The Half-Truths Teachings Of Joseph Prince Are No Different From Heresies – By Matthiew Lau (Dated 26 Dec 2020)


“I have studied the health, wealth and hyper-grace teachings of Joseph Prince. With the Bible as my guide, I have found that these teachings are half-truths. And half-truths are no different from heresies.


While there is nothing wrong about Christians being rich, not every believer is called to possess great wealth. In fact, for those who cannot handle wealth and are prone to covetousness, riches, instead of bringing blessings, can destroy their lives.


Praying for good health is the normal thing to do as a Christian and we shouldn’t apologise for that. But that doesn’t mean God will heal every believer. Whether we are healthy or we may be afflicted with sickness from time to time, we must trust God and leave it to His sovereign will.


Joseph Prince is a flowery speaker who peddles half-truths and has turned the gospel into a health and wealth pursuit to satisfy the flesh rather than teaching truths that will awaken the spirit. Instead of projecting the truth of the majestic, awesome and holy God who is the sovereign ruler of the universe, Joseph Prince peddles God like a genie in a bottle to fulfil our every wish and satisfy the desires of the flesh.


Joseph Prince’s other teachings such as believers are once saved forever saved, our past, present, future sins are all forgiven without the need for confession, and that repentance is only a change of mind, are all heresies. They are concocted to make believers feel good and to give them a false sense of security. But what these people don’t realise is that they will bring about their ultimate destruction.


Thank God for raising up courageous people like Rev George Ong and many others to boldly speak up and expose the heretical teachings of Joseph Prince. Praise God for these people who seek to obey God rather than please man. Pray that God will protect them and their families and give them strength to continue such a difficult but necessary ministry of warning the flock from being deceived and destroyed by Joseph Prince. Amen.”


Matthiew Lau

Attending Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia