Joseph Prince Endorses Toto-Gambling (lottery) & Praying to Win Toto in Jesus’ Name – By Rev George Ong (Dated 26 Oct 2021)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, NCCS office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


I’ve heard from numerous and different sources (first-hand accounts) that many who are attending New Creation Church regularly gamble by buying Toto (lottery). Do you know why? Here’s the reason:


Please click to view the one-minute video of what Joseph Prince said in a sermon preached on 21 May, 2017,


“Some of you, if God gave you a million dollars; Okay, a million dollars is nothing, nowadays. I look at some people and realise many of them have a million dollars. Alright, their house is worth a million dollars. Alright, it is almost unimaginable, the blessing that is on Singapore, Singaporeans. Anyway, let’s say if God gave you 5 million, you are praying, your Toto (lottery) comes in. I know some of you, you don’t say it out but you are claiming in Jesus’ name. When I said, ‘The Lord bless you,’ you said, ‘Toto’. We are saying ‘The Lord bless you totally,’ you say ‘Totolly’. You think I don’t know. Come on. And every time there’s a lucky draw, alright you buy something, okay from the shopping mall, whatever you buy and there’s a lucky draw. I know you claim it and you claim it in Jesus’ name. I know, I know. In fact, I suspect Pastor Mark is doing it also.”


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Would a true teacher of God’s word endorse gambling (buying Toto) publicly to believers in his church? Of course not! But here we have Joseph Prince, who publicly sanctions gambling not only to his New Creation Church but also to Christian audiences around the world (his videos are shown around the world)! Can you beat that?


In my 54 years as a Christian, I have never come across any pastor or preacher who dares to approve gambling publicly to his congregation. 


Instead of sending a clear signal to believers that gambling is wrong because it promotes the sin of covetousness, unbelievably, Joseph Prince endorses it.


Is it any wonder why Yvonne Tan (Ex New Creation Church Member) wrote in her testimony,


“For the years that I sat under Joseph Prince’s ministry, my own covetousness grew unconsciously as he often tells us that God wants us to be prosperous (in terms of being wealthy) and we need to have the faith to believe. God can bless us abundantly what we ask for. A promotion, a new house or car if we have the faith to believe.”


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Now, do know why there are so many goats who are attracted to New Creation Church? To them, it’s such a good deal offered by Joseph Prince. They would reason, “I can be a Christian who is assured of a place in heaven and that I can never lose my salvation (that’s what Joseph Prince teaches), and yet, I could still enjoy the pleasures of gambling and winning on earth.”


Can the Executive Committee Members of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), tell us what do they think about Joseph Prince, who endorses Toto-Gambling (lottery) and praying to win Toto in Jesus’ name publicly to his congregation and to Christians around the world?


Is gambling part of the common values and ethos of NCCS?