Warning to Joseph Prince to Repent (Dated 29 June)

“As far as Joseph Prince’s teaching on health and sickness is concerned, I totally disagree with his belief that we can have perfect health and everyone will be healed, and his admission that all sickness is from the devil and no sickness can be caused by God. By teaching that sickness cannot come from God, he is rejecting the Sovereignty of God as God can use many things, even sickness, to achieve His purposes. He is also rejecting the authority of God’s word as the Bible records many incidents about God inflicting sicknesses on the people. 

But the most serious sin that Joseph Prince has committed is that he is preaching a feel-good but false gospel that would lead people to the lake of fire. And I hereby warned Joseph Prince that according to Galatians 1:8-9, if anyone preaches a different gospel other than what Paul preached, he would come under a double curse and put himself in danger of hell. Yet, anyone, including false teachers, can receive forgiveness from God, only if he truly repents. I pray for God’s mercy and grace be upon him and his family – that while there is still time, he would repent from all his false teachings that have deceived the multitudes before it is too late.

I have read through the bulk of Rev George Ong’s more than 4,800 pages of notes at his website: www.revgeorgeong.com, and found them to be immensely scriptural and enriching. I am thankful to Rev George Ong for the selfless sacrifices he has made to expose Joseph Prince as a wolf in sheepskin and to guard the sheep from this ravenous wolf. Rev George Ong must be applauded for sticking his neck out to confront the false grace teachings of Joseph Prince publicly. It is a tough and dangerous calling that few would be willing to undertake. I hereby salute Rev George Ong for his unwavering courage and unshakable conviction from the depth of my heart. To God be the glory!”

Pastor Dr Albert S K Chia
Itinerant Minister/Associate Pastor
Shalom Community Church, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia