Ebook Volume 12 Laugh & Learn Humour


As I move around in many different circles, I am absolutely convinced that people of every age love to have a good laugh. To laugh is to be human because laughter belongs to life. If there is laughter there is life. The only place where there is no laughter is the grave.

If you have enjoyed the first nine volumes, the last three: A-Z Humour (Vol 10), Humour that Brightens Your Day (Vol 11) and Laugh & Learn Humour (Vol 12), might prove even better. Not only will you laugh at the humour, you will learn from it at the same time.

For those with dentures, my advice is – take them out before you start to read; lest in your chuckles and giggles, you swallow them down your tender throats. And if it really happens, I’m not responsible!

George Ong

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