Covid-19 Proves that Joseph Prince is a Fraud & Liar – By Rev George Ong (Dated 26 Oct 2021)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, NCCS office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


As of 25 Oct, Monday, 2021 (world figures):

Total number who were infected by Covid-19: 244,763,107.

Total number who died from Covid-19: 4,969,059.


About 32 percent of the world’s population are Christians. Taking into account that not all 32 percent are born again believers, let’s assume a fair figure that 1 percent of those who were infected and died from Covid-19 were born again Christians. This would work out to:


Total number of born again Christians who were infected by Covid-19: about 2.5 million.

Total number of born again Christians who died from Covid-19: about 50,000.


Can you see that the number of Christians who had probably been infected by the disease and died from it are humongous?


Given such a scenario, Joseph Prince must explain why his Health & Wealth gospel that believers will be protected from diseases and tragedies has flopped so miserably.


In a previous update, I shared about a Singaporean friend, Dr Raymond Yuen who recently passed away from Covid-19. Another friend of mine, Pastor David Cheng also suffered the same fate. You may wish to view this link:,-%80%98death-has-no-sting,%80%99-says-son-49619.html


Pastor David Cheng is the first in Malaysia to pass away because of Covid-19 in March 2020. We are saddened by his death and yet gladdened he is with our heavenly Father in glory. He invited me to speak at his worship service twice, and at the same time I conducted 2 seminars at his church. In my “Rapture & Great Tribulation Seminar”, he wrote this testimony:


“We are thankful to God for Rev George Ong who conducted the seminar on Rapture and Great Tribulation on 16th and 17th October 2015 at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching. Indeed, it was an eye opener for all who attended the seminar.


Rev George exposed the flaws of the Pre-trib belief that for a long time had many believing as doctrinally sound. His presentation of the various Bible passages relating to Rapture and the Great Tribulation was thorough, consistent and biblically sound and they proved without a doubt that the Post-trib view is the only one that is thoroughly taught in scripture.


We were encouraged by his example of radical faith in God to teach God’s truth in the face of opposition from the Pre-trib camp. His testimonies of God’s divine provisions, healings and testings through various trials also encouraged us very much.


His solid biblical teaching on Post-trib is very much needed in the body of Christ today as it is truly a wake-up call to all genuine believers to rise up to exercise radical faith in radical times. Through his seminar, we have also learnt to purposefully prepare, especially the next generation for the Great Tribulation and be ready to go through the difficult times of suffering and be counted as overcomers.


I strongly recommend his seminar to every church who would like to check out whether the Bible strongly supports the Pre-trib or the Post-trib doctrine.”


Pastor David Cheng

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


I, personally, have already known 2 Christian friends (Dr Raymond Yuen and Pastor David Cheng) who passed away from Covid 19. Many of you may have also known of Christian friends or relatives who may have suffered the same fate.


As we know, the Covid-19 situation in Singapore has not yet stabilised. Those who are infected are still in the thousands. Yesterday (25 Oct 2021) is the 36th day in a row that deaths from Covid-19 were reported. In all probability, those who were infected and died in Singapore must have also included believers. That’s the health part.


Concerning wealth, it doesn’t take a Smart Alec to figure out that on average, most people, whether unbelievers or believers, would be worse off financially because of Covid-19. Airlines were hardest hit, businesses suffered and workers retrenched.


With these hard facts and figures staring at us, Joseph Prince owes the world an explanation why his Health and Wealth gospel had floundered in the last 2 years of Covid-19. He needs to give an account why there are so many believers who got infected with Covid-19 and even died from it. He is obligated to enlighten us on why his Health and Wealth gospel is in shambles in the light of the disease.


I hope Joseph Prince doesn’t pretend and think we cannot remember what he said over the pulpit and wrote in his books about his Health & Wealth gospel.


Instead of making safe and generalised statements in his last few Sunday sermons which I heard on YouTube – that we are living in a time of darkness but God will help you (in order to extricate himself from the embarrassment to his Health and Wealth theology caused by Covid-19)… he needs to come clean and provide specific explanations why his Health & Wealth teachings are derailed by Covid-19.


He needs to take the bull by the horn and look the audience squarely in the eyes and admit that his Health and Wealth gospel has failed, and in fact, is a false gospel.


If he is not forthcoming with proper and clear explanation about the failure of his Health & Wealth gospel caused by Covid-19, then I can only conclude that Joseph Prince is a fraud and liar:


He is lying when he says that believers will be protected from sicknesses and tragedies.

He is lying when he says believers will never be afflicted by diseases as no virus can come near them.

He is lying when he says that believers will be healed from diseases.

He is lying when he says that every believer is to enjoy perfect health as Jesus does.


Here again, we see the dark side of Joseph Prince. He will be the first to claim credit of anyone who is supposedly healed under his ministry. But he will keep absolutely silent and will never take responsibility for the millions of believers who got infected by Covid-19 and the tens of thousands of them who had died from the disease.


Come to think of it, this is the best time for Joseph Prince to showcase to the world that his Wealth and Health doctrine really works – that no believer should ever be infected by Covid-19 because no virus could come near them. But, as we know, the reverse is the truth.


It is time for Joseph Prince to acknowledge that his Health and Wealth gospel is a total disaster against the onslaught of Covid-19.


A preacher who does not have the humility to admit the failure of his teachings, and even lies about them can never be a true teacher of God’s word.


Joseph Prince has time and again gotten away with his lies. Don’t let him get away this time. Make him account for every word that he speaks from the pulpit and every word that he writes in his books about his Health & Wealth gospel in the light of Covid-19 from now on.  


Finally, I believe I’ve proven that Joseph Prince is a fraud and liar as Covid-19 totally contradicts and demolishes his Health and Wealth gospel.


Can the Executive Committee Members of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) explain why do they continue to allow Joseph Prince who is a fraud and liar, to remain as part of NCCS?