Joseph Prince & Kenneth Copeland’s Holy Communion teaching is garbage & even satanic (KC) – By Rev George Ong (Dated 6 May 2024)


Announcement No 1:


Joseph Prince was missing in action again yesterday,


as he didn’t preach in the worship service.


He has not been preaching


for the last 3 consecutive Sundays


on 21 Apr, 28 Apr and 5 May.


If this happens in June,


it is to be expected, as he usually takes his vacation


during that period.


But to be missing from the pulpit


for the last 3 straight Sundays


is highly suspicious.


This is not normal.


Has he been taken down with an illness?


Even if that is the case,


New Creation Church would keep this the top secret.


In my memory,


viewing tonnes of Joseph Prince’s weekly sermons,


there has never been an announcement


by New Creation Church


that Joseph Prince is sick


and that’s why he couldn’t preach on a particular Sunday.


But why?


This is really super strange.


You mean it is a sin to be sick?


You mean Joseph Prince is a superman


who has never fallen sick on a Sunday?


Come on, Joseph Prince!


Well, come this Sunday,


Joseph Prince may spin a reason


why has he not been preaching the last 3 Sundays. 


But that doesn’t mean he isn’t sick


during that same period.


This is strange.


For most churches,


when the Senior Pastor


is absent from preaching for 3 straight Sundays,


they would make an announcement


such as Pastor So and So in on mission trip,


or he is attending a conference, or he is not well.


But for New Creation Church,


the absence of Joseph Prince


is often kept as a top secret. 


This kind of church


that keeps things from the congregation


cannot be trusted


as it only shows that she has something to hide


from the people.


Announcement No 2:


There is 1 video by Mike Winger on Kenneth Copeland


& 2 videos on Joseph Prince.


Please see the Appendix for the YouTube comments.


Excerpt from the Article:


I’m sure after watching this video,


many of you will go away with the idea,


that what Kenneth Copeland did with the Holy Communion


is satanic.


Any sensible Christian would come to this conclusion.


Yet, Joseph Prince works with Kenneth Copeland


and are partners together with Copeland for a long time,


whose practice of the Holy Communion is satanic.


Birds of the same feather flock together.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


Please click here


to view the entire video.


Joseph Prince and Kenneth Copeland


are partners together in the ministry.


In a video, James Pearson,


the grandson of Kenneth Copeland


interviewed Joseph Prince;


Please click here


to view the 40-second video:


“Now, listen to me.


You and I are in for it because today, on this broadcast,


and all week long,


we are blessed and honoured to have Pastor Joseph Prince,


all the way from Singapore,


right here on the Believer’s Voice of Victory.


Welcome, sir.


Thanks for having me.


Thanks for the (Kenneth) Copeland, Mrs Gloria (wife).


It’s honour.




I just got to speak with my grandfather (Kenneth Copeland)


for a few minutes, just a few days ago,


who told me you’re in town.


And you guys


and I wanted our viewers and partners


to know that you guys have been partners together


(Joseph Prince & Kenneth Copeland)


for a long time now. Yes.


And this has been a ministry


and I know that it has been a blessing to you.


And I know that your ministry has been a blessing to them.


So, he (Kenneth Copeland) said, ‘Go for it.’   


‘Okay, (Joseph Prince said), let’s Go for it.’”


As revealed in the video,


Joseph Prince and Kenneth Copeland


are partners together in the ministry


for a long time.


They belong to the same group


who preaches the Prosperity Gospel.


Each also has his weird and out-of-this-world teachings


on the Holy Communion.


In a teaching session, Mike Winger said;


Please click here


to view the 3-minute-30-second video:


“This is Kenneth Copeland in communion.


I’m not exaggerating.


In communion,


adding his own blood


to the blood of Jesus in communion.


I’m going to play you the clip now.


This is sick. This is evil.


And it’s in the name of Christ.


So, this is your cup.


Yes, sir.


This is my cup.


He’s pretending to cut himself here.


That’s the cutting of the covenant.


And then I would do the same.


Jesus said,


‘Take this cup. This is my blood.’


And what is he doing now?


So, I got to pause and present it.


The man is now pretending that this is communion.


His blood mixes with this other guy’s blood.


And now it’s like this cup is the communion cup.


It gets worse.


Of the New Covenant.


Now, we mixed our blood.


Which is his?


Which is mine?




And we can never separate.


You can’t separate them.


(The audience clapped. Unimaginable!


Similarly, Joseph Prince’s audience also clapped


when he speaks rubbish.)


Alright, and the next clip.


What I want to share with you


is just to show you that, in fact


he is saying this is communion,


if that wasn’t clear already.


Like he’s putting his blood


mixing with that guy’s blood


and he is mixing into the communion.




Because Kenneth Copeland has a blurry vision


between himself and God.


That he really doesn’t see the difference here.


Let me illustrate something else.


Now, our blood, symbolically,


have been mixed here.


Now, at the communion table.


Yes sir.


He said,


‘This is my blood of the New Covenant.


All of you drink all of it.’


So, now,


I want you to be this way every time you take communion,


and you got to take it a lot, a lot.  


This is Kenneth Copeland, drinking a cup


that he has symbolically filled with his own blood


and the blood of some other do.


Then, he tells you to do communion like this?


This is satanic.


This isn’t like a weird, oh,


it’s satanic.


Listen to what he does next.


Now His (Jesus’) blood is in my body.


It’s in there.


His (Jesus’) blood is mixed with my blood.


The world needs to know


that this man does not representing Christianity.”


I’m sure after watching this video,


many of you will go away with the idea,


that what Kenneth Copeland did with the Holy Communion


is satanic.


Any sensible Christian would come to this conclusion.


Yet, Joseph Prince works with Kenneth Copeland


and are partners together with Copeland for a long time,


whose practice of the Holy Communion is satanic.


Birds of the same feather flock together.


Joseph Prince has his own out-of-this-world teaching


on the Holy Communion;


In a teaching session, Joseph Prince said;


Please click here


to view the 30-second video:


“… and they took communion like medicine, every day.


You know, like they take medicine 3 times a day,


they’ll take communion 3 times a day.”


If you need to take it (Holy Communion) by medicine, take it.


Take it as often as you can, Amen.


And if you discern the Lord’s body,


instead of weak, you become strong.


Instead of sick, you become healthier.


Instead of dying prematurely, you’ll live long.


And I notice about people who take communion in that way,


they get younger and younger and younger, Amen.


They belie their age.


They are under the blessing of Abraham.”   


Wait a minute, any sensible person,


whether he is an unbeliever


and especially, if he is a believer,


would know straightaway


that Joseph Prince is a conman.




The secret to long life


and to become younger and younger


is to take the Holy Communion 3 times a day


like taking medicine


that Joseph Prince belted out.


Wow, if this is true,


most of New Creation Church people


must have all been so young-looking


and die after 95 or 100 years old.


But that is blatantly untrue.


Just take a look at the people


who attends the weekly worship services


at New Creation Church,


and you would be absolutely certain


that Joseph Prince is patently lying.


And yet, multitudes in New Creation Church


would choose to believe him?


This is foolishness, stupidity, gullibility and silliness


and even madness


of the highest order!


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments




“This is yet another sermon by conman, Joseph Prince.


If speaking in tongues can produce perfect health,


our Singapore Ministry of Health


should ask him for evidence.”




“Why does the Singapore Government


need to spend billions on healthcare? 


Just contract Joseph Prince with a sum of money


and trust him to keep us healthy and free from sickness.”




“Kong Hee, after coming out from jail,


lift his head up, no more impatient,


no more his hot-headed younger self. 


Now is tempered by humility, knowledge


‘that after tomorrow, still got to face everybody.’ 


This face is so sincere, so golden and precious.


The same cannot be said about another pastor, Joseph Prince.


who has still not tasted losing everything.


Khong Hee is a ‘higher man’


which Joseph Prince not yet reached.”






I can see God’s delight in Kong Hee.”




“Joseph Prince is a man of cognitive dissonance.


Jonathan Brenneman, a US missionary, in his book


‘The Trojan Horse of Tithing:


How Tithe Traditions Have Undermined


A Pure Gospel Message’


writes that


“Prince says tithing is not out of obligation


but then quotes Malachi


with the interpretation


‘non-tithing Christians are God-robbers’,


which is another example of cognitive dissonance.


If failing to tithe is robbing God,


tithing is an obligation. ”


This is just a short extract


from a longer exposition


on Joseph Prince’s distorted tithe teaching.


The point is, how can a preacher say he is anointed


when he displays cognitive dissonance?


How can he be trusted to shepherd the flock?


His teaching must be riddled


with cognitive dissonance and contradictions.


It’s a reflection of ill-logic


and an underlying tendency to distort and lie.


Better flee before further self-harm.”




“When Joseph Prince says


let me tell you what in Greek


it means, that’s the cue


that he’s elevating his normal con to a bigger con.


When English words cannot be twisted enough,


he switches to Greek.


Now he’s selling premium rojak instead of regular rojak;


it’s still rojak nonetheless.


He’s neither an educated Christian speaker


nor a Greek expert.”




“Not sure if they are still practising it;


many years ago, I got to know someone


who was a staff of New Creation church. 


She told me that they are given a monthly allowance for clothing,


as it was important to honour God in our best clothes,


particularly when they are on stage.”




“Regarding what Joseph Prince said


that we can ask God for a new brain,


what about, I want a new pair of legs


that run faster than a cheetah.


We must have the common sense to know the difference


between asking God for what can and cannot be done?


This is ultimately rubbish


from this mad preacher, Joseph Prince.”




“According to Joseph Prince’s exegesis,


‘edify’ is to build up the physical body or building.


I believe that he would go one more step to exegete


that ‘edify’ will improve on your ‘roof-top’ too.


That means speaking in tongues will grow hair.”




“Not sure if it is a con sermon


when Joseph Prince speaks of the transference of wealth


from the unsaved to the saved in these last days.


For sure, it’s a transference of wealth


from the ‘conee’ to the ‘coner’.




“I thought Joseph Prince was a man with charisma,


and was such a good example when he shares the Gospel


until I listen to your channel.


We should share with the world


to stop his false gospel of Joseph Prince from spreading.”




“Simply put, the very name of Prince he has chosen,


was a calculated strategy


to con the many Ah Bengs and Ah Lians in Singapore.”




“Joseph ‘Conman’ Prince


is a tongue twister and recalcitrant heretic,


hypocrite and serial liar,


filled with sinful pride and is unrepentant.


When I first heard his sermon years ago,


I could tell that he is not a godly person.”




“One of the richest pastors according to AI.”




“There will always be people


who will buy into this nonsense


about wanting a new brain from God.


They are the ‘worship thyself’,


e.g. more money, more health, more brains etc, etc, etc,


and there is nothing we can do for them.


But for believers who want to know Christ,


thank God for everyone here


and Rev George Ong,


who share their experiences and the real word of God.”




“Honestly, I can tell you that I am concerned with my hair


because I don’t have much hair too,


but I am NOT going to the hair treatment centers


to ‘grow’ more hair,


even though my wife tells me to go for it.


However, thank God


that she didn’t ask me to let Joseph Prince lay hands on me


or speak to my hair;


otherwise, I might come under the bondage of Joseph Prince too!


And of course, Joseph Prince would become richer


because all the wives think


that he can grow hair for their husbands,


and they would not mind giving all the money


that they can save


from visiting the hair treatment centers to Joseph Prince!


You think this is a joke?


No, I think this is serious!


This is true, and this is (one of the reasons)


why he and Kenneth Copeland are so rich now!”




“What motivates prosperity preachers like Joseph Prince


is not the love for God but the love for money.


The money above the Word of God.


That’s why they dare to meddle, twist,


add and subtract God’s Word.


His members don’t see it


but it’s as clear as broad daylight robbery!


Maybe for a start, it may look okay,


but after a while, we see what’s left out


and what’s added to the Bible


… the same sermons twisted in different ways every week.”




“Another garbage sermon from Joseph Prince.


New Creation Church members are so super gullible!”




“Joseph Prince is filling up his own cup of wrath


is all I know.”




“Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,


means that we have to make use of the body


to live out the holiness of the Spirit.


It doesn’t mean the body will not fall sick and die.


The body is temporal.


Speaking in tongues is not to build up the body


but to strengthen our spiritual growth


and faith towards Jesus.”




“Joseph Prince is a man of doublespeak


(not that he speaks in tongues and English)


– he never fails to contradict himself.


Jonathan Brenneman, a US missionary, in his book,










“The subtitle on Prince’s sermon notes


says ‘Jesus our Passover Lamb is the reason


we can be protected, healthy, and blessed ‘.




Then he goes on to teach


that our tithe delivers us


from the curse of Adam’s sin


and brings God’s protection and blessing.


Stop for a minute and think about that.


The tithe delivers us from the curse of sin?


If we need the tithe to deliver us


from the curse of Adam’s sin,


then Jesus’ blood


wasn’t enough to completely accomplish it


or to completely undo the effects of Adam’s sin.


If that were the case,


the first Adam would be greater than the last Adam (Jesus).


If we need tithes to experience prosperity


in every area including our relationships, marriages,


and family life,


the blood of Jesus was not enough


to fully bring redemption to those areas.”


Those who, like Joseph Prince, teach “grace tithing”


have messages full of doublespeak.


They are devaluing the blood of Jesus


and cheapening our relationship with God.”




“Real preachers and prophets


do not need to use threats to threaten people


who go against their doctrine


or who don’t attend their church.


That’s one way to tell frauds and false teachers.”




“Yes, of course, Joseph Prince and Kenneth Copeland


are of the same ‘pack’.


It is a known fact that they are PARTNERS


long before this interview by Jeremy Pearsons


the grandson of Kenneth Copeland:


If you think that Kenneth Copeland


is a prosperity preacher and false prophet,


you should know that Joseph Prince is his ‘partner’ too.


You never know how much support or financial backing


he has got from Kenneth Copeland (the richest pastor in USA)


and how much Joseph Prince


has helped the Kenneth Copeland ministry all these years.


So, if Joseph Prince says that


he is not a prosperity preacher, he is lying.


I remember in those days in the 1990s


when Kenneth Copeland came to Singapore


and spoke at the conferences in the hotels and stadium,


how Joseph Prince was that young and dynamic worship leader,


and how the donations in the conferences


were collected (a few rounds), and .. etc.


They all seemed to start well


with such a good passion and fire for the Lord.


However, no one knew


that they would one day evolve


into the richest ‘wolves’ in USA and Singapore.”




“Kenneth Copeland…


there is no love in this man (KC) eyes…


it is so cold & calculating…


so, Kenneth Copeland is ‘sifu’ (teacher) to Joseph Prince.”




“Joseph Prince kept reassuring his congregation


what God has blessed, no one could curse.


No matter what we do, God will not curse us


because we are in Christ Jesus,


whereas others who comes against Joseph Prince


could be “cursed”??


Meaning Joseph Prince is greater than


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?


We are sounding the alarm


to warn those who follow Joseph Prince’s teachings.


It was his own teachings


that has clearly made him a liar!


Using God’s Sovereignty to get himself fat


whereas the people are still crying out


for truth and true Heavenly Bread!


God sent many prophets to warn his people


not to fall into deceptions


then will all these prophets also be cursed?


If so, God is cursing Himself!


Do New Creation Church goers


think we are so free that we have nothing to do


and here we are finding faults with Joseph Prince?


Only the blind couldn’t see


what’s the actual reason of this whole thing about!


The Word of God has been shut


while the word of false teachers


are highly praised in New Creation Church.


Are we going to keep testing God’s patience?


Can’t we differentiate between The Truth Word of God


and the word of empty philosophies? (Col 2:8)


Every day, we keep praying to God for mercy upon us,


yet pastors like Joseph Prince put up a whitewash wall,


not warning the people to repent


but instead, keep feeding the people with false hope.”




“This so-called Joseph Prince


is not correct in his preaching of THE HOLY BIBLE.”




“He preaches the world’s sweetest, most comfortable,


most ultra heart-warming and most relaxing gospel.


Spiritually unhealthy.”




“Joseph Prince will say 5 represents Grace,


but he will not say 10 represents Law


because 10 is the Tithe!


That’s hypocrisy!


That’s counterfeit grace!”




“So, do you think that he will believe it


if you prophesy to him and say, “Hair grows”,


“Bread multiplies”, “Trees dies”, “Mosquitoes die”,


“Money grows”, and … etc ?


Of course, no.


It is because he believes it only if he himself says it


or his Pastor Mark says it.


So, can you understand


why there is always a sly grinning smile on his face?


He is laughing inside


because he knows that his fans and audience


are all fools who have come under his hypnotic control.


He knows that, in order to ‘save’ themselves and their face,


they would try to speak for him and defend him


for all the heresies that have made them into a fool


because they have no choice


but to keep on believing in him,


unless they are willing to humble themselves and repent.


Obviously, he has done the ‘calculation’


and he can tell you that the majority are the unrepentant


who prefer to remain as fools


rather than wake up and repent.


Yes, he seems to be the winner


with the control of people’s minds;


however, he will have to ‘pay’ for it,


and it is going to cost him very ‘dearly’.


Yes, he may flaunt off his money, building, and resources


including his partner’s money to promote a ‘Christ’


that has prospered him,


but all the money that he can show


will show that his Christ is just a false Christ


that will crave and use up your money.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“Matthew 7:3-5


“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye


and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?


How can you say to your brother,


‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’


when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“If that is the case, Apostle Paul has sinned.


‘you are to deliver this man to Satan


for the destruction of the flesh,


so that his spirit may be saved


in the day of the Lord.’


1 Cor 5:5.”




“But false prophets also arose among the people,


just as there will be false teachers among you,


who will secretly bring in destructive heresies,


even denying the Master who bought them,


bringing upon themselves swift destruction.


2 And many will follow their sensuality,


and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.


3 And in their greed they will exploit you with false words.


Their condemnation from long ago is not idle,


and their destruction is not asleep.”


– 1 Peter 2:1-3


Are you saying that Apostle Peter


should not have judged false teachers?


And if he did so, was it only because he was an Apostle?


Or he judged according to God’s word?


And if it is the latter,


that sets us on equal ground to be defending the truth.


The question is,


who is telling the truth?


Wanna find out?


Let’s debate based on God’s word.”




“Charles Spurgeon said discernment


is not the ability to tell right from wrong


but the ability to tell almost right from right.


Many times, if a person


does his or her diligent Bereans’ work


to check the truth with a heart attitude


in search of truth to walk in the truth,


not much discernment ability


is required to nail down much of Joseph Prince’s teachings


because his teachings are mostly between wrong and right,


not much between almost right and right,


because Joseph Prince’s teachings are shallow


and mostly pandering to natural


and carnal desires of worldly people


who are searching for the good life here and now,


with no real Bible support


by putting positive and optimistic spins on God’s word,


giving false hope, claiming God promises are unconditional.


Most of these people are Bible illiterate


and don’t care about finding truths


or read the Bible seriously. 


They are satisfied to have a passport to go to heaven


and so they think and being set free


by Joseph Prince’s teachings


to live the life the way they want


and feel so good and liberated


after hearing Joseph Prince.


Liberated for what?


I think that’s why God allows


false teachers and false prophets to arise.


I think it is the Holy Spirit work of sanctification


to separate the sheep and the goats,


the righteous from the unrighteous,


the godly from the worldly.


God set apart the godly for Himself.


Psalm 4:3 and many many examples,


Abraham from the Chaldeans, Issac and Ishmael


and Issac, Jacob and Esau, etc, etc


and down history corridors to these days,


all at individual level.




“People tell me judge not lest ye be judged.


I always tell them, twist not scripture lest ye be like Satan.”


-Paul Washer




“Don’t confuse judgement with discernment.


It does not make sense


to think that Jesus wants us to be undiscerning Christians


who, like a little bird, swallow all that is fed into its mouth.


It does not make sense


that Jesus wants us to abandon


our critical faculty and discernment.


After all, Jesus did say, beware of false prophets…


you will know them by their fruits (Matt 7:15).


Clearly, Jesus is asking us to judge


Otherwise, how would we know what is good or bad fruit,


what is hypocrisy, lies, good deeds or bad etc.”


Note this is a critique of my website:




“But who are you, Rev George


and all of you people in this chat, to judge him?


For the same measure of judgement you put unto others,


may be used unto you,


and doesn’t the bible say, that judgement is not for us,


but God?


So, it’s probably best to stop judging


and leave that with God,


instead, if we do not accept JP’s preaching


and deem it as false, just don’t listen.


Move on and listen to those whom you feel convicted


to listen to by the discernment gift


given to each one of us through the Holy Spirit.”


These are the comments of those


who wrote against the above critic:




“It’s not judging. Its examination,


questioning and evaluation of teachings.


If A tells B: who are you to judge C,


then A is also judging B.




Who is A to tell B?”




“If you don’t like this channel,


you too should move out and move on,


instead of teaching others what to do,


and quoting Scripture to cover presumptuousness.”




“God expects us to test and discern everything we hear


from the pulpit or even from the Internet.


Only the spiritually dead do not


and cannot be bothered to discern.


You are asking an irresponsible question


as a disciple of Christ.”




“That very church which the world likes best


is sure to be that which God abhors”


Charles Spurgeon




“Besides reading the Bible


and this Rev George Ong’s channel,


there are also many international channels


doing an awesome job


of exposing Joseph Prince’s teachings.


If you think his teachings


are unquestionable and not heretical,


then it’s time to introspect


and examine this hidden assumption


buried in your subconscious.”




“Hi, thanks for your bold replied.


Yes, you were right about


‘Do not judge others so that we will not be judged,’


taken from Matthew 7


There’s also another verse


talking about ‘judging’ which is in 1 Corinthians 5,


where Paul told us to judge those who are within the church!


How come both Matthew 7 and 1 Corinthians 5


saying 2 difference things?


Therefore, I study them in Greek Lexicon the word “Judge”


for both in Matthew 7 and 1 Corinthians 5:12.


Both clearly explained how this “judge” to be applied


and how it can be understood.


Best is when reading Matthew 7 and 1 Corinthians 5


in AMP/MSG versions,


we would be able to understand


why are we not to judge in Matthew 7


while we ought to judge within the church in 1 Corinthians 5.


Remember King David?


How he was being confronted by Nathan


who was sent by God?


Did King David rebuke Nathan?


Telling Nathan he shouldn’t have judged him?


At that time, David was already a King!


What was King David’s response?


He admitted his wrongs without giving any excuses.


Similar incident,


when Samuel went and confronted King Saul.


Did King Saul repent?


No, he didn’t, instead,


he even came out with his own excuses with much pride!


Can we see what happens to both of their fates?


One with repentance even though he was a King,


while the one with much pride and without repentance.


The truth is ALL of us will still fall short


after being saved by grace through faith


and there “grace” there for us to repent


or else Jesus wouldn’t ask us


to forgive our brothers a limitless number of times in a day.


What to forgive if there’s no repentance?


But Jesus clearly told us we need to repent every day.


Today, many pastors and leaders


who has reached their high position with many influences,


therefore, it seems that no one can correct them


when they’re wrong.


It will be seen as “judging” them!


Once again, we can understand Matthew 7


what “judge” means when we read them in AMP version.


Read them in a whole and not just 1 verse.


Also do the same to 1 Corinthians 5.


Read the entire chapter.


Yes, you were right.


If Rev Ong and ALL of us judge Joseph Prince


of the very things he said and do


and we ourselves also do the very same things he does,


we will too BE JUDGED by God!


No escape!


None of us are excused!


You can be sure of that!


Therefore, we all will have to answer towards God.


Now, the other principle


just as crucial in 1 Corinthians 5


where we should judge our own brothers and sisters


or else we also need to answer to God.


Once again, thank you for bringing this up


as we are in no interest to put anyone down


without many true testimonies and evidence


that we ourselves has experienced


when seated under Joseph Prince


and his other pastors’ teachings.


To me, if anyone come and corrects me like Nathan and Samuel,


I would see myself being so loved and blessed by God


who doesn’t want me to keep going down the wrong path


which eventually leads me to eternal destruction.


Worst, it led many many others to destructions!


To me only those who wants me to end up destruction


will NOT tell me The Truth


so that I will keep going to the wrong path.


Worst, they will keep on complimenting and supporting me


to keep going on the wrong path.


They fear men more than fear God!


Oh… that’s very wicked


and God will place the person’s blood in our hands!”