Joseph Prince is on sabbatical this year, repeats his sermons & lies 27 times that he preached every Sunday during COVID-19


Joseph Prince, who uses social media extensively to preach his heresies is a serial liar – Lie No 5


– By Rev George Ong (Dated 3 May 2023)


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“Joseph Prince falsely accuses the Lord Jesus, who is God Himself, of being a false prophet,”


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“Joseph Prince lied & made Jesus a liar when he said that Jesus doesn’t tell you about your faults,”


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“Joseph Prince double-talked & lied as he made Jesus & Paul liars when he said Christ could come back at any time”


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(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In a weekly Sunday sermon aired on YouTube 3 Sundays ago, on 16 Apr 2023, Joseph Prince said;


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“You know I have never taken a sabbatical for years ever since I went to ministry as a young man, never.


During COVID, I was preaching every Sunday, every Sunday.


But this year, when you don’t see me here and there, you’re in good hands because Jesus will still supply.


Alright, you don’t see me here and there, don’t worry,


it’s not that I’m sick or I’m this, I’m that.


I just will take more sabbatical because actually 7, 7, 7, my ministry; this is exactly the year of sabbatical for me; my ministry.


So, if you don’t see me around, I’m probably somewhere, usually by myself


because my son still have to go study and all that, and he is in school,


but I probably go away here and there, alright, to refresh myself in the Lord.


I think I’ll be doing this finally, this year, alright, for the next leg of my life, Amen. But you’ll not be robbed, you’ll not be shortchanged.


Alright, I can talk big la ah about all that. After one week only, you know, cold turkey from preaching, alright.


So, if I’ve to preach through my phone, wherever I am, can you receive? Just receive it, Amen.


So, you’ll never know, okay. But just let you know that finally,


you know a lot of advice has come to me and say,


‘Pastor, you need to take, this is your another cycle of 7 has come, right, take it.’ Amen.”


Joseph Prince said in a 10-second video;


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“During COVID, I was preaching every Sunday, every Sunday.”


Joseph Prince blatantly lies that he preached every Sunday during COVID-19. This is because


there were 7 times in 2020 that Prince didn’t preach:

(26 Jan, 26 Apr, 7 Jun, 14 Jun, 2 Aug, 25 Oct, 29 Nov).


there were 14 times in 2021 that Prince didn’t preach:

(24 Jan, 14 Feb, 14 Mar, 18 Apr, 23 May, 20 Jun, 4 Jul, 8 Aug, 12 Sep, 19 Sep, 14 Nov, 12 Dec, 19 Dec, 26 Dec).


there were 6 times from 1 Jan to 26 Apr 2022 that Prince didn’t preach:

(6 Feb, 13 Feb, 20 Mar, 27 Mar, 10 Apr, 24 Apr).


Note that COVID-19 hit Singapore


from the beginning of 2020,


and it was reported in the Straits Times


that Singapore had announced a major easing of rules of COVID-19


from 26 Apr 2022.


The matter wouldn’t be a big issue, if this was the first time that Joseph Prince had lied.


But the fact is that Joseph Prince has lied so many times,


and it seems that lying has become part of his psyche,


as it is so ingrained in him.


And if it were once, or twice, that Joseph Prince didn’t preach during COVID-19, we may somewhat excuse him.


But here we are talking about a massive 27 times that Prince didn’t preach during COVID-19.


How could Prince not be aware of that?


Perhaps, he thought he could fool many.


But Prince has forgotten that I listen to his sermons every Sunday.


And for those Sunday sermons that was preached by his other staff in his stead, I too was aware.


He thinks he can fool many others, but he cannot fool me.


For the accuracy of my records


about the number of times and the dates


Joseph Prince didn’t preach from Jan 2020 to Apr 2022,


and to determine whether I’m lying about my allegation of Joseph Prince,


or Prince is, indeed, lying,


you are at liberty to check with New Creation Church,


and I encourage you to do so,


so as to remove all doubts in your mind about my allegations,


that Prince had blatantly lied a massive 27 times


when he said;


“During COVID, I was preaching every Sunday, every Sunday.”


Next, Joseph Prince said;


“… you know a lot of advice has come to me and say,


‘Pastor, you need to take, this is your another cycle of 7 has come, right, take it.’ Amen.”


Those (leaders) who advised him to take a sabbatical,


and the fact that Joseph Prince himself had agreed to it,


show that his relatively ‘long’ absence from the pulpit this year,


wouldn’t make too much of a difference now


(maybe previously, say before COVID-19 hit the world).


As I have said before, COVID-19


is indeed God’s judgement on Joseph Prince and his heresies. 


This is because after COVID-19,


the services at Star Vista were reduced by one (one service holds 5000 seats).


Most of their current 3 worship services every Sunday are not full,


with many empty seats,


especially at their 11.30 am and 2.30 pm services. 


Queuing up to get a place for the services was also discontinued after COVID-19.


This state of affairs in New Creation Church was a far cry from the pre COVID-19 days.


The last straw must have been what happened on Easter Sunday, several weeks ago.


Besides Christmas, Easter Sunday (2 Apr 2023) is considered a premier service at New Creation Church,


and Joseph Prince must have expected the 3 services that Sunday to overflow with attendees.


But to his dismay, this was not to be.


(New Creation Church does not hold Good Friday services. How can they celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday without remembering the death and the cross of Christ on Good Friday?)


Despite the fact that Joseph Prince was the one who preached on Easter Sunday,


the 5,000-seat auditorium wasn’t even full for all 3 services.


At 8.40 am, 10 minutes into the first 8.30 am service,


there were about 1,000 seats left.


About more than half an hour into the service,


the 8.30 am service on Easter Sunday was not even filled,


as there were a few hundred seats, still available.


The take-up rate at the 11.30 am and 2.30 pm services generally fared worse than the 8.30 am service.


(Note that the data I have provided is taken from the New Creation Church herself.)


Those (leaders) who have advised Joseph Prince to take a sabbatical,


are probably aware that by now,


Joseph Prince has lost quite a fair bit of his pull with the Singapore crowd.


They may also have received feedback from the ground


that people are getting rather tired of Joseph Prince,


because he kept repeating his sermons.


Prince repeats his sermons, not as whole sermons


but mainly in part, the cut and paste approach, countless times.


But there were many times when he actually repeated his sermons


by posting what he had already preached years ago on video in the Sunday worship services.


Again, he can’t fool me, as to date,


not only have I viewed his sermons every Sunday for the last 3 over years, from 2020 to 2023,


I have also viewed and listened to hundreds of his other sermon videos and audios. 


And I can bear witness that he keeps repeating


many of the same Bible stories and Bible texts in his sermons,


some in greater detail than others.


For example, his ‘Mary and Martha story’, ‘the Prodigal Son parable’ and ‘the Exodus 19 episode’, amongst many others,


were repeated umpteen times in his many sermons.


His ‘law-bashing’ and ‘grace-glorifying’ teachings and his pet phrases,


such as, “the law demands but grace supplies”


were repeated countless times


until I cannot take it anymore.


But unfortunately, whether I like it or not,


I have to listen to his sermons because of my calling.


If you think I’m lying or exaggerating,


here is more evidence from the following


who were Ex New Creation Church members.


What they wrote can also be found in their respective testimonies on this website:


Glenn Fong, an Ex New Creation Church member for 15 years wrote;


“In 2014, at 36, I got married. I was happily serving in the Music Ministry of New Creation Church, and I had a good relationship with my church mates. There was no reason for me to be upset.


But for that past year, I found myself sleeping during sermons.


The sermons were repetitive;


I already knew what Joseph Prince was going to say, and there was no point listening:


“You are under Grace, not under Law. It is not about your performance but Jesus’ performance. Your blessings are not a maybe. It’s Yes and amen, it will surely come!”


I listened to his CDs so frequently


that I can regurgitate his favourite verses, his quotes and even his jokes.


It was the beginning of an end.


I decided that enough is enough.”


Andrew Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years wrote;


“Joseph Prince discourages his congregation from attending Bible school or receiving teaching from other ministries


because he tells them that


he is providing them “fresh bread” from heaven,


so, sitting under his ministry is sufficient for their spiritual growth.


In reality, Pastor Prince always repeats his sermons many times


until they become “stale bread”. 


Of course, the real reason why he discourages his congregation from attending teachings from outside sources


is that he is afraid that they would discover the truth and that the falsity of his grace doctrine would be exposed.”


Yvonne Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member for 20 years wrote;


“And as I reflect back now, Joseph Prince actually only has a few key messages which he kept drilling onto us.


Many sermons he preached were often repeated or repackaged with a few new verses


but essentially, he was just trying to bring across a few points that he has.”


Lindsay Lim, an Ex New Creation Church member for 18 years wrote;


“The final straw came about when I was in a relationship with this guy who kept finding fault with Joseph Prince’s teaching and he even warned me that Joseph Prince was teaching wrong doctrines.


At that time, I still could not see the danger of Joseph Prince’s teachings and started to defend Joseph Prince blindly


though my only unhappiness with him at that time


was with his oft-repeated sermons.”


Dr Chris Kang, an Ex New Creation Church member for 2 years wrote;


“From 2020 to 2021, I tuned in from time to time to Joseph Prince’s sermons at NCC


but found them bland, incoherent, repetitive, and often unhinged.


I could no longer bear to listen to this preacher.


It turned out many others had felt the same.


Finding Rev. George Ong’s website was a nice surprise.


I found many of the testimonies revealing and concurring with my own experience with Prince and his theology.”


Ivy Bong wrote,


“I attended New Creation Church in 2009 and about 2 years ago (2019), I returned upon the invitation of a friend


and I must say nothing had changed. 


I saw a church with all its physical beauty but it was an ‘empty’ church.


People were not there for God but only Joseph Prince.


When Joseph Prince came on stage, it was like a rock concert with the audience cheering 


and his message was just the same as it was years ago.


Nothing had changed.”


Ivy Bong said that when she returned to New Creation Church in 2019,


nothing had changed, and it was the same old message.


Yet, Joseph Prince, from time to time,


has the cheek to claim that his sermons


are fresh revelations given by God.


Is he lying?


You be the judge.


How can his sermons be fresh revelations from the Lord


when what he preaches on many Sundays are not fresh bread


but as Andrew Tan, an Ex New Creation Church member,


who sat under Prince’s ministry for 20 years,


said that they are the same old “stale bread”?


Finally, Joseph Prince said in another 15-second video;


Please click here to view:


“I always say, let the fruits speak for itself because our Lord Jesus says, by their fruits, you shall know them (Matt 7:16, 20). 


Not by the talk, Amen.”


Joseph Prince quoted what Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, 20.


But the fruits that Jesus have in mind in Matthew 7:16, 20,


was rather different from what Joseph Prince thought


– that they referred to his testimonies of souls saved and diseases healed


that he constantly boasts about?


(By the way, there are many false conversions


as souls are unlikely to be saved


under Prince’s no-repentance and false gospel,


and healings


can also be counterfeited by the devil.)


Without going into the details,


most Bible commentators and scholars would boil this down


(regarding the meaning of fruits in Matthew 7:16, 20)


to the false teachings of the false prophets,


and their marred character:


Matthew 7:15-16, 20 NASB

15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits.  20 So then, you will know them by their fruits.


By now, if you have been reading the many articles on my website,


you ought to be convinced that on both counts,


Joseph Prince is indeed a false prophet.


This website is just filled with pages after pages of evidence


at proving Joseph Prince is preaching heresies.


As for Joseph Prince’s character,


I have also proven that he is


a serial liar, a serial double-talker, and a serial hypocrite.


In fact, in this article alone, I have shown that


Joseph Prince has lied 27 times,


when he said;


“During COVID, I was preaching every Sunday, every Sunday.”


(and more of his lies are going to be exposed in the days to come)


Think with me: how could Joseph Prince


whose character


are flawed and tainted


by a massive amount of lies, double-talks and hypocrisy,


not be a false prophet?


Rev George Ong




Joseph Prince’s decision to take his sabbatical this year,


(and starting from last Sunday, he did not preach, and I assume this would be the pattern in the coming weeks or months),


may mean somewhat less work for me, and this is good news.


But this really depends on the leading of the Lord for my ministry this year.