Ebook Volume 38 Humour that Makes You Laugh




Sergeant: Why is the policeman so dumb?
Superintendent: He once gave out a dozen parking tickets before he found out he was at a drive-in movie.

Police Constable: What recognition did the police department give him when he first joined the police force?
Police Inspector: He asked to join the Swat Team; they gave him a job in the office killing flies.

The police that make the streets safe at the risk of their lives need to be appreciated for their contribution and not to be abused with impunity.

A woman tourist in Rome rented a car and drove out to the ancient Colosseum.
She got out and asked a fellow tourist to take her picture standing near a crumbling column.
“Take a close up,” she said, “or you’ll get the car in the picture and my husband will say I knocked the place down.”

Just because a man has stolen once gives another no right to condemn him as a thief for life.

Traffic Police: Why are you driving so dangerously? You were easily 20 kilometres over the speed limit!
Lady: I was rushing for time. I was trying to get to a safety meeting on time.

The teacher who doesn’t exemplify what he teaches, makes a mockery of himself and will never be taken seriously by the students.

One day Ah Kiam came across a poor old beggar whose worn-out shoe sole was flapping against the street when he walked.
Ah Kiam took pity and pulled out a big wad of $50 bills. Then he took the rubber band off the bankroll and gave it to the beggar to keep his shoe sole from flapping.

For a millionaire who owns a peanut plantation to be giving just one peanut to another is a great insult to the receiver.