Ebook Volume 08 Humour Around the World


For those who have been eagerly waiting for more, here’s the good news! – the latest four volumes of my humour books are finally out: Animal Humour (Volume Six), Life & Death Humour (Volume Seven), Humour Around the World (Volume Eight) and Hilarious Humour (Volume Nine).

From feedback received, I find that adults, youths and children have all found the first five volumes excellent and entertaining. Many pastors and leaders have also found them to be great resources for their preaching and teaching ministries.

If you found the first five volumes good, you’ll find that the last four are even better as many more comments and lessons to the humour are added. It’s one thing to enjoy the humour and just have a good laugh; it’s quite another to learn life’s precious lessons from them. So, read on not just to be entertained by the hilarious humour but also to be enlightened by the lessons learnt.