The Time has come for More Pastors and Believers to Stand Up and Speak Up Publicly against the False Teachings of Joseph Prince (Dated 22 September 2020)



“First, I would like to commend you, Rev George Ong for the painstaking effort taken to refute, rebuke and correct the false teachings of Joseph Prince. This is truly an unpopular task that not many men of God would do, but Rev George, you have done a marvelous job by highlighting point by point and quoting the scriptures to pin down the exact errors of Joseph Prince’s teachings.


The message of Joseph Prince that sounds like the truth but is not the truth, has deceived and blinded many misguided Christians, who easily fell for it. He has ‘cleverly’ mixed truth with error for many of his doctrines, and repackaged them as ‘gospel truths’. But when Rev George Ong places the truth of the scriptures next to Joseph Prince’s so-called truth, the errors are starkly revealed.


The average Christian finds Joseph Prince’s grace preaching most appealing in his teaching that all our sins, including future sins are automatically forgiven without the need for confession. While the provision for the forgiveness of all our sins is accomplished by Christ at the cross, the teaching that every sin is forgiven without confession is heresy. Such a teaching by Joseph Prince is ridiculous and simply outrageous because it calls for no commitment to true repentance and the will to live a changed life.


Furthermore, with Joseph Prince’s doses of prosperity gospel where Christians are taught that God will bless believers with ‘good success’ without teaching them that Christians could also suffer for Christ, it is no wonder that such erroneous teaching is so popular as this is the type of message most people like to listen to.


The time has come for more Pastors and believers to stand up and speak up publicly against the false teachings of Joseph Prince. The time has also come for more Pastors and preachers like Rev George Ong to boldly take to task false teachers, such as Joseph Prince, and at the same time, help the average believer to discern truth from error. Well done, Rev George Ong for your courageous effort and keep it up for the Kingdom of God.


Finally, I would urge believers to search the scriptures for themselves so that false teachings could be detected and rejected. More so, when the scriptures had already warned us in Matthew 24 that false prophets will be rampant in the last days. For a deeper understanding of Joseph Prince’s heresies, you are strongly encouraged to read the materials and view the videos on Rev George Ong’s website.”  


Ng Boon Kem

Attending Dream Centre Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia