Joseph Prince possesses the satanic power to blind people to the truth to believe his heresies – By Rev George Ong (Dated 9 Feb 2023)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


With reference to my last article that was featured on my website and YouTube on 7 Feb 2023, 2 days ago, I featured a video clip;


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Yesterday, Peter Paul wrote a comment on my YouTube video, regarding the above link as follows: (note, the following comment is largely unedited):


“One of the congregation says to Joseph Prince,


“Ya, I get all the ‘energy’ (from you). Thank you”


But, What energy? I am still wondering.


Is Joseph Prince’s help to them some kind of ‘energy’ or just a form of ‘energy’?


This should raise a lot of questions not only on the maturity of his followers, but also on the spiritual and mental health of his congregation.


I am not surprised that an unknown ‘energy’, ‘force’, or ‘hypnosis’ could have been cast over the whole congregation,


and this could probably explain why most of them could read the Bible,


and yet find that Joseph Prince (who has that special kind of ‘energy’)


is the only one who can preach the ‘gospel of grace’ to them, and bring them to a higher level of ‘kairos’ moment or ‘hyper dimension’ with ‘grace’.”


It is very clear that the large majority of New Creation Church members are blinded with the ‘energy’.


For those who have followed the voluminous number of articles on this website, and, who allow the scriptures to be the authority of their faith,


they would have been convinced about the plenty of times I have proven that Joseph Prince is a heretic.


Besides, I have also listed the teachings of the Reformation Fathers, the church fathers, the contemporary church fathers, namely:


Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, AW Tozer, Arthur Pink, John Stott, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Billy Graham, FF Bruce, David Pawson, Derek Prince, Michael Brown, RC Sproul, John Piper, John MacArthur, DA Carson, Paul Washer, etc,


all of whom taught against Joseph Prince’s teachings in one way or another.


Most of these esteemed teachers of the word, by their teachings,


have confirmed that Joseph Prince is preaching the false gospel and his teachings are heretical.


So, any Christian, especially the mature ones, would have seen through the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince.


But why are there so many in New Creation Church who can’t?


The simple and honest answer is that they have been spiritually blinded


by the so-called ‘energy’ and satanic powers of Joseph Prince.


Lindsay Lim, an Ex New Creation Church member for 18 years wrote;


“All this while when I was in NCC, I could not detect Joseph Prince’s wrong teachings even though they were clearly false.


It was only after I left the church, that God began to reveal to me slowly but surely.


I believe this had to do with the dark spiritual forces (sin of witchcraft) that blinded me from the truth when I chose to remain in NCC then.”


“Many have told me that Joseph Prince must be right since he is blessed by God as he has the biggest church in Singapore and one of the biggest ministries in the world right now.


But I have to disagree when I read the passage from Matthew 4:1-11 as Satan can also bless anyone with fame, popularity and wealth when this person chooses to worship him and do his biddings.


More importantly, I hope that Pastors and Elders of churches will take the threat of Joseph Prince’ heresies seriously, and teach and warn their members to keep away from them.


How many more sheep need to be lost before the spiritual leaders of churches wake up from their slumber and inaction of not acting against Joseph Prince’s heresies?


If every Pastor and Elder take courage and action to firmly speak against Joseph Prince’s false teachings, the influence of Joseph Prince on the unsuspecting sheep would definitely be curtailed.


This is so important as my experience has been that once they are drawn into New Creation Church, getting them out would be tremendously difficult.


As I have shared earlier, this has to do with the dark spiritual forces (sin of witchcraft) that can blind them,


as they had blinded me (for 18 years) from the truth and keep them under the bondage of Joseph Prince’s heresies.”


Yvonne Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years, wrote;


“I believe it was the Holy Spirit inside me that prompted me to start to find out more about what Joseph Prince was preaching on the law being obsolete and how the law only condemns.


It was at this time that a friend sent me an article written by Rev George Ong on his website.


To be frank, when I first read Rev George Ong’s article and saw that he has put up this whole website just targeting the false teachings of Joseph Prince, I felt that this person is so judgemental.


Why is he, who is a shepherd, not preaching his own sermons but instead devoting all his time and effort to point out all the errors or wrong teachings of Joseph Prince.


But I want to thank God for Rev George Ong, his relentless efforts in studying what was wrong with Joseph Prince’s teachings and writing 10 volumes of books and making all those videos which point out all the teachings that were wrong in Joseph Prince.


I have finished reading all 10 volumes of his books comprising 4,800 pages and watched many of his videos on his website.


It was truly helpful and my spiritual blindness to Joseph Prince’s heresies was finally removed.”


“I never thought I would ever be sitting under a false teacher, such as Joseph Prince, and always think that Jesus’ warning sounds very remote for me.


Surely, I would have the spiritual discernment to know who are the false prophets or pick out false teachings if I ever heard one.


Yet for 20 years, I thought I was hearing God’s Word preached by Joseph Prince, week after week. It was like I was so spiritually blinded 


and many friends I knew from NCC who came from all walks of life thought they were hearing God’s Word being revealed by Joseph Prince and never doubted him.


I do believe there are certain dark spiritual forces and powers that Joseph Prince wields over his listeners, and this is what that keeps me and the rest spiritually blinded from seeing the truth.”


“This is important because as I have shared, reading all 10 volumes in the 4,800 pages of his (Rev George Ong’s) notes and viewing many of his videos on his website


had played a big and crucial part in the removal of my spiritual blindness and in totally convincing me that Joseph Prince is a heretic.”


Tony Wong-Jensen, an Ex New Creation Church member wrote;


“It was not until just a few weeks ago (from 14 Oct 2020) that I dined with a retired Anglican Bishop, Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, who is a close friend whom I had not seen in decades and he was an ex-colleague in the Singapore Armed Forces.


We spent hours catching up on things and when he asked me where I worshipped, I told him New Creation Church.


Then he told me something about Joseph Prince which made me fall off my chair.


He told me that Joseph Prince is not a true pastor and that he is a heretic who spouts nothing but heresies in his sermons and books.


Boy, that was a great eye-opener and great surprise to me!


I can now understand why New Creation Church doesn’t conduct any biblical studies. It is to prevent people from knowing the truth of the scriptures and be dependent just on Joseph Prince’s Sunday preaching.


I still cannot believe how I was charmed and taken in by Joseph Prince.


It must have been the satanic powers of charm that he exercises on people.


Bishop Kuan then referred me to Revd George Ong’s website and YouTube channel and his crusade against Joseph Prince’s heresies.


I watched all his YouTube videos up to date, then (now, 43 videos in all), and started reading his 10 volumes of eBooks on his website.


After viewing all his videos and reading a portion of his eBooks,


I was convinced beyond any doubt by what Revd George Ong had said and written – that Joseph Prince, is indeed, a wolf in sheepskin.


Later that day, I went home angry and threw away and deleted all of Joseph Prince’s books, CDs/DVDs in printed and electronic form.


I am indebted to my friend, Bishop Kuan, who alerted me to the heresies of Joseph Prince and for putting me in contact with Revd George Ong, and ever so grateful to the ‘lonely’ and difficult work to which God has called Revd George Ong to do.


Telling the truth is a difficult thing to do. You either make good Christian friends or you lose some. Revd George Ong has had it all.


My prayer is that Revd George Ong will be strengthened and protected by God on his ‘lonely’ crusade against the evil heresies of Joseph Prince.”


Daniel Tay, an Ex New Creation Church member wrote;


“As I and my family continued to go to New Creation Church, we became more influenced by his teachings. We looked forward to hear his sermons every week.


It was like a spell that came over us – like the Hokkien phrase, ‘Kong Tow’ or black magic. It’s like we are given some kind of spiritual drug.


Because of this spell, our whole family has very good feelings when we see and hear him. We were actually hooked to him and his teachings.


So, after 2 months in New Creation Church, all of us were spellbound. 


We all loved Joseph Prince’s teachings and we all looked forward to hear of his new revelations. My daughter started to buy Joseph Prince’s books and CDs.


But I later discovered these are false teachings.”


“For 4 months, we were spellbound by a deceptive and seducing spirit of Joseph Prince.


I call it the demonic and Antichrist spirit.


One day, God woke me up. My daughter gave me a set of audio tapes of Joseph Prince and encouraged me to continue listening to his teachings, especially when I was driving. That’s what I did.


But that day, when I heard his preaching, strangely, I felt a very uncomfortable stirring in my heart. It was like a mixture of anxiety and fear.


As I heard more of his preaching, I felt like vomiting.


Then I realised that Joseph Prince’s sermons are of a different spirit – a demonic spirit.


So I had to stop listening. Then I switched on my mobile and scrolled in the Bible app, wanting to listen to the reading of the scriptures.


When I started listening, I felt such great peace come into my heart. Then immediately I know that the Holy Spirit ‘has risen up in me’ to wake me up. Thank God!”


That night at home I prayed to God. Then I heard an inner voice telling me to go to YouTube and search for Joseph Prince, the false teacher. That’s what I did.


Then I saw a long list on YouTube, all talking about Joseph Prince being a false teacher, he’s a heretic, he’s the son of Satan, he’s a wolf in sheepskin. I then realised that there are a lot of people warning about Joseph Prince.


That night, God delivered me out of Joseph Prince’s spell.


Praise God! God is so powerful. Once He rises up, no evil, no wicked, no seducing or demonic spirit can stand against God. God is Almighty!


So once God showed me that Joseph Prince is a false teacher, I immediately left New Creation Church (4 years ago in 2017).


I then told my family that Joseph Prince is a false teacher. But unfortunately, they refused to believe me. My family became divided. They have continued to hold on to the heresies of Joseph Prince.


They don’t believe in God’s moral law – the 10 Commandments. They don’t believe in carrying the cross and becoming disciples, repentance and the confessing of sins, etc.


They keep believing in Joseph Prince’s teaching about grace.


Joseph Prince has divided my family. They follow his teachings while I have rejected his heresies.


I continue to pray that one day they will come to their senses and be delivered from Joseph Prince’s demonic spell.


If you are still attending New Creation Church, let me warn you lovingly to come out of her.


You have no business to be in a church that is led by Joseph Prince who has been empowered by the devil to cast a spell over people and deceive many to their destruction.


Finally, I thank God for Rev George Ong who dares to do what many don’t. The kind of risk that he is taking, the accusations, oppositions and dangers he is being subjected to, did not stop him from doing what is necessary and biblical – to warn the Church of the demonic wolf in Joseph Prince.


May more pastors and leaders of churches come out their shell to speak up publicly against Joseph Prince whose heresies can only lead many to the lake of fire.”    


Just think – when Joseph Prince has been preaching stark heresies,


how is he able to deceive the millions (including university professors), not just in Singapore but from around the world?


How is he able to hoodwink people (including well-educated people) with such bizarre doctrine,


that if one takes the Holy Communion as frequently as 3 times a day as he takes medicine, he/she will not only be healthy


but will also retain his/her youthful looks? 


It must be the devil who has given him the power to do it.  


The testimony of Daniel Tay (amongst others), who shared about the demonic spell or Peter Paul who shared about the ‘energy’


that Joseph Prince can cast over you


has again confirmed what I said that Joseph Prince is empowered by the devil.


May many more of Ex New Creation Church members take courage from Lindsay Lim, Yvonne Tan, Tony Wong-Jensen and Daniel Tay,


to come forward and share their stories so that more people could be delivered from the satanic heresies of Joseph Prince.


Don’t just think of guarding your own privacy and staying in your comfort zone,


but think of the larger spiritual good


and the number of people that could be delivered from the satanic influence of Joseph Prince,


because of your courage and sacrificial act of sharing your testimony.


Rev George Ong