Ebook Volume 36 Humour about Doctors




A doctor tactfully reminded his patient that his bill for medical expenses hadn’t been paid in eight months.
“I’m sorry about that bill, doc, but hard times have hit me. Taxes are too high, and whose fault is THAT?” defended the patient. “My boss can’t pay me any more salary. Whose fault is THAT? Prices are going higher every day. And whose fault is THAT? And to top it all I have to support four babies!”
The doctor asked, “Whose fault is THAT?”

It is to our indictment, that the glaring faults that we see so starkly in others, we have conveniently missed them in ourselves.

One vet was educating the neighbourhood about the skill of applying first aid to groups of young people.
To make the lesson more concrete, the veterinarian asked the class, “If you saw a dog lying on the roadside wounded on the head and nose and bleeding from the mouth and ears, what would you do?”
One girl spoke up and said, “I think I’d throw up.”

Patient: Doctor, doctor, I get so nervous and frightened during driving tests.
Doctor: Don’t worry, you’ll pass eventually.
Patient: But I’m the examiner!

The worst enemy of man is not the insurmountable challenge he is being faced with, but the crippling fear of meeting it.

“Doctor, I do not know what is the matter with me, but I beseech you, please tell me the whole truth!”
The physician examined the patient most carefully, and, unable to find anything wrong with his patient, came to the conclusion that this was a definite case that the patient was a hypochondriac (a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments).
Finally, the doctor said, “Since you insist on knowing the truth, I have to tell you: I do not know it either!”

The way to win over a stubborn opponent is not to go against the grain but play according to the tune of his music.