Ebook Volume 29 Humour That Tickles Your Brain


World Of Difference

Q: What is the difference between electricity and lightning?
A: Lightning is free!

Q: What is the difference between an old man and a cow?
A: One lives in the past, the other in the pasture.

Fun With Letters

Q: What letter grows in the garden?
A: P (Pea).

Q: What letter is a drink?
A: T (Tea).

Fun In The Animal Kingdom

Q: What animal is on every legal document?
A: A seal.

Q: What animal is in every baseball game?
A: A bat (yes, a bat is an animal).

Baseball Riddles

Q: How do baseball players keep in contact with their friends?
A: They touch base with them.

Q: Is the home run limited to baseball?
A: Not by a long shot. Husbands often run for home to avoid having to explain being late.

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Brain Teasers

Q: What are the six main seasons?
A: Summer, fall, winter, spring, salt, and pepper.

Q: What does the joker fill his car with?
A: Laughing gas.

Q: What is dark but made by light?
A: A shadow.

Job Riddles

Q: What kind of ears does an engine have?
A: Engineers.

Q: What dance do bakers most prefer?
A: A-bun-dance.

Q: What’s a troupe of fat actors called?
A: A broad cast.

Which Is Which

Q: Which takes less time to get ready for a trip – an elephant or a rooster?
A: The rooster. He takes only his comb, while the elephant has to take a whole trunk.

Q: Which is better – complete happiness or a bread-and-butter sandwich?
A: A bread-and-butter sandwich. Nothing is better than complete happiness, and a bread-and-butter sandwich is much better than nothing.