Joseph Prince’s Teaching of the Gospel is Blasphemy Against Father God & The Lord Jesus (Dated 28 August 2020)


“Joseph Prince’s teaching of the gospel is blasphemy against Father God and the Lord Jesus. Many of his teachings go head-on against what Father God has revealed Himself and what the Lord Jesus has taught in the scriptures. His doctrine of the gospel is a fuel to man’s sinful nature, instead of leading man to genuine transformation according to the likeness of Christ. God sent His one and only Son to die on the Cross on our behalf so that we can be born again and be transformed through the sanctification process. In contrast, what Joseph Prince teaches his followers is to accept God’s grace without the need to truly repent or be transformed, as Jesus’ death on the Cross would be enough to cover their multitudes of sins. Joseph Prince twists the truth of God’s selfless grace and love for His people to cater to men’s self-centred, sinful nature.


Another thing that I find Joseph Prince’s teaching to be preposterous is the consumption of the Holy Communion as some form of magical pill, at a self-prescribed daily dosage for the purpose of health and youth. Joseph Prince markets the Holy Communion as a health or beauty product (e.g. a collagen pill) and degrades the true significance of taking the Holy Communion as a remembrance of Jesus. Such false teachings really make a huge impact in the Christian community as I have seen some of Joseph Prince’s followers do store pre-packed Holy Communion in their houses. Sadly, it is believers themselves, who have created the demand for such twisted teachings as they love to hear what their itching ears like to hear.


Lastly, I commend Pastor George’s courage, obedience and faithfulness in carrying out God’s calling for him − which is to expose the false teachings of Joseph Prince. I can truly tell that Pastor George has invested a lot of his time and energy to carefully study Joseph Prince’s teaching in his books and videos and to rebuke Joseph Prince’s teachings based on the scriptures. This is not an easy task from God, but I thank God for His grace for Pastor George to continue with this difficult ministry. Keep up the good work, Pastor George!”


Loke Sau Yeen

Attending Faith Methodist Church, Singapore