Many of Joseph Prince’s Doctrines are Lies (Dated 15 June 2020)

“I have listened to the teachings of Joseph Prince of Singapore, and it is a disturbing twist of Biblical grace. He seems to have gone too far into his doctrine that I find he has to twist even simple passages to fit into his idea of grace which I find totally foreign to the Holy Scriptures.

I am amazed at how his flock can sit through and just swallow his misinterpretations which at times are so glaring. I believe Joseph Prince’s doctrine of this unbiblical grace is false and will ultimately lead people to a false sense of security and lose their salvation.  

I am glad to have come across Rev George Ong, also of Singapore, who is very boldly exposing the doctrine of this man (Acts 20:30; Col 2:4; 2 Tim 4:3). I am thankful and proud of Rev George Ong for his crusade against this heretical teaching and has exposed from clear exegesis of the Holy Scriptures how many of Joseph’s Prince’s doctrines are lies.”

Rev Arnold Rajan
Senior Pastor
City Tabernacle KL, Malaysia
Principal, LifeNet Bible College & Logos Academy