Church Must Do Both: Win Souls & Contend for Truth against Joseph Prince – By Rev George Ong (Dated 11 March 2024)


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


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In January this year,


LoveSingapore reported:


“The LoveSingapore Pastors’ Prayer Summit 2024 wrapped up yesterday after four days.


More than 700 attendees from 165 churches and para-church organisations came together at both the English and Mandarin tracks of the Summit in Malacca.


Pastors and church workers, men and women, fathers and mothers, young and old, they came to hear the heart of God.


They came together to seek what God wants for Singapore, for families, for our sons and daughters, for the nations.


They came to wait upon Him because they cannot, will not move without Him.


Every speaker arrived at the same conclusion:


The urgency of everyone rising up to share the Gospel,


be it in Singapore or to the nations.


The Summit ended with an impassioned call


from Pastor Jeff Chong, chairman of LoveSingapore,


to love people and to fulfil the Great Commission


by making and baptising disciples.


The time is NOW!”


Recently, LoveSingapore also shared:


“A new card game.


Equipping youths for outreach.


Making sure our churches are youth-friendly.


These were some of the ideas that were mooted last night at a brainstorming session organised by LoveSingapore,


the first in a series of dialogues on Winning the Youth in Singapore.


More than 100 youth pastors and youth workers put their heads together to mull fresh ways


to reach out to and engage youths.


“Contrary to what we think,


young people are still very open to the Gospel.


The Gospel still transforms lives,”


said Pastor Jeff Chong, Chairman of LoveSingapore,


noting that in almost every group he surveyed,


the majority came to the faith in their earlier years.


“We need to send out our youths.


They’re the ones who are best placed


to reach out to their generation,”


echoed Pastor Edric Sng of Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church.


What will you do to help your church win over youths for Christ?”


George Ong’s comments:


We praise God and say a thousand Hallelujahs


for these sincere and laudable efforts by LoveSingapore


to win souls for Christ,


especially the young people of Singapore.


Together with the churches in Singapore,


my wife and I are praying


for these Spirit-inspired and God-led endeavours


that God would grant us success


to win souls for Christ,


not with the false gospel of Joseph Prince,


but with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.


Yet, I want to correct something which is unhelpful


that is spread among some Christians and even Pastors in Singapore


– it is that contending against the heresies of Joseph Prince


has nothing to do with saving souls,


and that we should stop what we are doing


and start saving souls.


Who says fighting for truth against heresies


has nothing to do with saving souls?


I have met with those whom I had initially thought were mature believers,


but by the way they reasoned things out,


I then discovered they were actually rather naive in their thinking.


I have people who say to me:


“George, please don’t spend so much time


debunking Joseph Prince’s teachings;


you ought to spend your time saving souls.”


Such a comment can only come from those


who are simplistic in their thinking


and shallow in their theology.


Contending for truth


against false teachers


and their false doctrines


is every bit related to saving souls.


In a teaching session, Voddie Baucham said;


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“Secondly, coming from that,


now let’s get down in verse 3 (Jude) more closely,


‘Beloved, although I was eager to write you


about our common salvation, 


I found it necessary to write appealing to you


to contend for the faith


that was once for all delivered to the saints.’


Here’s the second thing,


there is this false dichotomy 


that is often presented;


what we need to be about is the salvation of souls,


not all these disagreements.


Because if our passion is for souls,


then we can let all the rest of that stuff go


and we can just go and pursue the salvation of souls,


because nothing’s more important than the salvation of souls.


He (Jude) obliterates the false dichotomy.


There is no either-or there.


There is no either we unite in our passion for souls


or we quibble about issues.


There is no either-or there.


The apostle would argue


that because of our desire for souls,


we must contend for the purity of the gospel.


It is our desire for souls


that compels us to contend for the purity of the gospel.


But if what we believe


is a tainted gospel and a perverted gospel


than we are calling into question


the very concept of salvation itself.


There is no either-or dichotomy here.


We must be passionate about souls,


and we must be passionate about contending for truth.


We must be passionate about contending for truth


because we are passionate about souls.”  


George Ong’s comments:


Contending for truth


against false teachers and their false doctrines


is every bit related to saving souls,


which Voddie Baucham


has so clearly and passionately argued for.


The argument


– that instead of focusing on doctrine,


one should focus on saving souls


– is being simplistic.


It is not either-or,


but rather,


both must be passionately striven for.


Paul was a perfect example of one


who preached the gospel passionately to save souls,


yet at the same time,


he fought the heretics so consummately


that he was prepared to curse them. (Gal 1:6-10)


It is clear that in Paul’s life and ministry,


he never sees this issue as either-or,


but both preaching the gospel


and contending against heretics


must be done passionately.


Doctrine is as important as saving souls


– given the fact that


since the doctrine in the gospel of Pseudo-grace


preached by Joseph Prince is false,


many souls, (not all)


that are supposedly saved through her


may not be saved at all.


Many are too shortsighted to see that


the one who is fighting heretics like Joseph Prince,


is in effect saving souls


by preventing the heaven-bound


from being deceived by his heresies


and becoming hell-bound.


While many save souls by preaching to the unsaved


to deliver them from hell,


others do it by warning the saved


to prevent them from falling back into it.


Saving souls is not only to be defined


as delivering a lost sheep from hell


but also, in deterring a saved sheep


from returning to it.


Is it any wonder that there are so many goats in the church


that have to be reconverted into sheep


because of the preaching of an incomplete




and a no-repentance


false gospel by Joseph Prince?


The great and frightening deception is that


there are many sheep in the church


who are actually goats in sheep’s clothing


without them even realising it. (Matt 25:31-46)


Hence, saving souls is also to be seen as


shaking the many goats in the church


from their presumption that they are heaven-bound,


in order that they may become the few sheep


that will finally enter in.” (Matt 7:13-14, Matt 25:31-46)


Finally, what must arrest our attention is that


can the resources that are spent


on saving souls from hell be justifiable,


if, through our negligence, nonchalance, and apathy,


many of these saved souls


who are being seduced


by the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince


are falling back to it.


What’s the use of spending tons of money and energy


on saving the multitudes of souls from hell,


when little or no effort is devoted to preventing them


from being enticed


by the Pseudo-grace doctrine of Joseph Prince


and returning to it?


If the battle for truth is lost,


the battle for souls would also be lost


– as the false gospel of Joseph Prince


would only lead them to nowhere else,


except to hell.


George Ong said:


“If truth is spoken without grace,


an earthly reprimand is to be expected,


but if grace is preached without truth,


eternal ruin will be the consequence.”


While we rejoice with LoveSingapore,


or any Christian organisation, for that matter,


for their godly and timely efforts at winning souls,


why are there so few who do the same to us


to encourage us in our battle


against Joseph Prince’s heresies?


In fact, many, including Pastors,


pour cold water and even oppose our efforts


to expose Joseph Prince as a heretic.


Something is not just not quite right,


but seriously and scripturally wrong, here!


My Parting Shot to Joseph Prince:


Hey Joe, Wah, you better than magician, you know.


Can change from


“Don’t lose your first love for God,”




“Don’t forget God’s love for you.”


Just name me one Church Father


that can say yes to you on that.


Just name me one Singapore Pastor


that can hold hands with you on that.


None, right.


You, Mr Lone Ranger again.


Why you able to convince the millions


even you teach rubbish?




You have sold your soul to the devil.


Yes, Satan gave you occultic powers


to control the minds of millions,


who will stay loyal to you,


not matter what


even though you preach against Jesus


and His teachings.


But you better repent.


No one, including me


will want to see you


in the lake of fire.


But if you don’t repent,


even God cannot help you.


And, you will join your godfather there,


to be barbequed there forever.”


Rev George Ong




Verbatim Notes of George Ong’s Teaching on Video:


“Now, how many of you know about this teaching?


He says the Old Covenant is about our love for God.


But the New Covenant is not about our love for God


but God’s love for us.


Have you heard?


Have you heard this?


So, I repeat.


He says the Old Covenant is about our love for God.


But the New Covenant is not about our love for God,


it’s about God’s love for us.


That’s why he even teaches when Jesus says


the first commandment is to love God


with all our heart, right, all our soul, all our mind,


he had to debunk that.


You know, how he debunked that or not?


Wah, he says ah, first commandment


must love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind,


how many of you have done that?


Have you love God, ah with all your heart, all your soul?


Have you love God with all your heart, all your soul?


Have or not? Have or not?


You haven’t, ah, Aiyah.


He questioned like that.


Are you listening to me? He just state it.


Anybody? Nobody what!


So, have you achieved?


Because he had to speak against it.


He does it like that. This is horrible.  


In order to prove his grace theology that New Covenant


is not about our love for God but God’s love for us,


Joseph Prince twisted Revelation 2:4,


“You have left your first love”.


You know why?


Because Revelation 2:4 say,


“You have left your first love.”


This means we have to love God, right?


Correct? Isn’t it?


So he (Joseph Prince) has to twist it, Mah.


This guy is a twister.


He twists one text after another.


I’m only showing you a bit.


You want more; it’s in my 4,800 pages eBook.


It’s a lot, twisted.


He twists this to become “You have forgotten that God loves you.”


My goodness.


How can he do that?


He twisted, “You have left your first love”.


to “You have forgotten that God loves you.”


Because he teaches the New Covenant is about God loving us.


Then, he uses 1 John 4:19 to strengthen his claim.


But this verse, if you take in the larger context,


Actually, contradicts his teaching. 


You go and read all the evangelical, not false teachers,


evangelical scholars, commentators,


nobody will interpret the way he does, right?


Pastor David Liew, can you bear me out?


I mean, we are not talking about false teachers.


No one.


He’s a Pastor (Rev David Liew) he knows.


No one in my mind would interpret like he did,


you know, no one, evangelical.




It’s just ridiculous!   


It’s just ridiculous!


He can twist until like this.


And then, he uses this verse to sort of back up his claim that


it’s all about God loving us by saying that


“We love Him because He first love us.”


So, He first love us.


What kind of argument is that?


This thing; 2 things are stressed.


“We love Him because He first love us.”


What is it about He first love us that is more important?


In fact, I would say that this is more important.


We must love Him because He first love us.


But if I reveal this verse in the larger context, you will see the lie.


We love Him because He first loved us. Right?


If someone says, “I love God.”


You see, it’s about I loving God


and hates his brother, he is a liar;


for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen,


how can he love God…


You see about loving God whom he has not seen?


And this is commandment


What is a commandment?


He who loves God must love his brother also.


So, this is a different translation of verse 21.


It makes you see clearer.


CEV version.


The commandment that God has given us is:


“Love God and love each other!”   


Now, this is a New Testament text, you know.


He said loving God is a commandment.


Are you clear?


How can he (Joseph Prince) say the New Commandment


is not about loving God


when the text clearly say the commandment


is to love God and love each other.


You see blatant contradiction to a New Testament text.


And because the commandment


is about loving God, and loving each other,


Jesus was mad at the church of Ephesus


because they broke the commandment,


“You don’t love me or


each other as you did at first.”


Revelation 2:4 says,


“You had forsaken the love you had at first.”


Joseph Prince twisted it,


“You have forgotten that God loves you.”


You just compare these two.


Is it the same?


“You had forsaken your love you had at first,”


to he twisted to


“You have forgotten that God loves you.”


So, it’s just unacceptable.


Let’s say it’s Pastor David Liew.


Just an illustration only.


Let’s say he going and tell his wife,


“Honey, it’s not about so much on me loving you,


it’s more about you loving me that is more important.”


I think Pastor David Liew will receive a tight slap.


It’s just what kind of God,


it’s not about me have to love you


but you must love me.


What kind of one-sided relationship is that?


It’s just ridiculous, you know.


But if we follow his teaching,


not only you will receive worse than 100 slaps from your wife,


you will go to hell.


You will go to hell.


I say that, you will go to hell.


“If anyone does not love the Lord, let that person be cursed.”


This is another version.


“If anyone does not love the Lord,


let him be separated from God – lost forever.”


What he is teaching something


that will result in you being separated from God.


He says New Covenant is not about our love for God


but this text says,


“If anyone does not love the Lord, he will be cursed.”


That’s why I have to take up this call.


How is it?


This very clear.


That’s why I say people who follow him, no excuse.


They just want to follow him.


Another verse.


However, as it is written:


“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived”


—  the things God has prepared for those who love him


— Only to those who love him.


Those who don’t love him,


they aren’t qualified for the things that God has prepared. 


Whoever loves God is known by God.


If you love God; he (Joseph Prince) said


it’s not about our love for God.


But here, it says if we love God, God will know you.


If God doesn’t know you, then you are dead.


So, loving God is so important.


When a person is tempted and still continues strong,


he should be happy.


After he has proved his faith,


God will reward him with life forever.


God promised this to all people who love him.


Then if you don’t love Him, you will not have life forever.


I hope you see the seriousness of his false teaching.


Listen, my dear brothers and sisters:


Has not God chosen those who are poor


in the eyes of this world to be rich in faith


and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?


Those who don’t love Him,


there is no kingdom promised to them.


Is it not serious?