Ebook Volume 34 Humour about Students & Teachers




Ah Sar has been telling people that his report card read: “He is an ideal pupil who excelled in most subjects.”
However, the card actually read: “He is an idle pupil who should be expelled from most subjects.”

A mentally slow but diligent tortoise may be capable of bigger achievements than a fast but idle hare.

One can have an idea how clever the students in a school football team are.
One day, they were travelling in a van on the way for a match.
All of a sudden, the bus driver slammed on the brakes and yelled, “Look at that pig with one eye.”
Quickly, the entire team covered one eye and looked.

When an instruction can be interpreted in two ways, choose the one which is the most logical and straightforward.

Teacher: Your homework was to write a three-page essay on milk ─ but this is only half a page.
Student: It’s condensed milk.

Doing a half-baked job is as unacceptable and repulsive as tasting a half-baked cake or eating half-cooked rice.

The teacher had been telling her pupils about animals.
“Now,” she said, “name some things that are very dangerous to get near to, and have horns.”
Frederick said: “Motor cars.”

The most valuable lessons are learnt and will forever be remembered when a wrong answer to a question is given.