The Greatest Threat is not just the Coronavirus but the Virus of False Teachings (Dated 6 July 2020)

“The current pandemic is a stark reminder of our vulnerability and weaknesses. Life is hard, pain is real, and death is certain, and many of us may be far worse off than we realise. However, the Good News of the Gospel in John 3:16-18 is that even though we may be far worse off than we think, God’s infinite grace is far greater than anything we can ask for or imagine. In view of this, it is therefore a tragedy that many people continue to be deceived by the false teaching and the false gospel of Joseph Prince. He preaches a false grace that is without true repentance and without the true righteousness of God. It is a false gospel that ultimately leaves his followers in a worse state than they ever realise. The danger of Joseph Prince’s false teaching is also a reminder that currently the greatest threat should not just be the Coronavirus, but the virus of false teachings. Our greatest fear should not just be how the pandemic would affect us, but how we are to give an account to our Lord God, especially if we would to do nothing to counter the false teaching of Joseph Prince.

It is in this regard that I thank God for raising Rev George Ong in exposing and warning others of the heresy of Joseph Prince. It is probably one of the hardest decisions he has to make. His decision has resulted in the loss of friends who couldn’t grasp what he was trying to do, biting criticisms from some sections of the church and hate mails from those believe in the grace theology of Joseph Prince. But praise God that despite such opposition, he persevered. I would also like to thank Rev George Ong for the use of his resources on the website. At one point, I was helping three people to get out of New Creation Church. There were portions of his resources on the website that I referred to that enabled me to finally convince them to leave the church. May the Good Lord grant Rev George Ong the wisdom, tough love and empowerment to be His faithful soldier of the Cross in combatting heresies, for the glory of God’s name.”  


Rev Eric Chua

Retired Presbyterian Pastor, Singapore