Ebook Volume 45 Humour about Travelling & Eating


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Ah Sar was taking the plane for the first time. Being afraid of heights and suffering from a phobia of high speed planes, he said nervously to the stewardess, “Please ask the pilot to fly very, very low and very, very slowly.”

If one who is fearful of flying is taught the principles of aerodynamics, the intensity of his fear will greatly diminish.

The hotel was burning briskly, but no sooner had the fireman deposited the rescued woman safely on the walk than she tried frantically to fling herself back into the building, crying, “My baby! I’ve left my baby in there to burn!”
Firemen restrained her and were trying to learn the location of her room when a 135-kilo man in pyjamas and a carefree hat appeared on a balcony and called down, “Don’t worry, Sue, I’m okay.”
“My baby!” gasped the woman gratefully.

In every crisis, the heroes who have braved the dangers to save the lives of people must never be forgotten.

Woman (in crowded bus, said loudly to her friend): “I wish that handsome and good-looking man would give me his seat.”
Five men stood up.

If a plan is winsomely implemented, the toughest objectives can be achieved.

A man approached the airline ticket counter and asked for a reservation from Singapore to Taiwan. The counter staff knew that the plane was very full with baggage and passengers.
“How much do you weigh, sir?” asked the staff.
“With or without clothes?” the passenger clarified.
“Well,” said the staff, “how do you intend to travel?”

One who is sharp on his wit and quick on his feet will always emerge at the top of his league.