Joseph Prince says we will look like Mr & Miss Universe – adding to God’s word


– By Rev George Ong (Dated 29 Apr 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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Just imagine I am still clearing Joseph Prince’s rubbish


in his 14 Apr 2024 sermon.


This is one of my shortest videos – less than 3 minutes.


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In a sermon on 14 Apr 2024, Joseph Prince said;


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“I look at you,


‘Woh, is that you, Pastor Henry?


You look so young. Hair all black. Glasses gone.


What happened?’


Then he say,


‘Take a look at you, Pastor Prince.


Your face has improved.’


All of us will look at one another.


We all look like Mr Universe and Miss Universe.


I don’t care if it’s kosher or not kosher today.


That’s what I mean.


It’s going to happen. Amen.”    


The context of what Joseph Prince said in the video


is set after Christ has come back again


(shown in his 14 Apr 2024 sermon, but not shown in the video).


Then Joseph Prince said that with our resurrected bodies,


we will all look like Mr and Miss Universe.


Joseph Prince has flippantly added to God’s word.


There is nowhere in the scriptures that tells us


we will all look like Mr and Miss Universe


in our resurrected bodies.


This is not the first time Joseph Prince has added to God’s word. 


He has done that plenty of times.


A preacher who treats God’s word with such utter disrespect


can never be a true teacher of God’s word.


How would our resurrected bodies be like?


We can get some idea of what our resurrected bodies would be like


by referring to Jesus’ resurrected body.


Jesus could travel through walls and doors.


He could appear and disappear at will.


He could eat and drink and talk with others.


He still had visible wounds,


and His disciples could physically touch Him:


John 20:26-29 NIV

26 A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”


So, beyond what was revealed


about what our resurrected bodies may look like,


any attempt to sensationalise it,


such as our bodies would be like that of Mr and Miss Universe,


is adding to God’s word.


And adding to God’s word repeatedly and recalcitrantly,


would mean that Joseph Prince would come under a curse:


Revelation 22:18-19 NIV

18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, 

God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.


And by the way,


Joseph Prince also takes away God’s word


by hiding them from his congregations,


or explaining them away


that they are not relevant to New Covenant believers


– the moral law in the Ten Commandments is a perfect example.


Anyone who takes away God’s word repeatedly and recalcitrantly,


such as Joseph Prince would be an unbeliever


as he doesn’t have any share


in the tree of life and in the Holy City.


Joseph Prince wanting to be Mr Universe


only shows how vain he is,


as all he is concerned about


is mainly his physical looks


– that he must look young, not old


– and there must be no pimples on his face.


But wait a minute,


when we get our resurrected bodies,


do we care for such earthly and mundane things anymore?


Not by any stretch!


We don’t have to look like Mr and Miss Universe.


We just have to be ourselves even with our resurrected bodies.


This shows that Joseph Prince is so earthly


rather than ‘heavenly’ in his thinking.


Next, Joseph Prince has constantly been boasting


about his youthful look and that he has smooth skin,


in his sermons,


both directly and indirectly.


But I’ve heard from the grapevine


that Joseph Prince and his pastors go for facials very regularly.


Perhaps, Joseph Prince would like to confirm whether this is true?


If true, how often does he go for a facial


and how much does he spend weekly or monthly going for a facial?


If it is true that Joseph Prince is a habitual goer for facial treatment,


then why didn’t he declare it in the first place.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with going for a facial.


But if it is true that Joseph Prince regularly goes for facial,


then at least we know that it is not only by taking the Holy Communion


that results in his youthful looks and smooth skin (not that his critics believe this),


but it is also because of his frequent facial treatment.


Joseph Prince must tell the whole truth


and not part of the truth,


so, people would not be misled.


To present a half-truth


is tantamount to telling a lie.


If it is true that Joseph Prince goes for facials,


he should not selfishly keep it to himself,


but he should also recommend this particular facial company


that he regularly goes to, to others,


so that his church members, too, can benefit from it.


And does Joseph Prince


also regularly take special supplements like expensive pills


that promise youthful looks and smooth and good skin?


If he does, he must also declare


so, people are given the whole truth


– that it is not only through partaking the Holy Communion,


but it is also these expensive pills


that are partly responsible


for his youthful look and smooth skin.


Oh yes, another thing 


– plastic surgery!


On and off, I have so many people


who asked me whether Joseph Prince had gone for plastic surgery.


Since this is a perennial question that many are asking,


which is of public interest,


Joseph Prince should clarify on pulpit


whether he did go for plastic surgery, or he did not.


Although I have no proof,


I have a suspicion that Joseph Prince


did go for some form of Botox treatment.


I came to this conclusion


as I compared those pictures that were taken years ago (in his sermons)


and those presently,


I think there is a noticeable difference.


But I could be wrong.


To put matters to rest,


Joseph Prince needs to declare publicly


that he didn’t go for any of such Botox treatment.


Finally, it is easier for people to be convinced


that Joseph Prince’s youthful look is genuine


because of his regular partaking of the Holy Communion,


if he could, one day,


preach without all the thick makeup


that he puts on every Sunday.


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“I was from New Creation Church.


Absolutely, Joseph Prince is a con man full of lies.


His flock is so gullible and never questions his bull shit.”




“Subconsciously, someone thinks


Joseph Prince is an anointed man of God


and says, ‘I love him’.


That’s because this person has been manipulated and indoctrinated.


‘There is no such thing as a great man of God,


only weak, pitiful, faithless men


of a great and merciful God’ – Paul Washer.”




“Speaking things into existence


is nothing more than the law of attraction being repackaged.


Make no mistake about it


there is nothing biblical about speaking to your conditions or problems.


There are plenty of sources online that you can find


outside of the biblical context on the topic.


‘When you ask, you do not receive,


because you ask with wrong motives,


that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.


You adulterous people,


don’t you know that friendship with the world


means enmity against God?


Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world


becomes an enemy of God.’ James 4:3-4.”




“Trying to play God.


Speaking to plants and things randomly with no purpose.


Mega churches have the wealth


to entice pastors with offerings


to keep their mouths quiet.


Such heresies about Hyper grace and Prosperity Gospel


was never preached by Jesus or Paul.


Jesus said to store up treasures in heaven, not on earth


and Paul said he learned to be content


in whatever circumstances he is in,


whether having plenty or in want.


They never ask people for huge amounts of money


like asking for $1,000 or $10,000 etc.”




“Joseph Prince backs what he says with half-truth


with distortion and not fully Biblical.


By thinking he is a man of God,


simply proves that you never read your Bible


and that you are so gullible to false teaching.


Joseph Prince is not a man of God


but a man of mammon and fleshly desires


by using Jesus’ name to fulfil his personal fleshly agenda.


He is not sin conscious


because he never preaches repentance the correct way


and his concept of repentance


is completely false and wrong.


Repentance is just not a change of mind.


That’s utter rubbish.


He’s turning Christian preaching into motivational talk.


If you follow Joseph Prince’s teaching,


you will be rejected by Jesus


and you will not enter the kingdom of God


because he’s a false preacher of God’s words.”




“Is he telling people not to seek medical help


but talk to the tumour? Seriously? Sigh!


So, about the pimples;


if his method works, all the skin centres


and beauty shops will have to close down?”




“Joseph Prince in fact, added for us more ‘laws’ of his own


by telling us ‘keep speaking’,


‘keep partaking the Holy Communion’,


‘keep declaring the righteousness of God in Christ’.


When it comes to Joseph Prince’s teachings,


it will be under grace,


but when it comes to God who said


‘keep His Commandments’


it will be under Law!


Joseph Prince said Jesus speaks to the tree


therefore, we can learn from Jesus


and starts to speak to our trees and garden.


Pastor Mark did so, and his plants flourished?


Really? Show us photos as proof?


I also can show you many photos of dead plants


and flourish plants without anyone who spoke to them!


I want to ask how many times Jesus speaks to the tree?


Did Jesus specifically tell us to keep speaking to the tree?


Or keep speaking to our conditions


and to our problems so that it will be gone or healed?


Joseph Prince has hidden the ‘conditions’ and ‘truths’ of God’s blessings.


Just like how the devil deceived Eve


by saying she will not die eating the forbidden fruit.


New Creation Churchgoers,


please please….read and study The Bible.


Joseph Prince has worn his congregation down


with more of his self-imagination of what the Bible teaches,


and eventually many will be very tired and disappointed,


then leave their faith!”




“Goodness…those who remained in New Creation Church


are heavily brainwashed.”




“Would have to be careful of this


as Joseph Prince is distorting the truth of the Bible


– his way of making people listen to him…”




“Downright nonsense!”




“Many have passed for saints on earth


– whose souls are now in hell.”


– Martin Luther




“Non-Christian Church (NCC)…no pastors there


… no Christian teachings there


…just a feel-good motivational speaker


running a scam to earn your money


…best stay away!”




“I heard the pimple story before.


Well, he should say I won’t get pimple


from eating oily food instead.


That’s the root.”




“Do you know why most of the people


believe all his hypnotic nonsense?


It’s because they believe that he never lies


and that, even if he lies,


whatever he says is true for you:


for example, pimple dies, tree dies, and even mosquito dies.


He says he is still doing it


(telling the pimples to die


and, of course, he would say that it works for him).


However, I am not sure


if he is still telling the mosquitos to die too.


It is because he had told the congregation (not only once)


that the mosquitoes died forming a line on the floor


when he prayed for his daughter


who cried because of mosquito’s bites.


No wonder most of his followers believe


that he is so ‘anointed’


that he can tell your sickness to die too.


Please think, if he is so ‘anointed’


that he can tell ‘pimple dies’, ‘tree dies’, and ‘mosquito dies’, and .. etc.,


do you think he can tell ‘anything dies’?


Yes, of course, that’s what he is trying to do now,


to make you think that he is ‘anointed’


to heal and prosper anyone.


However, have you wondered for a moment and asked


why must you believe him,


or believe in everything that he says?


If you never question him,


very likely one day, when he says ‘dog dies’, ‘enemy dies’,


‘Aging dies’, ‘Covid dies’, ‘Storm dies’, ‘earthquake dies’,


‘Debt dies’, ‘Poverty dies’, ‘Pain dies’, ‘Toothache dies’,


‘Suffering dies’, .. etc.,


you would still believe him.


Brethren, wake up from the hypnotism of lies!


No one, except God, can pronounce judgement or death.


When a preacher says on the pulpit (repeatedly)


that he can do like God (to pronounce death to someone or something),


he is cleverly trying to fulfil his hidden agenda or desire


to take the place of God in your heart.


Obviously, he is a ‘Prince of lies’ or the ‘unlawful God’ (idol)


who will ruin your life.


When real judgement comes from God,


the judgement on him will not only destroy his lies


but also those who are the collaborators of his lies:


Isa 14:10-14 KJV.” 




“You love Joseph Prince.


Be on guard against con teachers


who want to steal your heart and bind you to themselves.


They steal and rob the affection that only belongs to Jesus.


The danger arises when you believe in


and listen to only one man’s teachings,


blindly and mindlessly accepting all that he says.


‘He is acting unwisely who deals out nothing but sweets’


(Charles Spurgeon).


People love to hear sweetened sermons.


Invariably such sermons are laced with half-truths


and personal stories (unverifiable)


that subtly promote a pastor’s image and name.”




“Read your Bible carefully.


Don’t be deceived by this con man, Joseph Prince.”




“Are you in the wrong channel?


I used to love him a lot a lot


but I have woken up.


He is full of nonsense if you read the Bible.”




“This sort of nonsense


is why people leave the faith


because they’ve been deceived into worshipping a genie.”




“Joseph Prince says that you can speak to the tree


if you want it to grow or die


because you can make it happen like the ‘fig tree’ lesson


taught by Jesus in Mark 11. 


However, if this is truly what Jesus taught,


you will find Christians everywhere going around


and say, “Hair grows”, “Money grows”, “Salary grows”,


“Children grow”, “Stocks and shares grow”,


“Bank investment grows”, “Bank balance grows”,


“Sales profit grows”, “Commission grows”,


“Facebook’s likes grow”, and etc.


Please don’t waste time confessing these things


when you know that things do not grow so easily.


If we can grow everything by just speaking to it,


do you know what happens?


The one who can grow everything


by just speaking to it will become multi-billionaire.


For example, if I have this special ‘stunt’ or ‘faith’,


I will just focus on speaking to money or lottery


and say ‘money grows’ or ‘lottery grows’.


Of course, I would say that ‘in Jesus’ name’


and that my justification is to use the money or lottery


for the kingdom of God.


However, what if every believer believes that


and do the same?


Nobody will work!


What if I can say to anything and make everything grow?


I would be like God.


However, the problem might come


if you are a believer and you find that nothing can grow


after you speak radically to it,


how will you deal with it?


You might become even more radical (or foolish)


in your belief of an ‘effortless favor or grace’.


In the end, you do not work for it


but you will just keep speaking and wasting


all your precious time


without doing anything


that might improve on your situation.


This is self-hypnotism.


I think being under hypnotism


is worse than being under the law;


because, being under the law,


the Jew could still think and know the difference


between being under the law and being under grace;


however, being under hypnotism,


a believer cannot tell the difference


between reality and illusion.


He is totally conned into believing a false ‘reality’ or ‘faith’


that is entirely controlled by the devil.”




“Joseph Prince says he preaches Jesus.


This is to impress the audience


and capture their hearts and minds.


Is it Jesus of Jehovah Witness or Mormons?


But his Jesus is a god that gives you the power to confess


or call things you want into existence.


It’s not the Jesus of the Bible.


It’s a golden idol he birthed.


He hijacked the name of Jesus


and gave it to his idol.


Everyone was conned into thinking and believing


he preaches the Jesus of the Bible.”






Over the years,


I have been trying to convince my friends


from New Creation Church


over the questionable doctrines they are exposed to.


They claim I have misunderstood Joseph Prince


and that he is wonderful.


Yet, none of them can establish their refute from the word.


Some even profess that they do not know the Bible that well.


I often encourage them to seek the Bible as the final authority.


Yet, many in their own admission


have not even read the Bible in full before.


I have lost and distant myself


with some from New Creation Church as a result.


I am glad you have woken up to the realisation.


God bless.”






Thanks Ray. It took me 10 years to wake up.


Sad to say that He still has a lot of supporters.


Pray that God will shake these people up.


My friend naively argued


that Joseph Prince still preached about Jesus,


so, he is not a false teacher.”