Is Joseph Prince Serving Fresh Bread or Stale Bread? – By Rev George Ong (Dated 12 Nov 2021)


Before I dwell on the main topic, I can’t resist taking a swipe at Joseph Prince not for personal reasons but for his frequent recycling of previous sermons and the constant repetition of the same old points in his sermons.


Last Sunday on 7 November 2021, instead of preaching a fresh sermon as most preachers would, he played a recording of an old sermon (live stream) on YouTube. He had done this many times just for this year alone. He can’t fool me as I have viewed every of his Sunday sermons played on YouTube this year.


Why is Joseph Prince recycling old sermons and serving stale bread so often? Didn’t he frequently claim that he only serves fresh bread to his sheep? Has he run out of fresh bread to serve?


Not only does he recycle old sermons regularly, he repeats his sermons (not as whole sermons but mainly in part; the cut and paste approach) countless times. Again, he can’t fool me as, to date, I must have viewed and listened to hundreds of his sermon videos and audios. And I can bear witness that he keeps repeating many of the same Bible stories and Bible texts in his sermons, some in greater detail than others.


For example, his ‘Mary and Martha story’, ‘the Prodigal Son parable’ and ‘the Exodus 19 episode’, amongst many others, were repeated umpteen number of times in his many sermons. His ‘Law-bashing’ and ‘Grace-glorifying’ teachings and his pet phrases, such as, “the law demands but grace supplies” were repeated countless times until ‘I cannot take it anymore’. But, unfortunately, whether I like it or not, I have to listen to his sermons because of my calling.


If you think I’m exaggerating, here is more evidence from the following who were Ex New Creation Church members. What they wrote can also be found in their respective testimonies on this website:


Glenn Fong wrote,


“But for that past year, I found myself sleeping during sermons. The sermons were repetitive; I already knew what Joseph Prince was going to say, and there was no point listening: “You are under Grace, not under Law. It is not about your performance but Jesus’ performance. Your blessings are not a maybe. It’s Yes and amen, it will surely come!” I listened to his CDs so frequently that I can regurgitate his favourite verses, his quotes and even his jokes. It was the beginning of an end. I decided that enough is enough.” 


Andrew Tan wrote,


“It is not surprising to find that NCC members are not grounded in biblical theology. Joseph Prince discourages his congregation from attending Bible school or receiving teaching from other ministries because he tells them that he is providing them “fresh bread” from heaven, so sitting under his ministry is sufficient for their spiritual growth. In reality, Pastor Prince always repeats his sermons many times until they become “stale bread”. Of course, the real reason why he discourages his congregation from attending teachings from outside sources is that he is afraid that they would discover the truth and that the falsity of his grace doctrine would be exposed.”


Dr Chris Kang wrote,


“From 2020 to 2021, I tuned in from time to time to Joseph Prince’s sermons at NCC but found them bland, incoherent, repetitive, and often unhinged. I could no longer bear to listen to this preacher. It turned out many others had felt the same.” 


Lindsay Lim wrote,


“The final straw came about when I was in a relationship with this guy who kept finding fault with Joseph Prince’s teaching and he even warned me that Joseph Prince was teaching wrong doctrines. At that time, I still could not see the danger of Joseph Prince’s teachings and started to defend Joseph Prince blindly though my only unhappiness with him at that time was with his oft-repeated sermons.”


Yvonne Tan wrote,


“And as I reflect back now, Joseph Prince actually only has a few key messages which he kept drilling onto us. Many sermons he preached were often repeated or repackaged with a few new verses but essentially, he was just trying to bring across a few points that he has.”


Ivy Bong wrote,


“I attended New Creation Church in 2009 and about 2 years ago (2019), I returned upon the invitation of a friend and I must say nothing had changed. I saw a church with all its physical beauty but it was an ‘empty’ church. People were not there for God but only Joseph Prince. When Joseph Prince came on stage, it was like a rock concert with the audience cheering and his message was just the same as it was years ago. Nothing had changed.” 


Ivy Bong said that when she returned to New Creation Church in 2019, nothing had changed and it was the same old message. Yet, Joseph Prince has the cheek to claim that his sermons are fresh revelations given by God. Is he lying? You be the judge. How can his sermons be fresh revelations from the Lord when what he preaches every Sunday are not fresh bread but the same old stale bread?


Rev George Ong