseph Prince is a double-talker,


who will say that he preaches repentance


when he doesn’t believe in repentance;


and that he preaches the truth


when he doesn’t have the truth.


It is not easy for people to detect his lies and double-talks.


So, it is truly by the grace of God


that you could wake up from a false grace


that is so ‘beautifully’ wrapped in deception by Joseph Prince.


May God open the eyes of the rest


who are the truth-seekers in Christ.”




“How can he be so sure


that he will be one of the chosen ones in the rapture?


Don’t be so confident Mr. Prince.”




“Some call it a con book;


some call it a toilet-paper book


if it teaches that you can have effortless success


and reign over every problem


because work has already been accomplished for you.”




“No greater curse can befall a Christian church


than to have teachers


who, by their confused and erroneous statements,


trouble the minds of believers,


and attempt to pervert the Gospel of Christ.”


John Brown (1784-1858), Scottish minister and theologian




“Joseph Prince has been chosen by The Most High for Destruction


as written in the Book of Jude.”




“Yes, I once also believed ‘once saved, always saved!’


Therefore, I take sin very lightly since I am forever saved!


Until I read and listen to The Word


being read from Genesis to Revelation,


then I realised how wicked and rebellious I was


because I walked back to my old evil ways.


What can we aspect to become


when sitting under this kind of teachings


without ‘sanctification’ by Joseph Prince and his pastors?


To God, these are wickedness to Him;


taking His Son’s death lightly.


Yes, indeed very sad


that many still adore and embrace Joseph Prince’s teachings


that leads to destructions!”




“Keep going,


the deluded Christians will one day come back to their sense


and away from the angel of light in disguise.


This disease has been spread throughout in Many Churches like wild fire.




“Joseph Prince’s JESUS seems like a SISSY.”




“‘For this is the will of God, your sanctification’ (1 Thess. 4:3).


‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling’


– The process of sanctification (Phil.2:12-13).


“How does sanctification occur?


It occurs as we obey the Lord!”


– Darrell Harrison


“Sanctification is doctrine!


It is right thinking.


How can you possibly do right


and what is pleasing to God


if you have no idea what is right?”


– R.C. Sproul (1939-2017).


‘Justification without sanctification


would be no salvation as all’


– C.H. Spurgeon (1834-1892).


‘People who teach and believe


you can take Christ as your Saviour


without taking Him as your Lord.


They say you can take justification


without taking sanctification.


Forgiveness of sins without holiness.


It is a LIE’


– Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones


‘The seal that the Spirit stamps on Christ’s people


is sanctification.


As many as are actually led by the Spirit of God


the same are sons of God’ (Romans 8:14)


– J.C. Ryle


‘In order to achieve final salvation,


sanctification is as necessary as justification’


– Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson


‘The main evidence of ADOPTION is SANCTIFICATION.


Search, O Christian,


whether the work of sanctification


has passed upon your soul!”


– Thomas Watson




“Now we know why Joseph Prince insists preaching his kind of own imagination gospel.


What Joseph Prince wants from God, like prosperity and blessings,


he will preach it to the max,


but he takes away the conditions (Commandments of God) of God


because that’s what he doesn’t want.


Joseph Prince has taught many so well


in cherry picking the word of God.”




“The trouble is that people have the false assumption


that he is extra-anointed


and every word from his mouth is indisputable truth


and he cannot be questioned.


That image ought to be shattered.


New Creation Church members,


question and question and examine his teachings.


Like in this case, what has Eutychus’ fall


got to do with Paul’s revelation of righteousness?


How is it congruent with Paul’s revelation? 


One could also say Eutychus was tired after a hard day’s work


and the packed room was hot and stuffy,


making him drowsy.


A very haphazard preaching. Anointed preacher??”