Ebook Volume 33 Humour about Children & Parents


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“I wouldn’t drink out of that cup,” said little Billy to the well-dressed young stranger, “that’s Judy’s cup, and she’s very particular who drinks out of it.”
“Ah,” said the young man as he drank the cup dry, “I feel honoured to drink out of Judy’s cup. Judy is your youngest sister, isn’t she?”
“Not much! Judy is my dog.”

The most embarrassing and humiliating lessons have the greatest potential to be remembered for life.

Little Benny asked his mother, “Mum, do you have a recent picture of yourself? The teacher said she would require each of us to bring such a photo for a class project.”
His mother passed the photo without probing the details of the request.
Three days later, Benny’s mother had to go to school to fetch him home as he was not feeling well. As she stepped into the class, she noticed her photo pinned to a mural the students had created.
The title of their project was ‘The oldest thing in my house’.

Anything old is not to be despised. The oldest antiques are the most costly and the oldest wines are the most treasured.

Father: I think our child has the potential of becoming an astronaut.
Mother: Why do you say that?
Father: He spends every day sitting in the pram staring into space.

If a child’s potential and ability is developed at an early age, it will give him a head start in life and his future will be bright and beaming.

Little Rachel, while riding the school bus daily, had to pass a small cemetery.
After a few weeks of studying those headstones twice a day, Rachel announced to her mother that she had figured out what
R I P stood for.
When asked what that was, Rachel proudly said: “Return If Possible.”

One day, when the curtains of death dawns, regrets for not doing the things that should have been done while we were living would have come too late.