An Ex New Creation Church member for more than 20 years shares her mini testimony, Asher Chee’s similar experience & John Piper’s powerful quotes – By Rev George Ong (Dated 11 Feb 2023)


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Joseph Prince possesses the satanic power to blind people to the truth to believe his heresies – By Rev George Ong (Dated 9 Feb 2023)


an Ex New Creation Church member who attended the church for more than 20 years shares a mini testimony.


Yesterday, L Joy wrote a comment on my above YouTube video as follows (note, the following comment is largely unedited):


“It is better to go back and read the word of God after listening to preaching.


I sat under JP ministry for more than 20 years and my family more than 10 years.


Until a major event happen,


make me realise the leaders are not what they preaches and God did not respond the way JP preach also


 and then I realise I do not know God.”


L Joy


Imagine after spending more than 20 years in New Creation Church and under the grace teaching of Joseph Prince,


L Joy came to the conclusion that “I do not know God”.


What L Joy went through was about the same experience that Asher Chee, also, an Ex New Creation Church member, had.


Asher shared that he wasn’t really a Christian before he attended New Creation Church, even though he came from a Christian family.


Asher attended New Creation Church in 2007.


Despite spending 7 years (2007-2014) at New Creation Church, and under Joseph Prince’s grace teaching,


he found that the faith that he had embraced was a false faith.


Asher Chee wrote;


“I was born and raised in a church-going Christian family. As such, it was the de facto assumption on everyone’s part – my parents, the church, and even myself – that I was a “Christian” in the sense of being a true believer, truly saved in Christ Jesus.


However, as the Lord would direct my life, the falseness of my faith – as well as the truth that there could even be such a thing as false faith – would be revealed to me.”


“In 2014, I left to study Computer Science in the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.


Through a series of God-arranged circumstances, I began to see the falseness of my faith for what it was.


Having been so immersed in the Antinomian and the Prosperity Gospel teaching of Joseph Prince, 


I had convinced myself that I loved Jesus and was pursuing God,


when in reality my heart loved the world and was pursuing money and prestige.


It was then that I began struggling to love God for God, and not the benefits that he can give me.”


The experiences of L Joy and Asher Chee, who were Ex NCC members


are a microcosm of the experiences of many in New Creation Church.


Many in New Creation Church thought they are believers,


when the truth is, they aren’t.


This is because


the Prosperity Gospel preached by Joseph Prince that every New Covenant believer has the covenantal right to be very rich as Abraham was,


would only produce a love for money, and not for God for God’s sake, as it was in the case of Asher Chee.


This is why John Piper said;


“Prosperity cannot be a proof of God’s favor, since it is what the devil promises to those who worship him. (Matt. 4:9)”


Can you now see that Joseph Prince by preaching the Prosperity Gospel to the world,


is a tool of the devil and working together with Satan to get the multitudes to worship him?


John Piper also said;


“If God’s love for his children is to be measured by our health, wealth, and comfort in this life, God hated the apostle Paul.”


Can you now see the deception of Joseph Prince who keeps quoting Abraham, an Old Covenant saint, as our model of prosperity but totally leaves Paul out of the picture,


as he is totally aware that Paul, a New Covenant saint, is a massive contradiction to his Prosperity Gospel doctrine?


(Yet, to support plenty of his New Covenant grace doctrines, Joseph Prince uses Paul.


See how Joseph Prince selectively chooses and cherry picks only parts of the scriptures that support his Grace doctrine, but conveniently leaves out other parts that contradict.)


Last, John Piper yet said;


“If you alter or obscure the Biblical portrait of God in order to attract converts, you don’t get converts to God, you get converts to an illusion. This is not evangelism, but deception.”


Can you now see that Joseph Prince, who preaches the feel-good religion to attract the crowds, 


by altering the portrait or character of God


to a God who loves but doesn’t judge and punish,


and a God of grace but a God who will never get angry with you,


isn’t preaching the gospel of grace but the ‘gospel’ of deception?


So, how much more proof do you need to be convinced that Joseph Prince is a heretic!


Rev George Ong