Joseph Prince: Shepherd or Wolf?

Volume 1: Pseudo-Grace Not Just Hyper-Grace

Volume 1

Pseudo-Grace Not Just Hyper-Grace 

Volume Summary

Volume 1 (and all the other nine volumes) aims to prove that Joseph Prince’s grace theology is not just Hyper-grace (exaggerated-grace) – it is more serious than that – it is Pseudo-grace (false-grace).

It gives an overview of Joseph Prince’s heresies and why they had to be contended against.

The insidious manner in which Joseph Prince goes about deceiving the church and why we need to deal with him prophetically will also be dealt with.

Reading this volume will give you the setting and the background to the rest of the other volumes.

It serves as a prelude and sets the tone for the entire book.

My call to contend against Joseph Prince, the wolf, is also contained therein (Chapters 2-5). 

A portion of Volume 1 are excerpts from the chapters in the other nine volumes. 

You are advised to read Volume 1 first before attempting the other nine. 

Copyright © February 2020 by George Ong

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Chapter 1: *Pseudo-Grace, Not Just Hyper-Grace 

Chapter 2: *Why I Am Fighting This Battle Against Joseph Prince & His Pseudo-Grace Teachings? 

Chapter 3: *Being Sued By Joseph Prince Is The Least Of My Concern 

Chapter 4: *Who Should Fear Being Sued? 

Chapter 5: *Joseph Prince Won’t Sue Me As He Has Said On Audio He Appreciates People Like Me Speaking Bad About Him (Don’t Miss The 45-Second Audio Of Joseph Prince) 

Chapter 6: *Pseudo-Grace: A Repackaged Form Of An Old Heresy – Antinomianism 

Chapter 7: *A ‘Gospel Minus Sanctification’ Heresy 

Chapter 8: Is Grace Or Christ The Centrepiece Of Joseph Prince’s Grace Theology? 

Chapter 9: *Paul Was Utterly Consumed With The Threat Of False Teachers 

Chapter 10: *Jesus Contended Fiercely Against False Teachers 

Chapter 11: *Contend Earnestly For The Faith 

Chapter 12: *It’s Time For The Church To Prophesy Against False Prophets 

Chapter 13: *Holy Sarcasm & Prophetic Toughness Against The Heretic – Joseph Prince 

Chapter 14: *Calling False Teachers By Name 

Chapter 15: *Should We Pray For False Teachers? 

Chapter 16: Can We Have Unity With Wolves? 

Chapter 17: *Judge Not, Lest You Be judged? 

Chapter 18: Trench-To-Trench Fighting Not Just Aerial Bombardment Is Needed To Sieve Out Joseph Prince’s Crafty  Deceptions 

Chapter 19: The Teachings Of Joseph Prince Will Lead You To Hell 

Chapter 20: *Did God Or The Devil Speak To Joseph Prince? 

Chapter 21: *Why & How People Are Deceived By Joseph Prince? 

Chapter 22: *The Deceitfulness & Destructiveness Of Half-Truths 

Chapter 23: Straw Man Deception 

Chapter 24: Felt Needs Are More Important Than Truth/Doctrine? 

Chapter 25: The Importance Of Doctrinal Truth 

Chapter 26: Conviction Is Needed To Fight The Truth War 

Chapter 27: The Substance & Style of Preaching Between John The Baptist & Joseph The Prince – What a Difference!  

Chapter 28: Is Jesus A Positive Preacher Like Joseph Prince? 

Chapter 29: The Finished Work Of Christ 

Chapter 30: Great Commission Or Grace Revolution? 

Chapter 31: *Pseudo-Grace: Liberating Yet Destructive 

Chapter 32: *Clarifying The Confusion That Surrounds The Law 

Chapter 33: *Is Church’s Size Or The Number Of Testimonies A Vindicator Of True Doctrine? – Does The End Justify The Means? 

* Denotes Priority Reading 

Chapter 1 

*Pseudo-Grace Not Just Hyper-Grace 

A prominent writer and speaker is known to have popularised the concept of Hyper-grace. 

I highly respect this brother. 

Theologically, intellectually and polemically, he can put Joseph Prince and me ‘in his pocket’. 

I am nowhere near him in every area. 

He is a giant, and I am a dwarf. 

I am not engaging in false humility. 

I meant every word I say. 

The same goes for Joseph Prince. 

He, too, isn’t anywhere near this brother. 

Joseph Prince’s eloquence will only carry him that far.  

Theologically and intellectually, Joseph Prince is no match for this brother.  

Joseph Prince knows it, and he won’t dare to get into any debate with him.

Even if Joseph Prince dares to, he will be severely trounced beyond recognition by this brother.  

I praise God for this brother, who is known to be a great teacher of the word.  

On most issues, I agree with him. 

But I have to humbly disagree with him on one area – on his use of the term ‘Hyper-grace’.  

To me, it is not just Hyper-grace (exaggerated-grace); it is more serious than that – it is Pseudo-grace (false-grace).   

The term Pseudo-grace best describes and most accurately reflects my position on this issue:  

I have to expose Joseph Prince as a false teacher whose ‘only topic’ he teaches is the grace of God.  

And that single agenda of grace (Pseudo-grace) is allowed to control how every single verse and passage in the Bible is interpreted.  

When you forcibly filter the whole Bible, with its multiple themes and theologies, through the single funnel of grace, it doesn’t take a theologian to figure out that the grace teachings of Joseph Prince would be grossly distorted.  

Imagine if one can theoretically push a camel through the eye of a needle, it will be deformed and distorted beyond recognition.  

That’s what Joseph Prince does to Christianity, as everything is artificially filtered and seen through the eye’s needle of grace.  

For example, if Joseph Prince examines a text, he frequently ‘smuggles’ the issue of grace to interpret the text, even though the text has nothing to do with grace.  

Joseph Prince’s grace theology has attained a status that is superior even to the scriptures as every verse and passage of the Bible is interpreted in the light of it.  

Almost every single strain of thought and issue in the Bible is reduced to and artificially seen through the myopic and inadequate lens of grace.  

As a result, a whole new ‘religion’ could be said to have been started by Joseph Prince – called ‘Gracetianity’ that is far removed from Christianity.  

“Joseph Prince has unwarrantedly promoted ‘grace’ to be the first among equals of all of God’s attributes when the truth is – it is just one valuable piece of an instrument in God’s great symphony of attributes.” (George Ong)  

“Grace, which is just a part of Christianity, has been deceptively elevated by Joseph Prince to become the whole of it.” (George Ong)  

“Grace, which is only a part of the whole, has been falsely bolstered by Joseph Prince to embody the whole that now overshadows the parts.” (George Ong)  

“When one’s pet doctrine of grace is being pushed as the controlling narrative and elevated above everything else, an ensnaring heresy has already been birthed.” (George Ong)  

“To make one aspect about grace to be the all-encompassing umbrella and the single controlling narrative is a massive distortion of the Christian Faith.” (George Ong)  

“A Pseudo-grace theology that wipes out all that do not fit – confession, repentance, works, obedience, moral law, Sermon on the Mount, discipleship, fasting, suffering, fear of the Lord, etc – and what are we left? – A scandalous truncated Christianity, called Gracetianity.” (George Ong)  

“When a form of grace that is taught produces a soft and soothing Christianity, a strong alarm must be bravely sounded.” (George Ong)  

“Grace is not an all-cure pill for every sickness of every man but just one in a compendium of medicines to deal with the range of illnesses of all mankind.” (George Ong)  

“While all of us should be Pro-grace and none of us Anti-grace, Joseph Prince is Super-grace – over-selling a grace-pill that can remove all sicknesses and over-promoting a grace-formula that can solve all problems.” (George Ong)  

By posturing his Super-Grace Theology that can solve every problem, Joseph Prince is placing himself above Paul, the true grace teacher, whose experience with his Grace-saved churches in his day is the complete opposite – where he had to battle with unmentionable sins in the Corinthian church and false doctrines that could lead one to hell in the Galatian church.

If one were to believe Joseph Prince that once grace is received, everything will fall into place, then why does Paul have to deal with so many problems, including sexual sins and doctrinal errors in the Grace-saved churches of the New Testament?  

Joseph Prince could have taught Paul a thing or two about the wonders of his grace theology, because Paul, who had to battle with sins in the Corinthian church and false doctrines in the Galatian church, didn’t have the resounding success which Joseph Prince has.  

If grace didn’t work wonders to remove sin and strongholds for the grace-saved churches in Paul’s day, then the claim by Joseph Prince that his grace teaching is now working wonders and making waves around the world is predominantly hype.  

“The fact that Joseph Prince has succeeded in packaging and presenting his grace teachings that are clearly of the flesh to sound like they are of the Spirit is the genius of it all.” (George Ong) 

“Joseph Prince’s grace theology, which may not lead you to heaven, is more of a grave theology that could lead you to hell.” (George Ong) 

Chapter 2 

*Why I Am Fighting This Battle Against Joseph Prince & His Pseudo-Grace Teachings? 

A. A Call I didn’t Want But Had To Obey. 

I have never imagined that God would lead me into this ministry of refuting the Pseudo-grace teachings of Joseph Prince and rebuking him as a false teacher. 

This is the last thing I want to do. 

I have said before in public settings that I am the least to be chosen for such an enormous and unpopular task as I’m just a one-talent man. 

I have always wished and continue to wish that the many others who are more qualified and gifted than me would carry this load. 

If you think I am making this statement to sound humble for public consumption, you are sorely wrong. 

I meant it with my heart when I said, “I’m the least to be chosen, and this is the last thing I want to do.” 

God be my witness.  

As a matter of fact, I dislike such a task. 


My first encounter with people who contend against false teachings and false teachers goes back to the mid-1970s or late-1970s. 

There is a particular Christian denomination that regularly did this – contend against false teachings. 

While I cannot fault their fervour for protecting and defending sound doctrine, I cannot agree with their approach. 

This is because not just the major doctrines are involved, but other minor doctrines, which to me, are not fundamental to the Christian Faith, are being dragged in too. 

This sort of put me off for a while. 

So, why am I doing this against Joseph Prince and his teachings? 

This is because as I went deeper and deeper into Joseph Prince’s teachings, I saw that not one or two, but plenty of areas he teaches are clear-cut false. 

At the same time, they are not easily discerned and detected on the surface, and a thorough study is needed to carefully sift out the errors from the truth for the benefit of the body of Christ. 

And this is what makes Joseph Prince’s teachings so deceptive and so dangerous!

After an exhaustive study into his teachings, I concluded that if one were to embrace his teachings, hell would be where he could land.   

The real issue is that his teachings are drawing the sheep away from the true faith. 

That is why Joseph Prince is such a dangerous man. 

He is leading people to worship a different Jesus and a different ‘God’. 

He is deceiving the church that he is speaking about the Bible Jesus when it is the counterfeit Jesus that he is preaching. 

He does that by deliberately twisting and misinterpret Bible texts. 

He pushes and imposes his brand of Grace at the expense of the integrity of the Holy Scriptures! 

Friends, that’s why I am giving my heart and soul at contending against him and his heretical teachings – to save people from hell. 

Even the most biting criticisms can never stop me from giving my 101% commitment to this call that God has laid on my heart.

B. Misunderstood For Harbouring Hidden Agendas. 

In my task of exposing the false teachings of Joseph Prince, I knew I would have to face many criticisms, not only from the people who support Joseph Prince but ironically, from the body of Christ. 

I have been accused of being jealous of and bitter against him. 

This is really strange.  

I am not an angry and bitter pastor whose sheep have crossed into his fold. 

(I was pastoring but became an itinerant preacher for the last 20 years, since 2000). 

Second, I do not know him as a friend or even as an acquaintance. 

Third, I have never met him before. 

So, what is there for me to be jealous and bitter against him? 

I have no hidden agenda or an axe to grind for taking on Joseph Prince and his Pseudo-grace teaching. 

But I have been accused of being judgemental, and for acting out of jealousy because of Joseph Prince’s popularity. 

I do not know how to respond

– to laugh or cry

– to laugh over their silly response

or to cry over their lack of perceptivity about the real threat posed by Joseph Prince’s heretical doctrine to the Church. 

But all these are just a small price that I would have to pay for the privilege of obeying God’s call.  

C. Those Who Speak Up Against False Teachers Are Ironically Attacked By Their Own Troops. 

Joseph Prince has not been preaching his false doctrines yesterday or one or two years ago, but for about 30 years, he has been teaching such heresies with reckless abandon. 

For all these years, many pastors and leaders have tried to get in touch with him and talk to him, and he didn’t even bother to respond. 

He is aware of all the counter-arguments against his false teachings, but he won’t care to do a thing to change and remains unrepentant. 

And one person, called George Ong, felt enough is enough, and start to scold and rebuke him severely. 

Then some ignorant people of the church, who don’t even know the whole picture started to advise George Ong as if they are wise counsellors,

“George, why are you so hard on Joseph Prince?

Why didn’t you talk to him?

Why didn’t you send your emails to him?

Why didn’t you pray for him?

Why didn’t you fast for him?

Why didn’t you give him another chance?” 

I hope by now, you can see the deception and the irony

– that the hero (those who expose false teachings)

is made the villain,

and the villain (those who teach false teachings)

is made the hero

– by who?

– By some foolish people in the church! 

“The great irony is that the true ‘heresy-busters’ whose gallant attempt at uncovering the wolves in sheepskin are being fought against by friendly fire.” (George Ong) 

“By the unwarranted criticisms of the church against the true whistleblowers of the faith and her misplaced sympathy towards the ‘persecuted’ heretics, she has ironically made the heroes into villains and villains into heroes.” (George Ong) 

“Courageous heroes who risk their lives to lock horns with the heretic wolves are ironically ‘attacked’ as intolerant and unloving villains by their troops.” (George Ong)

“The most perilous battles to fight is when a soldier of the truth is assaulted by the enemy from the front and attacked by his own troops at the back.” (George Ong) 

“The devil is at his vicious best when he succeeds in getting the church to tar the true whistleblower of the faith as a dogmatic heresy-hunter and an annoying militant.” (George Ong) 

D. It’s A Call That Entails A High Price. 

Why should I, out of mere jealousy about Joseph Prince’s ministry, work myself as a dog without pay? 

My work hours from October 2017 till now are from early in the morning right into the evening – and I will only stop work just before I go to sleep. 

That’s not including frequently waking up at ungodly hours between 1 am and 4 am. 

I work every day, from Monday to Sunday and on holidays. 

I hardly step out of my house, always at my computer, typing away. 

I sometimes joke with my wife that I must be the homeliest husband in Singapore. 

Am I complaining? 

Why should I? 

I am a man seized by the call of God, who is hyper-focussed, absolutely convicted and hotly passionate about what I am doing. 

I thrive on it and I soar with it as I am only fulfilling God’s call at this juncture of my life – to be a faithful watchman warning the Church about Joseph Prince’s false teachings. 

This is how best I can minister and contribute to the larger body of Christ at this point in time. 

For those who may think I am working myself to death, that’s the least of my worries. 

I don’t just work hard but I rest hard too. 

You need to pace yourself as you are not running the 100 metres race but the 26-mile marathon. 

As you run God’s race for your life (not your own race), there is supernatural energy to “run and not grow weary.” 

Isa 40:31 NIV

“…they will run and not grow weary.” 

But if you are perennially weary doing what you think God has called you to, the chances are that’s not the call of God for you.  

As most of you are aware, just writing a book of an average 200-page would take up a fair amount of time. 

Guess how much time I took and how much sweat and blood that I have poured into preparing one book, Joseph Prince: Shepherd or Wolf? Comprising 10 volumes and about 4,800 A5-size pages. 

It has taken a humongous amount of my time and energy. 

I have read through Joseph Prince’s four main books at least three times each. 

I have listened to many of his videos/audios and picking the relevant piece/s to feature. 

I have to get all the relevant research materials. 

I have to do my study of the scriptures. 

I have to refer to commentaries. 

I need to think through and do my analysis. 

I have to put them all together in one cohesive piece. 

I have to craft them, so they are easily understood by the common man. 

I have to make sure it is doctrinally sound, hopefully beyond reproach – with no possible doctrinal counterattack that could be launched by Joseph Prince or the Pseudo-grace doctrine. 

I have put my heart and soul into this task for the last two and a half years.  

I am doing it literally day and night as the Apostle Paul did in Acts 20:29,31, to warn believers of the savage wolves that would come and destroy the flock:

“I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.” 

Am I doing this for my own sake? 

You must be joking if I did! 

I have nothing to gain. 

Is there anyone paying me to do this day and night? 

With the many hours of overtime work that I am putting in every day over the last two and a half years, my overtime pay can come to a hefty sum. 

Whoever is my paymaster may have a nightmare! 

For those who know me, money is one of my least priorities. 

Not only did I not receive any pay, but I had to fork out my own money for this calling. 

Not only did I lose money, but I lost friends too.  

E. It Is A Call That Involves Great Risk. 

“Many have chosen a safer way to talk about false teachings in quiet and private settings, but few have taken the high and risky road to speak against it loudly and publicly.” (George Ong) 

Just ask yourself – why am I doing this at great personal risk to myself with absolutely no personal advantage to be had? 

I am well aware that not only am I contending against Joseph Prince, a world-renowned speaker, but I would also be stepping on the toes of the 34,000 people who are attending New Creation Church. 

And I am not forgetting the millions of his adorers, supporters and sympathisers in the countless evangelical churches, not only in Singapore and Malaysia but around the world.   

By exposing Joseph Prince as a false teacher, I am bound to offend many of his diehard supporters who have never failed to defend him against doctrinal attacks aggressively. 

What the offended party will ever do to a guy like me who dares to fiercely and publicly denounce their adored leader as a false prophet is really up to one’s imagination. 

I am fighting this Pseudo-grace battle for no personal advantage but purely because of the call of God – to expose Joseph Prince as a wolf publicly, regardless of the cost and the great personal risks that I may incur. 

Lest you think I am reckless; you are dead wrong as you don’t know me enough.

For those know well, every move that I made is carefully calculated, thoroughly thought through, Spirit-guided and boldly executed. 

Nevertheless, I am prepared to pay the highest price to carry out the call that God has thrust upon me.  

“I am no fool to waste my life on puny issues, but for matters of eternal importance, I will lay it down to pursue them.” (George Ong) 

“Fighting a battle that has eternal ramifications is worth pouring all my heart and soul into.” (George Ong)

“He who has not died to himself can never live for the highest purposes he is destined for.” (George Ong)

“The riskier the call, the greater the courage of one’s conviction.” (George Ong)

“The risk of obeying God’s call is temporary, but the regret of evading His call is permanent.” (George Ong) 

I have taken a great risk and paid a heavy price for confronting the false teachings of Joseph Prince. 

Heavy price – not just in terms of the laborious work that is involved but in being misunderstood, criticised, shunted and rejected, etc.  

Let me pose a thoroughly frank question to you all that I may run the risk of being misunderstood for being egoistic. 

If I had flinched from taking such a massive risk and paying the heavy price by confronting Joseph Prince and his false teachings publicly, and in such a thorough, penetrating and forthright manner, tell me who among you would have the guts to do so? 

“Christianity is never about ‘playing it safe’, but ever about ‘risking it out’.” (George Ong) 

“A harsh surgeon must be summoned to use the cruel knife before the cancer of Joseph Prince’s false teachings consumes another victim.” (George Ong)  

Even for Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God Himself has never flinched from confronting controversies.

“While the church is sore afraid and steers away from controversies, Jesus courageously confronts them.”(George Ong)   

“If you are put off by confrontation, denunciation and provocation which Jesus exemplifies, perhaps you are following the wrong Jesus.” (George Ong)  

If Jesus did not flinch from confronting controversies, do we have any right to?

F. A Ministry Of Passion Without Pay To The Body Of Christ.  

A friend of mine wrote to me and recognised that my efforts at exposing the false teachings of Joseph Prince is my way of serving the larger body of Christ.

“Dear George, thank you for serving the Body of Christ by pointing out the erroneous teachings which have misled many in the Church.” (David Lee)  

And indeed, as I have often told my wife, this is my way of serving the body of Christ – by slogging it out day and night – not grudgingly and miserably but willingly and cheerfully.  

This ministry is one that doesn’t pay – as no one is paying me to do this ministry.   

But thank God that I have learned early in life (in the 1970s) that if one works in the area of one’s passion, it is a privilege and not a chore to go without pay and to pay oneself to do the ministry.  

“When one has found passion in his work, it becomes a non-issue whether one is paid for it or he isn’t.” (George Ong)  

“If one works in the area of his passion, work is no longer work.” (George Ong)  

“To a man of passion, work is never in his vocabulary – it’s all play.” (George Ong)  

“A man of passion is never caught playing at work as all his time is consumed playing in his work.” (George Ong)   

“A man of passion who never plays at work is busily enjoying himself playing in his work.” (George Ong)  

“If you aren’t enjoying yourself playing in your work, it is high time to change to one that you could.” (George Ong)  

“I would rather go for a job that promises no pay but lots of play in my work, rather than one that promises high pay but no play in my work.” (George Ong)  

But whether man pays one or not, God is the best employer whose remuneration goes beyond the financial rewards of this world.  

“Whatever that keeps a man energised throughout the day and whatever that keeps him ‘awake’ at night – is what a man is passionate for.” (George Ong)   

G. Alone, Yet Not Alone. 

Since 2014, I have been given the unenviable call of exposing false teachings (not every, but as led) 

– a call which I didn’t ask for 

– a call I wanted to run away from 

– a call for which I am the least to be chosen 

– a call that is thankless and unappreciated 

– a call that nobody would have wanted 

– a call that would result in plenty of closed doors to my ministry 

– a call that would result in friends becoming strangers 

– a call that would leave me ‘alone’

“….like Martin Luther, who contended alone against the whole church,

like Jeremiah, who prophesied alone against the whole nation,

like Noah, who stood alone against the whole world.” 

(George Ong)  

Will you dare to be so radical that you are willing to be the one and only person in the whole world to follow God and go against the tide, criticisms, opinions of the whole world? 

Noah did. 

One man was right; the whole world was wrong. 

One man saved his whole family of eight; the whole world perished in the judgement of the flood.  

Let me share a quotation from John Maxwell. 

In his Book, “Be all you can be,” he said these words: 

“The greatest days of your life are the days when you sense your commitment to its highest degree. 

Your greatest days are not your days of leisure. 

Your greatest days are not even times when you have your closest friends around you. 

When something has seized you and caused you to have a high level of commitment to it, those are your greatest days. 

They may be your days of struggle, they may be your days of suffering, and they may be the days of your greatest battles in life, but they will be your greatest days. 

If I could choose only one word to describe what it’s like to be committed, I think I would choose the word alone. 

If you become a person who is deeply committed to a cause, the world won’t understand you; you will be alone. 

It’s human to stand with the crowd; it’s divine to stand alone.”  

Alone? Yes indeed! 

What price to pay for the conviction of such an unenviable call? 

Heavy Price! 

And I have paid for it from the start, and I will continue to pay! 

“The cry for the approval of the majority is the refuge of the insecure.” (George Ong)

“The authenticity of one’s conviction is his preparedness to stand alone with God against the whole world and His readiness to die for it.” (George Ong) 

And yet, not really alone from another perspective – when you have God on your side. 

Remember the oft-quoted saying, “One and God is a majority.” 

And when you are in the majority, what is there really to fear?

Besides, just as many others shared in the same cause as Prophet Elijah’s, I do have them too – though small in number, nonetheless, I greatly value their prayers and moral support. 

“Only with God can so much be accomplished by so few for so many.”

(Jn 6:9; Matt 14:17-21; Acts 2:41; 1 Sam 17 especially V51-53; Jud 7:1-8, 16-22; 2 Sam 23:8-12, 18-21; Est 4:12-16; 7:1-10, Jonah 3:1-10; Lev 26:7-8; Jos 23:9-11; Jud 14:5-6, 19; 15:14-16; 16:27-31.) (George Ong)

Chapter 3 

*Being Sued By Joseph Prince Is The Least Of My Concern

As you read the many articles on this website, you will discover I have accused Joseph Prince of many things.

I have called him a liar and a hypocrite many times.

Many people are concerned – what if Joseph Prince sues you – aren’t you afraid of going to jail? 

If you are so jittery and are already shaking with fear, this battle is certainly not for you. 

If I am prepared to give up my life and had already conducted my own funeral in my heart to fight against Joseph Prince, the heretic and his heresies, what is going to jail – PITTANCE! 

If they want to give me the privilege of being persecuted for righteousness sake by sending me to jail, be my guest! 

(If you don’t like the way I have put it, let me remind you that I am only following the tradition of Christ Jesus, Prophet Elijah and Apostle Paul, who used Holy Sarcasm against the false teachers.)  

I do not think that I will go to jail for several reasons (but even I do, I will gladly go): 

First, I am just a small fry, and Joseph Prince won’t have time for me. 

He is too busy getting his grace message (Pseudo-grace) out to the whole world – and it would be foolish of him to get embroiled with a small fish like George.  

Second, if Joseph Prince treats me as a Christian, how can he sue me? 

If he does, he would have gone against scriptures. 

Unless he treats me as a heretic (as I have done to him) – if so, on what grounds – Joseph Prince, please clearly state.  

Third, how can Joseph Prince sabotage and undo all that he is trying to teach about grace? 

If he sues me, it would be totally ungraceful for a grace teacher like him to do that. 

Don’t you think it would be undignified for Joseph Prince, a world-renowned teacher, to sue a small fry like George Ong? 

If he sues me, he would only be sabotaging and undoing his own reputation as a Super-grace teacher. 

All his efforts at trying to teach about the abundant grace of God to us and about believers, who ought to be extra gracious to others, will take a severe beating. 

After all, isn’t he the Chief Guru on Super-grace? 

How can the Chief Guru on Super-grace act in such an ungracious manner by suing me? 

It would be totally out of place for one who breathes grace, dreams grace, teaches grace and champions grace to act in such an ungracious manner by suing another person. 

And no one will ever believe he is a Super-grace teacher anymore if he cannot even handle the criticisms of a small fry called George and had to sue him – which is a sure-die alternative for the so-called Super-grace teacher like him.  

Fourth, do you think he would dare to sue me? 

On what basis can he sue me? 

Can he sue me because my allegations are based on mere fiction and pure imagination? 

Or is my ‘speaking bad’ about him based on hard facts of what he actually wrote in his books and said in the videos and audios? 

How can Joseph Prince and gang succeed in proving that what I have written are lies – when the substance of what I have surfaced are all that he has been teaching, both in his books and videos/audios – unless he wishes to recant them.  

It would be preposterous for him to sue me – as all his frequent double-speakings, the many internal contradictions of his teachings and the stark falsity of his doctrines would be unveiled in the court of public opinion to be scrutinized and judged. 

The resultant damaging publicity and bad press generated would be the last thing he is looking for.  

After one high-profile court case of a Singapore mega-church pastor not too long ago, do you think he, being another mega-church pastor, would dare to put himself in the limelight and the glare and scrutiny of the public eye by suing me? 

He certainly knows that it would be silly and ‘suicidal’ for him to do so.   

On the other hand, I do not teach Hyper-grace or Pseudo-grace or Super-grace. 

I teach True Grace. 

I teach that while we must show grace to fellow believers, but the way we handle heresies and heretics is discernibly different. 

I teach that we must do what the Apostle Paul, Apostle John, Jude and Jesus had done to heretics: to contend against them and be absolutely tough with them. 

I follow the example of Paul, who teaches that heretics need to be sharply rebuked and silenced. 

Paul and Jesus are even prepared to curse and condemn them to hell. 

John said to fellowship with them is to participate in their evil. 

What I have written in all my articles, is consistent with my theology of exercising true grace to believers and to fiercely contend against heretics and heresies, which are harming and destroying the church. 

And Holy Sarcasm against the False Prophets, which is practised by Prophet Elijah, Paul, the Lord Jesus and even God Himself, is what I have employed against Joseph Prince. 

I am not saying that Joseph Prince and gang are beyond repentance. 

Hopefully, one day, they will repent from their grotesque misrepresentation of scriptures, especially the teachings of Jesus and Paul.  

So coming back….Frankly, I don’t think I will ever go to jail. 

But let’s say, his church or one of his gang prefers to do the job for him to sue me, and I do go to jail. 

If Joseph Prince and his gang were to give me the privilege of going to jail, praise God! 

I will have the honour of being another Apostle Paul.  

Paul said in Ephesians 3:1,

1 “For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for the sake of you Gentiles—” 

In the tradition of Paul, I too can say,

“I, George, the prisoner of Christ Jesus….” 

Wow! What an honour? What a glorious privilege! 

If you think I am mad, you have probably forgotten the scriptures in Matthew 5:10-12, which state that we can rejoice if one is persecuted for righteousness’ sake. 

Don’t you think I’m joking, even though I can be a great joker? 

For those who know me, I can be crazily joking, but I too can be utterly serious. 

So even if I go to jail, it is an extremely small price for me to pay 

– as long as the Wolf, Joseph Prince and his Pseudo-grace theology is exposed  

– as long as the true gospel, not a false gospel is being preached 

– as long as you are being awakened by the truth 

– as long as you are liberated from falsity to truth 

– as long as it will pluck people who are being deceived by Joseph Prince’s Pseudo-grace teachings from going to hell. 

So the price that I may have to pay by going to jail is pittance as compared to what Christ can do through me for the welfare of the Church and for the sake of preserving the true gospel.  

If Joseph Prince or he uses the church or one of his supporters really sues me – it will certainly go public. 

And even if it does not go public, I will make doubly and triply sure that it goes public so that Joseph Prince and his false teachings can be exposed to the world – His reputation as a Super-grace teacher will take a severe beating. 

Joseph Prince, if you, or through the church or someone, ever decide to sue me, may I advise that you sue me for the 100 percent of the allegations I made against you – that you are a liar, hypocrite, etc, in the 4,800 pages of notes in my book.   

If you choose to sue me, for example, on the 10 percent of my allegations against you because there is a legal basis, I will expose to the world on the 90 percent of my allegations against you that you dared not sue me on. 

And the world will know that 90 percent of the allegations I made against you that you are a liar or a hypocrite, etc, is the truth. 

You may be legally right to refute the 10 percent of my allegations against you, but it is my turn to show to the world that you are morally and spiritually wrong, not just for the 90 percent but for the 100 percent of the allegations I made against you.   

You ought to know that being legally right does not mean you are morally and spiritually right. 

People of God, this has nothing to do with revengeful talk but everything to do with prophetic courage. 

You need the lion courage of the prophetic to deal with the deceptive Joseph Prince. 

If you are still wondering why I am so fierce with Joseph Prince, you are probably quite ignorant about the prophetic. 

And no wonder when one starts to move in the prophetic, many believers think he is an alien from outer space. 

Diplomatic silence and fearful inaction by the church will only embolden him further. 

The time for ‘sweet talk’ with Joseph Prince is over. 

The time has come to deal with him prophetically. 

We need the pure guts of Prophet Nathan to confront King David, “You are the man” (2 Sam 12:7). 

We need the politically incorrect Prophet John the Baptist to castigate the Pharisees, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath” (Matt 3:7 NIV)? 

We need the eccentricity of Prophet Elijah to mock and defy the 850 false prophets and ‘slaughter’ them all (1 Kgs 18:27,40; 1 Kgs 19:1).

We need the Holy boldness of Prophet Jesus, who pronounced seven woes on the Pharisees, the false teachers of His day, and denounced them as children of the devil (Matt 23; Jn 8:44).

Fellow believers, this is not vindictive talk; this is prophetic talk.

I have the moral and spiritual responsibility of a watchman to warn the people so that they would not be deceived by Joseph Prince’s false gospel and be led to their eternal destruction.

If need be, I am prepared to empty my last cent in my bank account – even be declared a bankrupt – in contending against Joseph Prince.

Just remember, I do not have any hidden agenda or personal battle to fight against Joseph Prince.

As I have said, I do not know him personally.

Neither have I talked to him before. 

Whether you believe me or not, I am only doing this purely because of God’s call and for the sake of the church, to warn her of the false and destructive teachings of Joseph Prince. 

And I am ready to ‘die’ for the sake of the church, if necessary. 

Church, if you still do not appreciate what I am doing and the extent of which I am willing to sacrifice for your sake, there is nothing that I can do to convince you.  

Just think

– of the humongous time and effort to produce the 4,800 pages ebook without remuneration and at my own expense over two and a half years

– I am prepared to go to jail, empty my last cent in my bank account, be declared a bankrupt

– and the worst is to be rejected by a large portion of the church, whom I am ‘dying’ for

– would I do all this for my sake?  

Last, my piece of advice to Joseph Prince is encapsulated in my quotes: 

“A man of true conviction will have the spiritual dare to stare into the eye of his strongest heretical opponent and resolutely refusing to be the first to blink.” (George Ong) 

“You can never win fighting a man who has died to self, as there is no more weapon in your arsenal that can ever threaten him.” (George Ong) 

“If to ‘contend for the faith’ means to oppose and do battle with heresies – does one do it politely or robustly – does he come with a friendly handshake to placate or with the sword of the word to decimate?” (George Ong)  

People of God, I wish you would understand that my purpose is not to destroy Joseph Prince. 

I do pray for him intermittently that he truly repents. 

If he truly repents, I am quite sure that God will use him again to rebuild his ministry from ashes to glory. 

If he truly repents (not in the false way of repentance that he currently teaches, that repentance is only a change of mind), I will be the happiest man, as his soul, which is headed for destruction, would be saved for eternity. 

I will throw the 4,800 pages of my book into the rubbish bin (not literally, as other false teachers who preach Pseudo-grace may arise in the future). 

Then I will commit to pray for him regularly that God will grant him success after success in his ministry and for His glory. 

You can read more of what I said about my prayer and desire for Joseph Prince towards the last portion of Chapter 15. 

Chapter 4 

*Who Should Fear Being Sued? 

People have always posed this question to me, “George, are you not concerned that Joseph Prince may sue you for writing so much against him?” 

What a question to ask. 

It is the wrong question to begin with.  

The right question to ask is – is Joseph Prince concerned that I and/or the church may ‘sue’ (don’t mean to sue, literally) him? 

Joseph Prince should be shaking in fear that I and/or the church may ‘sue’ him and not the other way round. 

Let me repeat – the one who ought to be shaking in fear about being ‘sued’ is not me but Joseph Prince. 

Joseph Prince should be thankful that I and/or the church have/has so far not ‘sued’ him for:

– Misrepresenting the Holy word of God on plenty of occasions.

– Twisting many texts of the Bible to suit his theology.

– Blatantly reading and adding words and ideas into the scriptures.

– Interpreting passages out of contexts on many occasions to deceive the flock.

– Distorting and ‘deleting’ the teachings of Jesus.

– Lying that his grace theology is based on Pauline theology.

– Teaching against the Apostolic Fathers, the Reformation Fathers, the Puritan Fathers, etc.

– Openly lying that he is teaching according to the tradition of Martin Luther and the Reformation Fathers – that only justification, without the need for sanctification, is needed for salvation.

Etc, etc, etc. 

What I have written against him and his teachings are not based on imaginary facts or flimsy argumentation but hard evidence and thorough analyses based on his books, videos and audios. 

So church – wake up! 

What has gone wrong with the church? 

You don’t even know that the church is on solid ground and Joseph Prince is on shifting sands. 

It’s time to make a stout and robust defence of the word of God. 

It is time to courageously contend for the faith and against false shepherds like Joseph Prince, who dares to malign it. 

Chapter 5 

*Joseph Prince Won’t Sue Me As He Has Said On Audio He Appreciates People Like Me Speaking Bad About Him

(Don’t Miss The 45-Second Audio Of Joseph Prince) 

I somewhat do not understand why some supporters of Joseph Prince are so worked up when others and I contend against him. 

Let me tell you that Joseph Prince would have me to thank for speaking ‘bad’ about him because I am only doing him a great favour. 

Joseph Prince would love to express his tremendous thanks to me for speaking so much ‘bad’ about him. 

I am not telling a lie. 

I am serious about what I just said. 

Please listen to the 45-second audio,

(Source: Audio CD, What About Paul’s Sufferings (Sunday Service 18 Apr 2010) Track 8)

Joseph Prince said in the audio (in purple),

“I never knew persecution until I preach the gospel of grace.

(George’s comments:

The claim by Joseph Prince that he is being persecuted is almost laughable.

It is despicable of him to claim the moral high ground of being persecuted when he is the chief culprit who is responsible for teaching the false grace doctrine.

He is not being persecuted, but he ought to be ‘prosecuted’ for denigrating the truth of God’s word.) 

And then I became famous.

I want to go on record saying I want to thank everyone who spoke bad about me because many people didn’t even hear about me, but because of you now, they know.

And honestly, many people never heard about New Creation Church.

But thanks to you, speaking things against our church.

People come and try to check us out, many of them never check out.

They became permanent residents.

So I have to say thank you very much.

Appreciate the free advertisement.” 

George’s comments: 

How can Joseph Prince sue me – if I am one of those, who by speaking against his teachings, had helped him to become famous? 

Since he had already said on audio that he would thank those who speak ‘bad’ about him – and if he were to sue me, he would be insincere and one who has honed the skill of double-talk to perfection.

Worse, if he were to sue me, he would be called a liar.  

Since Joseph Prince had already said on audio that every ‘bad speaking’ about him would help him and New Creation Church to be known on a wider scale, may those who are his supporters – please don’t get so worked up each time when something negative is spoken against him. 

I am sure Joseph Prince would love you to respond in the same way as he did. 

You now have the blessing of Joseph Prince to rejoice each time when I speak bad about him, instead of wasting all your energies getting all upset with me and trying to defend him. 

The more ‘bad’ I speak against him, the more famous he will become, and the more he will thank me for it. 

According to Joseph Prince – each time I say anything ‘bad’ about him and his teaching, I am not sabotaging or damaging his ministry, but I am providing free advertisement for him to become more popular and well-known. 

I am helping to bring more people to New Creation Church to check him out and then found themselves not being able to check out – that his teaching is so powerful and magnetic that critiques can be brainwashed to become his fans. 

And so for the supporters of Joseph Prince – the next time, when you hear of anyone speaking ‘bad’ against Joseph Prince, just play this audio to your fellow supporters and tell them to rejoice instead of getting mad over the matter because Joseph Prince whom you adore will become even more well-known and famous. 

I am not lying or putting words into his mouth. 

This is what he actually said on audio – and what he said was rousingly applauded and ardently supported by his congregation. 

So how could Joseph Prince go back on his word and sue me?