Ebook Volume 42 Humour about Salesmanship & Management


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One CEO of a multi-national company said, “We need to focus on diversity. Your goal is to hire people who all look different but think just like me.”

Making cosmetic changes to a policy may provide a fresh facade but it will never resolve the root issues of the problem.

Mr Peter Lim is a fantastic salesman.
He actually made a handsome living going door to door selling signs that read, ‘No salespeople allowed.’

The sad thing is there are many imaginative ideas that lie dormant in the mind because most people have failed to tap them.

Executive: Mr Chan, why wasn’t I promoted? I’ve got 20 years of experience over the young graduate who only put in 5 years for the company.
Manager: You haven’t had 20 years of experience ─ you’ve had only one year of experience 20 times.

If a company is to remain competitive, the promotion of its staff cannot be based on tenure but merit.

Proprietor: What is the dispute about, Miss Lee? Remember in this store the customer is always right. What did that man say?
Saleslady: Oh, he only said you were the toughest and greediest old shark in this town.

Regardless of whether customers are right, their complaints and concerns must always be attended to with patience and cheerfulness.

A sales lady was not making any headway in her sales, until she switched her approach, and it was met with astounding success.
When the woman of the house answers the bell, the sales lady says, “You wouldn’t believe what I just saw in your neighbour’s bedroom. May I step in and tell you about it?”

The lack is not in the potential of the sales but in the failure to conceive an effective sales strategy that is bound to roll the goods off the shelves.