Joseph Prince – Shepherd or Wolf?

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The great news is that all 10 volumes in PDF Version are FREE for download to read at your own leisure.

Though it is given free, the effort and sacrifice at producing the book is humongous.

It has taken me much blood, sweat and tears, and many late nights, so you would appreciate it.

This book is probably the first of its kind in the world.

So far, I have not found anyone who has done a study against Joseph Prince’s teachings to such detail and thoroughness.

After spending a humongous chunk of my time studying the grace theology of Joseph Prince, I’m totally convinced that Joseph Prince isn’t teaching the true grace of the Bible.

Joseph Prince’s grace theology is not just Hyper-grace (exaggerated-grace) – it is more serious than that – it is Pseudo-grace (false-grace).

Splattered across the 4,800 pages are evidence that I have marshalled at proving that Joseph Prince, who is supposedly a world-acclaimed Bible preacher, is actually a wolf and not a shepherd.

The chief purpose of this book is two-fold.

It is both to expose the false teachings of Joseph Prince to the Church and equip her on how to handle his false grace message.

Any meaningful discussion or debate about the issue cannot be carried out in the context of ignorance and subjectivity.

So, you will need to read quite a fair bit of what I have written before you can objectively disagree or agree with my views.

Pastors and believers have criticised me for writing against Joseph Prince.

When I asked them how much do they know about Joseph Prince’s teachings, they couldn’t answer me.

When I asked them whether they have read any of Joseph Prince’s books, they haven’t.  

When I asked them whether they have read a fair bit of my writings against Joseph Prince, they didn’t.

And here they go, criticising me for writing against Joseph Prince as though they were experts.

So, I appeal to you that before you come to a clear and sound conclusion of the issue, you would have to know a fair bit about Joseph Prince’s grace theology, and have also read through a fair bit of my writings in this book.

Take your time to read them and at your own convenience, but do read them.

But if you have already made up your mind about the truth of Joseph Prince’s doctrines, then this website is not for you.

It will only create more resentment against me and my writings.

But if you have an open mind to what I have to say, then you are more than welcome to read them.

This book is not for the faint-hearted but those who could stomach my tough approach and the use of prophetic language against Joseph Prince.

If you are not used to a tough and robust approach against Joseph Prince, may I advise that you skip my website.

My tough approach against Joseph Prince is not based on any personal preference but anchored on Father God, the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul’s tough and severe stance against false teachers, both in the Old Testament as well as the New. 

Just remember, I do not treat Joseph Prince as a brother-in-Christ.

If I did, I would be sinning against God by criticising and rebuking a fellow brother in public, unless the case is as serious as what the Apostle Paul did to Apostle Peter (Gal 2:11-14). 

Joseph Prince is not a fellow brother but a wolf in sheepskin, and I have taken 4,800 pages of a book to prove it.

My tough treatment of Joseph Prince is no harsher that what Father God, the Lord Jesus, Apostle Paul, and Prophet Elijah had treated false teachers.

Please refer to Volume 8: Scripture’s Tough Stance Against False Teachers (466 Pages)

This 4,800-page book is written mainly for pastors, leaders and especially those who want to go into an in-depth study of Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace doctrine.

This website is not for those who hope that by minimum reading they could get maximum result – they may be disappointed.

But all is not lost.

For those who are not the reading kind or you are not prepared to read/browse through the massive number of pages in my book, attending a seminar is an excellent opportunity to learn about Joseph Prince’s Grace Theology (Pseudo-grace).

The advantage of attending a seminar is that you would get a summary of the 4,800 pages of Joseph Prince’s Grace doctrine and the more important issues of his theology.

It would also give you a handle and anchor when you are ready to read the massive number of pages of notes at a later time.

The value of the seminar is not just in knowing what Joseph Prince deceives but how he insidiously deceives.

Knowing how he deceives is what you wouldn’t get in most books and teachings that have been written against him.