Rap: “Covid-19 – Nevertheless – Press On!” Composed By 63-year-old Rev George Ong (V122 Dated7 Aug 2021)

The Rap, in a humorous way, is to speak faith and hope into believers as the world is swept and engulfed by the onslaught of the pandemic.  Over 200 million have contracted Covid-19 and over four million have died from the virus. They included many of our believers’ families and friends. Our condolences go to them. But take heart. Believers have an ‘all-win-no-lose’ situation. Sicknesses and even death cannot defeat us. Christ is our resurrection and victory. We await the day of resurrection to reign with Christ forever and ever and from glory to glory. 

Rap: “Covid-19 – Nevertheless – Press On!”



March on, go for it.

The best is gonna be.

Press on with energy.

Tomorrow is the victory.


Covid-19 came with a bang.

Sabo(tage) all our travel plans.

Want to tour, scared to die.

Tons of money, can’t even fly.


Covid-19 helms us in.

Within the houses we all stay in.

Can’t go out, all cooped up.

We are dying to just get out.


Covid-19 spreads so fast.

Can’t even go out without a mask.

Wearing mask so hard to live.

Even running can barely breathe.


Covid-19, it’s humbling

that none has found the right vaccine.

When one discovers the remedy,

millions and millions have been buried.


Covid 19, many have needs.

We must bless them through our deeds.

Their faces will beam and shine with smiles

if we go the second mile.


Covid-19, time is short.

Do not be the lazy sort.

What we must, do it today.

You may not have another day.


Covid-19, God still heals

our fatal diseases and life’s worst ills.

But whether He does, it’s all His will.

Be still and know it’s the perfect deal.


Covid-19, life is brief.

Worsened by the deadly disease.

Live each day, like it’s the last,

tomorrow may just be your last.


Covid-19, don’t dismay.

Trust in God all the way.

Life or death, come what may.

Heaven is assured on the final day.


Covid-19, Nevertheless, Press On!



Poem: “Only One life” Composed By Rev George Ong


You have only one life to live,

So be focused and make it count for Him.

You will be held accountable for how you live,

So redeem the time and live every moment for Him.


It’s not the length of your life that counts

But the depth of your life that really matter.

Jesus lived to only thirty-three,

Yet He obtained man’s salvation on Calvary’s tree.


No man knows what tomorrow may bring,

COVID-19 and the sickly financial scene.

Earthquakes, famines and tornadoes may follow,

Dashing the hope of any tomorrow.


Life is transient and unpredictable,

So work, serve while you are still able.

Live each day as if it is the last,

So you will not regret if today should be your last.


Never serve for the applause of man,

Always serve for the approval of God.

For it is God you must personally account,

The next time when Jesus comes around.


When we have finally reached Heave’s shore,

I’m sure we’ll have the grandest Appreciation Ball.

And God Himself will be there in person,

To commend you: “Thou good and faithful servant.”