Letter of Encouragement from Hou Song Liang from China (Dated 15 November 2020)


George Ong:


In the last few days, I was a bit discouraged in my battle against the heresies of Joseph Prince. But God knows how to encourage me again through a stranger in China, Hou Song Liang, who wrote to me yesterday (14 Nov 2020) through my website:


“I am from China and I have just graduated from a seminary in Singapore and returned to China. I came across your website through YouTube. Your 4,800 pages of eBooks in your website gave me great encouragement because I am also writing a book about Joseph Prince’s heresies, which is basically completed. What you have written is also what I agree with, and it has also supplemented the deficiencies of my understanding. Your writings are more profound and detailed than what I wrote, and you have seen many things that I have not.

Yesterday, I was writing about Joseph Prince. When I was very weak and discouraged, God showed me your message in your website. Only then did I know that there is a warrior like you. I then realised that I am not alone in the fight against Joseph Prince’s heresies – just like God told Elijah that he had left 7,000 prophets to fight against Baal. And I believe that God asked me to tell you that you are not alone in the fight, as you still have 7,000 comrades-in-arms, and I am one of them. I support you; I will continue to pray for you, and I hope you will pray for me too.


I have read about 30% of the 4,800 pages of notes (George Ong: imagine his hunger) of what you had written in your website in 2 days (13-14 Nov 2020), and I can’t stop reading. I have been praising God and I am very excited. I will finish reading it in the next few days, and I will watch your videos again. I hope to be able to quote some of your contents in my book, but I will specify that the contents come from your book, so I hope it is alright with you.

I deeply understand that God has called you to do this great thing of exposing the heresies of Joseph Prince. Being attacked by the enemy is certain, but God will protect and vindicate you.”


Hou Song Liang, China


George Ong:


Brother Hou Song Liang told me that Joseph Prince’s heresies have gained much influence in China and infiltrated many churches there. Many pastors are also influenced by Joseph Prince’s false grace teachings. That is why he has to write a book in Chinese to address this growing problem.


Each and every Bishop, Pastor and Elder, including myself in Singapore must take responsibility for not doing enough to stop Joseph Prince (from Singapore) from spreading his heresies in Singapore and also to the many nations in the world (including China) over the many years. It is time that we wake up from our slumber. 


If we, as Bishops, Pastors and Elders are still not taking any concrete action to address this cancerous problem that is affecting not just Singapore but also the many nations, then we would have to answer to God one day.


“To tolerate the spread of heresy without doing anything to curb it is to be a quiet accomplice to the treacherous evil.”

(George Ong)


“Instead of being known as the Antioch of Asia, Singapore is now better and shamefully known as the world’s main exporter of heresy with Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-Grace Theology.” (George Ong)