Joseph Prince is too proud to divulge the real reason why he preaches so often even though he is on sabbatical – By Rev George Ong (Dated 16 Aug 2023)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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Before I even begin,


I want to allay the fears of people


who may think that I am focussing on the trivial


– about why Joseph Prince appears so many times


to preach in New Creation Church


even though he is on sabbatical.


For those who know me


I have no time for trivial matters.


I am a highly focussed person,


who won’t waste a single second


for inconsequential issues.


Friends, this issue is not a trivial matter


as it reflects the larger issue


about the character of Joseph Prince


and the slippery manner


in the way that he communicates,


just to bail himself out of a possible mistake he makes.


I am sure you already had a taste of this


in many of my previous articles, and especially, Article 1.


In one of my previous articles,


I said that this is the first time I have heard someone,


who had announced himself that he is on sabbatical


but kept coming back to work (preach).


And when he comes back to work (preach),


he doesn’t even bother to explain why.


I then offered 7 reasons


why this strange phenomenon had happened. 


I added – let’s see if Joseph Prince would explain himself


the next time when he comes up again on pulpit to preach.


If he still chooses to remain silent,


than I can safely assume, that perhaps,


at least, one of my guesses (all 7 are not in his favour) is right.


Well, Joseph Prince has to respond (and he did last Sunday)


as this is a totally logical and reasonable question


that is asked not just by me but also many of his critics,


and many in his congregation


– why is he preaching so often


even though he is on sabbatical.


In the sermon 3 days ago, on 13 August 2023, this is what he said;


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“I know I had to grab the railings and all that


in my hotel room


when I look at online (New Creation Church worship services)


and all that,


you know, the church and all that,


I want to be there (New Creation Church worship services),


but I got to observe my sabbatical this year.


That’s the reason why I didn’t go for sabbatical ever.


It’s my first time.”


His explanation is merely to reinforce the idea


that he is still on sabbatical


and he said that what he really misses


is worshipping with his congregation.


Well, by all means,


Joseph Prince could and should attend the worship services


with his congregation on Sundays,


even though he is not preaching on his sabbatical.


Who is stopping him from doing that?


Is Joseph Prince implying


that just because he is not preaching on those Sundays


during his sabbatical,


he doesn’t appear in the worship services of his church at all?


From what he has shared,


this seems to be the case, and if this is the case,


then where is Joseph Prince on those Sundays


he isn’t preaching?


But what remains is that


Joseph Prince has still not given


any answer to the question


about why he is preaching so often on Sundays


(counting 13 August 2023, this is the 8th time he has preached


since he went on sabbatical, twice on video)


even though he is on sabbatical.


This is the first time I have ever heard a preacher


announced that he is on sabbatical


and then he starts appearing for work (to preach) for 8 times.


And what is more puzzling;


and I am absolutely certain is that


Joseph Prince will appear many more times to preach


before this year ends,


even though he is on sabbatical.


Does this all make sense?


Let me make some sense to what has transpired.


I’d tell you my take about what has really happened.


After announcing that he is going on sabbatical,


Joseph Prince probably regretted.


This is because he is so used


to the gallery and the glare


of thousands and thousands of his fans,


admiring him, clapping and cheering for him


and waiting to hear him preach;


and he can’t do without that.


The second reason is that


he is probably addicted to preaching


– that he has to preach even though he is sabbatical.


Furthermore, he is the Type A personality


(imagine, he has been preaching against


the Type A personality for a few Sundays,


and the joke is that he is preaching against himself)


that he must do something


– one who cannot be at rest and know how to relax


even though he is on sabbatical.


He is not practising what he preaches


as he has been telling his people so often to rest and relax.


Last, but most important,


he cannot humble himself


to announce to the congregation


that he has probably made a mistake or changed his mind


announcing that he is on sabbatical.


As I have always said, pride in his number one problem.


Because Joseph Prince is too proud


to acknowledge the mistake he has made,


and that is why he has to churn out a puzzling explanation


– that he misses the worship services with his people,


and perhaps that’s why he is preaching


even though he is on sabbatical.


But this still doesn’t make sense


as the question remains


– why is he reporting for work to preach so often,


even though he is on sabbatical?


To tell people that he is on sabbatical


and yet appears so many times for work (preach)


during the period of sabbatical


makes no sense.


If Joseph Prince really misses the church,


why can’t he just attend the worship services


and not preach


because he is on sabbatical?


Why has Joseph Prince got to preach


each time when he appears during Sunday worship services,


even though he is on sabbatical?


Rev George Ong