Paul Cain who Prophesied about Joseph Prince in 1992 was Exposed to be a Homosexual & Drunkard (Dated 6 Nov 2020)


On 31 Oct 2020 (last Saturday), Joseph Prince and his organisation posted the following video on Youtube, (Click) showing that Paul Cain had prophesied in 1992 that Joseph Prince was going to be a fiery evangelist. This was also announced and the same video shown at all their online worship services of New Creation Church, the next day on 1 Nov 2020 (last Sunday).


First, let’s assume that the prophecy was true and Joseph Prince might have started well at the beginning of his ministry. But he went wayward not long afterwards. Also, what is crucial is not what was prophesied 28 years ago even though it may be true. What is vital is what has Joseph Prince been preaching in the last 20 over years? He has clearly been preaching heresies. This is a deceptive ploy by Joseph Prince to use a prophecy that had transpired 28 years ago to give credence to what he is preaching today, even though many of his teachings are heresies that could land people in hell.


Second, according to the description of this YouTube video on 31 Oct 2020, Joseph Prince is deceptively posturing himself as the new Martin Luther, when he is actually preaching Antinomianism, a false gospel that Martin Luther fought against. See Rev George Ong’s previous related videos:

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Third, Paul Cain, who prophesied about Joseph Prince in 1992, was exposed to be a homosexual and drunkard (please see the 5 weblinks below). While many believers may have committed the most heinous sins, the grace of God is all-sufficient to forgive them. There are no sins, no matter how detestable, (whether they be mass murder or child-rape) that are beyond the grace of God to forgive, but only if there is true repentance (not the false repentance and false grace that Joseph Prince preaches). After viewing the 5 weblinks, you can come to your own conclusion whether Paul Cain, had indeed, repented. Many ‘non-Charismatic’ believers may also hold the view that Paul Cain, is ultimately, a false prophet, as a false prophet could also give a semblance of a ‘true prophecy’ (or perform miracles) under the power of the evil one. (Click) (Click) (Click) (Click) (Click)