Many in New Creation Church have been Deceived to Idolise their Pastor, Joseph Prince, instead of Giving Glory to God – By Katherine Tan-Foo (Dated 17 Dec 2020)


“I applaud Rev George Ong for his faithfulness and perseverance to his call to expose Joseph Prince as a false prophet, who has misled and has continued to mislead the multitudes to their destruction. I also want to applaud those ex-New Creation Church (NCC) members for their courage to write their testimonies/experiences in NCC and expose the false teachings of Joseph Prince. Hopefully, the spiritual eyes and ears of many who are currently attending NCC would be opened to discern the truth because of what the Ex-NCC members had shared.


It’s so unfortunate to see NCC friends and members who are nice and loving people, being misled by the heresies of Joseph Prince. Members would buy Joseph Prince’s weekly CDs to listen to. They would always share what Joseph Prince said, but, sadly, with no or little mention of God. I realise the danger they are in when they are actually charmed by Joseph Prince’s charisma. Many in NCC have been deceived to idolise their Pastor, Joseph Prince, instead of giving glory to God.


One of the key ways Joseph Prince deceived is the use of half-truth, treating and teaching it as the whole truth. He keeps focussing on the grace of God without stressing that we, too, have to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12-13). He keeps pounding on justification by faith or the righteousness of God without even mentioning that sanctification or holiness is crucially important too (Heb 12:14) as proof of true salvation. He keeps dwelling on the love, grace and mercy of God without preaching on the judgement and wrath of God. He keeps emphasising on the blessings and protection of God without also teaching that Christians are expected to suffer and some may even be called to martyrdom. What is unacceptable is that he teaches against suffering and martyrdom, both of which were taught by Christ Himself. Such half-truth doctrines are very deceptive and are as good as false.


Last, we should intercede for Joseph Prince to repent from his evil ways as that is the only way for him to escape the final judgement of God. But, more importantly, we should also pray for his 34,000 congregation. Many who came out of NCC are burdened to pray for those who have been misled by Joseph Prince in NCC. Many in NCC are still caught in the bondage of Joseph Prince’s heresies. I do hope that they will repent before it is too late. May God have mercy on them.”


Katherine Tan-Foo

Attending Grace Assembly of God, Singapore