Joseph Prince was Prophesied by Wolf Benny Hinn & Immoral Paul Cain; All 3 are False Prophets – By Rev George Ong (Dated 5 Apr 2024)


Announcement No 1


Most of you ought to know how much work is involved


in writing Articles and producing YouTube Videos.


But I thank God for his inexhaustible grace,


the true grace of God, not the false grace of Joseph Prince,


that has enabled me


to write and produce another Article and YouTube video,


the third, for this week,


despite my heavy schedule


because of my other commitments.


Though I had to go without much sleep


over the last several months,


I had to make it up, straightaway,


or, I will not last that long in my ministry


since the middle of 1970s.


I thank the Lord for the diligence to work hard


and also the wisdom to rest hard. 


Each one must know his own capacity and his own rhythm


– how much to stretch and how much to let go.


Announcement No 2


Don’t miss Michael Brown’s video on Benny Hinn,


& Benny Hinn’s video on Joseph Prince


& John Stott and Charles Swindoll’s articles


that the Prosperity Gospel


(preached by Benny Hinn and Joseph Prince)


is a False Gospel.


Announcement No 3


Note the many YouTube comments


are featured in the Appendix.


Be sure to read them.


(This article was also sent to Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) office, and for the attention of the Executive Committee Members.)


There has been confusion as to whether Benny Hinn


did repent from his Prosperity Gospel doctrine.


Frankly, I wasn’t convinced when I first heard that he repented.


Now, the verdict is out.


Michael Brown has solid evidence


that Benny Hinn didn’t repent


and did what he pledged he wouldn’t do.


Please click here


to view the entire video:


(You need to view the YouTube video


to get a better hang of what’s going on.)


In a YouTube Video, Michael Brown said;


Please click here


to view that 3-minute-30-second video:


“So, has Benny Hinn brought forth fruit of repentance in this regard?


Absolutely, categorically, no.


One example, we’ll play on the other side of the break.


But just listen to this 10-second clip,


which is relatively recent,


urging people to give $10,000


and all kinds of funny things like that.


Alright, let’s listen now.


(Benny Hinn said) I just ask of you to give big amounts, $10,000, $5,000.


Many of you will give $1,000 and more.


Alright, there’s more to that clip but you get it.


The exact thing he said he will never do,


he’s doing this, he’s doing this, he’s doing this.


There’s no dispute.


I’m saying his own words condemned him.


He’s done the exact opposite


of what he has pledged never to do.


He must repent and be accountable.


There’s a short compilation,


a little over 2 minutes long


of what was said in the past


and what’s said in the present.


And here’s a little compilation


that Mike posted on Facebook,


a little over 2 minutes, let’s listen:


I will never again ask you to give a thousand or whatever amounts


because I think the Holy Ghost is just fed-up with it.


If you want a financial miracle, you act financially.


You literally give


and then God will give you back


way more than you can ever expect.


I think it’s an offense to the Lord.


I think that hurts the gospel.


So, I’m going to ask you tonight to give to the Lord’s work.


And I want you to tell the Lord,


“Lord, here’s what I am believing for.”


Giving gets you out of trouble,


even legal trouble.


Giving has power.


That’s grieving the Holy Spirit.


I think it’s buying the gospel.


How many of you sweet people


need a financial miracle, now.


Stretch your hands towards me, come on.


Lord in Jesus’ name, grant their desire.


And Lord, we agree that financial need will be met.


If I hear one more time break the bag with a thousand dollars,


I’m going to rebuke them.


I think it’s offense to the Holy Spirit


to place a price on the gospel.


I’m done with it.


So, go ahead and sow your seed.


Let’s just believe God


that every one of you that are believing God


for that financial need to be met.


It will be met.


Because, it’s manipulation.


It’s gimmickry to tell someone you give a thousand,


you’re going to get a hundred-fold.


What if they don’t get a hundred-fold?


And most do not.


What happens to the walk with the Lord and the faith.


Think about that, the damage the question.


No, never, never again.


Because when that things doesn’t happen,


when someone gives and it doesn’t come back,


there’s hurt, there’s damage.


It hurts the gospel; it hurts the message.


It hurts the kingdom


and Steve, I want no part to that.


But before you sow,


tell God what you want and tell him when.


Tell him when and He’ll do it every single time.


The gospel is not for sale.


And prosperity is not for sale.


Alright, so can we come now


and pass the offering buckets.


Okay, that was so back and forth if you’re watching;


it’s 2019, 2023.


And then Steve he mentioned was Steve Strang


in an interview that he did.


So that means, there it is,


his own words are condemning him


in terms of what he’s saying.”


So, now you know what kind of character


Benny Hinn is made of.


In my opinion,


Benny Hinn is definitely a false teacher,


a wolf in sheepskin,


as one who preaches the Prosperity Gospel


is preaching the heretical false gospel.


This is not only my view


but also the views of other reputable preachers,


such as Charles Swindoll and John Stott.


In ‘The Church Awakening, An Urgent Call for Renewal,’


Charles Swindoll wrote:


“This is one reason


I find the prosperity gospel movement


so heretical.


Nowhere in the New Testament


do you find God promising health, wealth, and prosperity


to those who have enough faith.


That way of thinking


is a direct result of consumerism-Christianity.”


In ‘Swindoll’s Living Insights, New Testament Commentary, Romans,’


Charles Swindoll wrote:


“A lot of popular preachers proclaim that false gospel,


a doctrine they call the “Word of Faith.”


In ‘Balanced Christianity,’


John Stott wrote:


“I suppose it is because some people see prosperity


as a mark of God’s blessing, even today,


that they can’t come to terms with poverty.


I think we have to have the courage


to reject the health-and-wealth gospel absolutely.


It’s a false gospel.”


In ‘Issues Facing Christians Today,’


John Stott wrote:


“Our first response to this


is to deny vigorously


what such Christians are affirming


and to repudiate strenuously


their false “prosperity” or “health and wealth” gospel.”


In ‘Evangelical Truth,’


John Stott wrote:


“The widespread preaching and teaching of ‘prosperity gospel’


around the world raises significant concerns.


We define prosperity gospel as the teaching


that believers have a right to the blessings of health and wealth


and that they can obtain these blessings


through positive confessions of faith


and the ‘sowing of seeds’ through financial or material gifts.


… We affirm the miraculous grace and power of God,


and we welcome the growth of churches and ministries


that lead people to exercise expectant faith


in the living God and his supernatural power.


We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.


However, we deny that God’s miraculous power


can be treated as automatic,


or at the disposal of human techniques,


or manipulated by human words,


actions, gifts, objects, or rituals.


We affirm that there is a biblical vision of human prospering,


and that the Bible includes material welfare (both health and wealth)


within its teaching about the blessing of God.


However, we deny as unbiblical


the teaching that spiritual welfare


can be measured in terms of material welfare,


or that wealth is always a sign of God’s blessing.


The Bible shows that wealth


can often be obtained by oppression, deceit or corruption.


We also deny that poverty, illness or early death


are always a sign of God’s curse,


or evidence of lack of faith,


or the result of human curses,


since the Bible rejects such simplistic explanations.


We accept that it is good to exalt the power and victory of God.


But we believe that the teachings of many


who vigorously promote the prosperity gospel


seriously distort the Bible…


… that they commonly replace genuine evangelism


with miracle-seeking,


and replace the call to repentance


with the call to give money


to the preacher’s organization.


We grieve that the impact of this teaching on many Churches


is pastorally damaging and spiritually unhealthy.


… The prosperity gospel… can deflect people


from the true message and means of eternal salvation.


For these reasons


it can be soberly described as a false gospel.


We therefore reject the excesses of prosperity teaching


as incompatible with balanced biblical Christianity.”


So, both Benny Hinn and Joseph Prince,


who preaches the Prosperity Gospel


are preaching the heretical false gospel.


And a false gospel which is heretical


can only be preached by false prophets,


wolves in sheepskin.


But you know something,


Joseph Prince once said to Benny Hinn


that Benny was the one who prophesied


that he would be in the ministry.


In a meeting, Benny Hinn said;


Please click here


to view the 1-minute video:


“I’ve met with Joseph Prince for 5 hours recently.


Precious man, my friend.


I was in Singapore.


I was staying at this lovely hotel.


He (Joseph Prince) came


and we spent a lot of time together.


He (Joseph Prince) says,


“Well, it’s your fault, Pastor Benny.”


“What you mean is my fault?”


He (Joseph Prince) said,


“When I was a young man,


you picked me out and laid me down.”


I said,


“So, really?”


He (Joseph Prince) said,


“You came to Kuala Lumpur.”


That was years ago, years and years ago.


He (Joseph Prince) said,


“You prayed over me and the power of God hit me.


And you prophesied I’ll be in the ministry.”


I said,


“God, I am really getting old.”


One of the sweetest people on earth is Joseph Prince.


Precious spirit. Precious heart.


Love the Lord.


Dear God, we had such a great time.”


If Joseph Prince


was prophesied by Benny Hinn, a false prophet,


and one who could not be trusted


as he said one thing and did the other,


it goes without saying


that Joseph Prince is another false prophet.


A false prophet in Benny Hinn


cannot produce another true prophet in Joseph Prince.


A wolf in sheepskin in Benny Hinn


will produce another wolf in sheepskin in Joseph Prince. 


This is not the first time


that Joseph Prince was prophesied by a false prophet.


If you remember, in a previous article,


I surfaced that Joseph Prince himself had said


that Paul Cain, another false prophet


had prophesied that he would be an evangelist.


If you have missed the article,


Joseph Prince’s Ploy of using Paul Cain’s ‘Prophecy’ & Martin Luther to Authenticate his Ministry is Exposed – By Rev George Ong (Dated 10 Nov 2023)


Subtitle: Paul Cain who prophesied about Joseph Prince was exposed as a false prophet – Homosexual & Drunkard


Please click on the link below:


In a Sunday sermon aired on YouTube on 5 Nov 2023,


Joseph Prince released a video


regarding a ‘Prophecy’ by Paul Cain on him in 1992.


Please click here


to view the 1-minute-30-second video


(What Paul Cain said is not reflected here.)


“You know when that prophecy was given by Paul Cain.


When this prophecy (Paul Cain) was given, it was on 31 October.


It was in the Indoor Stadium.


And do you know that later,


when I found out it was on Reformation Day,


the Day that Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses


to the Church door of Wittenberg


and that’s when the Reformation started in 1517, 31 October.


I was touched later on to know


that that prophecy was given on Reformation Day.”


But Paul Cain later turned out


to be a homosexual and a drunkard:


1 Corinthians 6:9-10 NIV

9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.


And there are no indications


that Paul Cain had repented before his death.


Let this be another warning


to those who are still clinging on


to the ministry of Joseph Prince.


Flee from this guy,


a wolf in sheepskin,


lest you be destroyed in the process.


Rev George Ong




Featured YouTube comments:




“I am saddened to read all these “testimonials”.


If, after reading all the research by Rev George Ong,


not just this video but all the others,


and the reader still continues to listen


to the “teaching” of Joseph Prince,


one would suspect it is either some “spells”


that Joseph Prince has cast over them,


or the “extremely itchy ears”


that one has forsaken sound doctrine.”




“So sad to read about Jeremy’s mother,


and I felt angry, too.


Stage 1 Breast Cancer can be treated


if not for the false teaching by Joseph Prince; sigh.


Do not believe in Joseph Prince


and take Holy Communion if you have cancer.


I did not do that when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon cancer,


but prayed continuously


with the help of my sister’s cell group and leader.


Please note that God can also use doctors and medicine to heal you.”




“Each one who repents would be saved.


Calling people not to repent


is equivalent to denying people


the opportunity to be saved.”




“Hopefully, through this George Ong and other good channels,


many will be enlightened and be protected


from living in a fool’s paradise.


What’s the problem?


Joseph Prince teaches


that you can confess it before the mirror


if you want to look young.


If you are still old, it’s because you believe a lie.  


Health, prosperity, success, happiness


– are preached by this grandmaster, Joseph Prince.


So much for all this fantasy grace, fleshly grace and fool’s grace.”




“Unfortunately, there will be followers deeply entrenched in their belief


that this talker, Joseph Prince


is truly anointed and super-spiritual,


and he can even lecture other churches before the congregation


to preach Christ.


In psychology, brainwashing or indoctrination


is defined as an act of reducing a person’s ability to think critically,


reducing his ability to open his mind to new perspectives and ideas,


and changing his attitudes, values and beliefs.


This sets the stage for cultism within a community


as may be evidenced in a congregation


that appears to be under some charm and spell


and bound to one person.


Sad for the brainwashed and indoctrinated 


who have parents, children, husbands or wives to care for.”




“There are 3 types of people in the church.


The first group are those who support Joseph Prince


The second group are those who are neutral


and just treat him as another believer and church pastor.


And the third group are those who called him out


as a heretic and false teacher.


Many pastors, in the name of love and unity,


fall into the second group,


but they knowingly or unknowingly


are allowing and opening the door


for more deception and heresies to spread.”




“And this video concludes


that the Pre-trib rapture is a delusion.


This is another best.”




“Grace Revolution? What revolution?


Revolution against the true gospel of Jesus Christ!”




“Wow, Joseph Prince is so loving, so kind, so humble, and so forgiving.”


Most people would think that he is such a humble grace preacher


The presentation of himself is so successful (so subtle)


that, later when he is extremely sarcastic to his critics (who watch all his videos),


everybody laughs (takes it as a good joke)


Maybe that is the kind of ‘wisdom’ that he wants to boast


and please all his admirers and supporters,


and to show that he knows


how to ‘defeat’ all his ‘religious opponents or critics’ (who watch his videos).


However, will he really defeat those


who expose his double-talks, lies, heresies, false doctrine, and hypocrisies?


No, I don’t think so.


In fact, the more he uses sarcasm,


the more it will expose himself


as a double-talker and hypocrite.”






Spot on.


You hit the nail on his head.”




“Joseph Prince claims to be an expert


in leading the Grace Revolution,


yet when it comes to obedience and loving God


with all our heart, strength, soul and mind,


he suddenly forgets about grace and asked,


“Have you done it?”


If we can do it or have done it,


we wouldn’t need His grace.


This is because grace can empower us to do the impossible


and it also has the power to transform us.”




“The truth is Joseph Prince himself


is the one who fit in as the thief according to the scripture


because he lied and deceived many,


yet he has the audacity to turn it around


and said it is the devil!


Actually, Joseph Prince just admitted he is one of them!”




“Joseph Prince is a prosperity gospel preacher.


He has left Jesus behind long ago.”




“Yes. I have found the hyper grace/grace revolution movement teachings troubling.


They tend to practise selectiveness on verses here and there.


I.e, a mixing of some truth with erroneous teachings. 


It pains my soul whenever I come across the many young churchgoers now


who Mistakenly make an auto-pilot mind connection Association of God’s Law to Sin now


as a result of such unnecessary grace vs law theology up out of nothing of the sort.


Jesus came to fulfil the law, not eradicate it.


So, no child of God is under the burden of a curse (being placed back under condemned judgement)


who desires to keep God’s holy commands, which is His Law.


Father God’s desire for us “Be Holy for I Am Holy” still stands.


God’s Law (the whole book of the holy bible)


is perfectly just and good.


By it, we are trained to recognize what sin against God entails! 


Real grace receivers,


thank the Lord Jesus, who has filled in the gap in saving us


from a hell-bound destiny keeping some lawless living.


We know we may be imperfect


but we are washed sinners by the precious Blood of Jesus.


And therefore, to walk on worthy of that,


is to yield daily to the power of His Holy Spirit


to grow up into His nature,


not wilfully breaking God’s laws/commands


by breaking off all restraint


on the basis of any shaky foundation


of misunderstanding from poor teachings.


Also, if the greatest law


is to Love God and Love others as we love ourselves,


how can it even be suggested


that His laws are not for us to keep? 


Doesn’t seem to make sense to me


and it doesn’t benefit the Christian listener


to view themselves as hopeless sinners


still in slave chains to sin! 


Not after the freedom He has won for us to transform us


from a past sinner to future saint heaven-ward.”




“Thank God for Rev George Ong’s courage


to stand firm and speak up


and warned against heresies


that many are afraid to do.


He has totally destroyed Joseph Prince’s theology.”




“Joseph Prince is far from being an anointed and spiritual talker.


To make people think he is so,


he created false impressions and mental images


to mislead people into thinking he is.


He leads people up the garden path


by preaching a fantasy fleshly “gospel”


that appeals to fleshly desires for cupcakes, oysters, gold and silver.


He also preaches an irresponsible “gospel”


that has destroyed lives.


Beware, don’t be fooled by a smooth talker and slick actor.


Question and dissect his words, talks and statements 


by checking the Bible


and following other good biblical resources,


including Rev George Ong’s channel


and other international channels exposing false teachers


– and there are plenty on Joseph Prince!”




“He claims he is better looking than Satan.


That was said when he was on US TV during his visit.”




“Actually, this false shepherd


is not only into spiritual witchcraft


but also emotional witchcraft, verbal witchcraft and mental witchcraft. 


That’s why he preaches one-quarter truth


plus one-quarter own-brand grace to lure the crowd.


That’s why every Sunday,


he faces thousands of ATM machines


that seem to be under some kind of hypnosis.”




“Thank you for explaining the doctrine of rapture.


I thought that which has been left behind is not good.


Ended up is good to be left behind


because we will not be judged by God.”




“Throughout my years in New Creation Church,


Joseph Prince, in his wickedness, twisted the Word of God,


by manipulating that because Jesus hasn’t died for everyone on the Cross,


therefore, many people faced judgements in the Old Testament.


But there is no judgement in the New Testament for



even when they sin against God


and need not repent towards the Lord!


After I read and studied the Bible,


I realised what a fool I was,


being fooled by this Joseph Prince for so many years!


Joseph Prince do not fear God at all!


Trusting everything is well with him


and his big platforms have given him much security,


therefore, he keeps deceiving people.


When I read the Old Testament,


I realised these two words, “the Lord”


has indeed existed even in the Book of Genesis


all the way to the Book of Revelation.


Jesus Himself has been doing


what God told Him to do,


including the punishment part!


It was so stupid of me


to put my Salvation unto this wicked man,


Joseph Prince,


trusting everything he preached


without reading and studying The Bible for myself.


The worst was when the church leader told me


not to read and understand The Word by myself


as I might misunderstood the meaning!


Listen to Pastor Prince enough already!


Get Joseph Prince’s books and sermons.


Keep hearing until faith arise!


Actually, it is because they were more afraid


that we might find out the truth!”




“Rev George Ong, this video is well done.


Joseph Prince might think that he has toned down


in his preaching against God’s words;


however, his motive and inner desire


is still very much against the word of God.


He is still out to deceive;


except that he is now more subtle and careful


in the way he preaches and lies.


However, if we know what kind of person Joseph Prince is


(who is a false prophet and a double-talker),


we should know what’s wrong in his Sunday sermon again:


One of the ways to judge if Joseph Prince is preaching it correctly


is to do like Rev George


– study it thoroughly by looking at all the contexts.


I believe this is the best way and the most effective way.


The other way is to beware and keep asking,


“Has Joseph Prince really repented?”


If he has not indicated any concrete repentance


either by confession or action,


would he stop preaching against God’s words?


Of course, not likely.


Why does he keep preaching John 10:10 this round


with reference to the ‘devil’ all the time?


Does he really hate the devil that much?


Or is there something he is trying to hide?


At first, I was not certain what Joseph Prince is trying to achieve;


however, after reading Rev George’s excellent interpretation of John 10:10,


I am certain that Joseph Prince’s false interpretation of John 10:10


is actually a ‘launchpad’ for him to preach


even more deceptions next week and in the weeks to come.


Like what Rev George said,


Joseph Prince is trying to prove that John 10:10


is only referring to the ‘devil’;


not the Pharisees or false prophets.




Obviously, Joseph Prince has been trying to prove


that Jesus never gave any warning about the false prophets.


That’s why:


1. he tries to twist John 10:10 and says that it refers to the devil; not the false prophet(s)


2. he tries to remove the Sermon on the Mount, especially Matt 7:15-23 which warns about the false prophet(s)


3. he tries to omit the mention of the false prophet(s) with the hope that no one knows that Jesus actually gave more warnings against the false prophets than anything else


(‘false prophets’ was mentioned numerous times in Matt 24 alone):


Obviously, when Joseph Prince preaches the end time or Matt 24,


he might mention all the earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, wars, viruses, etc;


however, he would deliberately omit the false prophet(s).




The reason is so obvious:


he is afraid to be exposed as one.


Obviously, Joseph Prince wants you to think


that the ‘devil’ is the only one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.


He deliberately leaves out the ‘false prophet’


so that you will be ‘off-guard’ all the time


when the ‘false prophets’ like him


will come to steal, kill, and destroy.


Wow, that’s a ‘brilliant’ tactic


that will not only ‘kill’ the sheep,


but also the pastors, elders, deacons, and elects!


Matt 24:4-5 KJV 

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. (5)  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.


Matt 24:11-12 KJV 

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.  (12)  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


Matt 24:23-25 KJV

(23) Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. (24) For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (25) Behold, I have told you before.


Joseph Prince keeps saying that


you don’t have to worry about the beasts,


the false prophets, the Antichrists, the deceivers, or the liars,


because you will be raptured when they start to arise.


However, I will ask him,


if we should have been raptured,


why did He say


“Then if any man shall say unto you (v23)”;


not “unto them”?


If we don’t have to worry or beware,


why did Jesus say,


“Behold, I have told you before (v25)”.