I hope that the Church will Take Heed and Guard their Flock from being Influenced and Led Astray by False Teachers such as Joseph Prince (Dated 8 September 2020)


“Thank God for this opportunity to write against the heresies of Joseph Prince. I did not really know of Joseph Prince’s false teachings until I was serving overseas. I visited a church, and the Pastor, who was conducting Holy communion, taught the members to take Holy Communion on their own regularly for healing, and also gave booklets of this teaching to the members. I was uncomfortable and felt that something was not really right, but I could not really pinpoint clearly to the Pastor what was wrong. I’m really thankful when I came back, I heard Rev George preach against Joseph Prince as a false prophet and his false teachings. It then dawned on me that what I encountered overseas was the false teachings of Joseph Prince. These heretical teachings have brought great harm to the Church, and I really want to expose this teaching and hope to tell others about them.


I also had a colleague’s mum who was suffering from cancer –she was taking Holy communion every day and she asked her daughter to do the same. This madam was taking it as a magical formula that she will be healed. Many like her are being taught this teaching of Joseph Prince and we need to help them see the danger of it. My friend’s mum did not get healed but thank God that she repented and accepted God’s will for her.   


A sister whom I know from overseas even wanted to come to Singapore to visit Joseph Prince’s church. I really hope to highlight to the sister and the church that she attends that Joseph Prince’s teaching about the Holy Communion is not the right teaching from the word of God. I hope that this church and many other churches that have been influenced by Joseph Prince would realise their folly of following his teachings. The Bible warns that in the last days, there will be many false teachers who will appear and deceive even His people. I hope that the Church will take heed and guard their flock from being influenced and led astray by false teachers such as Joseph Prince.   


I’m really thankful for the clear and good teachings of Rev George Ong who has painstakingly gone through the scriptures, and very clearly, exposed the many false teachings of Joseph Prince. Thank God for Rev George’s courage to do that which most wouldn’t dare to. Though it is a ‘lonely’ and unpopular journey of tearing down false teachings that have deceived the Church, he has bravely soldiered on, with no other hidden agendas, but only wanting to be faithful to the call that God has laid on his life.”


Koh Bee Lu

Attending The People’s Bible Church, Singapore