Ebook Volume 05 Kiddy Humour for All Ages


The publishing of my first two Humour books, namely: ‘Heavenly Humour’ (Volume One) and ‘Humour of the Sexes’ (Volume Two) in April 2005, has received an encouraging response. Within about three months of publication, over 4,000 copies had been sold.

Because of the good response, I am rolling out another three volumes. They are: ‘Humour Gems’ (Volume Three), ‘Humour in the Professions’ (Volume Four) and ‘Kiddy Humour for All Ages’ (Volume Five). Although these three volumes are unique and different from the first two, the goal is the same – to provide a resource for teachers, lecturers, communicators and preachers. The humour in the books can be used to spice up a point, illustrate a lesson and make learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Most of all, the books are written for those who just want a good laugh.

Everybody enjoys a good laugh once in a while. There is no one who does not laugh. Even the most serious personality has let out a laugh or two in their lives. Yes, and even animals – ‘If the baboon could see his own behind he would laugh too.’ (Kenyan proverb)

So, if you are hungering for a good laugh, look no further. Your laugh life (hopefully your love life too) will never be the same again.